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the soldiers change, but the war remains the same

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wall street says nuclear power is safe & clean ...so, how can 1st responders, firemen, police, national guard, military & citizens defend against deadly nuclear radiation fallout & waste routinely spewing out of every nuclear reactor  routinely raining tritium down on us every moment? 

1st responders  should at all times be told by incoming united nations peace-keeper troops & foreign, federal, state, county, city & corporate governments when there may be ionizing (nuclear) or non-ionizing (5g tower or ionospheric heaters) electro-magnetic radiation present, to properly protect themselves against cancer, blindness & harms way

here's the central bankers wall street lullaby — take it to heart, (here)

... without knowing, our first responders are ordered into dangerous active ionizing radioactive areas with no idea of any invisible enemy handing out free tickets to immune deficiency diseases terminating in fatal or non-fatal cancers ...if  Wall Street sold out our military, and our country (& here), are we far behind?


a lot of police are dead, but it is not reported

11:26 AM Oct 25, 2011 1605 Fukushima interview: Police that guard within the 20km evacuation zone are not informed of radiation levels (about 100 microSv/h when Mr. Sakuma & his friend visited) — a lot of police are dead, but it is not reported — disposable workers are forced to clean reactor ruins, held captive till they die, then marked, 'missing'. (VIDEO)

firefighters not trained to handle fires with radioactive materials

06:13 AM Jun 28, 2011 0875 Los Alamos County firefighters not trained to handle fires with radioactive materials at nuclear lab

Verizon throttles cell data in California wildfires ...which central banking venture vulture capitalists own it?

Firefighters forced to upgrade Verizon plan in wildfire ...which central banking vc own Verizon?

YouTube yanks videos of 5G tower health damage to firefighters with cell towers mounted on fire stations

...radio communications fail? ...natural solar flares routinely black out first responder radios & nuclear plant instruments ...what about military ionospheric heaters?


[Editor's note: Should we march IAEA sell-outs to the gallows with Wall Street barn-burners?]

from The Ecologist

Firemen Deployed as Expendable Bio-Robots to Clean up Chernobyl

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) insists only 32 people died from Chernobyl; but, there are 10,000 nuclear fallout deaths in Ukraine, alone. 

By Dr. Rosalie Bertell

On the tenth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, I was standing at a public meeting in Kiev, Ukraine, listening to the story of one of the firemen deployed to clean up the site after the explosion. These workers took huge doses of radiation during this task, and their story is a terrifying one.

600,000 conscripted to clean nuclear industry fallout

About 600,000 men were conscripted as Chernobyl `liquidators' [also called bio-robots']: farmers, factory workers, miners, and soldiers -- as well as professionals like the firemen -- from all across Russia.

Some of these men lifted pieces of radioactive metal with their bare hands. They had to fight more than 300 fires created by the chunks of burning material spewed off by the inferno.

They buried trucks, fire engines, cars and all sorts of personal belongings.

They felled a forest and completely buried it, removed topsoil, bulldozed houses and filled all available clay-lined trenches with radioactive debris.

The minimum conscription time was 180 days, but many stayed for a year. Some were threatened with severe punishment to their families if they failed to stay and do their duty.

These `liquidators' are now discarded and forgotten, many vainly trying to establish that the ill health most have suffered ever since 1986 is a result of their massive exposure to radiation.

 (story continued, here.)

Nuclear Weather Forecast | Space Weather | Weaponizing Weather & Earthquakes | Directed Energy Weapons | EMP | 5G

Health effects of electromagnetic frequencies (ELF) such as cell phones, Wi-Fi on you

(click pic for story)

ELF & RF Radiation Health Risks

WIFI, ELF, RF, 5G, EMF Electro Magnetic Frequency Radiation Dangers, Dr Mercola; Dangers Of Cellphones, Over Saturation, Over Stimulation & Addiction, Hyper Communication In Digital Age; Smart Meter, 5G Health Hazards, Negative Effects

—(story, here)—

—Kaiser Permanente: Medical study proves non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, personal computers, wi-fi & space weather increases miscarriages, —(story, here)—

What Happens in Vegas & 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Nuclear dumps & reactors explode all over. Las Vegas is no exception ...take Beatty, NV - 100 miles from Las Vegas. Feel lucky? ...radiation is accumulative – Gamble your life & family's future?

Las Vegas & Tokyo Olympic winners: Feel lucky? Why not go to Las Vegas & gamble with your life & unborn child? – all your eggs are present from birth – radiation is accumulative forever ... or, attend Tokyo 2020 Olympics (plutonium) hot spots & eat, drink, sleep, spectate & compete in plutonium hot particles for 100,000 years - get a medal for tumors, lesions, heart attacks, strokes & excruciating pain as a free bonus.

nuclear vegas & los angeles – untold human experimentation: nuclear industry routinely targets general population & 1st responders with immune deficiency diseases & cancer

Jack Ass Flats: U.S. intentionally blows up nuclear rocket over Las Vegas & Los Angeles in human population radiation experiment

u.s. explodes nuclear reactor for human radiation exposure experiment

09:26 PM Sep 6, 2015 -8707- Los Angeles (historic): U.S. explodes nuclear reactor for human radiation exposure experiment to document health consequences of radionuclide effluent cloud on downwinders - covers Southern California in radioactive plume (MAP) 

(Attorney for Down-winders in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, & nationally; Bile Duct Cancer | Bladder Cancer | Brain Cancer | Breast Cancer | Colon Cancer | Esophagus Cancer | Gall Bladder Cancer | Leukemia | Liver Cancer | Lung Cancer | Multiple Myeloma | Nasal Pharynx Cancer | Lymphoma | Ovarian Cancer | Pancreas Cancer | Rectal Cancer | Salivary Gland Cancer | Small Intestine Cancer | Stomach Cancer | Thyroid Cancer|  (here)

8 Steps to Civilian First Response — Nuclear Preparedness

From disbelief to vengence

[1] Your first response is disbelief. 

