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 Earth Environmental Personhood for the Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know

...when you know, you can help save animals you love from excruciating deaths

Capital Punishment For Capitalists who Harm Mother Nature or delay Earth Environmental Personhood

The Plankton in the Ocean is Dying & I am angry at the warlord central bankers who own nuclear doing it

Plankton creates 80% of  Earth's oxygen ...when 'they' kill plankton, 'they' destroy the ocean food chain & Earth's oxygen & all land & sea animals starve (you too) ...this website tells you who 'they' are & how 'they' must be held accountable to save Earth & her animals, today.

06:40 AM Oct 20, 2015 -8729-  Former U.S. Gov't Official: Pacific Ocean animal die-offs - Gov't fails to tell public consequences of fallout - media silence deafening

09:37 AM Feb 23, 2016 -8778-  Pacific Rim: Extinction threat: salmon sardines, squid, sea urchins, kelp, sea star; marine mammals

09:28 AM Feb 22, 2016 -8777-  Fukushima to dump past, present, future nuclear waste & debris into Pacific

09:42 AM Feb 19, 2016 -8776-   Gundersen: Plutonium everywhere in Japan; redeposits in unanticipated locations; black radioactive dust wherever I go; runs right into Pacific Ocean (VIDEO)

09:58 AM Feb 29, 2016 -8781-  L.A. Times: Ongoing fish famine along U.S. West Coast - Dearth of food across ocean - Severe fishery implosion - Supply has been low since 2011 - Gov’t Expert: Looks very grim… hard to watch

11:24 AM Feb 10, 2016 -8773-  Fukushima: Intertidal biota by nuclear power plant - mass die off and reproductive failure of sessile species; sessile refers to organisms anchored, for example to rocks and piers, mussels, barnacles, limpet, rock shell, sponges, sea anemones, fan worms, chitons, gastropods, bivalves, crustaceans, echinoderms  (more, here)

09:58 AM Feb 29, 2016 -8781-  L.A. Times: Ongoing fish famine along U.S. West Coast - Dearth of food across ocean - Severe fishery implosion - Supply has been low since 2011 - Gov’t Expert: Very grim… hard to watch

09:41 AM Feb 4, 2016 -8769-  Pacific Rim: Bird die-off; stomachs empty; hundreds of thousands at risk (VIDEO )

05:38 PM Jan 22, 2016 -8765-  Pacific Rim: Wildlife die-off not just marine; more species get sick; face extinction (VIDEO)

03:00 PM Jan 13, 2016 -8761-  Pacific Rim West-/Northwest coast … Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California: Dead birds on beaches; also, complete reproductive failure, thick-billed murres, black-legged kittiwakes, horned and tufted puffins, glaucous-winged gulls, and sooty and short-tailed shearwaters; concurrent with whale, pinniped, sea otter, and fish mortalities (VIDEOS)

11:19 AM Jan 7, 2016 -8758-  West Coast - 200,000 sea lions at risk; sick animals eating themselves from the inside - cancer includes liver, pancreas; intestines shut down; infested with parasites & immune to antibiotics; numbers of dead or starving seals wash ashore (VIDEO)

08:36 PM Dec 30 2015 -8755-  Pacific Rim/West Coast: Baby whale carcasses wash up on West Coast – gov’t experts request tissue testing – may have been born weak – carcasses wash up on beaches in U.S., Canada, Mexico – highly endangered whale dies: abnormal blood clot formations in heart & lungs   (VIDEO)

06:19 PM Dec 29, 2015 -8754-  New Mexico, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP): body found; sheriff investigates

06:54 PM Dec 28, 2015 -8753-  California: Plutonium air sample points to Fukushima

07:09 PM Dec 23, 2015 -8752-  Fukushima sites: Fir tree mutations; insects missing legs or crooked; abnormalities in monkeys, fish and frogs

10:47 AM Dec 22, 2015 -8751-  Russia, Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant: Radiation levels spike after emergency shutdown; traffic jams as people evacuate, rush to get iodine (PHOTOS)

10:12 AM Dec 21, 2015 -8750-  India, Jadugoda: Children w/mutations on streets; deformed heads, lopsided bodies, toad skin, eyelids inside out; community outreach project school built w/radioactive waste (VIDEO)

07:03 PM Dec 18, 2015 -8749-  Fukushima: MOx fuel leaked from containment; very dangerous due to plutonium content (VIDEO)

