To Save Earth & Clean the Planet ...First March The Fed Interest Rate Bankers to the Gallows 

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The Pacific Ocean is Dying and You Don't Even Know ...we are in the Sixth Great Extinction of Life on Planet Earth -- courtesy of Fed interest rate banking families valuing money over people, animals, all living things, and the Life Force. They value profits over people and it's time to stop the Fed interest rate banking families (and their apologists) who own and enslave us and murder us and all living things.

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The Pacific Ocean is Dying

Millions & billions of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, seals, walruses, manatees, pelicans and other seabirds, tidal pool animals – starfish, urchins, anenomies, limpets – plankton, krill, herring, tuna, salmon, squid, octopi covered in lesions and tumors and sick with 'mysterious diseases' are dying excruciating deaths, suspended in the water and washing up death and dying on west coast beaches and all round the Pacific Rim where ever the Pacific Ocean makes landfall on a beach.

Federal Reserve Bank directors are doing it 

The mainstream press blames global warming and climate change, two main ingredients of social engineering, today. The mainstream press is owned by directors of the Federal Reserve Bank, who also own the nuclear industry, and in financing our governments and manipulating them arbitrarily with interest rates have dictatorial control over our economies ...of course, we are drowing in fake news, misinformation, disiinformation and propaganda ...also key elements of social engineering (narrows your understanding of how what's really going on in the world is financial warfare between central bank directors).

Since 'they' financially influence, own and direct the corporations, governments and militaries killing the Pacific Ocean, consequently 'they' are to be held accountable for the death of hundreds of thousands and millions and billions, even trillions of life forms – (including those life forms that create much of the world's oxygen) – now dead, or experiencing excruciating deaths and dying suspended beneath the waves suspended in the sea and washing up dead and dying on the shores of the Pacific Basin. 

Nuclear power is not safe and clean, nor are military high tech space age weapons currently deployed against civilian populations, such as ours  – safe and clean.

March them to the gallows

To hold the Federal Reserve Bank directors responsible for the consequences of 'their' actions in destroying the Pacific Ocean, we must march 'them' to the gallows

Fed interest rate dynastic banking families own, and influence (by manipulating interest rates), the corporations, institutions, governments and military that damage the Life Force and consequently must be marched to the gallows for murder.

Fed interest rate dynastic banking families (shares of Fed stock can not be bought or sold but only passed down by inheritance), according to the U.S. House of Representatives, finance, own, direct and influence the stock markets, monetary exchanges, derivatives markets and all of the successful corporations market sectors in the United States [prior to the dot-com era].

'They' own and direct the corporations that damage the Life Force, the nuclear sector, pertroleum sector, the military-industrial industry, the Government, our military (including ionospheric heaters, stratospheric aerial spraying, eletromagnetic pulse weapons, directed energy weapons, acoustic weapons, the pharmchem (biological and chemical weapons) and can create and use the weather as a 'force multiplier' in military warfare tactics supplementing their financial warfare strategies for banking world domination. 

Do as I say, not as I do ... ... ... Federal Reserve Bank directors & billionaires like Bill Gates  & George Soros say we need to reduce the world population by 90% — if that's the case, why don't they get rid of themselves, first?

Nuclear power & ionospheric heaters & electromagnetic pulse make global warming & climate change ...all are ingrediates of weaponizing the planet & weather warfare (earthquakes, tidal waves, typhoons, lighting, rain, sky, earth, wind, fire, water)

According to world renown epistomologist Rosalie Bertell, global warming is not caused by greenhouse gases, but by the military weaponizing the planet. Similarly, deaths of millions & billions of sea life attributed to global warming & climate change causing new & mysterious diseases in the Pacific Ocean appears false, since studies by Chernobyl scientists document that nuclear ionizing radiation mutates bacteria and viruses to form new & mysterious diseases & consequently, The Pacific Ocean is dying from hundreds of tons of plutonium discharged daily from water acquifirs into the sea 24/7/365 since March 2011.

Nuclear Power Not Safe, Nuclear Power Not Clean

The Pacific Ocean is Dying from nuclear fallout causing tumors, lesions, deformities, cancer & leukemia in sea mammals & fish & other sea life; sonar is disorienting whales & dolphins & bursting their ear drums & body organs causing mass strandings & excruciating deaths; the fishing industry is floundering because the plankton, krill & feeder fish are gone & sea mammals, fish & sea birds are starving by the hundreds of thousands; depleted uranium war games & stratospheric aerial spraying (chemtrails) fallout add to the burder; electromagnetic pulse, ionispheric heaters & weather (hurricane, earthquake & tidal wave) warfare all make for a weaponized planet under the control of the Fed interest rate banking families – march 'them' to the gallows. (For a cellphone pdf or for a computer ms word document with 9,000 hand numbered links to 9,000 newswire summaries linked to 25,000 published news stories, white papers, youtubes, studies & photos, see Nuclear Power Is Not Safe And Clean, here.

