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 Butterflies & Flowers & Horses 

Fed Directors financing, owning & directing nuclear industry should eat plutonium & fallout like they make us & our animals, do


Devastating mystery illness hits California horses, here & here  by By ENENews, August 15th, 2014 at 12:29 am ET

Fukushima Airborne Radiation Made Pastures Radioactive Which Made Cow's Milk Radioactive Reported By About 12 States In Continental U.S. & Hawaii
Now, the horses' skin is falling off, and their bodies are covered in painful lesions, with eyes swollen shut, liver damage, and fainting
It's not only mammals on the land, the skin is also falling of mammals in the sea, perhaps from Fukushima seaborne radiation
TV: Devastating mystery illness hits California horses — “Nobody will even tell us what it is” — Skin falling off, covered in painful lesions, eyes swollen shut, liver damage, fainting — Expert: Never seen anything like it in 40 year career (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)
Daily Press , Aug 5, 2014 (emphasis added):  MYSTERY ILLNESS — Alyssa Langel[‘s] three-year-old horse… has large  patches of skin exposed. [Owners] remain unsure what caused many horses to manifest swollen eyes and lips, as well as blisters… They heard of a similar outbreak affecting other horse communities in California.

CBS, Aug 6, 2014 (h/t Anonymous tip): There’s a mystery about what’s making dozens of horses sick here in Southern California. >> Watch it here

Kendall Melline, owner of sick horses: “It’s devastating… my national champion… her entire body, her entire first layer of skin is going to fall off.”… She’s not seen any improvement… and is very concerned.

Melline: “Her eyes are swollen almost completely shut… I’ve heard about 70 other horses have come down with something like this.”

Stephanie Dorn, owner of sick horses: “I don’t know what this even is… She has mouth sores all over… her lips are just swollen humongous… I’ve never seen anything like this… Nobody will even tell us what it is… it’s heartbreaking.”

Chuck Burt, feed store owner: “Speaking with professionals, veterinarians and toxicologists up in UC Davis, it is a mystery”… “It’s the first time I’ve seen it. It’s the first time a lot of people have seen it.”

Deborah Jasper, owner of sick horses: Four of her horses showed burns… one [has] high levels of protein in the liver, which may lead to organ damage… “This has been a nightmare.”

The Horse, Aug 7, 2014: The horses can also experience liver damage…

Press Enterprise, Aug 12, 2014: [Brian Cockerton’s] two horses had… rashes and burn lesions …   lesions spread over most of the horses’ bodies [and they’re] in pain. “It’s horrible… dozens of cases [are] affecting horses in a widespread area of Southern California in at least the past 2 1/2 weeks…. There may well be many more unreported cases, [an official] added… hair and skin – later began falling off in big patches  [and one] fainted twice while being washed… A farrier told Cockerton he hasn’t seen anything like it in 40 years of shoeing horses.

CBS, Aug 6, 2014: UC Davis tested the hay and it came back clean. They say it’s possible this was just an anomaly. >> Watch it here

Press Enterprise , Aug 12, 2014: Toxicologists have not definitively identified [anything in the horses’ food, said state official Dr. Kent Fowler], describing it as a “very odd occurrence.”

ABC News, Aug 4, 2014: Mystery at the Racetrack; 10 Horses Dead this Season — A growing mystery at… Del Mar in Southern California…. ‘Chattering Gambler’ died of an apparent heart attack, the 10th to die since the racing season opened 3 weeks ago; 3 from natural causes… “When you have 10 horses dying, and can’t pinpoint one thing or another, it’s a mystery. ”… >> Watch here

Nuclear fallout, catastrophes & waste: Cesium & heart attacks in mammals (such as horses, people, whales, seals, sea lions, cows, dogs, cats etc,) here 

 Butterflies & Flowers, Insects & Vegetables  

Federal Reserve Directors (Financing & Directing Nuclear Industry) Should Eat Plutonium & Fallout Like They Make All Ocean & Land Animals & People Do 


Nuclear industry hurts butterflies

Nuclear Industry makes butterflies not beautiful & destroys them

Los Angeles butterflies gone

Jan 29, 2016 | Report: Wildlife “disappearing” around massive Los Angeles gas disaster — Residents: “Completely quiet”… birds, butterflies, rabbits, coyotes missing… all fish in pond dead — “All of this is gone… Makes me wonder how bad it really is” — Animal with “worst blood”  (VIDEO) here  more