02:19 PM Dec 17, 2015 -8748-  Seaborne/Fukushima: Vast amounts of radionuclides pour into Pacific Ocean; no science exists to stop catastrophe (AUDIO)

07:28 PM Dec 8, 2015 -8744-  L.A. - Fukushima Alpha levels 1,000x normal: 0.3 aCi/ml (300 fCi/m3) - If a radionuclide is inside the body after being swallowed or breathed in - alpha radiation considered most dangerous: gross alpha-emitting radionuclides (plutonium isotopes): curium, plutonium and americium. [1,000,000 milliliters (ml) = 1 cubic meter (m3); 1,000 attocuries (aCi) = 1 femtocurie (fCi)]

07:45 PM Dec 3, 2015 -8742-  Seaborne/West Coast: Fukushima radionuclide cesium 134 and 137 11 Bq/m3 for 1,000 miles

07:05 AM Dec 2, 2015 -8741-  Fukushima contamination of Pacific and atmosphere w/ionizing radiation cannot be stopped; projected 10x all nuclear tests; menaces West Coast

02:03 AM Nov 24, 2015 -8746-  West Coast: Alarming signs of oceanic distress - stranded seal pups 2,000% of normal levels - starving bags of skin and bone (VIDEO)

04:55 AM Nov 20, 2015 -8744-  Giant whales pile up dead, test for Fukushima radiation (PHOTOS)

06:38 PM Nov 18, 2015 -8743-  Pacific Northwest Salmon population crash (VIDEOS)

07:12 AM Nov 16, 2015 -8742-   Official Report: Fukushima radiation levels in U.S. - elevated measurements from 2011 nuclear disaster - Floridahas Cesium-137 deposition; Fukushima fallout in Florida citrus fruit

11:59 AM Nov 12, 2015 -8741-  West Coast: Unprecedented, largest animal on Earth found dead, had been very sick, emaciated - food supply killed; many sea creatures affected; whales tracked for past two years not doing well (VIDEO)

07:17 AM Nov 11, 2015 -8740-  British Columbia: Man arrested over Fukushima-related YouTube videos; charged with criminal harassment of university scientists  (VIDEO)

06:04 PM Nov 7, 2015 -8739-   Fukushima - Million cancers maybe - 100’s of times more thyroid cancers (VIDEO)

04:07 PM Nov 5, 2015 -8738-   Former Japan Ambassador: Uncontrolled nuclear chain reactions could be underway at Fukushima - Troubling indications of recurring criticality as Tellurium-132 detected over 100 miles from plant - Re-criticality discussed by Japans top nuclear official

08:08 PM Nov 4, 2015 -8738a-  Millions of salmon disappear off West Coast in 2 days

07:32 PM Nov 3, 2015 -8737-   West Coast die-offs: fish, whales, squid, more species (VIDEO)

02:35 AM Nov 2, 2015 -8736-  Seaborne West Coast: Fukushima nuclear waste off shoreline of California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska - Highest radiation off San Francisco 

05:31 AM Oct 23, 2015  -8730-  Mexico, Gulf of California: Hundreds of dolphins, sea lions, turtles and rare sea animals floating on water and dead on beaches (PHOTOS)

07:11 AM Oct 19, 20151   -8728-  West Coast: Illness kills marine animals at rapid rate - hundreds dead in small area (VIDEO)

04:47 PM Oct 15, 2015 -8727-  West Coast: Mass die off of seabirds - every bird seen withering away, starving to death, catastrophic molting (VIDEO)

10:12 AM Dec 21, 2015 -8750-  India, Jadugoda: Children w/mutations on streets; deformed heads, lopsided bodies, toad skin, eyelids inside out; community outreach project school built w/radioactive waste (VIDEO)

11:10 AM Feb 25, 2016 -8780-  Kazakhstan, Kalachi: Residents - comatose sleeping sickness, swollen brains linked to steam from deserted uranium mine carrying radionuclides

08:31 AM Feb 24, 2016 -8779-  Washington State, Hanford Nuclear Reactor site: Closed reactor releases radioactive isotopes; high levels reported blowing onto roads (VIDEO)

04:45 PM Feb 12, 2016 -8774- NY, Indian Point Nuclear Reactor: Radiation leak worsens; increases 120,000%; 15 million pCi/L; Antimony radionuclides present (VIDEO)

