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FTR #1027 Send in The Clowns

Reflections on the Kavanaugh Circus thruout the Bush presidential regimes

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Abstract: Documents and interviews show that while Kavanaugh was not a policymaker, he was directly involved in helping the White House manage a wide array of sensitive matters, including the war on terrorism . . . .  ‘It put Kavanaugh at the center of every political and policy decision at the Bush White House,’ said Peter Irons, professor emeritus at the University of California at San Diego and author of several books about the Supreme Court. ‘He is exactly the kind of person that the legal conservative movement wants on the court.’ . . . . Kavanaugh was responsible for managing the process that helped shape the president’s thinking and fueled the Bush administration agenda. ‘He was everywhere,’ said Michael Gerson, a speechwriter in the Bush administration and now a syndicated columnist at The Post. . . . ‘Virtually every piece of paper had to pass through the staff secretary’s hands,’ Rove said. . . .”Kavanaugh’s wife also had deep ties to the George W. Bush administration. ” . . . . Ashley Estes Kavanaugh worked as media relations coordinator for the George W. Bush Presidential Center from 2009-2010; worked as Director of Special Projects for the George W. Bush presidential Foundation from 2005 to 2009; was President George W. Bush’s personal secretary from 2001 to 2005; was an assistant in the White House from 2001 to 2005; and worked on the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign from 1996 to 2000. Her time with Bush dates to his work in Texas as governor there. She was assistant to Governor George W. Bush from 1996 to 1999. She attended the University of Texas at Austin from 1994 to 1997. . . .”

Fusion GPS co-founder pleads the Fifth

Alleged kingpin behind fabrication of fake Trump-Russia Collusion dossier

House Judiciary Committee holds closed door meeting with Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson on anti-Trump dossier probe; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Capitol Hill.

(Documentation for above story & two stories, below)

Christine Blasey Ford: Family’s Deep Relationship w/CIA & Hans Nguyen Bank

CIA Black Budget Ops / Fusion GPS / Deep State Security Ties

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Attorney of Kavanaugh’s accuser

George Soros funding links?

Posted Sept 18, 2018 by State of the Nation

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Christine Ford has CIA Connections

Her brother, father & grandfather worked for CIA

Michael Savage: "Christina Ford is CIA"

According to Michael Savage, Dr Christina Blasey Ford, the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh works for CIA & has deep ties to the intelligence community. He also contends that nobody is talking about it.

(start viewing tape at 7:30/10:30 in, then review entire tape)

Kavanaugh's Mother was a Judge ...Ford's Parents had a Foreclosure Claim Against them & their Home; Ford's Parents Lost their Home; the Judge Ruled Against Them; the Judge was Kavanaugh's Mother

Millenium Report: Blaseygate

Voter's Primary Distraction from alleged Trump-Russia Collusion 'outing'

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Join Us On a Roller Coaster Ride to Save the Life Force

We are now an endangered species

Your Life Force is suffering as never before ...can you feel it? Are you tired, grouchy, get sick easy? When radiation mutates DNA, it doesn't care if it is plant, animal or human DNA. It destroys your Life Force and the Divine Order of every living creature or plant to faithfully reproduce itself after its own kind. Radiation creates immune deficiency- and several hundred other diseases along the way to giving you non-terminal or terminal cancer and destroying you. You, your children, pets, gardens and children-to-be, need to be safe and sound. You can stay in denial and ignorance and cause millions of others and billions of animals and life forms to suffer and live with your guilt and cowardice, or simply sell out like all pro-nukers do. Or, you can realize your Angelic calling and Divine nature and respect Life and protect Life. This website and the two free e-books are our gift to you to fulfill your Angelic calling, in hopes of you becoming self-realized, and fulfilled.

Redwood Trees

Survival Today – The Survival of Women and All Life Depends on Taking Care of the Earth & Marching the Families that Own the Fed to the Gallows — those families are attacking Natural & Divine Order with nuclear, depleted uranium, sonar, weather, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulse & chemtrail warfare ...bet your life on it

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 —  Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean  — 

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean
Nichols on Nuclear
 Next time you hear nuclear apologists say nuclear is safe & clean, just say, "put it where the sun doesn't shine"