Fukushima dead zone for butterflies & birds

Oct 11, 2015 | Professor: “It’s really a dead zone” in areas of Fukushima — “Huge impacts… there are no butterflies, no birds… many dramatically fewer species” — “Why does it matter to the United States? The reason is, it’s coming, it is coming! (VIDEO) here

Doesn't look like a butterfly

May 29, 2014 | Japan Scientist: We gave butterflies food from Fukushima… then, they died; Deformities worse with each generation — TV: “Truly horrifying… it doesn’t really even look like a butterfly, anymore” (PHOTOS & VIDEO) here

Fukushima dead butterflies – politically incorrect

Jul 16, 2012 | Japan Biologist: Fukushima radioactive contamination from disaster most reasonable explanation for butterfly deaths and abnormalities — “I think maybe this is a very touchy issue, politically” here

Nuclear industry propaganda – damage control 

Oct 13, 2012 | Nuclear industry publishes coffee table book featuring images of butterflies at nuke plants (PHOTO) here

(up) Representative morphological abnormalities. From left to right, dented eyes (Shiroishi), deformed left eye (Iwaki), deformed right palpus (Takahagi), and deformed wing shape (Fukushima); (down) (l-r) Normal; Right hindwing much smaller than left hindwing – Fukushima City, 60 km from Fukushima Daiichi; (m)Wings folded – Takahagi, Ibaraki Prefecture, 80 km from Fukushima Daiichi; (r) Wings rumpled – Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, 40 km from Fukushima Daiichi; (r) add'l example. (See accompanying story, below-here.)

Butterflies – wings folded, rumpled, mismatched

Sep, 21, 2012 | More images of deformed butterflies after Fukushima — Wings folded over, rumpled, much different sizes (PHOTOS - see above) here

Butterfly genetic defects foretell human mutants

Aug 22, 2012 | Scientists fear increased genetic defects in humans from Fukushima disaster after results of butterfly study  here

Nuclear industry spins mutant butterflies

Aug 15, 2012 | Time: A way to spin mutant butterflies found near Fukushima here

Aug 15, 2012 | Plutonium releases from Fukushima plant highlighted in final sentence of butterfly mutation study here

Butterfly's stump wings – will humans stump?

Aug 14, 2012 | Comparison images show severe mutation of Japan butterfly’s stump-like wings (PHOTO) — Reporter: “Scary” that humans could be affected by mutation, too  here

Mutant butterflies outside Fukushima evac zone

Aug 14, 2012 | The Australian: The devastating physical & genetic effects of Japan’s nuclear disaster are revealed — All mutant butterflies were caught far outside Fukushima evacuation zone  here

Butterfly mutants: human implications – irregularly developed eyes

Aug 13, 2012 | Biologist on Mutated Butterflies: Study – overwhelming implications for humans — Japan Researcher: Insects believed to be very resistant to radiation — Irregularly developed eyes, malformed antennae, much smaller wings (PHOTO - below) here

Aug 12, 2012 | Japan Times: Study finds ‘abnormalities’ in 52% of second generation offspring from butterflies collected May 2011 — Unusually small wings, premature death here

Jul 12, 2012 | Study: Significant decrease in Fukushima birds and butterflies as radiation levels increase – NYT here

All Fukushima Fir trees mutated – insect legs missing or crooked

Dec 23, 2015 | Major Japan Newspaper: Mutations in nearly every fir tree by Fukushima — Insects with missing legs or crooked — Abnormalities also found in monkeys, fish and frogs   here

Nuclear apologists

Aug 14, 2015 | Animals shrunk after Fukushima crisis began — Japan Scientists: We conclude small size caused by environmental stress imposed by unusual event here

Mutations increase in Fukushima plants & animals

Jul 22, 2015 | Japan Reporter: Mutations increasing in Fukushima — TV: “Strange things happening to the plants and animals” — Gov’t News Agency: “Long list of mutated life forms reported” (VIDEO) here

Birds blind, unable to fly

May 15, 2015 | Former Japan TV News Anchor: Mutations have begun in Fukushima; Birds blind, unable to fly — Magazine: “Birds in tailspin 4 years after Fukushima… the proverbial canary in a coalmine” — Professor: Birds with mutations popping up all over in contaminated areas (VIDEO) here

