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Christina Consolo (RadChick) — Pilot, passenger heart attacks
Earnest Sternglass — Low level radiation hurts pregnancy: Children twice as likely to get cancer before age 7
Dana Durnford — Amazing: People in denial of Fukushima meltdowns, eternal airborne, seaborne fallout

 Christina Consolo 


Fukushima triggers jump in airline pilot/passenger heart attacks, cancers, rad symptoms

Flight emergencies — we now analyze daily ...doors fall off, pipes break, babies have heart attacks

by Christina Consolo (RadChick)

When I did this intervie with Alfred in Feb of 2014 I thought I was done with the plane stuff for awhile, and would continue to collect data and maybe revisit this topic in a year or so – and see how flight crews were faring flying another year through fallout. A close friend I have known since childhood (who is a nuclear decommissioning specialist) reviewed my data and told me he would be much more concerned with the planes "falling apart" from Wigner, than the pilots passing out - as that is 'recoverable' in most cases. Shortly after this meeting, MH370 happened.

Then another crash, then MH17...then another crash...and on and on...I recently told my daughter, I feel like I have been cramming for finals since February. I never expected there to be so many crashes, missing planes, planes shot down, ALL the flight emergencies we now analyze on a daily basis, doors falling off, pipes breaking, babies having heart attacks, passengers being out-of-control...but this...THIS newest one... AirAsia flight QZ8501... has my head spinning.

This was very unexpected, and I am very very disturbed by it. Already there is weirdness happening over and above the event itself. I have already been asked "When will you do an interview about AirAsia" and it hasn't been even 24 hours yet. One of the most important things we can do right now is collect every single story, tweet, and post about this, to save for perusal later. Early into events like these there is a LOT of disinfo but there is also a lot of truth, that may be scrubbed later (as in the case of MH370 & MH17). I hope to see Alfred cover this with Leuren Moret, because the work they have done with MH370 & MH17 is some of the most mind-blowing yet sensical stuff ever covered as far as aviation accidents, and the politics behind some of these events. In the meantime, let's hope they find this latest missing plane. I can not even begin to imagine how hard this is for the families of the passengers, and those who are STILL waiting to hear about their loved ones and MH370.

The Affects of Airborne Radionuclide Fallout on Pilots & Passengers on Airliners

by Christina Consolo (RadChick)

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Status of Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean

Leuren Moret & Christina Consolo (aka RadChick) with Host James Fetzer of The Real Deal & Veteran's Today | October 24, 2013

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NUKED PACIFIC 1: Embryonic effects of Fallout

NUKED PACIFIC 2: Mutations & evidence of Fallout

NUKED PACIFIC 3: Warning signs in species

NUKED PACIFIC 4: Governments hiding Nuclear Crimes

NUKED PACIFIC 5: 28 Signs the West Coast is being FRIED

NUKED PACIFIC 6: Fukushima fires create NEW Nanoparticles


 Earnest Sternglass 

  Effects of low level radiation on pregnancy: Childen twice as likely to get cancer before age 7

(up) Kids of pregnant women exposed to low levels of radiation twice as likely to have cancer before age 7
more, here

 Dana Durnford 

 Amazing how many people in denial  of Fukushima meltdowns & eternal airborne & seaborne fallout

Media claims Japan has started Fukushima Reactor 3 fuel removal ...is fake news (part 1)

Dana Durnford: "This is a emergency noon broadcast so humanity can fight back against the vicious nuclear industry. Fukushima Reactor No. 3 fuel pool blew up in 2011 & does not exist! Claiming workers are removing fuel from a pool that does not exist is dangerous & deadly & vicious & monstrous fake news! The pools do not exist, it's fake news! WAKE UP! You have to find a way to fight back ...because 8 million species depend on those who are awake to fight back; its time!"

Media claims Japan has started Fukushima Reactor 3 fuel removal ...is fake news (part 2)

Dana Durnford: "Plead for the world to hold media accountable for faking reactor No. 3 fuel pools. Then they should ban nuclear academics for allowing that to happen. The reactor blew up & the fuel pools were above them & they blew right out of the building. Ignoring this is not a option; the entire 8 million species of animal life are at risk, not just humans. To sit in silence is not a option when you have so many lives at risk.

