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Ever wonder what the hell is going on all around you?

Soros Walking Dead Antifa Guns

...blame Soros Gates Antifa CV-19 Oregon Pelosi Fed/City of London banks

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The real Nancy Pelosi who shut down Congress to get more plastic surgery (can you blame her?) ...& is allegedly a bar-room floor drunk ...besides a sellout & total idiot betraying the American people & a traitor betraying the U.S. Constitution - how long can traitors like Pelosi & Schiff avoid impeachment as traitors & spend the rest of their lives in Federal prison as they should.

Rand Paul, wife & friends attacked
70 nights - Portland Antifa riot Antifa lovers attack Portland ICE   Guns as accessories for women
Kids smart: OR governor dumb Patriots handle Antifa
Guns: equalizer for women vs men



Antifa, Soros, Gates, Pelosi Christen Portland Antifa, OR

Antifa, financed by Soros on behalf of the Rothschild & Rockefeller central banker/gangsters of Fed/City of London & their UN apologists, welcome your sorry ass to Portland, the stupidist place in the United States with the world's stupidest Governor & Mayor having a love fest with Antifa which hopefully will land all of them in prison for life. The Govenor & mayor insist this is a love fest of Black Lives Matter ...but, it is White people burning down Federal & police buildings with the same disregard the same people burn down Black churches. This is an army of about 10,000 paramiliary scumbags hired by Soros to destablize the United States of behalf of World Bank and the IMF & the interlocking directorate of the Federal Reserve & City of London central bankers who have been doing this around the world for 300 years in order to destroy subject populations they wish to make finanicial & physical slaves of central banking imperialism.

Stop globalist central bankers' coup  Dems: November globalist coup

3rd world kids in Africa are soldiers


Goodbye U.S. Constitution freedom (there is no pandemic exclusion to the U.S. Constitution)

Soros invades Portland ... he thought it was Poland, to destabilize the United States & sink his vampire teeth into your wallet & butt, forever

Soros on 60 Min­utes (1998) & PBS (1993) ...was Nazi col­lab­o­rat­or seiz­ing Jew­ish prop­er­ty in Budapesh, 1944 (here George Soros & son on chopping-block ...get big surprise! Mama Bear takes robber down ...will history repeat itself?
Deutschebank's pri­ma­ry role in back­ing Trump's busi­ness oper­a­tions; review of George Soros' back­ing of Trump's busi­ness deal­ings; review of Soros's role in 'Aryaniz­ing' Jew­ish prop­er­ty dur­ing Holo­caust; review Bor­mann cap­i­tal network links, (here); Chech­nya; Ukraine


(Up) Click pic for story; (down) Click pic for,  Sean  Gervasy: Destabilization of Eastern Europe & Soviet Union aka The Full Court Press

George Soros Coverup

  • George Soros stage-manager of imperialism
  • 50 Years of Coups – Iran to Venezuela
  • 18 more years: Venezuela to Ukraine to U.S. Presidency coup to destabilize then take over the United States

The Power of Clout: How PR, Lobbying & Special Interests Buy Influence

  • Public Relationships: Hill & Knowlton, Robert Gray & the CIA
  • PR giant H&K flecked for dictators and mopped up corporate messes from Bhopal to Three Mile Island; its former D.C. head,  Robert Gray, gathered information for Intelligence agencies and helped the CIA sway public opinion.
  • Burson-Marsteller Poisons the Grassroots – Global PR firms aim their vast resources at small grassroots struggles around the world. In Vermont, with big budgets, infiltrators, and dirty tricks, they fought farmers and activists.
  • Great Global Greenwash: PR, Pax Trilateral & Rio Summit – Burson Marsteller spindoctors undermine environmentalists

LUKE 22:36 "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

Congress is totally corrupt, Mr. Trey Goudy ...who we looked up to ...ya' think? They are total sell outs – Lock up all of them!

LUKE 22:36 "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

How Keanu Reeves & Halle Berry Learned To Shoot Guns For 'John Wick'  Halle Berry Training with Taran for John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Keanu Reeves Quad Loads with Taran for John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Defund the police cause it increases civilian gun buys?

