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Well, AI can now make it look like anyone is daying or murdering a song or person & social engineering has a new dagger to thrust in our backs while they try and sentenced us for crimes we never did ..sh*t!

Ever wonder what the hell is going on all around you?

Psy-Op: CIA-Tavistock Erasing then Owning Public Mind

...blame Soros Gates Antifa CV-19 Oregon Pelosi Fed/City of London banks

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Occupy Deutshebank Financial Warfare for Dummies

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 "here's an example of social engineering for you to ponder"

Basically, they implant an idea in your head ...or just shove it down your throat or up your ass ...or, in this case, just embed it in your brain or under your skin ... which-ever keeps them most hidden from you.  Cause when they stay hidden, you don't target them, like they target you ...cause you're too busy surviving or having fun (are you a millionaire, then you're having fun & not so much worried about surviving). --->   --->   --->

And, I've done a little social engineering of my own <---   <--- <---   <---   


SmartPhones To Be Embedded In Your Body Says World Economic Forum — So-called “wearable tech” has already been with us for a while – the Fitbit and Apple Watch likely the best-known examples. But from a manufacturer’s standpoint these devices have a downside: you can take them off. But at Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark explained at the most recent WEF gathering in Davos, the next big advance on this front will be tech that’s literally embedded into our bodies. Forget about forgetting your mobile phone ever again!

Financial Warfare for Dummies

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize 

CAN YOU IMAGINE A SUPER BOWL WHERE TEAMS FIGHT TO THE DEATH? ...or, an arena where central banking teams fight to the death? 

In the NFL, 32 teams battle it out to win division titles. Division winners fight to win conference championships. Conference winners battle in the Super Bowl. One team wins the Super Bowl. 

In the 1% of the 1% warlord globalist central banks, 104 teams battle to win division titles. Division winners fight in regional wars.

Regional winners battle in world wars. One team wins the war and the other 103 teams forfeit their wealth to the winning team. 

We think it is happening in someone else's home ...that, there is no forced displacement (illegal immigration), here ...no violent conflict ...no starvation ...no bloodshed ...no homelessness ...no

genocide ...no mass rape ...no human trafficking ...no child's organs up for sale ...no ongoing biological warfare ...  that it is over there, over closed borders, not here.  We are all one humanty ...we hurt inside as one; and not one is made whole, till all are safe, clean, fed, clothed, well and made whole.

The eight dynastic banking families that own the Fed own 20% of each Fortune 500 corporation ...own and direct the U.S. and British military industrial complex, corporations that cause profit-based global arming, global warming, climate change, pollution, death of the

the oceans, war, cancer and biological warfare pandemics ...sanction them, legally arrest them for treason. legally bring them to trial, legally sentence them – legally march them to the gallows  ...legally, you will save Earth.    (Excerpt (see e-books, here))


COVID-19 in Oregon under the Kate Brown dictatorship: 233 new cases, 2 new deaths; Kate Brown deploys national guard for hospital support Magically, all over the world 17 different countries & states report that each has exactly 233 new corona-covid cases; hmmm ...must of used a voting machine to report it ...or a teachers' unholy union What? Me worry?


{Editor's note: Basically, the City of London IMF central bankers deploy CIA & FBI agents into news agencies to put out fake news, as part of Project Mockingbird.} Note comments by former CIA directors regarding 'owning' the media (below).

CIA - The Mighty Wurlitzer, Lou Wolf's Covert Action Quarterly c. early-1990s    

(l) https://covertactionmagazine.com/

 Psy-Op: CIA-Tavistock Erasing then Owning Public Mind

How much of your life, eternal soul & time on Earth is f**ked up & martyred by central bankers who founded OSS, CIA, MI5-6 & Tavistock? –(Tavistock founded by Rockefeller Foundation)

The Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of The United States of America, by Dr. John Coleman; ASIN: B000MQPTMQ, 1999

video unavailable

(above) The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, by John Coleman (entire Audiobook)

video account terminated by youtube

(above) The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, by John Coleman (Audiobook)

CHAPTER 1 - Founding the World's Premiere Brainwashing Institute

Defund Fed/City of London ...Sovereign Military Knights of Malta ...and Skull & Bones Brotherood of the Order of Death

