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Don't judge a book by it's cover – anti-bullying action short film

The Nazi not so Great Reset

Worldwide bullies: Got the big picture?

...bullied by fake elections in your beloved country? (here)

...bullied by biological & psychological warfare (here) & by racist bankers? (here)

U.S. Army raids Germany to seize fake voting machine servers controlling U.S. election voting machine fraud, (here)

German voting machine server patents sold to China, (here)

...about 72 million U.S. people report owning a gun ...but, few know who their enemy is: the racist Fed/City of London international interlocking directorate has been destroying the countries of black, brown, yellow, red & orange-pink (white) people for over 300 years & now is destroying the Pacific Ocean as well. What are your guns for?

...in 1776 for financial freedom patriots threw out the privately owned City of London interest-rate bankers & switched to a publicly owned central bank that does not charge interest; but, the bankers came back birthing the Fed in 1913; in 2020 it's time to throw them out, again WORLDWIDE & return to the freedom of a publically owned central bank that charges no interest ... because bankers privately own the founding stock of the Fed/City of London central banks, the bankers get the interest on the national debt each year as personal dividends – several trillion dollars of your earnings across 5 central banks, leaving you & the world in poverty & debt ...& increasing national debt with wars & pollution & nuclear at all costs to get bigger dividends ...the bigger the national debt, the bigger the interest, the bigger their dividends ...are you gettin' it? – interest is taxation without representation

Welcome to the not so Great Reset ...beware, racist oligarchs see you; got facial recognition ID? bye-bye, slaves
0001 41,000 people a day get fatal or non-fatal cancer from NWO nuclear industry – racist oligarchs sabotage us; bye, freedom
0002 Christina 'Radchick' Consolo
(above vid uncut version) Slaughterbots Server seized by U.S. Army in Frankfurt Germany, officially recycling 2020 U.S. election votes
General Millie: We take an oath to the Constitution, not an individual or institution
Pro-mask study withdrawn after virus spread in counties analyzed by researchers – shows masks do not work to prevent respiratory lung infections, (here). The not so Great Reset allows our fascist monarchs, mayors, governors & congress-persons to fly fascist colors & kill freedom & provoke a race war. The racist oligarchy white owners of the Fed/City of London central banks own & control Fortune 500 & military industrial establishment & nuclear & biologicial warfare complex, (here) & (here). 
Sidney Powell outs fake Dominion  elections WORLDWIDE by CIA for the racist Fed/City of London bankers ...now bringing you the not so Great Reset The government of the Republic of the United States of America IS NOT the government of the United States (corporation) ... that took over in 1868
After Donald Trump's next four years as President, Sidney Powell should be the first female American president ...& here's why: By outing Dominion voting machines & the CIA software used in 2020 in America to install racist fascist democrats & to install dictators around world in fake democracies, she is helping every country around the world to drain their swamp & outing the racist fascist CIA ...but remember this, there are two other things you need to know: (1) the CIA works for the racist fascist international interlocking directorate of the Fed/City of London (corporation) Central bankers; and (2) better watch the video (above, right) to the end that makes the distinction between The Republic of the United States of America founded by our founding fathers & mothers as it has been pushed aside by The United States corporation which by coup in 1868 took over The Republic of the United States of America. The United States (corporation) now ruling the country ... IS NOT The Republic of the United States of America. Are you gettin' it?

The Not So Great Reset Portland Racism Riots

Make no mistake about it; there has never been a country on the face of the Earth ...far back into history as far as you can go ... there has never existed a country in which the people rose up and demanded their right to be free. Never. The concept of human spiritual, intellectual and physical freedom is totally a concept that has never, ever existed on the Earth. The only time that it has ever come into existance is the founding of the United States of America ...where it was understood we were sovereigns and we owned our bodies.

President Trump is the only world leader fighting with his last breath to preserve that tradition, housed in the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights ...your enemy is not Donald Trump ... your enemy is the great reset he is fighting against. And their leader, is Legion, (a demon or group of demons ... the demoniac soul is completely possessed by a foreign occupying power).

Demons in the no longer hallowed halls of Congress Spirits trying to cope with a human awakening
Welcome to the halls of Congress Welcome to your purpose being here

As Biden & Harris celebrate peaceful demonstrations aside Chase bank in the midwest, Portland rioters in the Calif-Oregon-Wash bloc burn down Chase.

(ul) Stage set for Biden & Harris – USA: Celebrations, fireworks at Chase Centre as Biden delivers acceptance speech at stage set in front of about 100 family members & press & key operatives; (ur) Portland protesters celebrate while burning down Chase Bank (here). 

Editor's note of the day, 11/11/20: It seems to me that the great reset aims to put Bechtel in control of building 1,000 new nuclear reactors & having total control of California's politicians at least since Reagan back in Death Valley Days which was sponsored by Bechtel inbred, GE, & sponsoring Newsom's insanity & the V.P. wanna be Kamela Harris ...and Bechtel as an alleged operative of Schroder banking (& prime mover of Bohemian Grove auguring for inaugurations), Bechtel the kingpin of California energy & world nuclear power along with GE, are behind Newsom's success in outlawing the use of natural gas in California in any new homes built because it's so much cheaper than electricity ...and also behind wanting to destroy the gasoline industry & those states like Texas. One would think the purveyors of gasoline, such as Bush oil interests & JPMorganChase representing Rockefeller oil & banking interests representing (& being) the New World Order ... would be upset about this, but after all ...they're not simply because they will sell all their oil to China: food for thought & grounds for further research. You can not understand what is going on behind the scenes unless you look at the owners of the Fed/City of London ... the goal of this website is to show you the puppet masters who direct western world, to free yourself.

(up) Chart shows interlocks of main owners of racist Fed/City of London; Rockefeller interests & other major owners, (here).

Schroder Bank under the dictatorial eye of Rothschild in collusion with their Fed/City of London putsch including Sovereign Military Knights of Malta, and Skull & Bones ...have pretty much enslaved all of the Americas financially, physically & spiritually ...inventing the great reset to rid the world of blacks, browns & whites, yellows greens in blues is what they've been doing for 1,200 years.

(up) In the chart legend, note Bechtel ...today with Bill Gates now with funded studies to put four additional nuclear reactors at the Hanford Reservation site ... part of their reset plan to put in 1,000 new reactors in 30 years ... to fry you (here & here). Note Allen Dulles, at bequest of Schroder & Fed/City of London bankers handled the Nazi portfolio of stock before WWII (just as the Bush dynasty was busted by the Justice Department for selling oil to Hitler during WWII) ...then brought Nazis into the CIA (to destroy our ally, Russia), and brought Nazis into the U.S. Military, & into our biological warfare program ... using influenza simulants & deadly agents to create local and worldwide pandemics since 1950.

(see video below, center)

McInerney – CIA election fraud software for dictators in Banana Republics now used here
Domimion machines flip Trump votes to Biden – rig elections for dictators; Pelosi a stockholder Washington D.C. – Tens, or hundreds of thousands in Trump MAGA march?
General Thomas McInerney evidence alleging election fraud using CIA software to ensure elections in Banana Republics, now in U.S. to prevent Trump landslide & empower the not so Great Reset, (here). The owners of the Fed/City of London & their interlocking corporate ownership directorates own the military industrial complex & direct the CIA & apparently initiated the not so Great Reset ...if they want redistribution of wealth, then we should start with them & remove that wealth & power & redistribute it to the needy.
0003 Voter fraud evidence of hand-counting & computer vote flipping software 11/23/20 8.2 Quake by Fukushima meltdowns –  Radioactive plume North America bound?

