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Ever wonder what the hell is going on all around you?

Nuclear Girls Earth Oceans Animals Pets People Birds Dying 

 ...blame Soros Gates Antifa CV-19 Oregon Pelosi Fed/City of London banks

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Vampires suck the blood & life force out of grown-ups, girls & boys, animals & pets & destroy Mother Earth, her oceans & Mother Nature ...all are also dying from nuclear. (click pic)  Premise: JPMorganChase/Soros is directing a coup to destabilize America, destroy Life & rule Earth using vampire clowns.

WELCOME TO PORTLAND ANTIFA, OR ...where billionaires, bankers & nuclear suck the life force out of parents, girls, boys & pets

Antifa light wildfires refugees build 100,000 strong army to march on Oregon government Toensing: George Soros influence, power at Fox Oregon wildfires drives tens of thousands from their homes Arsonist caught in the act by officers in Ventura

Weapon No. 1 ...Agents Provocateurs

USA: Estacada & Mollala Arsonists 

Senate Majority: Dem's riot plans

EYEWITNESS NEWSFLASH: "YOU LOOT, WE SHOOT ...& the bodies will never be found" – battlecry of arson victims & fire refugees in Estacada & Mollala OR raging wildfires destroying property, life savings & animals

8 P.M. 9/14/2020 Portland Oregon  Antifa OREGON: NEWSFLASH – How many wildlife & domestic animals & pets: animals, deer, cows, dogs, cats, birds, sheep, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, skunks, racoons, dogs & cats have been trapped & burnt alive by the raging fires in Estacata & Mollala? ...by looters/agents provocateurs who smashed windows & started fires in, & looted stores for several months in Portland now going out to rural Estacata & Mollala ...where eyewitness testimony confirms the looters are throwing firebombs to start & spread the fires in houses to loot them. Citizen patrol groups have formed as well as volunteer police officers from as far away as Vancouver Washington to help the residents, who now say, "You loot, we shoot ...&  the bodies will never be found." (cont, here-01a)

Billionaires, bankers, Soros's Antifa & nuclear suck the life force out of parents, girls, boys. pets, whales, dolphins, birds, bees, flowers, trees, Mother Nature, Gaia & Divine Order ...and you can stop it by wanting to

Under the watchful eye of puppies, kittens & the Pacific Ocean

abstract: 'They' use nuclear & civil unrest to destroy us ...but who are 'they'? Antifa? Nuclear? Soros? Gates? Fauci? Reagan?Clinton? Trump? Bechtel created & backs Pelosi, Feinstein, Brown, Newsome, Reagan & JPMorganChase is an owner of the Fed/City of London that owns Bechtel. That's California, Oregon, Washington & the U.S. ...so, who are 'they'? ...here we go. 

(1-of-19)  Here in Portland Antifa Oregon, I am scared & buying a shotgun & a pistol two pistols & a rifle ... because the governor & mayor consider the out-of-control Antifia riots burning out stores & murders the last 100-140 days to be peaceful love fests ...recently 'they' broke into stores & pulled out the furniture to fuel bonfires in front of the mayor's condo ...so he moved out the next day, (cont here).

Weapon No. 2 ...the Anti-Kingdom

why it is important to protect the innocent

Welcome to the war in heaven ...did you really think it doesn't exist ...but, you're living it right now ...we are the lucky ones.

(click pic)

from the anti-Kingdom all around us sucking our blood

Welcome to hell ...do you think there's no war in Heaven or demonic spirits; pretend there aren't ...see what it gets you.

(click pic)

Weapon No. 3 ...Nuclear Industry

(click pic)

Girls get more cancer from global nuclear warming than boys 

  • *0003 The younger a female is, the more she is vulnerable to nuclear warming radiation than a male.
  • *0001 Girls bear the brunt force of radiation on the human race  Caldicott  NIRS   Fairewinds
  • *0005-Janet Women & pregnant women, babies-to-be, infants & girls within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away  
  • *0006-Janet Chernobyl research documents that radionuclides mutate germs, viruses & bacteria to create new and mysterious diseases 
  • *0002 Fetal harm from Fukushima fallout in the western states
  • *0007 Red Blob &  *0008 Red Blob Extinction Rebellion   There never was a 'red blob' of global warming water creating "new & mysterious diseases" killing millions of ocean mammals & billions of fish & trillions of plankton ...'red blob' on official seaborne nuclear radiation maps represents plutonium nuclear waste i.e. nuclear global warming along w/100s of other radionuclides causing excruciating bleeding lesions & tumors on ocean life & extinction levels of disease destroying oceanic food chains.
  • * 0009 Reactor Finder  Live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor?