Welcome to destabilization of the Republic of the United States of America United States Corporation by Fed/City of London bankers (who's banking & nuclear & biological warfare pandemic is causing deaths of millions of people & trillions of animals) ...they founded the U.N., Wall Street, London Stock Exchange & now invest in Russia, China, India & South America so it's time to reduce their U.S. investment experiment & increase ownership of your own soul, rape Mother Nature & blasphemy Divine Order ...as you've noticed

Nuclear pandemic & ionospheric heaters destroy the Ocean & Nature

...and, their CV-19 pandemic biological warfare simulation financial collapse rehearsal, destroys humanity & ...guess who's targeted? (p.s. Did I mention their weather- & earthquake warfare, yet?)

First, let's see nuclear then jump to biological warfare ...then, financial warfare ...which 35 million unemployed now understand. Do you? (...see Financial Warfare for Dummies, here)

The good news is, you can blame the same eight families who own 20% of every Fortune 500 company, (not to mention Bill Gates and Soros, the banker families that own City of London, JPMorgan/Chase and Deutschebank) for all the wars, misery & pollution in the last 120-320 years. Sanction them, and you get rid of the problem. If you want to quit, quit. If you want the truth, keep on keepin' on & pass the flame.

Wake the f**k up! Legal Disclaimer: "If this mischievous financial policy which has its origin in North American during the late war in that country, shall become indurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country (The Republic of the United States of America) must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe. ~ Hazard Circular in 1865 London Times re: Lincoln's 'Greenbacks'

 "Capital[ism] must protect itself in every possible manner by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages must be foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through a process of law, the common people [40 million Americans now without jobs who are about to] lose their homes they will become more docile and more easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government, applied by a central power of wealth under control of leading financiers. This truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of Capital to govern the world. By dividing voters through the political party system, we get them to expend energies fighting over questions of no importance. Thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves what has been so well planned and successfully accomplished."   ~Aug. 25, 1924 USA Banker's Magazine

Report: John Brennan hand-picked whistleblower for White House

As the impeachment inquiry continued, new details emerged about the whistleblower who started the whole process. One America's Jack Posobiec sat down with a former CIA officer to learn more.


The authors demonstrate that numerous Western countries, especially the United States and Great Britain, have conducted repeated and willful spying missions on Palestine and later Israel over many decades.

While on the surface these two countries and others profess to be ardent allies of Israel, they work, in fact, through their intelligence services to betray Israel's secrets to the Arabs. Their motive: oil and multinational profits, which must be attained at any price through international covert policies.

To understand the duplicitous nature of the West's diplomatic relations with Israel, the authors contend that one must understand the history that begins after the end of World War I with the sordid Mideast exploits of a British diplomat, Jack Philby.

They then proceed into a detailed discussion of the boardrooms of American and English bankers and lawyers who had strong connections with Nazi leaders and Arab oil tycoons in the 1930s prior to the outbreak of World War II.

Particularly intriguing is the information that the writers present to suggest an all-too-cozy financial relationship that existed between the Allied intelligence community and German banks even during the war. 

One of the authors' chief contentions is that Israel was the unwitting victim of bungled Western spy operations such as Iran-Contra and BCCI, whose true dimensions have never previously been exposed.

A consistent theme is that the White House and the British Secret Service have repeatedly run illegal programs, hidden from both the CIA and Congress, and then used the Jews as scapegoats.

The Bush family include not war hero's, but traitors in supplying oil to Hitler and getting busted by the U.S. Justice Department on record for doing so, & their in-laws as well, in financing the Communist Party of the Soviet Union since it was made illegal to interact the the U.S.S.R., in 1919, via Ruskombank, founded in the U.S. specifically for the purposes of financing communist Russia. 

This family was involved in 911/WTC and specifically in the cover-up ... they have aided & abetted the Fed & other enemies of the U.S. at the cost of the lives of the 99% ...is documented fact & the info is available in many books, including: The Secret War Against The Jews, by John Loftus ...  up through the Reagan/Bush Administration (perhaps into later Bush Administrations) (book, available here & add'l info, here) ...having held one of the highest security clearances in the western world ...(an intelligence history of double- & triple agents since the founding of the Fed, through all the world wars, up through Viet Nam, the destabilization of Soviet Union, the shift to door-to-door terrorism by the U.S. destroying all the countries in the mid-east that did not belong to or submit to the control of the Rothschild-founded international interlocking directorate of the Federal Reserve.