The Perfect Game

There are 3 things to learn from this site. It's like bowling a strike. The king pin is: The Pacific Ocean is Dying. The pin behind it in the pocket, is: Identify Who is Killing the Pacific Ocean. The last pin in the pocket, is: March the Killers to the Gallows.

You must hit the pocket just right. Are you game? This site documents the Pacific Ocean is dying, and proves that the corporations killing the Pacific Ocean are owned by the Fed interest rate banking families. Then, we argue to arrest the Fed interest rate bankers, bring them to trial, judge them, sentences them and march them to the gallows.

Because of Fed Interest Rate Bankers on Power Trips, the Pacific Ocean is Dying & Our Pregnancies are Mutated

'They' are now Killing the Pacific Ocean ...Plankton, Krill, Food Chains, Mammals, Fish, Invertebrates, Plants ...Life Forms with DNA ... are today Sick with Infections, Tumors, Lesions, Mutating & Starving in the Sixth Great Extinction of Life on Planet Earth...

...& with airborne & land-based nuclear-, sonar-, electromagnetic pulse- (EMP), depleted uranium- (DU), chemtrail- (stratospheric aerial aerosol spraying), weather-, tidal wave-, earthquake-, biological-, chemical- & financial warfare it's not just the Pacific Ocean ...'they' are killing crops, forests & worldwide ... land-based food chains, too.

With the ocean food chains & plankton oxygen gone & land-based food chains full of environmental pollution ...can you guess who's next? Really? You got it.

According to the U.S. House of Representatives, Fed interest rate bankers finance, own & direct the companies ...that harm your pregnancies:

(see, Know Who's Harming Us! Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence: Staff Report for the Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing, House of Representatives, Ninety-Fourth Congress, Second Session)

In Africa the Black Occupy movement continues against the City of London/Fed/G8-20 interest rate bankers restarting race wars in South Africa& trying to start race wars in the United States. Waging race wars & genocide is another reason we should arrest the Fed interest rate bankers, bring them to trial, judge them, sentence them & march them to the gallows. BTW, since there is no statute of limitation on treason & the Bush dynasty was busted for supplying our enemies oil in wartime ...gee, does that mean they should be marched to the gallows, too? ...or, at least divested & made to pay reparations? What about all the central interest rate banking family dynasties?  THEM TOO! The Fed interest rate interlocking directorate of central banking dynasties ALL must be arrested immediately, tried, judged, sentenced & marched to the gallows. That should immediately make the world a better & safer place to be. If it doesn't work & we're wrong, we'll apologize.Environmental Race War Against Fed Interest Rate Bankers

The answer to our environmental problems & last chance to save the Pacific Ocean from dying is a Human Race War against Fed interest rate central bankers & billionaires who destroy our pregnancies & reduce our population so 'they' can control us

What we need is a 99% impoverished human race war against the 1% wealthy-beyond-all-dreams inhuman race of entitled central bankers and their apologists and lackeys. 'They' are determined to extinguish us with 'their' wars and no-longer-science-fiction, electromagnetic full spectrum electronic weapons. In Palestine, the Palestinians use biblical slings throwing rocks against Israeli tanks and machine guns and helicopters and jets courtesy of United States Fed interest rate bankers (who own the corporations that produce and ship the weapons). What weapons will you and I use against the Fed interest rate bankers and billionaires out to eliminate us? Give it some thought, will you. The clock is ticking. Here are their weapons of choice to get rid of us:

Ever blame 'them' for the harm 'they' do? Wonder who 'they' are? ...what 'they're' doing to us? The Pacific Ocean is dying from a disease, called, 'Fed interest rate bankers'. These banker families that own the Federal Reserve Bank and their nuclear industry, sonar, electromagnetic pulse (EMP), depleted uranium (DU), chemtrail & weather wars against the sky and trees and water are destroying our pregnancies and killing us ..and, mutating all life forms with DNA. Why? 'They' are sociopaths addicted to murder ...the easiest way to get rich. 'They' value money, power and control more than Life, itself. Only problem is, turn the other cheek too many times and you'll have no face, left. You'll be beaten to a pulp. It's time to fight back. 

Hard love pales: To protect pregnancies of mammals (including people) by keeping Earth clean, remove the banking families that own the Fed and all their dirty corporations that pollute healthy pregnancies and the Planet ...protect Mother Earth, you are her child. Survival of mammals (including people) and the Life Force depends on cleaning Planet Earth by you divesting the Federal Reserve Bank Owners of their polluting companies and war machines ...and redistributing health to us, Mother Nature and the animal kingdom, and redistributing wealth, health and fun equally on a planetary basis.

.   .