Do you want to let Fed interest rate bankers destroy girls as a species with their nuclear reactors?

Red Blob: Seaborne nuclear fallout from Fukushima ... not simply warm water creating mysterious diseases ...destroys millions & trillions of sea life as mainstream, fake news [co-owned by Gates-(building nuclear reactors in China)/MSNBC (pdf download, here) & General Electric–nuclear industry (pdf download, here), which is owned by the Fed/City of London Wall Street/London Stock Exchange bankers (inventing nuclear for military & financial warfare & financing it) (here)], lies to you.

Weapon No. 4 ...the Fed/City of London Bankers

How much death & taxes do you get from nuclear?

(see if you can figure out who's behind the current unrest)

(click above pic for the whole gonsamagilla including commentary by Eustace)

 Guess who gets paid the interest on the national debt

...as a  personal dividend on private ownership of Fed founding stock? 

(for answer: See above chart)

(above) Why in God's Name is the above chart of the private shareholders of founding Fed stock, shoved into the middle of a website describing nuclear industry destroying Life? ...could it be because the Fed/City of London finances & directs the creation & deployment of nuclear industry as a weapon of miltary warfare (to destroy all Life) & a weapon of financial warfare (to create humungous national debt & bigger interest payments on the national debt that they get each year as a 'dividend' on their private ownership of Fed founding stock? ...no, of course not ...hmmm ...well, maybe)

Do you want to let Fed interest rate bankers destroy life in the Pacific Ocean & on Earth?  ...with their

nuclear financial warfare (debt & interest) & military nuclear war machine)?

06:41 PM Jan 19, 2012 -2317-  20,000 excess deaths in U.S. after Fukushima, not 14,000? …age groups, cities VIDEO

Current counts of the number of people who have gotten lethal and non-lethal cancers from nuclear are 41,000 a day (averaged daily from a total of 1.2 billion since 1941 based on nuclear industry figures) ...it is the largest pandemic on Earth

 You are not the only one to think the same things happen to all mammals (including human) & other animals

Guess who pays the interest on the national debt? 

(interest is taxation without representation)

Opps, it's a secret ...don't tell
This suffering beached whale washed up on the sand & suffering its hoarse death rattle panting is in excruciating pain; the cause in most probability is global warming caused by swimming in nuclear waste or fallout [or nuclear pollution & fallout frying the plankton & destroying the oceanic food chain (& causing starvation) & the largest source of Earth???s oxygen], military electromagnetic weaponry destroying the ozone & oxygen & frying the plankton thereby destroying the food chain and causing starvation, depleted uranium or sonar, oil company use of repeated sonar-caused sonic booms sounding for oil every few seconds for days, weeks & months, petrochemicals, pesticides, pharmchem waste, plastics & other chemical pollution. Did you know the owners of the Fed own & direct all the companies in the Fortune 500-1000 that pollute Earth & Space? ???& cause global warming & climate change & extinction of life on Earth.
Nuclear fallout from exploding dump outside Las Vegas may be causing stillbirths, miscarriages, birth defects & lowered I.Q. in newborns(up) Gamble on Las Vegas cancer?| https://www.nuclearweatherforecast.com/1st-responders---triage.html

Hard Truth What you need to know to win arguments with your parents to save animals or win arguments in court: nuclear energy is not safe for living things ...not safe ...not clean. Anyone who says it is, is ignorant or evil, an enemy of Life, and living things. The best you can do is educate them to the truth. Truth is scary. Good luck. Know the truth. Tell the truth. Save animals. That’s what this website & e-books written for you (here) is for ...not to make you cry ...not to make you mad or hopeless. These you get free along with the hard truth.

Animal Collage
(above) click pic ...also see, animal lovers – here

Nuclear energy hurts then starts to destroy every living thing it touches. That includes very big mammals like whales and elephants, and it includes medium sized mammals like people, bears, dolphins, sea lions, mountain lions, cows, and horses; and, it includes smaller mammals like dogs, cats, goats; and very small mammals like mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits.

But, nuclear energy hurts then kills other animals besides mammals (including humans). It hurts fish, birds, butterflies, turtles, bees, flies, insects, starfish, and sea urchins. It hurts sea weed, plants, trees, flowers, mushrooms, grass, berries, strawberries, melons, squash, tomatoes, corn, and hay. It even hurts viruses and bacteria. It hurts water and sky and earth and fire, by changing their God-given nature.