Robert Mueller & the WTC/911 Commission Cover-up, (here)

FTR #1007 Alfa Males, Part 4: 9/11: Underground Reich & the Russia-Gate Psy-Op, (here)


Lisa Haven says: "If this is exposed,then CNN & MSNBC will cease to exist! America's darkest secret revealed!

By Lisa Haven    — “Operation Mockingbird is an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.” Project Mockingbird is alive and well! CNN and MSNBC have sold the American public down river and given themselves over to the Deep State. Not only are they currently working with the CIA and FBI, they are hiring many to do their bidding. 

Here’s a list CNN uses for analysts:

1- James Clapper (director of national intelligence under President Obama).

2- Andrew McCabe (Former FBI Deputy Director! CNN Announced on Friday he would serve as their law enforcement Analyst.)

3- James Baker (Former FBI General Counsel. Baker left FBI in May 2018, he was under criminal investigation for a leak to the media) He is a CNN Legal Analyst.

4- Josh Campbell (Former FBI Aid to James Comey) hired by CNN!

5- Asha Rangappa (Former FBI Special Agent) Now she is a CNN Commentator!

6- Steven Hall (Former CIA Moscow station chief) Now CNN National Security Analyst.

7- Phil Mudd (Former FBI and CIA official) He gives many presentations on CNN 8- Jame Gagliano (Former FBI Supervisory special agent) Now a CNN Law Enforcement Analyst.

Here are the ones from MSNBC: 

1- John Brennan (Former CIA Director) He is now a senior national security and intelligence analyst for NBC News and MSNBC!

2- Frank Figliuzzi (Former FBI Assistant director for counterintelligence). He’s an NBC New National Security Contributor.

3- Chuck Rosenberg (Former chief of staff to James Comey and administrator of the drug enforcement administration)  He is an MSNBC contributor.

4- Malcom Nance (Former Naval Chief Petty officer) Now with MSNBC.

5- Jeremy Bash (Former CIA chief of staff under Obama) Now an NBC and MSNBC national security analyst!

For More Information, see: https://dailycaller.com/2019/08/23/cnn-msnbc-15-spooks-mccabe/    https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/23/former-top-fbi-official-andrew-mccabe-is-joining-cnn-as-a-contributor.html   https://dailycaller.com/2018/02/09/cnn-josh-campbell-james-comey/ 

{Editor's note: Basically, the fake news hires CIA agents to put out the party line, as part of Project Mockingbird.} Note the comments by two former CIA agents regarding their 'owning' the media (see graphics, below).

CIA - The Mighty Wurlitzer, Lou Wolf's Covert Action Quarterly c. early-1990s    

(l) https://covertactionmagazine.com/

(continued from homepage)

—(afterthoughts: on Kissinger, Manafort, Hillary, Podesta & Biden in Ukraine & Crimea & Biden's son & CIA on Ukraine's Burisima's board, & neo-Nazi persecution of LGBT in Ukraine & 9/11)—

[Reagan & Bush Cold Warriors/NWO put Putin in Power preceding & following the Fed Interest Rate central bankers' destabilization of the Soviet Union & Eastern Europe in the late 1980's & the 1990's on their covert & overt ops to financially conquer Russia & destroy Earth & Nature enroute to financially conquer China & destroy Earth & Nature & financially rule the world & destroy Earth & Nature]

09:08 AM Jan 30, 2014 -7029- Ukraine: Brink of civil war – threats to blow up nuclear plants – facilities on high alert after seizure of energy ministry (VIDEO)



FTR #1008 Alfa Males, Part 5: Lee Harvey Manafort, The Russia-Gate Psy-Op, and the Underground Reich (Habsburg Redux, Part 2)


— Dave Emory: Heeding polls that found Ukraine’s citizens to oppose the country’s inclusion into NATO and midwiving a report that exonerated then Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich of criminal excess in the jailing of his predecessor and rival Yulia Timoshenko, Manafort undertook political activism on behalf of both causes in order to effect his goal of Westernizing Ukraine.