06:59 PM Mar 2, 2016 -8783-  Cancers around leaking nuclear plant near NYC - Tens of thousands of cases recently reported; More than anywhere else in U.S. …Why is this story not being covered by everybody? - Teacher: I can’t believe the number of teachers who have gotten cancer (VIDEOS)

11:19 PM Oct 28, 2015 -8734-  North St. Louis County, Missouri – Child cancer clusters, double sets of teeth, missing eyeballs, brain tumors.  Bridgeton fire at West Lake nuclear landfill Missouri Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Sep 17, 2015 (at 27:00 in): What I am concerned about are 40,000 tons of uranium spread all over the placemost potent uranium in the world … We’re looking at cancer clusters … the number of children who have double sets of teeth, missing eyeballs, brain tumors. This is not consistent with a normal community

Abstract: The negative health effects of internal emitters (esp. alpha-emitters) is greatly underestimated & deliberately & actively covered up by the nuclear industry & the medical-industrial & biological warfare complex. Lung cancer deaths in the world (89 countries) in relation to exposure to inhaled radionuclides produced by nuclear weapons testing 1945 to 1985. Kamala & Fauci say nothing, nor Trump, nor the Congress, while nuclear ravages the Earth & cancer rates keep rising due to nuclear, carcinogens in food, heavy metals in aerosols dispersed in the ionosphere by aircraft (chemtrails) that fuel forest fires to burn so hot to melt car wheels & reduce houses to dust & ionospheric heaters that fuel weather- & earthquake warfare, carcinogens in food, garbage, litter and on and on.

The radioactive fallout from atomic weapons testing started in 1945 & ended around 1985. And, it just so happens that there are two global trend breaks in lung cancer an upturn around 1950 and a downturn about 1990 ...that is a perfect match with the nuclear fallout period. —  Ionizing radiation is the true cause of most cancer, (click here)  —  Rise in cancer follows rise in nuclear testing

Click this pic to go to the site that says: We think it can be proven that the great majority of cancer cases is caused by alpha radiation from radioactive fertilizer from mines that have natural Radium content, as well as alpha radiation from contaminated soil as a consequence of nuclear accidents and atmospheric nuclear detonations. Has Fauci ever mentioned the cancer epidemic, even once? Or the ongoing three meltdowns at Fukushima since 3/2011 that create the cancer epidemic from ongoing nuclear fallout from catastrophes and everyday legal discharges from reactors, that 41,000 people every day get fatal or non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry? That the Pacific Ocean is dying from nuclear and military war games, military sonar and oil exploration sonar that bursts whales and dolphins ear drums.

Nuclear (manmade) ionizing radiation is the true cause of most cancer, (click here)

The average cancer rate relative to the number of persons on sick leave for more than one year correlated to the period of nuclear testing ...that Trump, Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Harry never mention because they are pirates looting the Earth & making us their financial slaves.

Nuclear (manmade) ionizing radiation is the true cause of most cancer, (click here)

Nuclear (manmade) onizing radiation is the true cause of most cancer, (click here)

Nuclear (manmade) ionizing radiation is the true cause of most cancer, (click here)

Nuclear energy destroys the nuclear family and the nucleus of each living cell, and destroys Divine order by preventing living things to reproduce after their own kind …the same way as the Pfizer & Moderna mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid is a single-stranded molecule of RNA that corresponds to the genetic sequence of a gene, and is read by a ribosome in the process of synthesizing a protein) …in the same way that mRNA mutates living RNA so that human beings are no longer to reproduce themselves after their own kind.

07:53 PM Oct 15, 2011 -1546- Radioactive plankton heavily contaminated – Food chain fears – Continuously carried southward from Fukushima

07:35 AM Mar 18, 2012 -2873-  Cesium-134 detected in plankton 600km from Fukushima just 3 months after meltdowns - Scientists say necessary to look at bio-accumulation

04:30 PM May 21, 2013 -5899- Highest levels of Fukushima contamination in plankton east of Hawaii? (MAPS)

02:54 PM Aug 6, 2014 -8355- Pacific Northwest: Die off of young salmon; healthy then die heading out to sea; far less plankton than normal; testing for Fukushima radionuclides (VIDEO)

Sep 1, 2015  VOA: 30 dead whales wash ashore.  [NOAA's] In the ocean, toxins move up the food chain; some of the whales filter phytoplankton & zooplankton; they get the toxins that way; as you go higher up the food web, more toxin gets concentrated.