God might say, that all living things that reproduce themselves after their own kind, are hurt by nuclear power, (cont, here-1e).

(click pic) Polar bears starve, as do sea lions, seals, whales, dolphins & more sealife from airborne & seaborne Fukushima fallout (ionizing radiation) destroying plankton, krill, sardines, herring, tuna & salmon food chains – covered w/bleeding lesions & tumors.


Kids Supermarket Meat & Fish

Women & Pregnancies vs Nuclear 

Animals Animal Lovers

Butterflies Flowers Horses Whales

Cows Birds Dogs Cats Whales Dolphins more Sea Mammals


(also, see 12-of-19, here ...or scroll down)

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Our Cherished Sea & Land Animals—(more, here)—

...because Fed interest rate bankers direct the military-industrial-nuclear establishment

Abalone  Albacore |  Air  |  Antelopes  & here  Baby Cemeteries Bags & Plastic Bags   Bananas   Birds  & here |  Birth Defects |  Butterflies  & here | Caribou  | Cars  here  | Cats  here  Citrus  Clams | Cows | Crabs |  Customs 

Democrat  | Dogs  | Dolphins & Porpoise | Eagles |  Farmers  &   here  | Filters  Fish |  Flowers |   Food & Food Chains  Fruit  |  Geomagnetic Storms & Solar Flares | Groceries & Stores |  Gundersen Horses |  Horseshit Bananas |  Hot Spots Insects | 

Jet Streams | Kelp & here | Krill | Lobsters | Manatees | Media (Fake News) | Microsieverts & here | Millisieverts Milk & here | Radiation Monitors | Mysterious Diseases & here |  Mushrooms | Mussels |  Nuclear Mafia Octopus |  Olympics Pelicans |  Pilots Plankton | 

Polar Bears |  Propaganda – Disinformation Rain  Reindeer | Republican  Salmon | Sea Birds | Sea Food | Seagulls | Sea Lions | Seals |  Sea Star | Sea Turtles | Sea Urchin | Sea Water  Sea Weed | Sharks | Sheep, Lamb & here  |  Shellfish |  Shipping Containers Shrimp |  Snow & Faux Snow (fallout) |

 Soil Spiders | Starfish | Squid |  Strawberry & -berries |  Sushi | Tea Leaves |  Tide Pool & Tidepool  Tuna |  Vegetables Walrus |  Water Whales & here

Nuclear Power is not Safe & Clean 

—(9,000 links in reverse chronological order from 2011-to-2018. to 30,000 published news stories/scientific documentation, of nuclear fallout & leaks around the world with a focus on your neighborhood & your State, here)—

Central bankers set animals & people on fire with nuclear fallout to create debt & interest payments ...it's that simple; according to industry figures, the nuclear industry has given lethal & non-lethal cancer (such as breast & prostate, organ, brain & eye), miscarriages & mutations to 1.2 billion people since 1940; that's 41,000 a day every day, such as today --or, your birthday-- ...& you don't even know how many animals in the sea & on land (maybe 10x more) or 410,000 a day (ever wonder why we're in the 4th great extinction of life on Earth? ...it's nuclear pollution & ionospheric heaters frying the plankton basis of Earth's oxygen & food chains & changing the weather making millions refugees & homeless victims of the interlocking directorate of the Fed/City of London banksters who should be gone

CodeShutdown: Is collapse of the Pacific caused by climate change or nuclear fallout? The chitin in plankton absorbs radiation like a sponge. This concentrates nuclear industry fallout up to 10,000 times. The plankton die, bringing the radiation with them to the bottom and the tiny fish that feed on the missing plankton starve. The result: scientists don’t measure much radiation in the water, and larger fish that feed on smaller fish that feed on plankton, starve. This ripples up the food chain. Orcas at the top of the food chain are starving to death and not one scientist comes forward to mention Fukushima as a cause. A salmon’s diet: juvenile salmon eat zooplankton, and larval and adult invertebrates. In the ocean, salmon eat smaller fish, such as herring, pelagic amphipods and krill. The populations of which, have crashed.

Central bankers set animals & people on fire with nuclear fallout to create debt & interest payments ...it's that simple ...41,000 people get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry, every single day ...it's the largest pandemic on Earth...