When the combination of popular dissatisfaction with the austerity-laden EU association proposal and Russian pressure led to Yanukovych’s cancellation of the deepening of Ukrainian/EU relations, the Euromaidan coup sealed the fate of the Yanukovych government.

“Plan B” for the integration of Ukraine into the Western camp was the Euromaidan coup, which culminated in the sniper killings of numerous civilians. As discussed in FTR #‘s 982 and 993, those sniper attacks may well have been a provocation, effected by Ukrainian fascist and OUN/B successor Andriy Parubiy christened “The Captain of the Maidan” and very possibly, Manafort himself.

Plan B, for  the maneuvering of Ukraine into the Western camp might be termed “Plan OUN/B.”

Manafort...like Lee Harvey Oswald and Edwin Wilson before him ...has been “left out in the cold” by his spymasters, left to take the fall for an operation he undertook on their behalf. Hence, our christening of Trump’s former, unfortunate campaign manager as “Lee Harvey Manafort.”

— In addition to the Habsburg power political forces, our analysis focuses on the tiny, Habsburg-affiliated European principality of Liechtenstein. With a population of just 32.000, Liechtenstein is a vertically-integrated lean, mean money-laundering machine.

Overlapping the Liechtenstein connection is the Alfa Group ...a Russian conglomerate, the most important component of which is the Alfa Bank.

— For purposes of clarity, we present synoptic analysis of key points of discussion and analysis in FTR #‘s 1007 and related programs. — The Alfa conglomerate maintains the Alfa Fellowship program, a subsidiary of the Carl Duisberg Society’s new umbrella the Cultural Vistas organization.

The Carl Duisberg Society was the vehicle that shepherded 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta around Germany and the U.S. Alfa subsidiary Crown Alfa had dealings with commodities Marc Rich, whose pardon was investigated by James Comey.

— In FTR #930, we noted that another Alfa associate Mikhail Fridman did purchase Marc Rich assets. — Also in FTR #930, we noted an Alfa Bank server communicating with the Trump organization.

— In 2001, Crown Alfa associate Norbert Seeger’s Progressive Citizens Party of Liechtenstein gave Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein unprecedented power, making him, in effect, Europe’s only absolute monarch. Hans-Adam’s new powers gave him control over the courts and judicial system just as the 9/11 attacks and resulting Operation Green Quest investigations were moving in the direction of the Lichtenstein-based Al-Taqwa nexus.

— An Al-Taqwa subsidiary, the Asat Trust had links to the House of Liechtenstein–the ruling family of Liechtenstein. — Robert Mueller helped derail the Operation Green Quest investigation while serving as head of the FBI . — The House of Liechtenstein is a subsidiary of the House of Habsburg. — In this program, we set forth elements overlapping the dynamics presented above, including:

Manafort’s networking with the “Habsburg Group” of European politicians to effect Ukraine’s integration into the EU orbit:

—  "...A second Washington lobbying firm hired by Mr. Manafort, the Podesta Group, also said last year that it had ‘arranged meetings and media opportunities’ for visiting European leaders regarding Ukraine, starting in 2012, including for Mr. Gusenbauer, Mr. Prodi and two former presidents, Aleksander Kwasniewski of Poland and Viktor A. Yushchenko of Ukraine. ...The group of senior former politicians, according to the indictment, was informally called the Hapsburg Group, after the Austro-Hungarian dynasty, the Habsburgs...”

Lee Harvey Manafort and the Habsburg Group enlisted Alex van Der Zwaan, son-in-law of German Khan the (Kiev) Ukraine-born founder of Alfa Bank —(cont, here)—

Program Highlights also include:

Ukraine’s suspension of cooperation with the Mueller probe, in order to avoid endangering Trump’s arming of Ukraine.

—  Manafort and the Habsburg Group’s networking with Andrei Artemenko, a Pravy Sektor affiliate whose operations with Felix Sater and Michael Cohen were described as part of a Russian conspiracy but were, in fact, part of an anti-Russian conspiracy.

— This is discussed at length in FTR #967.