07:42 PM Sep 4, 2015 -8706- West Coast animals, Alaska-to-California – whale disoriented; sea lions, seals, otters, birds disoriented, seizures; 30 whales tangle in nets; moose disoriented, swims in circles (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

03:53 PM Aug 26, 2015 -8702- California Coast: Many baby seals dying of leukemia-linked disorder- 1/3 of recent deaths at San Francisco Bay rescue center (CHART)

-8702.1-  Physics and Radiobiology of Nuclear Medicine (Springer), Jun 29, 2013: Leukemia is one of the most common cancers induced by radiation in humans, accounting for one in five mortalities from radio-carcinogenesis. Risk of leukemia varies with age, younger persons more prone to radio-carcinogenesis - Leukemia appears as early as 2-3 years after exposure, average latent period of 5 to 10 years.

08:20 PM Sep 6, 2014 -8702.2--8408- California sea lions dying from organs falling out of place, tumors, accumulation of pus inside bodies (PHOTOS & CHART)

(12) Abscess: Collection of pus in tissue of the body

(1) Carcinoma: Cancer that begins when altered or damaged DNA occurs so that cells become transformed, and begin to exhibit abnormal malignant properties.

(1) Cardiomyopathy: Heart muscle disease – deterioration of the heart muscle, usually leads to heart failure

(1) Coccidioidomycosis: Fungal disease - serious complications may occur in patients with weakened immune systems

(2) Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation: Blood clots [that can] lead to multiple organ damage - clotting is disrupted - severe bleeding can occur

(7) Neoplasia: Commonly referred to as a tumor - malignant neoplasm is a cancer

(6) Otostrongylus: Lungworms in lungs or heart of seals

(3) Peritonitis: Inflammation of tissue lining inner wall of abdomen - may result from infection (often due to rupture of a hollow organ)

(4) Pneumonia: Inflammatory condition of the lung

(6) Prolapse: Latin for, to fall out - organs, such as the uterus, fall down or slip out of place - organs protruding through vagina or rectum

(3) Pyothorax: Accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity

(2) Renal Failure: Kidneys fail to adequately filter waste products from the blood

(5) Septicemia: Potentially fatal whole-body inflammation caused by severe infection

11:05 AM Aug 18, 2015 -8700- Official: Thousands of Millions of fish wash up dead in Alaska – Piles of them… I have never seen anything like it… First time we’ve ever heard of this (VIDEO)

02:19 PM Aug 11, 2015 -8696- Officials: Trillions of becquerels of radioactive material still flowing into sea at Fukushima - Map shows nuclear waste coming up from bottom of ocean far offshore – Japan TV Journalist: Contaminated seawater will circulate around globe… disaster like a huge cloth expanding everyday (VIDEO)

12:40 AM Aug 11, 2015 -8695- U.S. Gov’t Expert: Fukushima is always on people’s minds… a lot of concern and worry about radiations role in unusual marine deaths – Reports of shrunken or enlarged organs, black kidneys, sores on liver, slime in mouth, discolored skin – Mortality in intertidal zone like we haven’t seen before (VIDEO)

09:48 PM Aug 9, 2015 -8694- Toxic bloom basically eating the West Coast alive – Unusual deaths up and down the Pacific coast – All populations of marine mammals are way down in areas (VIDEO)

10:30 PM Aug 8, 2015 -8693- Die-off of birds all over Alaska beaches, floating in Pacific – They seem to be starving – Record-breaking spike in rescues, dramatic increase – Deformed and abnormal animals reported (PHOTOS & AUDIO)

01:57 AM Aug 7, 2015 -8692- U.S. Gov’t: We don’t know what’s going on in Pacific – Many ill baby seals abandoned; Dozens of walruses found dead; dying whales, birds, fish (AUDIO)

08:28 PM Aug 3, 2014 -8348- California coast: Huge increase in dead and sick sea mammals - starving, drooling, brain damaged, suffering seizures - sea lions vanishing (VIDEO)

08:34 PM Aug 3, 2015 -8690- San Francisco: Whale deaths baffle scientists – Dolphins wash up dead on beach, heartbreaking to hear dying baby calling out (VIDEO)