...makes sense to me; want your husband or wife & sons & daughters here without police protection? ...see if you can relate to the following videos ...we should defund the Fed/City London & Saudi Arabia

What is freedom worth to you, wage slave? You can't tell a book by it's cover. Look in the mirror & see if there is a spiritual entity there stationed on earth to get rid of misery & evil ...or a money demon – bet your life (l) You can't tell a book by it's cover. The 'Dating Game Killer' killed at least four before his appearance – and would kill again soon after, (here); hope you like what Pelosi's gonna do ...use stimulus money to pay your neighbor to spy on you ...social tracking voyeurs

LUKE 22:36 "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

(s'up?) Lately, if you mention woodworking on your phone, texts, facebook, youtube or email, the ads on your youtube change to woodworking. It's time to defund the dot.com industry fascist monopoly titans. Big brother tech fascists dump into to CIA & the intelligence community to Pelosi you.

Only city poorly run as Portland: Seattle? (vid right) After all, no one in the Pacific Northwest was told they were breathing 8-to-10 hot particles of Fukushima fallout a day for ten days, which will result in cancer

(up) Did Fauci ancestors fund that pandemic, too? (See Fauci cartoon/story funding the Wuhan Lab, below) – Death roams countryside during Middle Ages of plague.

Seattle Police Budget & Chief's salary cut with no notice as Antifa fascists burn city


radioactive imported antifa street riots in Portland OR over U.S. Foreign Policy & National Security on the local street level funded by soros ...no concern for pacific ocean

  • 12:47 PM Apr 06, 2012 -3020- Boulder, Colorado hot Fukushima fallout – No other U.S. sample close, except Portland – higher
  • 12:05 AM Mar 26, 2012 -2922-  Organic farm in Portland closes after rad tests – very frightening on West Coast
  • 01:51 PM Jan 18, 2012 -2304- Uncontrolled nuclear reaction risks inside Hanford plutonium facility near Portland
  • 09:43 AM Dec 22, 2011 -2067-   After Fukushima, most radioactive area is Cascade MountainsPortland cesium at 100 Bq/m² 
  • 01:04 PM Dec 22, 2011 -2068- Infant deaths also up in B.C., Canada after Fukushima - Corroborates U.S. study
  • 06:34 AM Nov 16, 2011 -1802- Radiation precautions – Seattle, Vancouver, Portland? – Perhaps you need to wash shoes & things
  • 12:00 AM Nov 01, 2011 -7024-   Portland cesium over 500 Bq/m²– topsoil to 8,000 pCi/kg cesium from Fukushima
  • 11:30 AM Aug 19, 2011 -1180- Fukushima mom in Portland: “10-yr-old son started having symptoms – Nose bleeding & fevers 

....scorched earth defund police approach to ensure national insecurity for UN & NAT0 takeover of wealth & destruction of nature by greedy-ass bankers

...better put your sun glasses on, first ('they live', here)

LUKE 22:36 "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."


S&W M&P Shield 9mm EZ Review
M&P Shield 9mm EZ New Shooters
Top 10 Tips for Pandemic Gun Buyers (1) Top 10 Tips for Pandemic Gun Buyers (2) Paul's Top Five Guns for Home Defense
If I Could Only Own One Firearm Paul's Top 5 Handguns (Updated for 2020) Pedersoli Howdah 45 / 410
Walther PPQ M2 22lr w/suppressor

Keltec 30 & S&W Model 31


NPR/FBI: Americans set record 3.9 million background checks to purchase or possess firearms in June 2020 (here)

Eclipses 3.7 million background check record Mar 2020

Small Arms Analytics, a firm that studies the economics of small arms and ammunition markets, estimated the FBI June figures translates into roughly 2.4 million unit sales.

NPR also sides with the nuclear industry in promoting nuclear power is safe & clean & will reduce global warming ...go figure.


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Huh? ...what?


Portland: Texas sociopaths earns $26/hr 'have riot will travel' (story)

Soros confession: Wrecks economies & former Nazi informer (story, here)

Paid protesters? They’re real – a Beverly Hills firm hires them & is sued for extortion (here)
... sociopathic protester earns $78,000 a year yelling & sign waving. How much to go from Texas to Portland OR to burn & beat people as Soros/Pelosi agent provocateur?  paidliberalprotester.com network of Soros sociopath groups (here) & (here)

Mama Bear takes robber down



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