— Review of Felix Sater’s intelligence background. Sater is the point man for Trump’s dealings with Russia. ” . . . . Sater reported back to intelligence agencies on the results of coalition bombings, kills on the battlefield, the financial networks behind the 9/11 bombers and other al-Qaeda members worldwide, and even the identity of a New Mexico company believed to be laundering terror funds in the United States.

FTR #1022 “Edwin” Manafort, the Coming of Fascism to Ukraine and the “Russia-Gate” Psy-Op — SUMMARY

—(Add'l info, here ...see '“FTR #1022 “Edwin” Manafort, the Coming of Fascism to Ukraine and the “Russia-Gate” Psy-Op” —  Conclusion' — EXPANDED VERSION)—

Abstract: Maid­an mas­sacre tri­al and inves­ti­ga­tion evi­dence have revealed var­i­ous evi­dence that at least the absolute major­i­ty of 49 killed and 157 wound­ed Maid­an pro­test­ers on Feb­ru­ary 20, 2014 were mas­sa­cred by snipers in Maid­an-con­trolled build­ings.

— Such evi­dence includes tes­ti­monies of the major­i­ty of wound­ed pro­test­ers and many wit­ness­es, foren­sic med­ical and bal­lisitic exam­i­na­tions, and inves­ti­ga­tion own find­ing that about half of Maid­an pro­test­ers were wound­ed from oth­er loca­tions than the Berkut police.

— Var­i­ous indi­ca­tions of stonewalling of the Maid­an mas­sacre inves­ti­ga­tions and the tri­als by the Maid­an gov­ern­ment offi­cials and by far right orga­ni­za­tions.

— Var­i­ous indi­ca­tions of the cov­er-up of much of the key evi­dence of the mas­sacre.

— Such rev­e­la­tions from the Maid­an mas­sacre tri­als and inves­ti­ga­tions cor­rob­o­rate pre­vi­ous stud­ies find­ings that this mas­sacre was a false flag mass killing with involve­ment of ele­ments of Maid­an lead­er­ship and the far right and that it includ­ed the mas­sacre of the police.

— The puz­zling mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the Maid­an mas­sacre, its inves­ti­ga­tion, and the tri­al by West­ern media and gov­ern­ments require fur­ther research con­cern­ing rea­sons for such mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion.


Podesta & Ukraine

Biden Sr. in Ukraine 


Volodymyr Zelensky

Viktor Yanukovych

CIA — type Ukraine into search engine at CIA site

Biden Jr. & CIA on Ukraine's Burisima's board

June 14, 2018 – neo-Nazi persecution of LGBT in Ukraine — Ukrainian Militia Behind Brutal Romany & LGBT Attacks Getting State Funds —

"Brutal attacks on [Romany] people, LGBT people, and rights activists have been on the rise in recent months in Ukraine," Tanya Cooper, Ukraine researcher at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement published alongside an open letter, which the organization signed with Freedom House, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International on June 14.

— "The government has taken little action in response, which cannot but embolden and encourage the attackers."

The Fed & Wall Street are the 1% of the 1%

  1. When the international interlocking directorate of the Fed (who owns Wall Street & own 20% of & direct & fluctuate the stock markets & also start wars to their global advantage,) want bigger personal disposable income, they run up the national debt & then get their 'dividends' in the form of annual interest payments on national debt ...about $2 trillion dollars every year for 8 founding families and their designees – from the Fed and five original European Rothschild central banks.
  2. City of London begot the Fed & Wall Street – the Fed & Wall Street begot OSS – OSS became CIA – CIA begot Al Qaeda
  3. CIA works only to promote the income of the international interlocking directorate of the Federal Reserve by running up the national debt to increase the annual interest payments to the 8 families & their designees ...traditionally done with covert action, coups and counter-coups & agents provocateurs to start wars, civil wars & increase arm sales, then colonize countries and takeover their natural resources, & traffick their women & children
  4. Want to see a 40 year history of all the covert action crimes of the international interlocking directorate of the Fed? 
  5. —(CAB HOMEPAGE, here) (ORIGINAL CAB ARCHIVES, here) (you'll never be the same, here)-

May 31, 2012 -3475- Former head of Japan’s #1 newspaper worked with CIA to promote nuclear power

Apr 9, 2012 -3039- Secret Japan nuclear bomb program covered up using nuclear power industry - Enough to build arsenal larger than China, India and Pakistan combined


United States allowed Japan access to the United States’ most secret nuclear weapons facilities while it transferred tens of billions of dollars-worth of American tax paid research that has allowed Japan to amass 70 tons of weapons grade plutonium since the 1980s, a National Security News Service investigation reveals. U.S. has known about a secret nuclear weapons program in Japan since the 1960s, according to CIA, here.