Rule No. 1 - Rainforests are responsible for roughly one-third (28%) of the Earth’s oxygen but most (70%) of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by marine plants.

The remaining 2 percent of Earth’s oxygen comes from other sources. The ocean produces oxygen through the plants (phytoplankton, kelp, and algal plankton) that live in it. These plants produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis, a process which converts carbon dioxide and sunlight into sugars the organism can use for energy. One type of phytoplankton, Prochlorococcus, releases countless tons of oxygen into the atmosphere. It is so small that millions can fit in a drop of water. Prochlorococcus has achieved fame as perhaps the most abundant photosynthetic organism on the planet. Dr. Sylvia A. Earl   estimated Prochlorococcus provides the oxygen for one in every five breaths we take. 

The ozone layer, also called the stratosphere, is composed of the ozone gas (90% of the total ozone in the atmosphere). The ozone has three oxygen atoms, and it is the result of the action of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation on oxygen molecules, composed of two oxygen atoms.

Destroying the plankton with nuclear industry, and destroying the stratosphere with electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weather warfare and earthquake warfare is causing global warming.

According to the U.S. House of Representatives, the private bankers who own the Fed own most all of the successful businesses in the United States, including nuclear, military-industrial, automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, agribusiness.

Therefore, the families to hold responsible for killing the Pacific Ocean and for global warming are the banking families that own the Fed and that own the companies that are polluting the Earth and the stratosphere, destroying the Pacific Ocean and consequently giving us immune deficiency diseases and cancer and mutating or stillborning our pregnancies.

Tribal Elders  Clan of One-Breasted Women   Law of Rights for Mother Earth   Environmental Personhood   Earth Personhood

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Isn't it about Time See ...for Yourself? ...What 'They' (the Fed interest rate banking families & Billionaires) Do to Our Pregnancies & to Nature & to Mother Earth & to the Life Force & to Divine Order? destroying the ability for mammals (including people) to have healthy pregnancies for the next 250,000 years from nuclear industry using nuclear testing on our seas and land our air and rain ...having nuclear reactors all over the world daily releasing nuclear fallout so that women & girls living within 25 miles of a normally operating nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away – & threating healthy pregnancies & risking newborn mutated kids & reducing the I.Q. of newborns bursting the ear drums & body organs of whales, dolphins, seals & other sea mammals by using military sonar & oil company sonar to search for oil under the sea exploding depleted uranium (DU) or military target practice in our oceans & using depleted uranium (DU) weapons in the mideast destroying the fertility of women for 250,000 years who are afriad to have kids because they will be born with extra arms & legs & heads, fingers & toes using electromagnetic pulse weapons to weaponize the sky and weather as weapons of war & to cause earthquakes poisoning our food & vaccines with genetically modified organism (GMOs) & artificial DNA (Morgellons).

We need to arrest  the Fed interest rate bankers now, bring 'them' to trial, judge them, sentence them, and march them to the gallows, now!

Bottled Kazakhistani Mutants Caused by Manmade Ionizing Radiation ...aborted (or brought to term& delivered?) in a nuclear testing zone in Kazakhistan – embryo genetic mutations On sale, now! Hurry in and get yours why they last ...or, just have one of your own. Just ask the Fed, they make them for you. Fed up with the Fed? (...unless Russia did it.) Wrong again, the Fed World Order gave the Russians the technology. (Go to youtube & search Antony Sutton., then watch the videos about Ruskombank.) Don't forget to do your homework or this could be you.

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From a Woman Exposed to Nuclear Test Fallout born a child cyclops – war never stops hides behind masks ... see the nuclear mask of war against us could be from Fukushima, Hanford, Washington State, Nevada, Missouri, (it's from a nuclear test zone in) Kazakhstan, Russia, India, United Kingdom, or from within 25 miles of any normally operating nuclear reactoryou name it.

Rosalie is a brilliant researcher, epidemiologist & Catholic nun who pioneered & documented the weaponization of Planet Earth. Elana Freeland has followed in Rosalie's footsteps.

Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War

by Rosalie Bertells

As weaponry and warfare have become more sophisticated, so their long-term effects have become more insidious and deadly. Whilst it is easy to identify the visible aftermath of war, how can we gauge less obvious costs such as poverty, famine, environmental problems and civil unrest? Each year governments pump huge amounts of money into military research programmes but what do we really know about the long-term consequences?

Under an Ionized Sky

by Elena Freeland

It is difficult to believe that our planet has been weaponized before our very eyes, but that is exactly what has happened. First, we were seduced by the convenience of a wireless world; then, atmospheric weather experimentation in the guise of carbons 'climate change' converted the air we breathe into an antenna. Now, the geo-engineering we’ve been subjected to for two decades is being normalized as the 'Star Wars' Space Fence rises around and within us. Is this the Space Age we were promised?