...when you add in the animals of the sea & land, it might be 10x-100x, more suffering

Now you know ...want us to name who's doing it?

Weapon No. 5 ...Biological Warfare

How come an expert on pandemics never mentions the biggest pandemic in the world? ...41,000 people a day get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry

Divest & lock up Gates, Fauci, Soros, JPMorganChase, Fed/City of London, UN ...then throw away the key!

Sweden, South Dakota Were Right, Rest Of World Was Punk’d

Sweden & South Dakota shrugged off dire predictions of mass die-offs from COVID-19 & did not shut down their entire economy & society, & now their response has been proven correct while the rest of the world stumbled into mass hysteria. 

The Pacific Ocean is Dying and You Don't Even Know ...we are in the Sixth Great Extinction of Life on Planet Earth -- courtesy of Fed interest rate banking families valuing money over people, animals, all living things, and the Life Force. They value profits over people and it's time to stop the Fed interest rate banking families (and their apologists) who own and enslave us and murder us and all living things.

The do-nothing U.S. Congress & kill everything Fed/City of London are conducting the 6th Great Extinction of Life on our Planet (here)

"We must work together as stewards of Mother Earth to reclaim & restore the health of our Creator's Planet."

While airborne or seaborne, atomized plutonium & hundreds of other radionuclides surround us & other animals carried in rain & water in very fine particles & hot spots with consequences... (cont, here-1l)

(click pic)  Facts of life & death — 3:28 PM Apr 24, 2017 -8869- Mass die-off along U.S. West Coast - TV: “It’s just not clear why all the marine life is washing up like this. Reports coming in every day” - Experts: ‘Unknown’ organisms eating away brains, hearts - New infection never seen before (VIDEOS) 

Nuclear Energy Creates Nuclear Global Warming

Currently, the Fed/City of London G8 central banks want you to believe that it is not the nuclear energy industry that is destroying all Life on this planet. They want you to think it is global warming... (cont, here-01c)

Once you want to know their names & find out who they are, you can stop them.

Weapon No. 6 ...Social Engineering

(click pic) The Life Force is under attack as never before. Feel it? Your understanding or lack of understanding is the most pressing issue of our Time, and Life everlasting. You have within you the seed of a new understanding empowering you to be active, rather than reactive, and to discern then undo nuclear energy industry killers worshipping at the stinky feet of science. (cont, here-01d)

   Nuclear reactors line riverbank at Hanford Nuclear Reservation site on Columbia River, January 1960. GE N Reactor in foreground, twin GE KE & KW reactors, immediate background. Historic B Reactor, world's first plutonium production reactor, visible in distance.

Weapon No. 7 ...Weather Modification

Weather Modification: Remember the drought in California & the weather front went down to Texas & Mexico & snowed there? ...here is satellite imagery showing the storm weather front being pushed away from California with high tech space age electromagnetic equipment; this kind of stealth activity has a disastrous effect on animals & people & such droughts immediately lead to out of control & raging fires

(click pic) Weather Modification: Remember the drought in California & the weather front went down to Texas & Mexico & snowed there? Here is satellite imagery showing the storm weather front being pushed away from California with high tech space age electromagnetic equipment; this kind of stealth activity has a disastrous effect on animals & people & such droughts immediately leads to out of control & raging fires

The Life Force is under attack as never before ...can you feel it? ...it needs our help.

Children & other baby mammals (like whales, dolphins, seals, horses, donkeys, cows, goats, dogs, cats) have destruction of DNA, lethal & nonlethal cancers, heart attacks & immune deficiency diseases) from nuclear in common ...& DNA mutations in trees, flowers, insects, birds, reptiles, starfish, pelicans, sea birds, too; every living organism is slowly or quickly hurt or mutated by nuclear industry ...nuclear even mutates viruses & bacteria to form new & mysterious diseases for ocean- & land animals

(12-of-19) Currently, children and other baby mammals, as well as adults, are terribly suffering worldwide from nuclear power. And, the legion of evil doing this to us are persecuting whistleblowers. Even the trees and flowers and insects and birds and reptiles and whales and dolphins and starfish and pelicans and sea birds and cows, horses, dogs and cats and everything living that reproduces itself after its own kind, have their DNA in the crosshairs of nuclear madmen owned and governed by the G8, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements …the western central banks. They are an Inquisition, killing all who do not worship money and are bent on destroying Natural Order, Gaia and Divine Order ... (cont, here-1f) 

06:41 PM Jan 19, 2012 -2317- 20,000 excess U.S. deaths after Fukushima, not 14,000? …age groups, cities VIDEO

Want us to name those who's doing it? ...or not

(13-of-19 cont from above) Wouldn't it be somethin' if the same bankers not only own the military industrial nuclear establishment, but also own all the corporations polluting the planet, making global warming, climate change, and making animals in the ocean extinct?