 Love Life? ...but feel opposite about bankers

— interest is taxation without representation —

Do not think for a moment human kindness can be legislated. Marxism, Communism, Nazism, Fascism were all funded in 1919 from New York City by the owners of the Fed/City of London, illegally thru Ruskombank,  and the 'isms'can not dictate love. Only your heart can love. Do not be deceived by Republicans or Democrats or the U.S. Congress ...they are all complicit in destroying America & creating suffering, selling out for money, selling you out ... they have sold their souls and are trying to merchandize and weaponize you against yourself & human kind.

Your only hope is to put your differences aside and exercise free will & love ...which you have now lost in the great reset. The democratic governors & their secretaries of state financed by Soros on behalf of the Fed/City of London, and  Sovereign Military Knights of Malta and Skull & Bones and JPMorganChase have ignored the freedoms guaranteed to you by the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights. There is no pandemic exclusion to the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights. Your elected officials have become fascist dictators. All elected officials that keep us from the freedoms guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights are traitors & must be immediately arrested & removed from power. Traditionally, the penalty for treason is death. You better watch your step & make your calls very carefully ...you will be taxed out of existance & priced out of freedom.

Take heed, the hour of judgement is upon you & yours and in this hour you must make correct judgements ...the great reset removes all freedoms & choice & private property so you must rent everything from your owners ...you are no longer allowed freedom by your elected officials. Get it? Lock them up. Soros has bought your district attorneys. Soros has bought your secretaries of State. Soros, the Fed/City of London, the Sovereign Military Knights of Malta, Skull & Bones, JPMorganChase, Deutschebank & the central bankers who own them ...these are your true enemies.

This little piggy went to market...

There is one group powerful enough to start wars, genocide, kill leaders, bring down World Trade Center, deploy global biological-, economic- & financial warfare, propaganda & take away 30 million jobs, overnight ...to create a globalist New World Order ...that own the Fed, founded United Nations, initiated domestic psychological warfare (NSC-68), own & direct pharmchem, medical & military industries & 20% of each company in the Fortune 500 including pharmchem, medical, food, the military industrial complex, nuclear & corporations polluting the western world ...(here & here)

 Broke as a joke? ...better stop laughing, they're coming for you

1. — if you think for a second this great reset attack on humanity is not planned out by Fed/City of London racists to eliminate people of color around the world — think again — the world socialism & communism globalist vision of no private property for you only for them, enslaves you (btw: financed along with Nazism from New York City {here}) ...the Fed/City of London oligarchs will own everything including you & we will be plunged into slavery & a dark age of humanity — think I'm kidding? — ask any immigrant or illegal what they're fleeing ...it's the World Order-sponsored Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Nazism, & Fascism, the Fed/City of London New World Order Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Nazism, & Fascism & now China, Russia & India partnered with NWO globalism to create the CNWO. Broke as a joke? ...better stop laughing, they're coming for you. You could give up or educate yourself by reading, Occupy Deutschebank (& JPMorganChase): Financial Warfare for Dummies, (available here).


(above l) Not so Great reset – clears people off land so oligarchs can rob Earth of natural resources without opposition.

2. — The great reset ongoing 50 centuries of racism, fascism & slavery by billionaire oligarchs enforced by Sovereign Military Knights of Malta (for 12 centuries) & Skull & Bones Brotherhood of the Order of Death & Fehme inquisition assassins is vested in Fed/City of London central banks (here), social media & bad science, including:

3. — ionospheric heaters for weather- & earthquake warfare; starting fires around the world using military lasers (here & here); biological warfare attacks CV-19, anthrax & using biological warfare simulants like influenza since 1950 (here); contamination of all living things on Earth by nuclear industry (here); conventional warfare, covert warfare, continued financial warfare/colonization of third world countries by the white racist Fed/City of London; electromagnetic warfare; chemical warfare; propaganda; contact tracing; 5G

4. — you can be like the fake news & deny reality & side with the central bankers who want to have a one world government & deprive you of private property & put you in re-education camps & eliminate 90% of humanity ...or... you can educate yourself to what's going on around you & stop it before you wake up in chains & UN-run FEMA camps your freedom gone, police defunded & gone & CNWO drones & robots herding you around.

America vs the not so Great Reset Fraud  ...only one can survive

the long shot comeback of the original Republic of the United States of America


 1 Evil  – 2 the Anti-Kingdom –  3 Nuclear Industry – 4 Vampire Bankers –  5 Genetically Targeted BioWar – 6 PsyOps Social Engineering & Social Media7 Weather Modification8 Nuclear War – 9 Racism – 10 UN Agenda 21/2030 – 11 Starvation – 12 Cancer – 13 Soros – 14 Home Protection – 15 Weather Warfare – 16 G5/Contact Tracing – 17 Portland –  18 Biden, Bechtel, Dementia & Cognitive Arts

Here are some current examples of idiots at work!

Poster on racism protests & riots snatched from post in Hollywood District, Portland, OR

 End corporate welfare (socialism) before it kills us, (here  Portland racism riots – corporations killing Earth – their CV-19 bailout  billions – corporate welfare (socialism); oil: $159 billion 1st 7 mths 2020 

 End corporate welfare (socialism) before it kills us, (here)   OR racism riots – corps killing Earth – bailout  billions of CV-19 corporate welfare (socialism) oil: $159 billion first 7 months, 2020; Hmmm... appears Fed/City of London, Sovereign Military Knights of Malta, Skull & Bones Brotherhood of the Order of Death are waging war & waging peace (click pic)
Poster on Portland racism protests & riots from post, Hollywood District, Portland, OR Occupy organizing demonstration turn-outs taken over by Soros' agents provocateurs? Hmmm... appears Fed/City of London, Sovereign Military Knights of Malta, Skull & Bones Brotherhood of the Order of Death are waging war & waging peace

1920s Portland's Ku Klux Klan & Royal Riders of the Red Robe (Klan auxiliary for foreign-born white Protestants).1920s Portland – Ku Klux Klan (domestic Protestants) & Royal Riders of the Red Robe (Klan auxiliary of foreign-born white Protestants).

Black families pushed from Portland 1920s Portland – Ku Klux Klan Adam Schiff shady ties to Ukraine exposed
In 1844, Oregon Territory passed laws like the 'Black Exclusion Law', that outlawed black people from living in Oregon; which included the 'Lash Law', that black people would be publicly whipped every six months with 39 lashes, until they left the State. The Ku Klux Klan arrived in Oregon in the early 1920s ...during the second Klan & quickly spread throughout the state, aided by a mostly white, Protestant population & racist & anti-immigrant sentiments already embedded in the region. The Klan succeeded in electing their members in local and state government, which allowed them to pass legislation that furthered their agenda. Ultimately, the decline of the Klan in Oregon came with its struggle in other states as well as nationally, and activity faded in the 1930s ...but continued to flourish underground, systemically rendering BLM.