Pacific Ocean dying, bankers, Fed, nuclear, sonar, EMP, DU, chemtrails, weather, pregnancies

How are Fed interest rate bankers killing pregnancies of women & animals & killing kids where you live? ...their weapons of choice are the corporations they own & direct that make nuclear, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weather warfare, depleted uranium (DU) & chemtrails

0001 Your fetus is 1000 times more sensitive to ionizing radiation in food than an adult. Normal nuclear reactors hurt the health of your pregnancies every single day, like a nuclear bomb in slow motion. High-yield nuclear fallout destroys ova, sperm, embryo and fetus but so do low-yield emissions from everyday ‘normal’ reactors that fall on your food, on pastures, on farmland, in your water add up to create genetic mutations or extinctive damage to your health like immune deficiency response, leading to hundreds of diseases culminating in a variety of organ cancers. (See tritium expose or Entergy does Manhattan.)

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The families that own the Fed kill the unborn, the newborn & the rest of us with their holdings, such as nuclear industry, military-industrial complex (war), big pharm, bio/chem warfare, chemtrails, the oil industry, weather warfare, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) & depleted uranium weapons (DU) & mind control (fake news, disinformation, propaganda) ...whatever hurts us the most makes them the most money – march them to the gallows & piss on their graves.

"While nuclear regulators only take fatal cancers into consideration as 'detriments', others, especially those who endure a non-fatal cancer, may find their suffering equally worthy of consideration. And, limiting [the counting of] genetic effects to live born offspring does not wipe away the tears of a family that has endured a spontaneous miscarriage or stillbirth."Sister Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH, Pres., International Institute of Concern for Public Health; Editor, International Perspectives in Public Health

Rule No. 2: According to the central banks, the most money is made when blood is running in the streets. Today, you can add: 'Whatever hurts us and makes us suffer the most makes them the most money'. That is because 'they' own the war machine and manufacture the wars to make money; the own the companies and entities that make biological and chemical weapons and use them to create suffering and death ...and , they own the pharm (drug)/chem business and fund medical research, med schools and universities to promote their drugs.

Those with pregnancies living within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor: your chances of having malformed sperm, ovum, fetus & child are guarenteed, thanks to nuclear industry owned & financed by the Fed interest rate central bankers

Here Are Effects Of What Nuclear Fallout & Nuclear Waste Does To An Ovum, Sperm, Embryo, or Child During Pregnancy (including all mammals)
Nightmare: Chernobyl Survivors whose mothers were exposed to fallout resulted in unhealthy pregnancies and children: (l) tormented mentally ill child; (m) Toddler with internal organs located externally; (r) Child with no lymph glands cannot fight off disease. High-yield nuclear fallout destroys ova, sperm, embryo and fetus but so do low-yield emissions from everyday ‘normal’ reactors that fall on your food, on pastures, on farmland, in your water add up to create genetic mutations or extinctive damage to your health like immune deficiency response, leading to hundreds of diseases culminating in a variety of organ cancers.

A dose in utero of 100-to-500 mSv can hurt your embryo: Nuclear puts your pregnancy at risk ...especially if you live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor

Science proves that women, girls, infants, young children ...& ovum, embryos, fetus & children in the womb are at greatest risk during a nuclear emergency of birth defects, immune deficiency diseases, lung, bone, brain, breast & soft tissue cancers & 100 other diseases leading to poor grades, cognitive impairment, mental retardation, cancer & leukemia – &/or – by simply living within 25 miles of a normally operating nuclear reactor routinely discharging airborne & waterborne nuclear fallout & waste in day-to-day operations ...than are men or boys, or those living farther away.

Journal: 70,000 reports of suspected health damage every year among German nuclear workers exposed to less than 20 milliSv

As few as 10 millisieverts in children — may increase cancer risk

...Epidemiological studies, backed by animal experiments, have established beyond doubt that exposure to radiation levels above 100 millisieverts increases the risk of cancer in a predictable, dose-dependent way. But the risk to health at lower exposure levels is harder to pin down. In Germany, for example, the dose limit for occupational exposure is 20 millisieverts per year. But even when this limit is respected, there are more than 70,000 reports of suspected health damage among exposed workers each year, more than double the number in 1960. Some epidemiological studies suggest that low doses of radiation — as few as 10 millisieverts in children — may increase cancer risk in susceptible individuals, and may be associated with other conditions, such as heart disease and stroke. People living close to Fukushima are anticipated to receive around 10 millisieverts of accumulated radiation exposure each over the next decade. (Read more, here)

Women & girls & living within 25 miles of a reactor get more cancer than men or boys, or those living farther away

Healthy pregnancies are destroyed by normally operating nuclear reactors. The steam from the stacks is radioactive steam, filled with tritium and other radionuclides. Here we see the results of pregnant women from nuclear test fallout in Kazakhstan. They may not have even been pregnant at the time, because their ova were internally dosed as well as any fetus, or perhaps the sperm of the men was contaminated with nuclear fallout radionuclides.