Apr 17, 2015 | CBS: Worst may not be over from Fukushima — “Effects of radiation have become much more severe” — “Enormous decline” seen in animal species — “Striking drop-off… really dramatic impacts” due to nuclear disaster (VIDEO) here

Mutant flowers – gigantic leaves, seeds very big

Oct 29, 2014 | Gundersen: Mutations in plants being reported after chronic Fukushima exposure — Professor: Mutant flowers found in Fukushima — Biologist: “Gigantic leaves, seeds very big” after nuclear disaster (VIDEO) here

99% of offspring die – eat ‘low-level’ contaminated food

Sep 23, 2014 | “Groundbreaking” study reveals Fukushima nuclear waste is poisoning wildlife: Up to 99% of offspring died after eating ‘low-level’ contaminated food — “Very high” abnormality rates including “severe and rare” deformities (PHOTOS - below)   here

High rates of abnormality & mortality

Aug 14, 2014 | Scientists: Fukushima radiation is causing “serious biological effects” — Disaster’s widespread impact now being revealed — “Major irreversible shifts” in ecosystems discussed — “High rates of abnormality and mortality”… severe damage to humans next? (PHOTOS – below)  here

(above) Taira et al. 2014 examined response of the Pale Grass Blue Butterfly; they found: size reduction, slowed growth, high mortality and morphological abnormality: (l)Tumors in the thorax of the Pale Grass Blue Butterfly; (r) Normal morphology. Common to all the published studies – the hypothesis chronic (low-dose) exposure to ionizing radiation results in genetic damage and increased mutation rates; Hayashi et al. 2014 documented  effects of radiation on rice – After three days, a number of effects were observed; Taira et al. 2014 examined response of the pale grass blue butterfly. They found size reduction, slowed growth, high mortality and morphological abnormality. A review of genetic and ecological studies for a range of other species revealed significant consequences of radiation. Population censuses of birds, butterflies, and cicadas at Fukushima showed major declines – attributable to radiation exposure.

Jun 25, 2014 | Emergency research underway in Japan after birds found with perplexing deformities — “Something unusual occurring inside their bodies” — Never reported in 500,000 exams done before 3/11 — Now observed at every site across country, some over 1,000 km from Fukushima (PHOTO – below)  here

Noboru Nakamura, a researcher at the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology: “In Iitate, I caught a Japanese bush warbler in the net yesterday. It had feathers missing from the back of its head, and its skin was dark on that part. I found the same thing last year and the year before in Minami-Soma. I don’t know the reason.”

Kiyoaki Ozaki, Yamashina Institute for Ornithology deputy director-general: “Bird banding surveys of the common reed bunting began in 1961, and nearly 480,000 of the birds have been examined; we monitor their tail feathers closely. But this sort of abnormality hasn’t been reported before. I’ve seen thousands of the birds, but it was the first time for me to see tail feathers like these. There is something unusual occurring inside the birds’ bodies, perhaps with their genes or hormone secretion. It’s in the realm of possibility could be the effect of radioactive substances."

May 15, 2014 | New study reveals deaths and mutations ”increased sharply’ from exposure to Fukushima contamination, “especially at low doses” — ‘Small’ levels of cesium may be ‘significantly toxic’ — Smithsonian: “In other words, things don’t look good for the animals living around Fukushima”  here

Apr 14, 2014 | Fairewinds Video, (here): ‘Anomalies’ in plants and animals documented by Fukushima residents, some severely deformed — Scientists: Genetic mutations observed in Fukushima include trees with peculiar distortions, insect abnormalities, tumors in birds, more (PHOTO - below) here

(l)Fairewinds Energy Education, Apr. 10, 2014 — Chiho Kaneko, member of the Board of Directors of Fairewinds originally from Iwate, Japan (at 11:15 in): It’s not just people who are sicker. I met a home gardener who lives in Kawamata, Fukushima, 30-miles from Fukushima Daiichi. She grows luffas, whose fruit is often dried to make bath sponges. Last year, with some trepidation, she used the seeds saved from the year before. She found flower buds directly growing out of the fruit. Some of her pole beans were abnormally gigantic. Near Fukushima city, another person saw a frog so severely deformed that, at first, it was difficult to tell that it was a frog, save for its hopping. These are true events described by people I met who took notes and photographs of these environmental anomalies. (r) Mutated daisies.