Mickey Mouse was financed by Schroder banking interests; you will note in the Fed/City of London Charts that Schroder banking interests occupy the second tier beneath the Rothschilds in the City of London interlocking directorate (see Tri-Cities Nuclear submenu, called: Rockefeller Rothschild JPMorganChase Vampire bankers, scroll down to charts of who owns the Fed/City of London ... this will intuitively lead you to JPMorgan's home in Portland & help explain the Portland racism protests & Soro's financed riots in establishing the globalist new world order global government ruled by the interlocking directorate of Fed/City of London dynastic central banking families Will the real fascist dictators destroying millions of lives, jobs, businesses, democracy, freedom, the U.S. & Constitution please stand up & be counted? ... as those calling the Portland riots merely peaceful demonstrations ... these are your true fasicst dictators who must be imprisoned & replaced with those who have the best interests of the people in mind ...rather than increasing their personal wealth & power at the expense of the people. Fuhrer Kate's executive order – police to enter homes on Thanksgiving ...if you have over six guests fine is $1,200 each & up to 6 months in jail ...pretends to care about you. In the old days, of WWII, we would call Gavin a fascist stooge who served the Nazis helping to exterminate the people. Does this analogy hold today? Gavin was put into office by Bechtel, as was Reagan, Feinstein, Pelosi, Kamila Harris, Schwarzenegger. Bechtel is co-directed by Schroder banking interests (Schroder is one of the owners of the Fed/City of London, along with JPMorgan & Rockefeller interests serving Rothschild. Schroder banking interests were Hitler's bankers ... so, we're not far off. In this site you will see how this intersects with Kate Brown, Portland's racism protests & Soros' financed agent provocateurs doing Portland's riots. And, you will see why California has recently outlawed the use of natural gas in new homes because Bechtel directs the electric utilities in the west coast & Pacific Northwest. Natural gas use in new homes illegal – Bechtel runs electric, nuclear, CA, world politics.
Mickey Mouse Kate Brown Gavin Newsom

Will the real fascist dictators destroying millions of lives, jobs, businesses, democracy, freedom, the U.S. & Constitution please stand up & be counted? ... those calling the Portland riots merely peaceful demonstrations ... these are your true fasicst dictators who must be imprisoned & replaced with those who have the best interests of the people in mind ...rather than increasing their own personal wealth & power at the expense & misery of the people.

And you know something's happening, but you don't know what it is ...do you, Mr. Jones?
Go Demo's: 70 million Americans just got attacked on national television Portland & L.A. party Biden/Harris: Soros-paid swing state Sec's of State mail-in ballot fraud
Demos party hardy: Soros-paid district attorneys in swing states set violent rioters free NY billionaire George Soros spending big on California DA races
Happy but sad Dems: Colbert weeps over Trump's press conference Nov 11, 2020 –Talk of the Town The low down on The Great Reset One more time, listen to beginning of this? ...same as vid to left.
An artists impression of the usefulness of face masks & butt masks in Portland & around the world of dogs. Woof woof. Can you identify this breed of dog?


Girls & the Pacific Ocean die from walking dead bankers' nuclear global warming & 5g

V.P. Biden partners in personal enterprise with Chinese communists for $30M

Girls & the Pacific Ocean die from walking dead banksters' nuclear global warming fallout – get cancer by Haarp-5g cellphone aliens

When heck freezers over, the darned will contact trace you

Vampires suck the blood & life force out of grown-ups, girls & boys, animals & pets & destroy Mother Earth, her oceans & Mother Nature ...all are also dying from nuclear. (click pic)  Premise: Fed/City of London, JPMorganChase, Soros, Skull & Bones/Sovereign Military Knights of Malta together are directing a coup to destabilize & waste America, destroy Life & rule Earth using vampire clowns ...commonly referred to as, politicians who serve bankers. FIRST WE GET RID OF THE POLICE, THEN WE GET RID OF THE ARMED FORCES. THEN WE LOSE OUR CONSTITUTION (OUR FREEDOM). THEN WE BECOME SLAVES AND OUR CHILDREN ARE CONFISCATED & HARVESTED BY BULLIES.

WELCOME TO PORTLAND ANTIFA, OR ...where billionaires, bankers & nuclear suck the life force out of parents, girls, boys & pets

543 views - Oct 5, 2020 – Police roll in to engage rioters, thieves & saboteurs – officers attacked with Molotov cocktails – projectiles  — Thank: Sovereign Military Knights of Malta, Skull & Bones, Fed/City of London, JPMorganChase, Soros, Bechtel, Pelosi, Trump

When the shooting starts & a firebomb hits your dog & cat & child ...Will you still want to defund the police? ...or will you get a sniper rifle? Everyone who defunds the police should be arrested for sedition. Every politician who promotes UN Agenda 21 & 2030 should be imprisoned. Everyone who promotes fascist 5G to track us, should be marooned in space. We don't want facist 5G to cover Earth & enable Fed/City of London bankers, Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta, and Skull of Bones Brotherhood of the Order of Death ...  to contact trace us, sell our kids into bondage & force us into extinction.

Whatever you do, do not watch the Admiralty Law video
Admiralty Law vs Personal Sovereignty (banking law vs the right to be yourself)

Make no mistake about it; there has never been a country on the face of the Earth ...far back into history as far as you can go ... there has never existed a country in which the people rose up and demanded their right to be free. Never. The concept of human spiritual, intellectual and physical freedom is totally a concept that has never, ever existed on the Earth. The only time that it has ever come into existance is the founding of the United States of America ...where it was understood we were sovereigns and we owned our bodies ...and consequently since 1868, [that right was taken away from us ...and] we're now under International Maritime Admiralty Law.  Jordan Maxwell, (see center video, above)

What is happening now took only 150 years to implement for 2020 ...and what is at stake in the 2020 election:

>1865 – City of London bankers vow to destroy the Republic of the United States of America:

 "If this mischievous financial policy which has its origin in North American during the late [civil] war in that country, shall become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own [public owned not private-banker owned] money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy [dictatorship] on the globe."

~ Hazard Circular inserted in 1865 London Times re: Lincoln's 'Greenbacks' ... (publicly owned money, not banker-owned money)

The not so Great Reset ...brought to you by the global elite who claim to own Earth

ABP. VIGANÒ – OPEN LETTER TO TRUMP: RESIST ‘THE GREAT RESET’ 2021 Housing Crash? ...looks that way Victor Davis Hanson - U.S. Election 2020
Victor David Hanson - U.S. Election Reality Outsider (British) take on World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset'
 Oct 30, 2020  Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò
President is 'the final garrison against world dictatorship'



Can you survive the 12 weapons of racism in Portland? | Skull & Bones Brotherhood of the Order of Death  | Sovereign Military Knights of Malta | Fed/City of London | Nuclear | Girls | Earth | Oceans | Animals | Dying  ——  Fortune Teller   —— 1st Responders ——  Women —— Rosalie & Janet —— Souls for Sale ——  CV-19 | Bio-War |  Psy-Op | Contact Tracing  | Gates |  Fauci | UN  ——  Soros | Walking Dead | Antifia | Guns | Homeless | Refugees | Displaced | UN —— Rockefeller | Rothschild | Vampire Bankers | IMF | World Bank | JPMorganChase —— JPMorganChase | Deutschebank | Financial Terrorism | NeoNazis/Fascists/Antifa —— Nuclear Not Safe Not Clean ...Causes Global Warming, Species Extinction, Cancer & Immune Deficiency Diseases ——  Psy-Op |  CIA Tavistock | Owning Public Mind  ——  Royals  ——  Biden & Dementia – Portland Metro Creative Aging & Cognitive Arts Center  ——  Womenu

Ever wonder what the hell is going on all around you?

Central bankers set animals & people on fire with nuclear fallout to create debt & interest payments ...it's that simple ...41,000 people get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry, every single day ...it's the largest pandemic on Earth...

...when you add in the animals of the sea & land, it might be 10x-100x, more suffering

Now you know ...want us to name who's doing it?

Portland's Antifa's ...not so great reset world racism rioting? 

The battle lines to stop racism & save our Constitution are clearly drawn:  Antifia & other violent anti-BLM protests distract us from what's really going on — a racist & globalist pink (white) banker new world order coup d'tat takeover to continue global racism & to install global fascism & global contact tracking & eliminate people of color, pink (white) opposition, Constitutional rights, freedom & justice, worldwide while they are currently destroying Life in the sea & on land with the 12 weapons, including racism.