"Every major media worldwide has claimed Japan melted reactor No. 3 fuel pools are intact ... when that assertion is easy to prove false. With all the major media proclaiming Tepco is removing fuel from a pool that does not exist and nobody is asking for proof then what is the point of life ...or having media?

"Sad day for me. Today, I'm ashamed to call myself human. I'm flat broke ... trying to fight against a army of goblins & monsters & spineless sub-human creatures that are given billions of dollars to defeat & destroy humanity & Earth's 8 million species & by default destroy hope for a future."

New York murdered by FUKUSHIMA Sake

Proof Radiation is Killing The Pacific Ocean

Dana Durnford & Terry Daniels

Nuclear News - Uranium Stock Scam

(also see, Kids, here)

Nov 12, 2018 – Fukushima-Radiated Japanese Deadly Food

Japans nuclear water to be dumped in Pacific Ocean; Canadians & Americans should move 200 miles inland, part 1

September 2019 – Japan again announces it is again dumping Fukushima radioactive water into the Pacific —(here)— (as it has been burning radioactive waste into the sky for since 2011, & as its 30 million decomposing 1-ton bags of radioactive waste in its rice, crop & fruit agricultural land continue to dangerously contaminate Japanese food. (Editor's note: Japan has been dumpig radioactive wastewater into the Pacific for 50 years from it's other 54 reactors, just as all reactors in the world dump radioactive water into the rivers & seas, every day)

Evacuate Canada, USA, Pacific Coast 200 miles inland after Japan dumps Fukushima tanks, part 2

Fukushima meltdown shock! ...B.C. Canadian Sea Stars disfigured & full of tumors

Dana: "Just back from a four month Nuclear Fallout Marine Sailing Expedition Species Count ...and, I'm in shock that the only star fish left are all disfigured by tumors to the point where STARFISH do not look like Starfish, anymore. Oh, and all other species were missing from the tidal zones."

Toxicity of inhaled plutonium dioxide in beagle dogs —(story, here)—

Muggenburg, Guilmette, Mewhinney, Gillett, Mauderly, Griffith , Diel, Scott, Hahn Boecker

This study was conducted to determine the biological effects of inhaled 238PuO2 over the life spans of 144 beagle dogs. The dogs inhaled one of two sizes of monodisperse aerosols of 238PuO2 to achieve graded levels of initial lung burden (ILB). The aerosols also contained 169Yb to provide a gamma-ray-emitting label for the 238Pu inhaled by each dog. Excreta were collected periodically over each dog's life span to estimate plutonium excretion; at death, the tissues were analyzed radiochemically for plutonium activity. The tissue content and the amount of plutonium excreted were used to estimate the ILB. These data for each dog were used in a dosimetry model to estimate tissue doses. The lung, skeleton and liver received the highest alpha-particle doses, ranging from 0.16-68 Gy for the lung, 0.08-8.7 Gy for the skeleton and 0.18-19 for the liver. At death all dogs were necropsied, and all organs and lesions were sampled and examined by histopathology. Findings of non-neoplastic changes included neutropenia and lymphopenia that developed in a dose-related fashion soon after inhalation exposure. These effects persisted for up to 5 years in some animals, but no other health effects could be related to the blood changes observed. Radiation pneumonitis was observed among the dogs with the highest ILBs. Deaths from radiation pneumonitis occurred from 1.5 to 5.4 years after exposure. Tumors of the lung, skeleton and liver occurred beginning at about 3 years after exposure. Bone tumors found in 93 dogs were the most common cause of death. Lung tumors found in 46 dogs were the second most common cause of death. Liver tumors, which were found in 20 dogs but were the cause of death in only two dogs, occurred later than the tumors in bone and lung. Tumors in these three organs often occurred in the same animal and were competing causes of death. These findings in dogs suggest that similar dose-related biological effects could be expected in humans accidentally exposed to 238PuO2.

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