...I mean, then if we got rid of the bankers killing adults, boys and girls and animals on land and in the ocean ...and got rid of their corporations, we'd get rid of those problems and save humanity and the animal kingdom, overnight. That's old fashioned common sense is all that is ...got common sense? (cont below)

Weapon No. 8 ...Nuclear War

Now do you see how safe and clean nuclear is ...just ask this kid!

Fed/City of London central bankers have been stealing Middle East oil & doing genocide to the Iraqi & Iranian people for 100 years ...without the knowledge of the American & British people. Now, the Fed/City of London central bankers are attacking pregnant women & children with depleted uranium munitions that attack Divine Order & mutate the genes, eggs (ova) & sperm to cause untold misery, disease, leukemia & killing U.S. & British soldiers with depleted uranium friendly fire & giving everyone cancer in the Mideast & around the world wherever the munitions are fired. Do you still think we should let the perpetrators off or execute them? It is only weakly radioactive (but enough to create mutations) because of the long radioactive half-life of uranium-238 (4468 million years) and the low amounts of uranium-234 (half-life about 246,000 years) and uranium-235 (half-life 700 million years)  these women & children by make America great are eternally at risk.

Deformed children (not to mention, animals)in Fallujah from depleted uranium bombardment: Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. Young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukemia. (cont, here-01h)

Now do you see how safe and clean nuclear is ...just ask this kid!

Now do you want to know, who?

Weapon No. 9 ...Racism

The African American community in the United States has faithfully disavowed violence masking as Black Lives Matter.

(click pic)

Black Lives matter a Racist Virus? ... ... ... (btw: while you sleep, white supremicist Fed/City of London bankers for 300 years keep removing people of color from Earth & loot the planet ...can you spell d e n i a l?)

On the Racist Nature of Escaped Influenza Pandemic Biological Warfare Agents ...huh? ...made in U.S.A. by DARPA? ...outlawed in U.S. then transfered to Wuhan lab? ...& Fauci funded it?

Amer. Indians & Alaska Native persons 5x CV-19 than Whites; Blacks 5x,  Hispanics & Latino  4x (here)

Nuclear & race-aimed influenza pandemic biological warfare research, development & deployment – DARPA (historically & currently) deploys camel, bat, swine, chicken & jet stream carriers in non-U.S.-petrodollar places: China, Cuba, Afghanistan, Angola, Iran, Iraq, China, Syria ...& Israel makes biowar agents to target Arabs ...our corrupt Congress is selling nuclear to & bombing every non-white mid-East country w/depleted uranium ...now can you spell r a c i s m?

Weapon No. 10 ...United Nations Agenda 21/30

Soros' initial hiring of a private Antifa army maybe 500-1,000 criminally insane thugs per major city

(15-of-19) First the Fed/City of London bankers got rid of the middle class in New York City. Then they got rid of the middle class and working class in San Francisco. Now in Multnomah County, United Nations County where Portland Oregon Antifa United Nations Agenda 21/30 is, they want to make owning single family homes a relic, they just changed the zoning to put up a 4-plex or several row houses on the same 5,000 sq ft lot that used to only be allowed to have one family... (cont, here-1i)

Keep Portland Antifa Weird

(16-of-19) Portland Antifa citizens repeatedly vote to keep fluoride out of drinking water and keep it pure, based on new scientific research that fluoride reduces I.Q. in children and causes dementia in seniors …with all the pro and con documentation included in their voter handbook. Some weirdo’s document that fluoride calcifies your pineal gland, or ‘third eye’, the seat of your foresight, hindsight, imagination, dreams, intuition, simply seeing beyond normal sight …after all, the pineal gland has rods and cones like your other two eyes …say it isn’t so.

Portland Antifa doesn’t know an organic farm in southeast Portland southeast Antifa voluntarily closed down because it was permanently contaminated from Fukushima radionuclide rain-through (nuclear fallout) and resultant nuclear fallout ground shine …it could no longer grow food safe to eat, ever again. Nor, that Portland Antifa had/has the most rain-through and ground shine of Fukushima fallout in the U.S., as much as around Fukushima Dai-Ichi. The Pacific Cascades, even more... (cont, here-1j).