Do you know what the three biggest racist organizations are currently in the world, today?

  • for 900 years the Sovereign Military Knights of Malta are a white organization of warlords destroying then enslaving countries of color & today, their members include the heads of western intelligence (war) services
  • for 300 years the Fed/City of London white central bankers/warlords conquered then enslaved 120 countries of color including the indigenous: U.S.A, the Americas, Africa & Asia
  • for several hundred years, Skull & Bones German Society of the Order of Death (aka, the 'Fehme ') based in Germany & Yale University are white people/warlords that control indigenous: United States of America, Central & South America, Europe & selected Asian countries

Of the twelve weapons, do you know what the three biggest racist weapons are in the world?

  • Weapon No. 4:
    • the Fed/City of London bankers
    • Skull & Bones German Brotherhood of the Order of Death
    • Sovereign Military Knights of Malta
  • Weapon No. 5:
    • genetically targeted biological warfare
  • Weapon No. 6:
    • Social engineering

Fed/City of London central bankers & billionaires like nerd Bill Gates & nazi George Soros & World Bank/IMF United Nations Agenda 21/30 say we need to reduce human population by 90% — why don't they get rid of themselves, first?

Ever wonder what the hell is going on all around you?

> 2021 – Skull & Bones Society of the Order of Death, Sovereign Military Knights of Malta & Fed/City of London non-centralized global fascist coup ...putsch speed up by 900 year old Sovereign Knights of Malta to destabilize U.S. then takeover Earth in their continual Inquisition

> 2021 – Billionaire computer nerds back UN Agenda 21/30 coup to destabilize U.S. for City of London 

> 2020 – Communist destabilization of U.S. by Fed/City of London, Skull & Bones, & Knights of Malta 

> 2018 – Billionaire nerds do run-thru of CV-19 biological warfare attack to destroy U.S. economy & jobs & destabilize all countries

> 1919 – Creating, funding, deploying & maintaining communism, nazism & socialism out of New York City

> 1913 – Financial warfare coup takeover of public owned (no interest) central bank – creating Fed private owned (interest charging) central bank

> 1913 – Ongoing ...the Crown enlists the robber barons primarily the Rockefellors in 1906 to form the Fed in 1913 in a financial coup d'etat by the Rothschilds, Morgans, Browns & Rockefellors who bribe our Congress (to date) and re-establish their ownership of a privately owned central bank in the U.S. which they call, the Fed & re-establish globalist private ownership & financial control of the U.S.

Ongoing ...private owners of the Fed define interest on the national debt as their private 'dividends' ...meaning: they get the interest that you pay on the national debt each year ($600 billion dollars to $1,000 billion dollars on the Fed, alone) as a personal dividend on City of London exclusive ownership of Federal Reserve founding stock ...right into their wallets &/or corporations; figuring their ownership of 6 Rothschild-founded central banks, that's about $3,000 billion dollars a year, free ...of your hard earned tax money ... while the rest of the world goes starving, homeless & begging ...got teeth? ...a toilet? ...a shower?

>1865 – City of London bankers displace The Republic of the United States ...with the United States Corporation, which is currently in charge, today ...not Republic of the United States, (see Admiralty Law video, above)

>1865 – City of London bankers vow to destroy the Republic of the United States of America:

 "If this mischievous financial policy which has its origin in North American during the late war in that country, shall become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe."

~ Hazard Circular inserted in 1865 London Times re: Lincoln's 'Greenbacks'

>1801 – President Thomas Jefferson warns if private banks take over, Americans will end up homeless.

"Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

~ President Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809 (commentary-1n)

>1776 – The Americans throw out the Rothschild, Morgan, & Brown central bankers who own the City of London corporation, known as 'the Crown', 'the City' & 'the Square Mile' (who occupy a square mile of investment banksters inside London that is a separate country then & now) ...for 'taxation without representation'.

"We began planning the Revolutionary War in order to issue our own money again ...and keep King George III and Bank of England from enslaving us with debt, and making Americans their financial slaves. By the time the revolutionary war started, Apr. 19 1775, British taxation had sucked the gold and silver out of the American colonies, to Britain. So, we had to print money to finance the war."        

~ Benjamin Franklin, a 'founding father', 1706-1790

The Crown owns all the British colonies of color around the world (about 120-130); while the British monarchy owns all the white colonies. The City of London corporation is the basis of our current racism problem that has persisted for hundreds of years. The Crown makes money by destroying countries of color, then by slave trading and drug running as well as taking all the gold, silver, timber (and eventually, oil) from the countries of color while leaving people of color to live in poverty ...can you spell Africa, Central & South American, Asia, Austrailia? ...and by war, which is also happening all over the world today ...and by Soros-style hiring of riff-raff to do riots, then sending in the armies to take over the countries of color, and installing puppet dictators and false democracies like Biden did in as a front man in Ukraine not long ago representing the Fed/City of London corporation as the U.S./City of London spokesperson (which is why Tavistock deployed MK Ultra and recently erased Biden's mind so that he can not testify against them).

Now Do You Know Who Your Real Enemy Is? ...and who the real racists are?

...it is not the Republican leadership trying to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

...it is not the Democrat leadership trying to replace capitalism with socialism and communism.

...it is the international interlocking directorate of Fed/City of London central bankers whose ass they kiss.

Here's an example of financial warfare for you – maybe it's financial slavery, too ...your call. Note interest rate column with interest of 580% by your friendly mortgage banker doing you the favor of enslaving you with a '6% fixed mortgage rate'; can you spell, 'march them to the gallows'? (Now do you see why we fought the Revolutionary War to throw out the Rothschild central bankers ... interest = taxation without representation.

(above) click pic: Who do you think gets paid that 580% interest? (normally, people refinance every 5 years) ... the private owners of the NFL monopoly — or — private owners of the Fed/City of London central bank monopoly?


Twelve not so Great Reset Racist Weapons

Earth as *Friendly Fire: Space Age Weaponry for the Unknowing

...Fed interest rate bankers kill plankton, trees, oxygen & life on Earth for profit? ...duh, ya'think that's why the Pacific Ocean is dying?

Mark 8:36-38 
36For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? 37Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? 38Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.

*Friendly fire is an attack by a military force on their own forces, or allied or neutral forces, while attempting to attack the enemy, either by misidentifying the target as hostile, or due to errors or inaccuracy ...or downright evil.

Global warming should be called global heating, says scientist —(here)—  Ionospheric-stratospheric heating weaponry(Weapon 7)

Reset Weapon No. 1 ...Agents Provocateurs & Saboteurs

USA: Estacada & Mollala Arsonists 

Senate Majority: Dem's riot plans

EYEWITNESS NEWSFLASH: "YOU LOOT, WE SHOOT ...& the bodies will never be found"

- battlecry of arson victims & fire refugees in Estacada & Mollala OR with raging wildfires destroying property, life savings & animals

8 P.M. 9/14/2020 Portland Oregon Antifa OREGON: NEWSFLASH – How many wildlife & domestic animals & pets: animals, deer, cows, dogs, cats, birds, sheep, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, skunks, racoons, dogs & cats have been trapped & burnt alive by the raging fires in Estacata & Mollala? ...by looters/agents provocateurs who smashed windows & started fires in, & looted stores for several months in Portland now going out to rural Estacata & Mollala ...where eyewitness testimony confirms the looters are throwing firebombs to start & spread the fires in houses to loot them. Citizen patrol groups have formed as well as volunteer police officers from as far away as Vancouver Washington to help the residents, who now say,"You loot, we shoot ... & the bodies will never be found," (cont, here-1a)

Billionaires, bankers, Soros's Antifa & nuclear suck the life force out of parents, girls, boys. pets, whales, dolphins, birds, bees, flowers, trees, Mother Nature, Gaia & Divine Order ...and you can stop it by wanting to

Under the watchful eye of puppies, kittens & the Pacific Ocean

abstract: 'They' use nuclear & civil unrest to destroy us ...but who are 'they'? Antifa? Nuclear? Soros? Gates? Fauci? Reagan?Clinton? Trump? Bechtel created & backs Pelosi, Feinstein, Brown, Newsome, Reagan & JPMorganChase is an owner of the Fed/City of London that owns Bechtel. That's California, Oregon, Washington & the U.S. ...so, who are 'they'? ...here we go. 

