The Pacific Ocean is Dying – To Save Earth & Clean the Planet ...March Fed Interest Rate Bankers to the Gallows. 


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Dane Wigington | GeoengineeringWatch.org

(above) Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 31, 2018, #138, by Dane WigingtonGeoengineeringWatch.org (Note comment & reference on 15-year study of increasing toxicity of vaccines at 5:33 in)

Welcome to the 6th Great Extinction of Life on our Planet (here)

"We have to work together as stewards of Mother Earth to reclaim and restore the health of our Creator's Planet."

The Planet's Ability to Support Life is Unraveling by the Day here

Immediate Threat of a Lifeless Planet here

Earth's climate & life support systems unravel at unimaginable speed – we free-fall into 6th great mass extinction. In last 40 years, 60,000 species extinct ...half of wildlife killed off; 200 species of plants, animals & insects extinct every day, here

Murderers caught red-handed: Fukushima fallout & U.S. Military sea war games & chem trails team up against nuclear industry & petroleum industry undersea sonic booms petroleum exploration & fracking for Pacific ocean omnicide. Denial: Nuclear, oil & Pentagon scapegoat global warming – who's pulling their strings? (story, here)

If none of these companies existed, would Mother Earth & you & yours be healthier & happier? 

  pdf, here – word with search, here  

(Central banks own the nuclear industry & the media, here)

Unnatural Animal Migration? – or – Sixth Great Extinction of Life: Animals Flee Fallout & Electronic Weaponry

October 2016 – Is migration still natural? ...or running away from the Pacific Rim because of nuclear fallout, HAARP, CERN & electromagnetic, space, weather & sonic weapons?

(note: animation has no sound track) The first animation (top) shows animal movements across the globe based on GPS and Argos Doppler tracking data shared publicly on Movebank (movebank.org). Publicly shared animal tracks of all species covering at least 500 km distance in one direction and at least 45 days on Movebank as of October 2016 were used (about 8,000 tracks). Data were filtered to remove outliers but some likely remain. The movements were combined into 1 synthetic year, and 4 similar synthetic tracks were added for each real track. Movements between recorded locations were calculated using spline interpolation.

(note: animation has no sound track) The second animation (bottom) is on a flat map of the Americas. 


Migrations in Motion Chart
Read more: (close-up map of U.S.A.) Migration in Motion: Visualizing species movements due to climate change, here -&- Species on the Move: Mapping barriers for wildlife in a warming Worldhere.


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