05:43 PM Aug 1, 2015 -8689- USA Today: Millions of fish dead in Pacific Northwest – Ocean conditions have gone to hell – Salmon covered in fungus, red lesions all over, big gaping sores – Extinction concerns (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

09:16 PM Jul 21, 2015 -8682- Gov’t Official: Chilling report from Pacific Ocean… Silence on the seas - Quite literally, there aren’t any fish – Japan Professor: Fukushima posing reproduction risk to marine life, ongoing concern over bio-accumulation of radioactive material (VIDEOS)

09:40 PM Jul 20, 2015 -8681- TV: Mystery green goo decimates fishing on West Coast – Like ectoplasm in Ghostbusters – Experts: About as severe as we could ever anticipate… Lot of unusual things going on – we’re not catching any fish… Never as bad as right now… Almost non-existent… Worst season ever (PHOTO)

12:59 AM Jul 20, 2015 -8680- Fukushima – Plutonium flowing into Pacific for years to come – Strontium hits record levels (VIDEO)

02:26 PM Jul 17, 2015 -8679- Pacific Northwest – fishing closures enacted – mass die-offs linked to disease – 100% infection rate in some areas – Rotting gills, distended bellies (VIDEOS)

07:54 PM Jul 16, 2015 -8678- Fukushima: Nuclear waste overflowing into Pacific Ocean – can’t be stopped

Don't be naive ...it's time to grow up, protest, arrest, try & sentence the perpetrators, march the guilty to the gallows

09:59 AM Aug 28, 2015 -8703- Radiation Expert: Horrific health toll from Fukushima meltdowns – Impossible not to be moved by scale of deaths and suffering – Thousands to die of cancer and that’s just the tip of the iceberg – dead babies significantly increased in many areas of Japan – Government actions unconscionable (AUDIO)

06:04 PM Nov 7, 2015 -8739- Fukushima – Million cancers maybe – 100’s of times more thyroid cancers (VIDEO)

10:52 PM Jun 28, 2015 -8667- Nonprofit Group: Every single person we hosted from Japan has had health problems… Blood stains found in almost all of their beds – Japanese Mom: Most mothers I’ve met from Tokyo and Fukushima are suffering thyroid problems, eye problems, nose bleeds… very surprising (VIDEO)

09:28 AM Feb 12, 2015 -8564- Doctor removed six thyroids in recent months from USS Reagan crew exposed to Fukushima fallout – Over 500 sailors ill after mission in Japan – Officers sick soldiers everywhere, many in hospitals in San Diego or Hawaii… I don’t know what’s going on – Veteran in wheelchair thrown out by physician, you’re faking, you need to leave (VIDEO)

10:11 AM Nov 7, 2014 -8490- NYT:Japanese doctors want ban on thyroid cancer screenings – A tsunami of thyroid cancer – Stop the diagnosis – We need to actively discourage early detection – WSJ: Judge rules nuclear reactors causing thyroid cancers – Study: Fukushima-related tumors can spread fast, must be monitored

03:00 PM Nov 5, 2014 -8489- Emergency radiation testing used at Democrat & Republican conventions after Fukushima; and, for 2nd Obama inauguration – Seafood, meat, vegetables, milk, water checked for nuclear waste – top officials agree to publicly downplay crisis – 80% of milk samples by Orlando, FL had significant Cs-137

09:28 AM Dec 29, 2012 -8428.4- & -5042- TV: U.S. sailors having traits associated with radiation poisoning after Japan operation – Bleeding from rectum – Baby with birth defects – Cancer – Thyroid problems (VIDEO)

10:20 AM Aug 20, 2014 -8376- Children of U.S. Navy sailors suffer from cancers after Fukushima exposure - I couldn’t move… so much pain… I have leukemia – More kids with thyroid cancer – Father: We couldn’t figure it out… his body was changing – Sailor: Right side of my body is shriveling up, one arm now almost 5 inches smaller (VIDEO)

12:05 PM Aug 3, 2014 -8347- Gov’t Report: Over 1,750 navy sailors suffer from ill-defined conditions after exposure to Fukushima radiation while aboard USS Reagan – Significant increases in male infertility and child birth complications – Dozens have thyroid disorders, many spontaneous abortions – Extreme measures used to cover this up (AUDIO)

02:33 PM Dec 16, 2014 -8428.5- & -8525- Video: Cemetery blocks filled with babies downwind of U.S. nuclear site – This needs to be talked about, the children… murdered – Mother: My newborns died within hours, tumors all over, brain disintegrated after massive stroke – Body parts, cadavers, fetuses… the nuclear industry took in the dead of night… from all over U.S. 