(1-of-19)  Here in Portland Antifa Oregon, I am scared & buying a shotgun & a pistol two pistols & a rifle ... because the governor & mayor consider the out-of-control Antifia riots burning out stores & murders the last 100-130 days to be peaceful love fests ...recently 'they' broke into stores & pulled out the furniture to fuel bonfires in front of the mayor's condo ...so he moved out the next day, (cont here).

Reset Weapon No. 2 ...the Anti-Kingdom

why it is important to protect the innocent

Welcome to the war in heaven ...did you really think it doesn't exist ...but, you're living it right now ...we are the lucky ones.

(click pic)

from the anti-Kingdom all around us sucking our blood

Welcome to hell ...do you think there's no war in Heaven or demonic spirits; pretend there aren't ...see what it gets you.

(click pic)

 War (conventional & covert conflict)

Legally hang Federal Reserve directors whose war tactics weaponize genocide, rape, human- & human organ trafficking & suffering 

Note: Above interactive map is useful to locate ongoing wars ...particularly when clicking on the red dots to see the human toll; but, it is not useful to identify covert actors behind these wars & relies on mainstream Fed/City of London CIA/MI-6 analysis to avoid identifying the western colonial forces behind the scenes (such as themselves) promoting & benefitting from these wars for world conquest.
Note: The following map (tbd) is a prior map from 40 years ago that shows the corporations thriving in (& creating) war zones.

Reset Weapon No. 3 ...Nuclear Industry

fyi: Based on the Nuclear Industry's own info (but counting not-fatal cancers as well as fatal)


(click pic)

Girls get more cancer from global nuclear warming than boys 

  • *0003 The younger a female is, the more she is vulnerable to nuclear warming radiation than a male.
  • *0001 Girls bear the brunt force of radiation on the human race  Caldicott  NIRS   Fairewinds
  • *0005-Janet Women & pregnant women, babies-to-be, infants & girls within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away  
  • *0006-Janet Chernobyl research documents that radionuclides mutate germs, viruses & bacteria to create new and mysterious diseases 
  • *0002 Fetal harm from Fukushima fallout in the western states
  • *0007 Red Blob &  *0008 Red Blob Extinction Rebellion   There never was a 'red blob' of global warming water creating "new & mysterious diseases" killing millions of ocean mammals & billions of fish & trillions of plankton ...'red blob' on official seaborne nuclear radiation maps represents plutonium nuclear waste i.e. nuclear global warming along w/100s of other radionuclides causing excruciating bleeding lesions & tumors on ocean life & extinction levels of disease destroying oceanic food chains.
  • * 0009 Reactor Finder  Live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor?

Do you want to let Fed interest rate bankers destroy girls as a species with their nuclear reactors?

Healthy Pregnancies

Survival of Mammals (including people) & Healthy Babies Depends on Keeping Earth Clean & Marching Dynastic Banking Families that Own the Fed/City of London & Dirty the Earth, to the Gallows   those families are dirtying & murdering the planet & destroying your healthy pregnancies ...by attacking Life Force & Natural- & Divine Order with ionospheric heaters, carcinogens, nuclear, depleted uranium, sonar, weather, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulse, chemtrail, financial & biological warfare. They put money above your survival ...you mean nothing to them ...stop them before they stop you.

Red Blob: Seaborne nuclear fallout from Fukushima ... not simply warm water creating mysterious diseases ...destroys millions & trillions of sea life as mainstream, fake news [co-owned by Gates-(building nuclear reactors in China)/MSNBC (pdf download, here) & General Electric–nuclear industry (pdf download, here), which is owned by the Fed/City of London Wall Street/London Stock Exchange bankers (inventing nuclear for military & financial warfare & financing it) (here)], lies to you.

08:33 PM Apr 1, 2013  -5689- Kids born in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon & Washington within 16 weeks after initial Fukushima meltdowns (3/11) are 28% more likely to suffer congenital hypothyroidism than kids 1 year earlier – in rest of U.S. the risk decreases http://grist.org/news/fukushima-meltdown-appears-to-have-sickened-american-infants 

Opps, it's a secret ...don't tell
This suffering beached whale washed up on the sand & suffering its hoarse death rattle panting is in excruciating pain; the cause in most probability is global warming caused by swimming in nuclear waste or fallout [or nuclear pollution & fallout frying the plankton & destroying the oceanic food chain (& causing starvation) & the largest source of Earth???s oxygen], military electromagnetic weaponry destroying the ozone & oxygen & frying the plankton thereby destroying the food chain and causing starvation, depleted uranium or sonar, oil company use of repeated sonar-caused sonic booms sounding for oil every few seconds for days, weeks & months, petrochemicals, pesticides, pharmchem waste, plastics & other chemical pollution. Did you know the owners of the Fed own & direct all the companies in the Fortune 500-1000 that pollute Earth & Space? ???& cause global warming & climate change & extinction of life on Earth.
Nuclear fallout from exploding dump outside Las Vegas may be causing stillbirths, miscarriages, birth defects & lowered I.Q. in newborns(up) Gamble on Las Vegas cancer?| https://www.nuclearweatherforecast.com/1st-responders---triage.html

Hard Truth What you need to know to win arguments with your parents to save animals or win arguments in court: nuclear energy is not safe for living things ...not safe ...not clean. Anyone who says it is, is ignorant or evil, an enemy of Life, and living things. The best you can do is educate them to the truth. Truth is scary. Good luck. Know the truth. Tell the truth. Save animals. That’s what this website & e-books written for you (here) is for ...not to make you cry ...not to make you mad or hopeless. These you get free along with the hard truth.

Animal Collage
(above) click pic ...also see, animal lovers – here

Nuclear energy hurts then starts to destroy every living thing it touches. That includes very big mammals like whales and elephants, and it includes medium sized mammals like people, bears, dolphins, sea lions, mountain lions, cows, and horses; and, it includes smaller mammals like dogs, cats, goats; and very small mammals like mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits.

But, nuclear energy hurts then kills other animals besides mammals (including humans). It hurts fish, birds, butterflies, turtles, bees, flies, insects, starfish, and sea urchins. It hurts sea weed, plants, trees, flowers, mushrooms, grass, berries, strawberries, melons, squash, tomatoes, corn, and hay. It even hurts viruses and bacteria. It hurts water and sky and earth and fire, by changing their God-given nature.

God might say, that all living things that reproduce themselves after their own kind, are hurt by nuclear power, (cont, here-1e).

(click pic ) Polar bears starve, as do sea lions, seals, whales, dolphins & more sealife from airborne & seaborne Fukushima fallout (ionizing radiation) destroying plankton, krill, sardines, herring, tuna & salmon food chains – covered w/bleeding lesions & tumors.