Fairewinds: "The Fukushima Daiichi disaster opened the door to see how this is not merely a Japanese crisis. It is a crisis that transcends geography and time. We traced the roots of this crisis back 60-years to the fishing boat Daigo Fukuryumaru, or #5 Lucky Dragon, and American efforts to force nuclear power upon the Japanese people."

Mar 16, 2014 | NY Times: Gov’t scientist not allowed to publish findings that Fukushima cesium-137 levels could be 10,000 times higher than after Chernobyl in Pacific surface waters — Japan researchers pressured to downplay disaster’s impact — Professors obstructed when data might cause public concern here

Apr 02, 2013 | UPI: ‘Shellfish gone near damaged nuke plant’ — Researcher: Likely extinct because of Fukushima nuclear crisis  here

Mar 27, 2013 | Japan Newspaper: Sea creature disappears around Fukushima plant here

Feb 27, 2013 | Japan Scientists: Truly unusual deformities in Fukushima — Forests may be evolving into different ecosystems — “There’s been a sudden, large change”  here

Feb 17, 2013 | Magazine: Some plants glowing after Chernobyl – researchers find countless examples of monstrous mutations — Claims wildlife now considered healthy here

Jan 02, 2013 | BBC in Fukushima: “This place is really strange, on the surface it looks pretty normal, but then listen – nothing” (AUDIO)  here

Dec 09, 2012 | Japan Times column on nuclear mutations: Professor seeing ‘increase in negative effects’ from Fukushima since last year — Report of insect with leg growing from head (PHOTO – below) here

“In 300km area from Fukushima plant, a variety of mutated cicadas were observed.” Fukushima Diary.  

An online comment to this Enenews item (from 'Mack): Dec 9, 2012 –  As a comparison, after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, residents living around there found:

Mutated flower; two-headed calf; deformed stillborn calf

  1. Mutated plants @ :53
    2. Two-headed still-born calf @1:40
    3. 600% increase in cancer @6:25
    4. Out of 500 homes sampled, they found 45 living cancers, 23 cancer deaths, 53 benign tumors, 39 thyroid problems and 209 with respiratory problems @6:30
    5. Leukemias and cancer deaths @7:28
    6. Down syndrome @7:58
    7. Cash settlements paid out by TMI owners for deaths and birth defects @7:45
    8. Photos of Mutated plants, still born animal @10:22
    9. Photos from Chernobyl, 8-legged colt, children's hair loss @10:35
    10. Infant death rate soared 3 months after TMI @11:27

This powerful documentary challenges the claims of the nuclear industry and government that no one died as a result of the core meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear facility in Pennsylvania. It utilizes the testimony of area residents and scientific findings to reveal that deaths, especially from cancer and birth defects in children, have been widespread since the 1979 accident. Indeed, it notes that Three Mile Island?s owner has been quietly settling numerous damage cases brought by persons seriously impacted by the accident. Winner of the Worldfest Silver Award, Houston International Film Festival. Winner of the Director?s Citation, Black Maria Video and Film Festival. Chosen for screening at the 1993 Earth Peace International Film Festival.

Aug 22, 2012 | Fukushima ‘Superhero’ tells kids the arch-enemy is bad reputation from nuclear crisis — Fights against ‘fools’ & ‘sloppy people’ (PHOTO – below)   here

Aug 22, 2012 | Radiation Expert: “Alarming” number of children with cysts or lumps on thyroid after Fukushima — Access to Japan’s birth statistics requested, not granted here

Aug 20, 2012 | Gundersen: Rapid insect mutations seen after Fukushima are frightening (VIDEO) here

Aug 14, 2012 | NBC: “It’s pretty clear something has gone wrong with the ecosystem” – Japan Researcher here

Aug 14, 2012 | Professor who met with Fukushima physicians: Thyroid diseases already apparent — Diseased newborns and Down’s syndrome still kept secret here

Look What Nuclear Industry is Doing to our Flowers here


Look What Nuclear Industry is Doing to our Butterflies here


The Pacific Ocean is Dying

Urgent Alert

Radiation Biologist: Tree leaves were gigantic after Chernobyl — “Witch’s Broom” effect  

Is destruction of all Life on Earth – not a criminal issue? ... march them to the gallows

CHERNOBYL to FUKUSHIMA – Part 3-of-4: A Radiation Biologist’s Story
Date: Jun 30, 2011 – In the third of five parts of a seminar held at San Francisco State University – April 8, 2011, radiation biologist Natalia Manzurova tells of her experience as a Chernobyl ‘clean up liquidator’ – translated by psychologist Tatiana Mukhamedyarova.

