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soros / crown destabilization tips for creating inflation, bankruptcy, poverty & regime change — crashing stock markets & gold markets

catch & release antifa nazis soros

36- ... dictator governors & soros-blue state district attorneys

George Soros -1-2-3-| Bill Gates -1-2-3-| Jeff Bezos -1-2-3-| Jack Dorsey -1-2-3-|


EpochTV #Soros #FactsMatter 
(left) Soros transfers $18 billion dollars to foundation; funds "anti-disinformation" media 

— which is a sick joke, since he is outlawed in several countries for promoting disinformation, agents provocateurs, armed insurrection, coups d'etat & violent regime change overthrow apparently working to promote the top central bankers in financially & morally destabilizing & destroying countries to be taken over by the West

Everything you wanted to now about Soros but were afraid to ask, (here) & (here)


LGBTQ = Soros & communism & monarchy & civil war over freedom, Constitutional Rights to be whatever sex you want & worship s&m?? ... ... ... SPEAK UP NOW BEFORE ALL YOUR CHOICE & DECISION & FREEDOM IS TAKEN AWAY WITH ALL YOU'VE WORKED SO HARD TO ACHIEVE — .

...by billionaires, monarchs, fascists & Bechtel's Pelosi & Harris & Feinstein & Newsom —vs— YOU crawling back in the closet & sucking your thumb & waiting for the knock on the door in the middle of the night to escort you home

George Soros – IMF – JPMorganChase – Deutschebank – City of London corp. – United States corp. – United Nations – play a key role in destabilization of the Republic of the United States of America & deployment of biological-, chemical-, electronic-, conventional-, non-conventional-, nuclear-, EMP-, weather-, earthquake-, financial-, economic-, political-, supply chain-, & propaganda / mind-control warfare to destroy the Republic & establish governors of blue states as fascist monarchs & convert States to fascist monarchies removing the sovereignty of the individual thereby removing the self-ownership of the individual & removing the freedom & self-governance of the individual thereby turning the free person into a slave. Are you gettin’ this?

How Woke Are You?

Capital Punishment for Capitalist Central Bankers who own Fed / City of London — they are systemic white racists & sexists & the creators of white racism against all people & countries of color

No safe space from woke-ism until the system starts to erode the safety & the security of <> the elite that created it


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Worldwide with a focus on you & locations of every nuclear reactor & dump since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer 

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