Kids Supermarket Meat & Fish

Women & Pregnancies vs Nuclear 

Animals Animal Lovers

Butterflies Flowers Horses Whales

Cows Birds Dogs Cats Whales Dolphins more Sea Mammals


(also, see 12-of-19, here ...or scroll down)

note: links in chart below under repair - they are broken until 2021 when they will be working again

Our Cherished Sea & Land Animals—(more, here)—

...because Fed interest rate bankers direct the military-industrial-nuclear establishment

Abalone  Albacore |  Air  |  Antelopes  & here  Baby Cemeteries Bags & Plastic Bags   Bananas   Birds  & here |  Birth Defects |  Butterflies  & here | Caribou  | Cars  here  | Cats  here  Citrus  Clams | Cows | Crabs |  Customs 

Democrat  | Dogs  | Dolphins & Porpoise | Eagles |  Farmers  &   here  | Filters  Fish |  Flowers |   Food & Food Chains  Fruit  |  Geomagnetic Storms & Solar Flares | Groceries & Stores |  Gundersen Horses |  Horseshit Bananas |  Hot Spots Insects | 

Jet Streams | Kelp & here | Krill | Lobsters | Manatees | Media (Fake News) | Microsieverts & here | Millisieverts Milk & here | Radiation Monitors | Mysterious Diseases & here |  Mushrooms | Mussels |  Nuclear Mafia Octopus |  Olympics Pelicans |  Pilots Plankton | 

Polar Bears |  Propaganda – Disinformation Rain  Reindeer | Republican  Salmon | Sea Birds | Sea Food | Seagulls | Sea Lions | Seals |  Sea Star | Sea Turtles | Sea Urchin | Sea Water  Sea Weed | Sharks | Sheep, Lamb & here  |  Shellfish |  Shipping Containers Shrimp |  Snow & Faux Snow (fallout) |

 Soil Spiders | Starfish | Squid |  Strawberry & -berries |  Sushi | Tea Leaves |  Tide Pool & Tidepool  Tuna |  Vegetables Walrus |  Water Whales & here

Nuclear Power is not Safe & Clean 

—(9,000 links in reverse chronological order from 2011-to-2018. to 30,000 published news stories/scientific documentation, of nuclear fallout & leaks around the world with a focus on your neighborhood & your State, here)—

Animals | Mysterious Diseases

New & Mysterious Diseases
Chernobyl documentation: ionizing radiation mutates bacteria & viruses to create new & mysterious diseases, (here)
Why are millions and billions of sea life like whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, sea otters ... all mammals as we are, and all sea life in the Pacific Ocean floating suspended in the ocean dead or dying excruciating deaths and washing up on shores dead or dying excruciating deaths and crabs, lobsters, octopus, squid and other sea life pressed into the beach sand dead from Alaska to Mexico? ...or, starving because their food chain is now extinct?

Because of seaborne plutonium and hundreds of other radionuclides melted down into the water acquifirs at Fukushima feeding into the Pacific Ocean since 2011, and because the U.S. encouraged Japan to dump all their liquid and solid nuclear waste into the ocean every day, and burn it up into the atmosphere where it rains down on the Pacfic Ocean, the United States and circulates around the world every 40 hours and falls. Nuclear apologists blame these extinction levels on global warming creating new and mysterious diseases ... when research from Chernobyl proves radiation mutates viruses and bacteria to form new and mysterious diseases! 

Central bankers set animals & people on fire with nuclear fallout to create debt & interest payments ...it's that simple; according to industry figures, the nuclear industry has given lethal & non-lethal cancer (such as breast & prostate, organ, brain & eye), miscarriages & mutations to 1.2 billion people since 1940; that's 41,000 a day every day, such as today --or, your birthday-- ...& you don't even know how many animals in the sea & on land (maybe 10x more) or 410,000 a day (ever wonder why we're in the 4th great extinction of life on Earth? ...it's nuclear pollution & ionospheric heaters frying the plankton basis of Earth's oxygen & food chains & changing the weather making millions refugees & homeless victims of the interlocking directorate of the Fed/City of London banksters who should be gone

CodeShutdown: Is collapse of the Pacific caused by climate change or nuclear fallout? The chitin in plankton absorbs radiation like a sponge. This concentrates nuclear industry fallout up to 10,000 times. The plankton die, bringing the radiation with them to the bottom and the tiny fish that feed on the missing plankton starve. The result: scientists don’t measure much radiation in the water, and larger fish that feed on smaller fish that feed on plankton, starve. This ripples up the food chain. Orcas at the top of the food chain are starving to death and not one scientist comes forward to mention Fukushima as a cause. A salmon’s diet: juvenile salmon eat zooplankton, and larval and adult invertebrates. In the ocean, salmon eat smaller fish, such as herring, pelagic amphipods and krill. The populations of which, have crashed.

Central bankers set animals & people on fire with nuclear fallout to create debt & interest payments ...it's that simple ...41,000 people get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry, every single day ...it's the largest pandemic on Earth...

...when you add in the animals of the sea & land, it might be 10x-100x, more suffering

Now you know ...want us to name who's doing it?

The Pacific Ocean is Dying and You Don't Even Know ...we are in the Sixth Great Extinction of Life on Planet Earth -- courtesy of Fed interest rate banking families valuing money over people, animals, all living things, and the Life Force. They value profits over people and it's time to stop the Fed interest rate banking families (and their apologists) who own and enslave us and murder us and all living things.

The do-nothing U.S. Congress & kill everything Fed/City of London are conducting the 6th Great Extinction of Life on our Planet (here)

"We must work together as stewards of Mother Earth to reclaim & restore the health of our Creator's Planet."

While airborne or seaborne, atomized plutonium & hundreds of other radionuclides surround us & other animals carried in rain & water in very fine particles & hot spots with consequences... (cont, here-1l)

(click pic)  Facts of life & death — 3:28 PM Apr 24, 2017 -8869- Mass die-off along U.S. West Coast - TV: “It’s just not clear why all the marine life is washing up like this. Reports coming in every day” - Experts: ‘Unknown’ organisms eating away brains, hearts - New infection never seen before (VIDEOS) 

Nuclear Energy Creates Nuclear Global Warming

Currently, the Fed/City of London G8 central banks want you to believe that it is not the nuclear energy industry that is destroying all Life on this planet. They want you to think it is global warming... (cont, here-01c)

Once you want to know their names & find out who they are, you can stop them.

Reset Weapon No. 4 ...the Fed/City of London Bankers

How much death & taxes do you get from nuclear?

(see if you can figure out who's behind the current unrest)

(click above pic for the whole gonsamagilla including commentary by Eustace)

 Guess who gets paid the interest on the national debt

...as a  personal dividend on private ownership of Fed founding stock? 