A Chernobyl Radiation Biologist’s Testimony

What happened to the plants?

The pine trees, evergreen trees… the fact of witch’s broom, from one bud you can see a lot of shooting like a broom. The leaves were gigantic. The seeds and the leaves were very big.

See also:

IAEA: “An increased mutation level was apparent in 1987 – abnormalities include unusual branching of stems – abnormal colour and size of leaves and flowers, and development of ‘witches’ brooms’ in pine trees.”

U.S. EPA : Chernobyl Environmental Impact – “Radiation stress has caused changes in tree growth patterns, such as this formation of “witch’s broom,” a condition in which too many shoots form on a bough.”

Chernobyl biologist: “All the trees are clearly mutated.” They’ve lost the internal signals that make a Christmas tree taper toward the top. Instead, he says, “they don’t seem to know which way is up.”

Man makes monster-sized discovery of potatoes like giant hands – Mainichi, Jan. 1, 2012

Mutated vegetables – Fukushima Diary, Dec. 19, 2011 

After the atomic bomb of Nagasaki and Hiroshima vegetables grew huge or became mutated – Fukushima Diary, Dec. 27, 2011

Vegetables have gone gigantic – Fukushima Diary, Dec. 1, 2011

All five parts, below

(1-of-5) | (2-of-5) | (3-of-5) | (4-of-5) | (5-of-5)

All five parts, (below)

(1-of-5) | (2-of-5) | (3-of-5) | (4-of-5) | (5-of-5)


Impact of Nuclear on Indian Country — the Socialism of Nuclear Industry - not insured by private enterprise, only by Gov't ...public pays the price for nuclear industry feeding at the public trough & catastrophic & cataclysmic nuclear events, not the owners of nuclear 

by Philip Klasky, Lecturer in American Indian Studies & Dr. Carlos Davidson, Dir,. SFSU Environmental Studies

(1-of-5) – In the first of five parts of a seminar held at San Francisco State University, April 8, 2011, Philip Klasky, Lecturer in American Indian Studies and Dr. Carlos Davidson, Director of the SFSU Environmental Studies Program, lay out the cultural, environmental and historical context of nuclear technology.

(2-of-5) – In the second of five parts of a seminar held at San Francisco State University on April 8, 2011, world renowned sociologist and anti-nuclear organizer Dr. Natalia Miranova presents the scientific, ecological and social implications of the Chernobyl and Fukushimsa disasters.

(3-of-5) – In the third of five parts of a seminar held at San Francisco State University on April 8, 2011, radiation biologist Natalia Manzurova tells of her experience as a Chernobyl 'clean up liquidator' - translated by psychologist Tatiana Mukhamedyarova.

(4-of-5) – In the forth of five parts of a seminar held at San Francisco State University on April 8, 2011, attorney Andrew Lichterman of the Western States Legal Foundation discusses the difficulties of obtaining accurate information about the emerging impacts of Fukushima and the role of social movements in combating the madness of nuclear power and weapons proliferation.

(5-of-5) – In the conclusion of a five-part seminar held at San Francisco State University on April 8, 2011, panelists, including world renowned sociologist and anti-nuclear organizer Dr. Natalia Miranova; radiation biologist Natalia Manzurova; attorney Andrew Lichterman and nuclear engineer Ernest Goitein respond to comments and questions from the audience.

Related Posts

Gundersen: Mutations in plants being reported after chronic Fukushima exposure — Professor: Mutant flowers found in Fukushima — Biologist: “Gigantic leaves, seeds very big” after nuclear disaster (VIDEO) October 29, 2014

Report: Vegetable mutation harvested north of Tokyo in June January 5, 2012

Nuclear Expert: We’ve detected a lot of cases “gargantuanism” in Fukushima — Reporter: “Gigantic beet… it’s almost as big as the upper part of man trying to hold it” — “They’re seeing more and more of this… people are reporting more and more of these abnormalities” (PHOTOS & VIDEO) April 22, 2016

MSNBC: Fukushima radiation “much higher than expected” says biologist — Negative effects to happen quicker than at Chernobyl… and be worse April 20, 2012

Strange: Animals went mad and began attacking humans after exposure to high radiation levels, says Chernobyl scientist — Dogs, foxes, wolves, hogs (VIDEO) January 2, 2012