Evidentiary Reading & Exhibits | Nuclear Industry is a Crime Against the Unborn of All Mammals (including people)

TV: Surge in babies being born with extra arms, legs after Fukushima — “I feel officials know the cause is radiation” — Nurse says many are getting abortions to avoid ‘inconvenient’ babies — “High number of stillbirths” — Many people reporting cancers, even far away from Fukushima (VIDEO) more

LaborNet TV (subtitles by Emiko Suehiro), Feb 24, 2016

–Setsuko Kida, evacuee from Tomiokamachi: My daughter [got] pregnant in the fall of 2013, but she was diagnosed with tethered miscarriage… the womb grew… but her unborn baby didn’t grow at all. ... ... ... A year later I got to hear first hand cases of babies with a structural birth defect or polymelia ["Birth defect… in which the affected individual has more than the usual number of limbs"], twice as many ...more than 10 girls had similar experience as my daughter’s. Actually one woman was recommended to get an abortion at 6 months pregnancy last summer, and her unborn baby lacking one arm, one leg, with only three fingers ...on its foot. (Continued, here)

Look What Nuclear Industry is Doing to our Eyes & Bodies

(ul) Fake picture to represent a real three-eyed fish caught by a fisherman in a reactor pool in Brazil. Sea mammals in Alaska hit by airborne and seaborne Fukushima fallout are covered in bleeding lesions and tumors, and lose their hair. Some are born without eyes, or have bleeding eyes, (lr) or their skin peels and falls off.

Center picture is photoshopped representation of actual three-eyed fish caught by fisherman for dinner in a reactor pond in Brazil. (ur) This diseased fish is not nuclear related but often is implied. When the four Fukushima nuclear reactors blew up and melted down into the water acquifirs feeding the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of tons of water a day containing plutonium and other radionuclides have flooded the Pacific Ocean 24x7x365 since 2011, and will continue to do so practically, for Eternity making the Pacific Ocean food chains extinct and killing the plankton that produce more than half of the world's oxygen.

Nuclear industry is a crime against the unborn of all living things that reproduce themselves after their own kinds

Look What Nuclear Industry Does to our Eyes & Bodies

Look What Nuclear Industry Does to our Eyes & Bodies: Nuclear industry slowly murders us with everyday low level reactor emissions that add up and can be more deadly than high-level catastrophic disasters as seen in these pictures of child victims of Chernobyl.

Nuclear Industry Mutates our Eyes & Destroys our Hearts & Organs 

...ask parents of these kids what to do with pro-nukers

These kids were in their mother's wombs when Chernobyl melted down and blew up, permanently contaminating Ukraine, Belarus, Europe and Eastern Europe...and shredding their reproductive DNA so that as embryos radiouclides prevented them from reproducing faithfully after their own kind ...and their bodies were mutated by nuclear industry (owned by the banking families that own the Fed) (video, here & here) for which you are paying the nuclear industry bill with the blood of your children. Nuclear industry blasphemes Divine Order.  Nuclear industry is destroying all life on Earth for the Fed's false gods of nuclear money putting increasing national debts, financial slavery, sex slavery, child labor, drug-&-weapons-&-nuclear waste trafficking money laundering and war. Fed banking family dynasties that own nuclear and war industry should be arrested, tried, judged, sentenced and marched to the gallows, and the Fed dissolved along with the stock market.

(below) Maternal culture of harmony is remedy for paternal culture of power. ~ Mitsuhei Murata, Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland (video, below)

Nuclear zombies living within 25 miles of a normally operating nuclear reactor ...women & girls get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away

Women here

Women, pregnant women, girls & infants living within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men & boys, or those that live farther away. This alone is enough to shut down every nuclear reactor and shut down the Fed for doing it to us.

Women especially pregnant women within 20-25 miles, girls, infants and unborn get more cancer than men, boys or those farther away: documentation, here –> cell phone pdf - or - MS Word with 'find/search'

0009 Chernobyl Legacy

(above) When Chernobyl blew up, it was primarily women & pregnant women in the next country over, Belarus, whose ovum & embryos were bathed in high yield nuclear reactor fallout ...but, women do not know that everyday business-as-usual low level fallout from 'normal' nuclear reactors adds up to create similar damage to soft & rapidly growing chromosomes & living tissue that becomes your baby ... it's high time to dismantle the Fed & their nuclear reactor & nuclear bomb industry

Click Here To Read News Articles About Women Today Being Destroyed By Nuclear Industry

The Fed families have been feeding radionuclides to pregnant women & children in breakfast cereal & other experiments for 70 years & the families that own the Fed know everyday reactor emissions make cancer & birth defects ...(it's very profitable for them since these Fed families own the university, medical & pharm financial sectors & grow richer by causing people to suffer & governments to borrow from them and increase the national debt for which we pay the bankers 300 billion in interest a year they personally use for stock market play money and vacations and romantic interludes)


(above) Fallout fumes & plumes from an ongoing exploding nuclear dump in Beatty Nevada routinely cover Las Vegas & can fuck up your pregnancies

   Map of pediatric cancer clusters by nuclear facilities in Southern California

(above) Kids in Southern California show a map of pediatric cancers by nuclear facilities where they live; a project of Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles

Are You a Woman Living  Within 25 Miles of a Reactor? 