(for answer: See above chart)

(If you guessed NFL owners get paid the interest on the national debt each year ...WRONG! ...guess again, don't hesitate ... there's only one guess left)

[1]  Official name of group of twenty
[i] The Group of Twenty Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors (also known as G-20, G20 & Group of Twenty) is a group of finance ministers & central bank governors from 20 major economies: 19 countries plus the European Union, which is represented by THE President of the European Council & by the European Central Bank.[3] Their heads of government or heads of state periodically confer at summits since their initial meeting in 2008. Collectively, the G-20 economies account for more than 80 percent of the gross world product (GWP),[4] 80 percent of world trade (including EU intra-trade), and two-thirds of the world population.[3] They furthermore account for 84.1 percent and 82.2 percent of the world's economic growth by nominal GDP and GDP (PPP) respectively from the years 2010 to 2016, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


[ii] Put “tri-border area of South America" into google search engine.  http://www.google.com/#hl=en&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=WHAT+ARE+THE+countries+of+the+tri-border+area+of+south+america&oq=WHAT+ARE+THE+countries+of+the+tri-border+area+of+south+america&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_l=hp.3...2428.14271.0.14554.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=dc70b9ae7c226f21&biw=660&bih=625

(above) Why in God's Name is the above chart of NFL teams & the private shareholders of founding Fed stock, shoved into the middle of a website describing nuclear industry destroying Life? ...could it be because the Fed/City of London finances & directs the creation & deployment of nuclear industry as a weapon of miltary warfare (to destroy all Life) & a weapon of financial warfare (to create humungous national debt & bigger interest payments on the national debt that they get each year as a 'dividend' on their private ownership of Fed founding stock? ...no, of course not ...hmmm ...well, maybe) ...& we're using NFL league line-ups how owners drink together while teams fight to the death on the field, to paint a picture of how the central bank league owners drink together while their subs fight to the death on the battlefield.

Do you want to let Fed interest rate bankers destroy life in the Pacific Ocean & on Earth?  ...with their

nuclear financial warfare (debt & interest) & military nuclear war machine)?

06:41 PM Jan 19, 2012 -2317-  20,000 excess deaths in U.S. after Fukushima, not 14,000? …age groups, cities VIDEO

Current counts of the number of people who have gotten lethal and non-lethal cancers from nuclear are 41,000 a day (averaged daily from a total of 1.2 billion since 1941 based on nuclear industry figures) ...it is the largest pandemic on Earth

 You are not the only one to think the same things happen to all mammals (including human) & other animals

Guess who pays the interest on the national debt? 

(interest is taxation without representation)

Who Owns Whom?

...What self-respecting activist doesn't know the truth and whom to hate?

Federal Reserve Bank declares JPMORGAN/CHASE a threat to the financial stability of the United States (here)

...hey, what's wrong with this picture ...JPMORGAN/CHASE is included among the private bankers that privately own the Fed, that you owe the national debt to – for 2017, you will pay them interest on the national debt out of your paychecks – $266 billion dollars ...this money DOES NOT go to the U.S. Government since the Fed is a privately-owned bank. (See charts, below.)

General Electric is a parent company of msnbc.com through GE’s 49 percent stake in NBC-Universal. NBC-Universal and Microsoft are equal partners in msnbc.com.

Westinghouse is owned by Toshiba in Japan. General Electric is owned by Hitachi in Japan.

Which private interlocking banking directorates that own the Fed own General Electric? ...see yellow highlight on charts; (here: PDF -or- MS Word).

General Electric-designed reactors like those in Fukushima that exploded up into the jet streams and melted down into the water acquifirs and blanketed the Pacific Ocean and the continental U.S. and the northern hemisphere with poison for several hundred thousand years, and are still feeding the Pacific Ocean have inherent design flaws ...like 23 sister-reactors in  the U.S. that need to be shut down and recalled before, after or while they give you cancer.

Does this mean that the private bankers that own the Fed and own the nuclear industry are killing you with cancer? ...as well as thousands of millions of helpless animals ...& all life forms with DNA that replicate themselves after their own kinds?

Reset Weapon No. 5 ...Genetically targeted biological warfare (see Reset Weapon No. 9)

(above) Bill Gates says 800,000 will die from using the vaccine ...because of the vaccine ...not because of CV-19; wants governments mandating vaccines & those administering vaccines to be indemnified & not held responsible for killing 800,000 eople with the vaccine.

How come an expert on pandemics never mentions the biggest pandemic in the world? ...41,000 people a day get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry

Divest & lock up Gates, Fauci, Soros, JPMorganChase, Fed/City of London, UN ...then throw away the key!

Sweden, South Dakota Were Right, Rest Of World Was Punk’d

Sweden & South Dakota shrugged off dire predictions of mass die-offs from COVID-19 & did not shut down their entire economy & society, & now their response has been proven correct while the rest of the world stumbled into mass hysteria. 

Reset Weapon No. 6 ...Social Engineering & Social Media

(click pic) The Life Force is under attack as never before. Feel it? Your understanding or lack of understanding is the most pressing issue of our Time, and Life everlasting. You have within you the seed of a new understanding empowering you to be active, rather than reactive, and to discern then undo nuclear energy industry killers worshipping at the stinky feet of science. (cont, here-01d)

   Nuclear reactors line riverbank at Hanford Nuclear Reservation site on Columbia River, January 1960. GE N Reactor in foreground, twin GE KE & KW reactors, immediate background. Historic B Reactor, world's first plutonium production reactor, visible in distance.

Reset Weapon No. 7 ...Weather Modification

Weather Modification: Remember the drought in California & the weather front went down to Texas & Mexico & snowed there? ...here is satellite imagery showing the storm weather front being pushed away from California with high tech space age electromagnetic equipment; this kind of stealth activity has a disastrous effect on animals & people & such droughts immediately lead to out of control & raging fires

(click pic) Weather Modification: Remember the drought in California & the weather front went down to Texas & Mexico & snowed there? Here is satellite imagery showing the storm weather front being pushed away from California with high tech space age electromagnetic equipment; this kind of stealth activity has a disastrous effect on animals & people & such droughts immediately leads to out of control & raging fires

The Life Force is under attack as never before ...can you feel it? ...it needs our help.

Children & other baby mammals (like whales, dolphins, seals, horses, donkeys, cows, goats, dogs, cats) have destruction of DNA, lethal & nonlethal cancers, heart attacks & immune deficiency diseases) from nuclear in common ...& DNA mutations in trees, flowers, insects, birds, reptiles, starfish, pelicans, sea birds, too; every living organism is slowly or quickly hurt or mutated by nuclear industry ...nuclear even mutates viruses & bacteria to form new & mysterious diseases for ocean- & land animals

(12-of-19) Currently, children and other baby mammals, as well as adults, are terribly suffering worldwide from nuclear power. And, the legion of evil doing this to us are persecuting whistleblowers. Even the trees and flowers and insects and birds and reptiles and whales and dolphins and starfish and pelicans and sea birds and cows, horses, dogs and cats and everything living that reproduces itself after its own kind, have their DNA in the crosshairs of nuclear madmen owned and governed by the G8, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements …the western central banks. They are an Inquisition, killing all who do not worship money and are bent on destroying Natural Order, Gaia and Divine Order ... (cont, here-1f) 

06:41 PM Jan 19, 2012 -2317- 20,000 excess U.S. deaths after Fukushima, not 14,000? …age groups, cities VIDEO

Want us to name those who's doing it? ...or not

(13-of-19 cont from above) Wouldn't it be somethin' if the same bankers not only own the military industrial nuclear establishment, but also own all the corporations polluting the planet, making global warming, climate change, and making animals in the ocean extinct?

...I mean, then if we got rid of the bankers killing adults, boys and girls and animals on land and in the ocean ...and got rid of their corporations, we'd get rid of those problems and save humanity and the animal kingdom, overnight. That's old fashioned common sense is all that is ...got common sense? (cont below)

Reset Weapon No. 8 ...Nuclear War

Now do you see how safe and clean nuclear is ...just ask this kid!

Fed/City of London central bankers have been stealing Middle East oil & doing genocide to the Iraqi & Iranian people for 100 years ...without the knowledge of the American & British people. Now, the Fed/City of London central bankers are attacking pregnant women & children with depleted uranium munitions that attack Divine Order & mutate the genes, eggs (ova) & sperm to cause untold misery, disease, leukemia & killing U.S. & British soldiers with depleted uranium friendly fire & giving everyone cancer in the Mideast & around the world wherever the munitions are fired. Do you still think we should let the perpetrators off or execute them? It is only weakly radioactive (but enough to create mutations) because of the long radioactive half-life of uranium-238 (4468 million years) and the low amounts of uranium-234 (half-life about 246,000 years) and uranium-235 (half-life 700 million years)  these women & children by make America great are eternally at risk.