PG&E & Fed interlocking directorate

Nuclear, petroleum, natural gas ménage à trois

EneNews (L.A. gas field eruption, here)

Los Angeles butterflies gone

Jan 29, 2016 | Report: Wildlife “disappearing” around massive Los Angeles gas disaster — Residents: “It’s completely quiet”… birds, butterflies, rabbits, coyotes missing… all fish in pond dead — “All of this is gone… Makes me wonder how bad it really is” — Animal with “worst blood” ever seen by doctor (VIDEO) here

Jan 28, 2016 | Breaking: They may have “lost control entirely of entire field” involved in LA gas disaster, and it’s coming up everywhere… We learned there’s many other leaks – Attorney — Officials: Loud sound of gas escaping heard half mile away; A “mini-Chernobyl” — AP: Leak “out of control”… amount released “seriously underestimated” (VIDEO) here

Jan 14, 2016 | Experts: Multiple types of radioactive material constantly being emitted from LA gas blowout — “I’d be running like hell” — “We are getting higher and higher levels…it’s accumulating” — “Poisons spreading through entire San Fernando Valley” home to 2 million people — “Thousands getting sick… it really is a major, major disaster” (AUDIO)

Follow up to: Radioactive material reportedly now being released from massive gas blowout in LA — Byproduct of Uranium — Expert: “A lot” has been detected… Very dangerous (VIDEO)

Interviews from Nuclear Hotseat hosted by Libbe HaLevy, Jan 13, 2016 (emphasis added):

Kevin Kamps,  Beyond Nuclear’s nuclear waste watchdog (8:30 in): “Another important thing that is very significant is that the radon is continually resupplied… Radon is going to be constantly generated by the uranium contained in the methane… So really you’ve got a chronic constant supply of hazardous radon gas coming out of this breach in California.”

Cindy Folkers, Beyond Nuclear‘s expert on ionizing radiation (16:00 in): “I’m absolutely astounded that they are not measuring for radon that I know of… I can’t believe that they’re not measuring for radon… [Radon] also decays to a number of what are called radon progeny which includes a number of short-lived radioactive substances, some of which are lead and polonium. Both of those can be very biologically damaging… There is question as to the kind of doses that they would be getting of radon, but it still is really very much a worry… I feel like — doing the research that I’ve done — that we are not getting the full story of what’s happening there.”

Richard Mathews, candidate for California State Senate who studied physics & astronomy at CALTECH (32:00 in): “People are really concerned about this, people are seriously getting sick… Thousands of people are getting sick from this — and it really is a major, major disaster… Methane floats away and spreads around the whole world… All the contaminants that are in with the methane are heavier than the air and that includes… benzene and toluene, hydrogen sulfide — all of those are heavier than air — they tend to stay close to the ground and move downhill. This is happening in the hills above the San Fernando Valley [home to nearly 2 million people] and so the poisons are all moving down into the San Fernando Valley and spreading through the entire San Fernando Valley… As the radon and other substances flow around, they are accumulating. They are not easily blown out of the valley, and we are getting higher and higher levels… The lead is going to be around for decades… The initial lead that you get is radioactive. This will be a continuing problem… It could spread through the entire San Fernando Valley… The damage that the radon does stays in your body… and shows up as cancer a decade after, maybe even 80 years later. So we really need to follow through.”

Terry Lodge, attorney (50:00 in): “You have a massive release, probably, of radon going on — and there may actually also be radium particulate… I’d be taking very rapid steps [if I lived in the area], I’d be running like hell. And the reason is, I suspect that there’s little by way of emergency anticipation — what could possibly go wrong? We have this vast underground storage facility… There are not radiation monitors… the problem is sort of the Three Mile Island problem… the radiation emission went way off the meter… there were no redundant rings, there was no monitoring certain distances outside the plant boundary. You don’t even have that at Porter [Ranch]… They don’t know how much radon is being dispersed… [Radon] can be concentrated by rainfall, concentrated by humidity, and inversions… There needs to be some type of soil sampling… air, and all that… So the problem is that radon is around in the Porter Ranch situation — nobody’s prepared for it. They’re not talking about it now — this may months into the crisis.”

Continued, click here

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Every nuclear reactor is a nuclear dump where waste is stored, so we focus on America first then locations of every nuclear reactor & dump in the world, since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer.

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