...Click button below, follow link, enter zip code & pray ...


Feature Story

Suffering Caused Women by the Nuclear Industry Fed

 Women suffer miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, deformed, handicapped & retarded kids, immune deficiencies, breast-, uterine- & thyroid cancers – here's the evidence you need to win-over a friend or jury & march the families that own nuclear & the Fed to the gallows


True number of nuclear industry victims

by Sister Rosalie Bertell

Statistics are people with tears wiped away 

Epidemiologist counts 1.2 billion fatal & non-fatal nuclear cancer victims: real victims of nuclear industry go untold as a Chernobyl count and world count.



Pacific Ocean dying, bankers, Fed, nuclear, sonar, EMP, DU, chemtrails, weather, pregnancies

Do you know what financial warfare is?

...a shape-shifter

Bottled Kazakhistani Mutants Caused by Manmade Ionizing Radiation ...aborted (or brought to term & delivered?) in a nuclear testing zone in Kazakhistan – embryo genetic mutations On sale, now! Hurry in and get yours why they last ...or, just have one of your own. Just ask the Fed, they make them for you. Fed up with the Fed? (...unless Russia did it.) Wrong again, the Fed World Order gave the Russians the technology. (Go to youtube & search Antony Sutton., then watch the videos about Ruskombank.) Don't forget to do your homework or this could be you.

(click on pic for story)

From a Woman Exposed to Nuclear Test Fallout born a child cyclops – war never stops hides behind masks ... see the nuclear mask of war against us – thank the sell-outs on the cover of the next video

Pacific Ocean dying, bankers, Fed, nuclear, sonar, EMP, DU, chemtrails, weather, pregnancies

click pic – above: The clowns on the right are the sell-outs murdering you and the Pacific Ocean and Life on Earth ...for the sociopathic & psychopathic families that own the Fed & their apologists ...such as the 'Royal Family', whose bloodline is responsible for the genocide of millions and millions of third world peoples and should be spit on and divested along with the families that own the 'Crown', or City of London, or Square Mile (which is a square mile inside the city of London populated by international banking families and which is a legally a separate country reciprocially-recognized by the Vatican, Knights of Malta, and all the non-white former and current British Colonies owned by the 'Crown' aka City of London). Perhaps the interlocking directorate of the Fed/G8 and the Crown/G20 such experience first-hand receiving waterboarding therapy, agumented with nuclear radiation exposure, sonar bursting their eardrums and body organs, depleted uranium mutating their sexual organs, tidal waves caused by electromagnetic pulse and tornadoes, and miscarriages. Do you think they deserve to be called human beings, or inhuman beings?

Mutated kids whose mothers when pregnant subjected to Chernobyl fallout



Yes ... Nuclear Fallout is in Your Breast Milk, Too

(above) Got Milk? Fukushima uranium, plutonium, strontium in U.S. air samples, Fukushima Iodine 131, Cesium 134 & 137, Uranium 234 appears and re-appears in store-bought and/or raw milk and water from Spokane & Seattle, WA; S.F. Bay Area, CA & So. CA; Phoenix, AZ; Montpelier, VT; Hilo, HA. Radioactive cesium in spinach, arugula & kale in S.F. Bay Area. In citrus grove fruit in Florida. (Note, one can expect up to 100 different long-lived and short-lived radionuclides traveling with those listed above; normally those listed above are the only ones tested-for.

Well, if it's in mammal's milk because it's in the pastures, and in the vegetables because it's in the air and in the soil, and killing the food chains in the Pacific Ocean, doesn't that mean it's in the whole food chain? Hey, wait a minute, the stuff circles the globe eternally every couple days and gets washed down in the rain, forever. Huh? That's why my dog and cat have cancer??? And, me too? ...because of 'them'? Breast cancer, ovarian-, prostate-, brain-, eye-, skin-, and organ cancer is what 'they' do to us. We're fucked. Time for payback!?