07:16 AM Apr 21, 2014 -8184- Fukushima radiation killing children – heart problems, leukemia, thyroid – terrible things are going on – authorities hiding truth from world – we need to admit many people are dying, but not allowed to (VIDEO)

There are some terrible things going on in Fukushima. The biggest problem is that there is no one to help us. I talked to local authorities in different places in Fukushima, but no one would listen to me. They believe what government says – radiation is there – it is killing children. They are dying of heart conditions, asthma, leukemia, thyroid complications. Lots of kids are extremely exhausted after school, others are simply unable to attend PE classes. But the authorities are still hiding the truth from us, and I don’t know why. Don’t they have children of their own? It hurts so much to know they can’t protect our children.

Girls get more cancer from nuclear fallout & waste than boys 

Younger a female is, the more she is vulnerable to nuclear waste & fallout ionizing radiation, than a male.

*0003  Younger a female is, the more she is vulnerable to nuclear warming radiation than a male.

*0001 Girls bear the brunt force of radiation on the human race  Caldicott   NIRS   Fairewinds  

*0005-Janet Women & pregnant women, babies-to-be, infants & girls within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away

*0006-Janet Chernobyl research documents that radionuclides mutate germs, viruses & bacteria to create new and mysterious diseases 

*0002 Fetal harm from Fukushima fallout in the western states

*0007 Red Blob  &  *0008 Red Blob Extinction Rebellion   There never was a 'red blob' of global warming water creating "new & mysterious diseases" killing millions of ocean mammals & billions of fish & trillions of plankton ...'red blob' on official seaborne nuclear radiation maps represents plutonium nuclear waste i.e. nuclear global warming along w/100s of other radionuclides causing excruciating bleeding lesions & tumors on ocean life & extinction levels of disease destroying oceanic food chains.

*0009 Reactor Finder  Live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor?

Do you want to let Fed interest rate capitalist bankers destroy girls as a species with their reactors?

A British scientist & his team revealed levels of radiation illnesses in Fallujah, Iraq from U.S. munitions were comparable to, or higher, than those found in Hiroshima & Nagasaki after atoms bombs detonated there in 1945. —(story, here)

The 'new & mysterious' diseases of ocean life are not caused by the fake news 'red blob' of warm water ...they are caused by seaborne nuclear fallout & waste (here & here) that mutates viruses & bacterial to form new & mysterious viruses & bacterial that form new & mysterious diseases, (here & here).

And, by military use of depleted uranium for target practice & military use of ionospheric heaters, military & oil company use of sonar (that bursts the ear drums of whales, dolphins & other sea life & disorients them) & oil company use of sonar-like sonic booms every few seconds for weeks for sounding out oil deposits beneath the ocean floor.

Fortunately in terms of environmental justice assigning consequences, all the corporations doing creating this genocide are owned by the international interlocking directorate of the Federal Reserve System City of London dynastic central bankers who formed the stock market in the first place, funded the corporations with start-up capital & own controlling shares of every Fortune 500 company (here).

And, they get dividends on the founding shares of the Federal Reserve they alone own (here), so when they & their corporations & their corrupt Congress swamp raise the national debt & get paid the interest on the national debt every year from the U.S. & the other five banks they own in other countries, they now get about $2 trillion dollars a year in personal disposable income from your paychecks.

Think I'm kidding, look what the Founding Fathers & U.S. Presidents said ...the exact same thing: (here ). So, who are these murdering clowns, (here).

The Pacific Ocean is Dying

Millions & billions of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, seals, walruses, manatees, pelicans and other seabirds, tidal pool animals – starfish, urchins, anenomies, limpets – plankton, krill, herring, tuna, salmon, squid, octopi (and more sea life) covered in lesions and tumors and sick with 'mysterious diseases' are dying excruciating deaths, suspended in the water and washing up dead and dying on west coast beaches and all round the Pacific Rim where ever the Pacific Ocean makes landfall on a beach.