Having Antifa hire the homeless and pay them with speed and heroin

(17-of-19 cont from above) Soros is probably having Antifa hire the homeless to help them and paying them with speed and heroin ...before too long, anyway. Just keep buying guns. The sales records are falling and our tempers are rising. Cause if the morons succeed with castrating the police departments, ain't no one gonna save your a** but you. (cont below)

Weapon No. 11 ...Starvation

Federal Reserve Bank-owned corporations cause nuclear, ionospheric heating & other pollution that destroys the plankton which are the beginning of the oceanic food chain & supply most of Earth's oxygen (at least, used to).

(l) Grey Whales & Alaska Birds ... (r) ...and polar bears ...all starving to death from Fukushima airborne & seaborne fallout destroying plankton & fish & seals & the entire oceanic food chain (click pic for bear vid); Also, for airborne & seaborne Fukushima fallout affect on seals, (click here, then scroll down)

Weapon No. 12 ...Cancer

Extinction-level journeys

(18-of-19 cont from above) We trace the tragic extinction-level journeys of whales and dolphins in currents constantly re-filled for six years with floating and submerged Fukushima plutonium from Japan to the west coast. There, they surround and circle fishing boats crying and lay their heads against a boat, pleading for help, breaching and listing, swimming in circles helplessly, huge tumors on their heads, hiding by the hundreds in small harbors.

Then, the whales and dolphins wash up dead and dying on the beaches, alongside dead crabs, starfish, octopi and pelicans in a death frieze, pressed into the sand from Alaska to Mexico

Note the Alaskan seals, eyes bleeding and faces covered in lesions and tumors where jet stream rain-through brought airborne Fukushima hot radionuclide particles down upon them, and the polar bears, marked like the salmon with lesions and tumors from seaborne hot particles.

Notice the young sea lion pups off California, not one survived where thousands were expected, birds falling from the sky, thousands washing up dead on the shorelines, harbors covered with dead fish and in California the skin is falling off the horses just like the seals, faces of both covered in bleeding lesions and tumors. (cont below)


(19-of-19) If the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees could talk, they would clearly say Judaic-Christian culture is again witnessing Nazi boot heels trying to crush out God, Divine Law & Spirituality on the sidewalk like a cigarette butt ...tweet that.

The fascism you see in the streets of Portland Oregon, Multnomah County Antifa United Nations County is a testament of the vain and uneducated and heartless and stupid and brainwashed people who end up in government feeding off tax money from those who create products for sale, here at the gubernatorial and mayorial and county supervisory, State and Federal levels ...and across the United States. 

Every single and qualified person should be armed, trained and vigilant until the mentally ill are institutionalized, the criminally insane executed, the sociopathic divested and imprisoned, the evil incapacitated and the selfish have their possessions and income capped.

We live in a society of adult children who haven't learned the rules of the road and how to share (with no idea why they're on Earth in the first place ...which is to respect Mother Earth, care for her, nurture Life and serve God) ...and we remain at their mercy.

LUKE 22:36 "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag;
and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one"



Lest we not forget you.


{excerpted (here) from:}

The Pacific Ocean Is Dying And You Don't Even Know: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Final Solution For Mammals, Gaia & Divine Order

Got milk?

Milk from cows across the USA is reported too full of Fukushima fallout and unsafe to drink because our pastures, like Japan’s, are covered with Fukushima fallout shine, and the breast milk of women in Japan and Tokyo is filled with Fukushima radionuclides and unsafe.

Children are born there with extra legs like the animals in Chernobyl, and kids being born without brains around Hanford, today just like when they closed it down when sheep were born without faces or mouths and legs joined.

It is too much for me to bear; I go out walking in the snow till my feet get too cold and look up into the clear night filled with stars, the air is crisp and clean and I am torn apart ... (cont, here-01g).

 Now you know ...here's their names 


Thank you for your interest. Please contact your friends and share this information.



Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean & fits Congress & dirty politics perfectly ...& Soros-Gates-Pelosi-UN's globalist bank-sponsored depopulation

Service Area
Worldwide with a Focus on Earth & all living things, including Pacific Ocean, Portland Oregon Antifa Oregon, Washington, California, British Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, U.S., EU, Russia, India, Japan & locations of every nuclear reactor & dump since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer 

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