Oct 7, 2015 | West Coast spike in animal deformities soon after Fukushima — Hundreds of baby cows – distorted legs, other malformations — Expert: “There’s more out there”… Problem more widespread than reported, here
Jun 24, 2014 | Birth defect deaths in Washington State hit record levels in 2011 — Spiked 60% statewide — Gov’t document lists ‘Fukushima release along west coast of US’ as possible factor in birth defect cluster, here
Sep 22, 2015 | PHOTOS: Mutations found in sea life along US West Coast — Deformed spines, brains, hearts, eyes reported by officials — Malformations: extra brain lobes, hunchbacks, parts of face missing, unusual limbs, here
Aug 24, 2015 | “Horrific environmental mystery”: 1,500% normal death rate in whales off West Coast — Unusual Mortality Event — Scientists alarmed, ‘no idea’ what’s happening  (VIDEOS), here
 Jan 30, 2014 | NPR: West Coast sea stars melt into mush, “just vaporized…  — “Ripping themselves apart… innards spilled out” — “Like the Matrix” — “That many species, that widespread… just scary” — “Makes me wonder, what’s next?” — ‘Possible’ Fukushima fallout is involved (VIDEO), here Sep 30, 2015 | Interviews near U.S. nuclear sites: “Piles of dead lambs, with 2 heads, or no legs” — “Born without eyes or mouths… legs grotesquely grown together, others had no legs” — “Farmers couldn’t understand why animals were dying; all dogs and cats too” (VIDEOS), here

Guess What? ...Nuclear Affects the Pregnancies of all Mammals (Including People) the Same Way!

Beached Whale

See what nuclear industry & sonic undersea oil exploration & the military sonar & shooting depleted uranium weapons (du) into the ocean (not to mention chemtrails) has done to our whales? ...mammals? ...people?

Should men protect women, children & animals from Fed interest rate bankers' nuclear industry?

March Them to the Gallows

The True Backers Of The Nuclear Industry

...are pure evil & have known from the beginning they are hurting you here | here | here -> (pdf) | (msword) | original doc, (here)
The Fed interest rate bankers are financial vampires who provoke wars & revolutions & fund & arm all sides ...doesn't matter how many are hurt or die. In fact, central bankers make the most money when blood is running in the streets, according to them. Whatever hurts people or creates personal or national debt puts money into the pockets of the Fed interest rate bankers. What hurts us the most makes them the most money. Arrest them, try them, judge them, sentence them & march them to the gallows.

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When will you fight back? You must drive a wooden stake thru the heart of a vampire to kill it already know this, don't you

U.S. House of Representatives chart of who owns Fed (pdf) | (msword) | Original House document, (here) Who owns whom? Who owns the nuclear industry? (here) Who owns the media? ...and, the presidency? (pdf | msword)

Healthy Pregnancies – The Survival of Mammals and Healthy Babies Depends on Keeping Earth Clean & Marching the Families that Own the Fed and Dirty the Earth, to the Gallows  those families are dirtying and murdering the planet by attacking Life Force, Natural & Divine Order with carcinogens, nuclear, depleted uranium, sonar, weather, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulse & chemtrail warfare. They put money above your life and health  ...they must be stopped.

Why (not) march them to the gallows? ...because the interlocking family banking directorate that owns the Fed owns the interlocking directorate of the companies that create nuclear industry, pollution, carcinogens and war ... this website and the three free e-books will open your eyes

Hundreds of cities in the U.S. have growing radiation counts that doom those cities to extinction 

...which is the will of the Fed interest rate banking families who are the interlocking directorate that own the Federal Reserve System, City of London & Bank of International Settlements (BIS)


Air, Water & Food are Weaponized Against Us by Pro-Nukers   – Bob Nichols

We all breathe & eat deadly isotopes in our food & drink them in our water; lethal metal isotope particles so small from the air they go right thru our clothes & skin

Muzzle velocity & range: 1 milligram of uranium, which is smaller than you can comfortably see, radiates outward 850 particles and energy squibbs a minute. These particles will kill or maim you.

Think of them as small, radioactive bullets. Some move with remarkable speeds, with a muzzle velocity of 983,568,960 feet per second, or 299,792,458 meters per second.

To a group of red blood cells or liver cells 'standing' next to the little, evil uranium particle, it must seem like hell on Earth ...only worse. The destructive fire from the uranium rounds never stops.

Inside kill job: the rounds have a range of about 20 cells in all directions. The radioactive isotopes make a perfect killing machine. We are struck with the 850 rounds per minute per milligram ... throughout our lives ... as a deadly reality from the pro-nukers ...(you all know one). Shun them.

Criminalize them. Send them to their well-deserved reward. The pro-nukers have shortened all our expected life spans. The rapid killing off and maiming of all humanity, the animal kindom, and all living things is what we are talking about. (Cont in accompanying youtube)

Rosalie Bertell (1929–2012), was an American scientist, author, environmental activist, epidemiologist and Catholic nun. Bertell was a sister of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, best known for her work in the field of ionizing radiation, weather warfare, electro-magnetic pulse weapons and weaponizing the Earth (making the Earth a weapon).