Chernobyl scientists document fallout mutates bacteria & viruses to form new & mysterious diseases —(here)—

According to world renown epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell, global warming is not caused by greenhouse gases, but by the military weaponizing the planet. Similarly, deaths of millions & billions of sea life attributed to global warming & climate change causing new & mysterious diseases in the Pacific Ocean appears false, since studies by Chernobyl scientists document that nuclear ionizing radiation mutates bacteria and viruses to form new & mysterious diseases.

Consequently, the Pacific Ocean is dying from hundreds of tons of plutonium-filled water discharged daily from water acquifirs into the sea 24/7/365 since March 2011.

Why is the Pacific Ocean Dying? 

— How do we know? — Who's doing it?

Our two books & this website will give you clues to have your own 'aha moment' & your intution (located in your pineal gland) will figure out (1) who's at fault for ordering nuclear ecocide, genocide & omnicide,  & (2) if they should be tried, judged, sentenced – then marched to the gallows ...or, not? 

...we know, from citizen investigative reporters like Dane Wigington, Bob Nichols & Dana Durnford

(Conclusive & amazing documentation, search results on Dane Wigington's website, here: The Pacific Ocean is Dying)

...and others

(videos, here: Is the Pacific Ocean really dying? – info  here  ...& our free e-books   ...& Dana Durnford    ...& more anti-nuclear activists.)

Why is the Pacific Ocean dying? ...because nuclear industry, fallout & waste is not safe and not clean

Nuclear radiation, depleted uranium, war games, sonar, weaponizing the planet: electromagnetic pulse – directed energy – ionispheric heaters – stratospheric aerial spraying –weather warfare: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves – & conventional & non-conventional warfare, (here)

Nuclear fallout causes tumors, lesions, deformities, cancer & leukemia in sea mammals, fish & other sea life

Death of the food chains from nuclear radiation poisoning

The fishing industry is floundering because the plankton, krill and feeder fish are gone & sea mammals, fish and sea birds are starving by the hundreds of thousands, and millions; and, because of...

Depleted uranium war games

Depleted uranium war games and stratospheric aerial spraying (chemtrails) fallout add to the burder


Sonar use by military and undersea oil exploration disorients whales, dolphins and other sea mammals and bursts their ear drums and body organs, and causing mass strandings and excruciating deaths

Weaponizing the planet

Electromagnetic pulse

Directed energy weapons

Ionispheric heaters 

Weather warfare: Hurricanes, tornadoes, tidal waves, drought, fires, starvation

Conventional & non-conventional warfare 

...all make for a planet weaponized to destroy Life!

 Pacific Ocean is Dying — and You Don't Even Know Congress & the Central Bankers are murdering the Pacific Ocean

Nuclear Industry Predators — Congress & fake science is aiding and abetting nuclear industry

Nuclear industry predators & perps in military-industrial, Congress & central banking must be arrested, tired, prosecuted by district attorneys, found guilty by juries, sentenced by judges & marched to the gallows for crimes against humanity, Nature, Divine Order & for treason.

10/27/17 – Fukushima nuclear meltdown kills our ocean; you can pretend its not for a little while longer. ...products from five Japanese prefectures to no longer go through safety certification. –Dana Durnford

09/26/17 – "How pathetic, dangerous, arrogant – 74 yrs of scientific research, but no media nor university tells the difference between irradiated fuel rods & bananas or potato chips ... one irradiated fuel rod can kill all life on Earth, in Time." –Dana Durnford

Folks to return to the reactor-stricken area in 20,000 years: Amusement park electric bumper-cars abandoned after Chernobyl nuclear disaster & evacuation of Pripyat, Ukraine, Apr 27, 1986,  –(Alexei Yablokov, here) & (obit, here)–

(archival info) New Russian law on state secrets: All info on Northern Fleet radwaste & subs now secret –(here)–

Nuclear waste dumps at sea & the Arctic: Russian Northern Fleet – sources of radioactive contamination – (orig report: links to chapters, here) & (printed-out backup copy, here) –

SITE & e-BOOK TAKE-AWAYS – Summary & small print: Note: this site is documented with 9,000 newswire headlines each summarizing five published pieces of documentation linked to 30,000 published newspaper & magazine articles & TV news ...including scientific studies, book, white papers & youtubes ...which are available in our free reference e-book, right here; also, highlighted documentation is included in our MD, nuclear scientist & epidemiologist section, right here. The takeaways from the free e-books & this website, are:

If you can read all the way from 1-8 , you are a genius & you will find out the ozone layer has a big hole BECAUSE when the first spacecraft discovered it, they start blasting  the ozone layer with nuclear bombs & burnt it up ...the American people were told the hole in the ozone layer was from using underarm deodorant ...and believed the fake news & fake scientists

(1) Exposure to low level nuclear radiation over time is just dangerous as immediate exposure to high level levels of nuclear radiation;

(2) Women & girls living within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away;

(3) Since the March 2011 meltdowns (continuing in water aquifers beneath the Fukushima site dumping directly into the ocean since March 2011 & continuing, practically for Eternity) new and mysterious diseases blamed for the deaths of millions, billions & even trillions of sea life from plankton to whales and blamed for the destruction of the ocean food chain and starvation of untold millions of sea mammals and fish and birds ...which is turn is blamed on global warming ... is fake news. That is because nuclear scientists and epidemiogists from around around the world and specifically in Eastern Europe investigating Chernobyl document that ionizing (nuclear) radiation mutates viruses and bacteria to form new viruses and bacteria never seen before (presumably in addition to direct contact with Fukushima & military seaborne radionuclides) is proximate and/or causal for the new and mysterious diseases, infections, lesions and tumors blamed on global warming; 

(4) The depletion of our ozone layer was caused by the U.S. 8 months after our spacecraft discovered the Van Allen Belt (ozone layer), the U.S. start setting off nuclear bombs in the upper atmosphere and blew permanent big holes in our ozone layer (it was not from underarm deodorant aerosols, nor greenhouse gases as we were/are falsely told;

(5) It is not only nuclear reactor radionuclide radiation and nuclear dumping into the sea destroying life in the Pacific Ocean, but also military using depleted uranium target practice, military sonar and oil company exploration sonar both that burst the ear drums of whales, dolphins and other sea mammals and fish as well as burst their organs ...and:

(6) The military use of space age electromagnetic spectrum radiation to emulate solar flares and create global heating of the outer atmospheres above earthquake faults for use in weather, tidal wave, typhoon and earthquake warfare for the purposes of, and finally:

(7) Creating increasing national debt which in turn creates greater 'dividends' being the annual taxes we pay on the yearly interest of the national debt to the eight families and their assignees who own the original founding stock of the Fed ...which is an international interlocking directorate including the five original Rothschild banks, which in adding up the annual interest on the national debts of those countries is over $2 trillion dollars a year in personal disposable income; this is nonwithstanding the amount of interest that is paid to them on personal, car, home, real estate, civic and other national State loans, interest on foreign aid including building railways and nuclear reactors ...and not withstanding their dividends from controlling ownership in all the Fortune 500 corporations and presumably the Fortune 1,000 ...including all the corporations both public and private comprising the military industrial complex and all the banks, oil companies, drug companies and other corporations that create the pollution that is destroying life on Earth ... for which

(8) We must now give Earth environmental personhood to sue these corporations out of existance, and march this 1% of the 1% (for crimes against people, animals, nature, Gaia and Divine Order) to the gallows, today.

Capital Punishment for Capitalists, Communists, Socialists & especially, Globalist Central Banker Warlords ...that hurt girls & women

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Rosalie is a brilliant researcher, epidemiologist& Catholic nun who pioneered & documented the weaponization of Planet Earth. Elana Freeland has followed in Rosalie's footsteps.

Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War by Ros alie Bertell.  As weaponry and warfare have become more sophisticated, so their long-term effects have become more insidious and deadly. Whilst it is easy to identify the visible aftermath of war, how can we gauge less obvious costs such as poverty, famine, environmental problems and civil unrest? Each year governments pump huge amounts of money into military research programmes but what do we really know about the long-term consequences?

Under an Ionized Sky — by Elena Freeland. It is difficult to believe that our planet has been weaponized before our very eyes, but that is exactly what has happened. First, we were seduced by the convenience of a wireless world; then, atmospheric weather experimentation in the guise of carbons 'climate change' converted the air we breathe into an antenna. Now, the geo-engineering we’ve been subjected to for two decades is being normalized as the 'Star Wars' Space Fence rises around and within us. Is this the Space Age we were promised?

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Every nuclear reactor is a nuclear dump where waste is stored, so we focus on America first then locations of every nuclear reactor & dump in the world, since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer.

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