[2] Your second is three-part: (A) fan down your terror, (B) wear an air filter mask to prevent lung cancer; and, [C] having previously consulted with your doctor what to do in such an emergency, take potassium iodine to prevent thyroid cancer as recommended by your doctor, and as recommended, here.

[3] Shelter in place - or - get out of town. 

[4] Take your radiological emergency response kit, guns, gold, family, friends & pets away.

First response preparedness wish list:

[5] Arrest, try & permanently imprison Congress as accomplices for letting the nuclear industry and central banks get away with murder.

[6] Arrest, try, convict, sentence and take the heads of the nuclear industry (pro-nuke central bankers) out to the gallows, watch them sway in the wind, and spit on their graves;

[7] Pray for all those who have suffered or died miserable deaths ...because of pro-nuke central bankers, shut down all nuclear reactors in one week; stop chem trails, undersea (sonic) and land-based oil exploration, fracking, CERN and HAARP immediately; stop all military and civilian activities in the ocean and on land that threaten civilians or animals;

[8] Cut the military budget in half, use that money to install solar power overnight; withdraw all our troops from around the world currently fighting to protect central bank oil interests and the petrodollar, use our troops and NATO and U.N. troops to install solar power in the U.S. and around the world within 24 months; and install pre-packaged sewage pasteurization facilities, bathrooms and plumbing and clean water where ever it is needed on a global basis.

Divide all the money in the world up equally. Convert from a money standard to a love standard. Make a list of every corporation harming Mother Earth, and shut them down overnight. Give minimum yearly incomes, transportation, healthcare and firearms training to, and arm every qualified adult in the world. Revamp the education system so that children are trained to be doctors, lawyers, plumbers, mechanics, electricians, marksmen & blackbelts etc. by the time they finish elementary school and high school.

Emergency Response Kit

Nuclear Response Kit w/o protective clothing

Radionuclide / Chem-trail / Electro-magnetic Pulse

We have a catalog of products to show you that you may buy from the companies that make them ... we do not get involved in the transactions in any way, other than reviewing products for you and referring you to the companies.

Potassium Iodide

FDA Recommends Liquid Potassium Iodide (KI) 
In the event of a nuclear emergency, the FDA deems infants and children, as well as pregnant and nursing women, at the highest risk for radioiodine-induced thyroid cancer. 

For children who are able to swallow tablets, the KI tablets still have to be cut to achieve the proper dose for their age and weight.

Ready-to-use Liquid KI Oral Solution provides a simple way to immediately and precisely dose potassium iodide when advised due to a nuclear emergency according to FDA-approved dosing.

see how KI works

Gas Mask

Half Face Mask
This is the ultimate reusable face mask for comfort and durability.

The advanced silicone material provides a softer feel on the face with a unique adjustment design that helps to reduce the tension and pressure points for unsurpassed comfort.

The Cool Flow™ exhalation valve design helps make breathing easier and helps reduce heat and moisture build-up in the facepiece.

Uniquely designed dual mode head harness adjusts easily allowing the user to wear the respirator in either traditional or drop-down mode.


The Inspector Alert™ Handheld Nuclear Radiation Monitor improves safety in laboratories and in the field through quick analysis and determination of radiation levels. The handheld monitor measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation. Its safety-first calibration feature can eliminate exposure for personnel. The Inspector Alert quickly notifies first responders to the presence of harmful levels of nuclear radiation. Easy to read digital display shows a wide variety of readings: mR/hr, CPM, CPS, or µSv/hr.

(Alternative low budget & do-it-yourself Geiger counter buyer's guide)

inspector alert


Joe Biden tells wife: "Buy shotguns for home defense, easier to handle than AR-15 assault style weapons & you don't need all those bullets


Bear Creek Upper Review


Best of 2020! — Autumn's Armory


Taylor Thorne  lives & breathes competitive shooting in 3-gun matches in New England. 

luke 22:36 — "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one" (here)


Competing against Alex Zedra!


Halle Berry Trains with Taran: John Wick: Parabellum


Keanu Reeves Trains with Taran: John Wick: Parabellum


Admiralty Law: Word Controlled Humans & The Law of Money — Jordan Maxwell ...[who you defending against?]

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Every nuclear reactor is a nuclear dump where waste is stored, so we focus on America first then locations of every nuclear reactor & dump in the world, since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer.

Biden & Dementia Note: Portland Metro Creative Aging & Cognitive Arts Center is not funded at this time. enrollment membership info for our curriculum for students will be available, here.

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