Deformed children (not to mention, animals)in Fallujah from depleted uranium bombardment: Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. Young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukemia. (cont, here-1h)

British scientist team reveal levels of radiation illnesses in Fallujah, Iraq from U.S. munitions are comparable or higher than those in Hiroshima & Nagasaki after atoms bombs detonated there in 1945. —(story, here)—

Now do you see how safe and clean nuclear is ...just ask this kid!

Now do you want to know, who?

Reset Weapon No. 9 ...Racism

The African American community in the United States has faithfully disavowed violence masking as Black Lives Matter.

(click pic)

The True Essence of Civilization
by Chief Standing Bear, (excerpted from, The Land of the Spotted Eagle, 1933)

True, the white man brought great change. But the varied fruits of his civilization, though highly colored and inviting, are sickening and deadening. And if it be the part of civilization to maim, rob, and thwart, then what is progress? I am going to venture the man who sat on the ground in his tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures, acknowledging unity with the universe of things, was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization. 

Black Lives matter a Racist Virus? ... ... ... (btw: while you sleep, white supremicist Fed/City of London bankers for 300 years keep removing people of color from Earth & loot the planet ...can you spell d e n i a l?)

On the Racist Nature of Escaped Influenza Pandemic Biological Warfare Agents ...huh? ...made in U.S.A. by DARPA? ...outlawed in U.S. then transfered to Wuhan lab? ...& Fauci funded it?

Amer. Indians & Alaska Native persons 5x CV-19 than Whites; Blacks 5x,  Hispanics & Latino  4x (here)

Nuclear & race-aimed influenza pandemic biological warfare research, development & deployment – DARPA (historically & currently) deploys camel, bat, swine, chicken & jet stream carriers in non-U.S.-petrodollar places: China, Cuba, Afghanistan, Angola, Iran, Iraq, China, Syria ...& Israel makes biowar agents to target Arabs ...our corrupt Congress is selling nuclear to & bombing every non-white mid-East country w/depleted uranium ...now can you spell r a c i s m?

Reset Weapon No. 10 ...United Nations Agenda 21/2030

Soros' initial hiring of a private Antifa army maybe 500-1,000 criminally insane thugs per major city

(15-of-19) First the Fed/City of London bankers got rid of the middle class in New York City. Then they got rid of the middle class and working class in San Francisco. Now in Multnomah County, United Nations County where Portland Oregon Antifa United Nations Agenda 21/30 is, they want to make owning single family homes a relic, they just changed the zoning to put up a 4-plex or several row houses on the same 5,000 sq ft lot that used to only be allowed to have one family... (cont, here-1i)

Keep Portland Antifa Weird

(16-of-19) Portland Antifa citizens repeatedly vote to keep fluoride out of drinking water and keep it pure, based on new scientific research that fluoride reduces I.Q. in children and causes dementia in seniors …with all the pro and con documentation included in their voter handbook. Some weirdo’s document that fluoride calcifies your pineal gland, or ‘third eye’, the seat of your foresight, hindsight, imagination, dreams, intuition, simply seeing beyond normal sight …after all, the pineal gland has rods and cones like your other two eyes …say it isn’t so.

Portland Antifa doesn’t know an organic farm in southeast Portland southeast Antifa voluntarily closed down because it was permanently contaminated from Fukushima radionuclide rain-through (nuclear fallout) and resultant nuclear fallout ground shine …it could no longer grow food safe to eat, ever again. Nor, that Portland Antifa had/has the most rain-through and ground shine of Fukushima fallout in the U.S., as much as around Fukushima Dai-Ichi. The Pacific Cascades, even more... (cont, here-1j).

Having Antifa hire the homeless and pay them with speed and heroin

(17-of-19 cont from above) Soros is probably having Antifa hire the homeless to help them and paying them with speed and heroin ...before too long, anyway. Just keep buying guns. The sales records are falling and our tempers are rising. Cause if the morons succeed with castrating the police departments, ain't no one gonna save your a** but you. (cont below)

Reset Weapon No. 11 ...Starvation

Federal Reserve Bank-owned corporations cause nuclear, ionospheric heating & other pollution that destroys the plankton which are the beginning of the oceanic food chain & supply most of Earth's oxygen (at least, used to).

(l) Grey Whales & Alaska Birds ... (r) ...and polar bears ...all starving to death from Fukushima airborne & seaborne fallout destroying plankton & fish & seals & the entire oceanic food chain (click pic for bear vid); Also, for airborne & seaborne Fukushima fallout affect on seals, (click here, then scroll down)

Reset Weapon No. 12 ...Cancer

Extinction-level journeys

(18-of-19 cont from above) We trace the tragic extinction-level journeys of whales and dolphins in currents constantly re-filled for six years with floating and submerged Fukushima plutonium from Japan to the west coast. There, they surround and circle fishing boats crying and lay their heads against a boat, pleading for help, breaching and listing, swimming in circles helplessly, huge tumors on their heads, hiding by the hundreds in small harbors.

Then, the whales and dolphins wash up dead and dying on the beaches, alongside dead crabs, starfish, octopi and pelicans in a death frieze, pressed into the sand from Alaska to Mexico

Note the Alaskan seals, eyes bleeding and faces covered in lesions and tumors where jet stream rain-through brought airborne Fukushima hot radionuclide particles down upon them, and the polar bears, marked like the salmon with lesions and tumors from seaborne hot particles.

Notice the young sea lion pups off California, not one survived where thousands were expected, birds falling from the sky, thousands washing up dead on the shorelines, harbors covered with dead fish and in California the skin is falling off the horses just like the seals, faces of both covered in bleeding lesions and tumors. (cont below)


(19-of-19) If the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees could talk, they would clearly say Judaic-Christian culture is again witnessing Nazi boot heels trying to crush out God, Divine Law & Spirituality on the sidewalk like a cigarette butt ...tweet that.

The fascism you see in the streets of Portland Oregon, Multnomah County Antifa United Nations County is a testament of the vain and uneducated and heartless and stupid and brainwashed people who end up in government feeding off tax money from those who create products for sale, here at the gubernatorial and mayorial and county supervisory, State and Federal levels ...and across the United States. 

Every single and qualified person should be armed, trained and vigilant until the mentally ill are institutionalized, the criminally insane executed, the sociopathic divested and imprisoned, the evil incapacitated and the selfish have their possessions and income capped.

We live in a society of adult children who haven't learned the rules of the road and how to share (with no idea why they're on Earth in the first place ...which is to respect Mother Earth, care for her, nurture Life and serve God) ...and we remain at their mercy.

LUKE 22:36 "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag;
and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one"



Lest we not forget you.

FAREWELL FROM PORTLAND ANTIFA, oregon ...WE'LL BE SEEING YOU TO SAY GOOD BYE ...and so will the not so great reset


Thank you for your interest. Please contact your friends and share this information.



Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean & fits Congress & dirty politics perfectly ...& Soros-Gates-Pelosi-UN's globalist bank-sponsored depopulation

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Worldwide with a focus on you & locations of every nuclear reactor & dump since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer 

Note: Portland Metro Creative Aging & Cognitive Arts Center has not been funded at this time. If-&-when it is, enrollment membership information will be available, here.

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