FOR KIDS & ADULTS Sister Rosalie Bertell videos: Depleted Uranium (DU),  Weather Wars (Typhoons, Earthquakes, Lightning), HAARP (Electromagnetic Pulse - EMP) & Chemtrails (Stratopheric Aerial Aerosol Spraying) (Parts 1-4)

Under an Ionized Sky

 by Elana Freeland (interview)

Geo-Engineering | Chem-Trails* | HAARP | CERN | EMP 

1966 – A Recommended National Program in Weather Modification (here)

Submitted by NASA to U.S. Gov. 

1996 – Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 (here)

U.S. Air Force Document

 2008 – Earthquake Weaponry (here)

What the hell are they the Fed spraying? kill Life

— Tons of aluminum, barium, strontium, magnanese & lead nanoparticles in air, soil, water crops  &  oceans

Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch

Geo-Engineering | Chem-Trails* | HAARP | CERN | EMP 

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock 

What jet-sprayed aerosols do to your brain

Linderman Unleashed Radio Show: Curt speaks with Dr. Blaylock about devastating health effects of chemtrails and geoengineering programs implemented in secret without public consent.

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects

By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

(Video, here) (Story, here)

Our free 12-Step program to Enhance Cognitive Stability & Neuroplasticity for MCI & Early-to-Mid Alzheimers Disease clients

Nanotechnology & Morgellons Disease in Chemtrails, too?

Give that Fed interest rate banker a cigar

Genetically modified GMO forests and crops and animals to feed genetically modified GMO humans & humanoids 

[satire & parody:] Let's just nail those Fed interest rate bankers to a cross all along the roads to Rome & the Vatican Bank that funded the Rothschilds

The Fed interest rate banking families drive us to extinction by funding and deploying chemtrails and in highjacking our military to dispense chemtrails use weather modification and earthquake creation thru electromagnetic pulse to create tidal waves and huge storms and are by using manmade artificial climate change as a weapon of war are weaponizing the planet, Earth ...and as 'they' also use chemtrail ingredients that kill the forests, grasslands and crops in order to replace them with synthetic manmade genetically modified (GMO) artificial forests and crops, according to the video above they appear to be also genetically modifying human beings replacing and augmenting DNA with GNA (artificial DNA that replicates and grows by itself) to replace genuine human beings, forever. (More videos, here | more info, here.)




The Pacific Ocean is Dying from Nuclear Industry, Sonar, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Depleted Uranium (DU) Target Practice, War Games, War, Stratospheric Aerial Aerosal Spraying (Chemtrails) & Weather Warfare (& manmade typhoons, lightning, floods, fires, tidal waves & earthquakes)

Join Us On a Spiritual Roller Coaster Ride to Save Pregnancies & the Life Force from Extinction & Rid the Planet of the Fed Interest Rate Bankers Who Are Now Destroying Us & all Life

Women & their children & females of the species & their newborn & young are now endangered species

Your Life Force is suffering as never before ...can you feel it? Are you tired, grouchy, get sick easy? When radiation mutates DNA, it doesn't care if it is plant, animal or human DNA. It destroys your Life Force and the Divine Order of every living creature or plant to faithfully reproduce itself after its own kind. Radiation creates immune deficiency- and several hundred other diseases along the way to giving you non-terminal or terminal cancer and destroying you. You, your children, pets, gardens and children-to-be, need to be safe and sound. You can stay in denial and ignorance and cause millions of others and billions of animals and life forms to suffer and die horrible deaths, live with your guilt and cowardice, or simply sell out like all pro-nukers and establishment apologists, do. Or, you can realize your Angelic calling and Divine nature and respect and protect yourself and respect and protect Life. This website and the three free e-books are our gift to you to fulfill your Angelic calling, in hopes of you becoming self-realized, and fulfilled ridding the planet of the Fed interest rate bankers who own and directect the corporations now damaging Mother Nature, Natural Order, Divine Order and the Life Force. Who are you? ...and which side are you on? Time to choose. And Time to act.

Ancient Redwood Trees on the website, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics

Survival Today – The Survival of Women and Saving All Life from Extinction Depends on Taking Care of the Earth & Marching the Fed Interest Rate Banker Families to the Gallows — those families are attacking Natural & Divine Order with nuclear, depleted uranium (du), sonar, weather, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulse (emp) & chemtrail warfare your life on it ...('they' already have)

-----------        HEALTH CARE FOR OUR PLANE      ---------- 

 —  Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean  — 

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean
Nichols on Nuclear
 Next time you hear nuclear apologists say nuclear is safe & clean, just say, "put it where the sun doesn't shine"


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Worldwide with a Focus on the Pacific Ocean, Oregon, Washington, California, British Columbia, Alaska, Hawaii, U.S., EU, Russia, India, Japan & locations of every nuclear reactor & dump since all give you immune deficiency diseases & cancer 

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