Mar 11, 2014 -8086- U.S. officials hide concerns as Fukushima melts-down - CIA told nuclear regulator blast was hydrogen [not nuclear]; noted no evidence to support this theory

Jun 13, 2015 -8656- CIA Agent: Gov’t covers up effects of radiation; I hope public gets aware - radiation risks are orders of magnitude greater than official estimates; Completely changes picture – serious public health hazard (VIDEO)

Jun 30, 2011 -0917- Leaked emails: British gov’t & nuke owners in collusion. [CIA/MI6-G8 make disinformation & fake news] PR campaign hides Fukushima toll

British government (G-8) plan to play down Fukushima - work behind scenes with multinational companies: EDF Energy, Areva, Westinghouse - hide truth to prevent incident undermining public support for nuclear power, here

Jul 24, 2017 | -8887- [CIA-MI6-G8 disinformation fake news apologist?] Expert: Melted fuel found at Fukushima - Corium 6 feet thick below reactor - Nuclear waste piles up at bottom - Lava-like material spread all over - hangs like icicles - Mystery orange substance (VIDEO) [also, see below.]

Unincredulous 04:04 AM Jul 25, 2017 — 97 tons in one reactor. That ought to boil some water. WTF they thinking? 97 tons of uranium & plutonium to boil water?



Unincredulous 02:57Jul 25, 2017 1:00 in (above link) – Only 25 percent of radioactive airborne fallout was released in the first few days of the meltdowns. 75 percent was released in the next few weeks …this model of radioactive fallout is based only on one reactor, one radioactive element, and on the first couple of days and is misleading - plus reactor three was steaming in 2013, as well. Criticality suspected. Nuclear’s finest hour, [1] - three meltdowns, and explosions and it looks like new! Eahhhhh!

Durnford 03:02 AM Jul 25, 2017 – Anybody checked a picture of reactor 3 building, gezz. Reactor No. 3 core is gone, same as fuel pools full of reactor cores above it, are gone; birdbrains. It’s the most radioactive building because it was MOx fuel. Let’s be clear: no camera took a picture of a reactor that does not exist; end of story. I’ll cover it tomorrow 10:30 am PST BC Canada time, my youtube site: Beautifulgirlbydana. Hugs, don’t let the monsters win.

Razzz Look at the cap-stand with bolts, holding a plate in bottom pix of:


Notice every bolt head has rust, in a circle around it, and the bolts above them. TEPCO wants me to believe melted nuclear fuel pellets deposited nicely around bolt heads, but not ON bolt heads. Think about it. … poster child of fake news.

10:16 AM Nov 7, 2012 | 22  -4710- 200% as many radioactive products [i] returned to Japan this year than in 2011 - Russian report (VIDEO) here

[1] 07:46 PM Oct 3, 2014 | 898

-8449- Photo captures moment containment vessel destroyed at Fukushima - Workers: White steam is coming out of reactor - radiation spikes in central Tokyo. [Apologist fake news:] U.S. Nuclear Official - Fukushima was nuclear power’s finest hour… everything worked as engineered.(VIDEO) here

[i] vital1 05:41 PM Nov 7, 2012 – International reports of radioactive isotope contamination in food items.


Geiger counter use guide.


How to set up a home, or community based, DIY food test lab.


google search engine searches this site, type in tritium  

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Every nuclear reactor is a nuclear dump where waste is stored, so we focus on America first then locations of every nuclear reactor & dump in the world, since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer.

Biden & Dementia Note: Portland Metro Creative Aging & Cognitive Arts Center is not funded at this time. enrollment membership info for our curriculum for students will be available, here.


Thank you for your interest. Please contact your friends and share this information.


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