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 Covid - Checkmate - Endgame - End Times 

 What have you left to lose?

(more, here) PsyOp: CV-19 BioWar PsyOp tracing Gates-Fauci-UN
(up) Nurse: Stay away from vaccinated people Is mRNA shot deadly? ...in 42 days to a year

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<-- Leigh Dundas, 4th Reich cattlecars hit kids in L.A., CA

Vaccines to decimate world’s population Leigh Dundas, 4th Reich cattlecars hit kids in L.A., CA

Signs of End Times

War on a large scale –Matthew 24:7; Revelation 6:4

Famine –Matthew 24:7; Revelation 6:?5, 6

Great earthquakes –Luke 21:11

Pestilences, or epidemics of terrible diseases –Luke 21:11

Increase of crime –Matthew 24:12

Ruining of the earth by mankind –Revelation 11:18

Deterioration of people’s attitudes, as shown by many who are “unthankful, disloyal ...not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride.” –2 Timothy 3:?1-4

Breakdown of the family, with people who have no natural affection and children who are disobedient to parents -2 Timothy 3:2-3

Love of God growing cold in most people -Matthew 24:12

Noteworthy displays of religious hypocrisy -2 Timothy 3:5

Increased understanding of Bible prophecies, including those related to the last days -Daniel 12:4

Global preaching of the good news of the Kingdom -Matthew 24:14

Widespread apathy and even ridicule toward the evidence of the approaching end -Matthew 24:37-39, 2 Peter 3:3-4

The simultaneous fulfillment of all these prophecies, not just a few or even most of them -Matthew 24:33

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