The Pacific Ocean is Dying – To Save Earth & Clean the Planet ...March Fed Interest Rate Bankers to the Gallows 

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The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know

...when you know, you can help save animals you love from excruciating deaths

ALERT: Listen to your children, "SHUT THE REACTORS DOWN, NOW." / We are irreversibly in the sixth great extinction of life on our planet. Listen to your children, and animal lovers, and take a lesson from the excruciating tumor and lesion cancer deaths, mysterious immune deficiency infectious and contagious diseases and starvation of millions, even billions and trillions of whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals – and their fetuses and unborn within them – sea turtles, eels, tuna, salmon and other fish, crabs, lobsters, sea birds, invertebrates, starfish, mollusks, tide pool life, sea urchins, sea anemones, scallops, shrimp, and other ocean life forms wasting away dying and dead suspended beneath the surface of the sea and on the ocean floor and on Pacific Ocean west coast beaches from Alaska to Mexico from Fukushima plutonium and other radionuclide waste in the water around them since 2011 and now practically, for Eternity until extinction – and, from illegal government weather modification programs for 70 years – and, from military sonar and electromagnetic pulse and depleted uranium target practice and war games in the Pacific Ocean – and, from nuclear bomb explosions in the Pacific Ocean – and, from atmospheric and underground testing of nuclear weapons – and, sonic undersea oil exploration – all financed and/or owned by the interlocking directorates of the international central bank mafia ... don't let this suffering happen in your community ... because if you live within 25 miles of a normal operating nuclear reactor ... nuclear fallout from everyday business-as-usual nuclear reactor fallout is on you and in you, in your ova and sperm and fetus ... and women and girls are more likely to get cancer than men or boys, or those who live farther away. Listen to your children, "SHUT THE REACTORS DOWN, NOW."/ Currently, sea mammals and fish and sea birds and all sea life has been washing up the last six years on shores from Alaska, Vancouver B.C., Washington, Oregon, California and Mexico, and now far down past Central- into South America ... dead and dying in agony, in convulsions and seizures, covered in bleeding lesions and tumors in the water and on the sea shores. There are several accurate explanations for these events. 1) Plutonium and other radionuclides released from nuclear catastrophes (such as Fukushima) and from nuclear reactor day-to-day routine releases; 2) oil exploration shooting off sonic booms underwater every 20 seconds for months at a time, bursting the ear drums of whales and dolphins, rupturing their organs and causing them and other sea life excruciating deaths; 3) toxic algae blooms; 4) "new and mysterious diseases"; NOTE: Chernobyl research documents that radionuclides mutate bacteria and viruses to form "new and mysterious diseases". / Currently sharks and other sea life are now washing up dead on the shores of San Francisco Bay, and now in the Atlantic Ocean, too ...on the shores of Nova Scotia. BTW - You may not know about this because the news media is owned by the same people who own the nuclear industry (see our submenu item: 'Animals |Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases'. On this site you will learn what's going on around you without your knowledge and find out who is responsible for us drowning in the nuclear sea and suffocating in the nuclear and weather modification air of the sixth great extinction of life on our planet. Listen to your children, shut down nuclear reactors, stop government weather modification programs, limit military sonar, depleted uranium target practice, and live ammunition war games in the Pacific Ocean, and stop oil company undersea exploration using sonic booms and sonar that bursts the ear drums of whales and dolphins and ruptures their internal organs up to several hundred miles away. Listen to your children, they are right about this: Stop nuclear overnight and convert to solar and save the species and numbers of animals and loved ones, we have left, both you and yours./

The Pacific Ocean is Dying

Millions & billions of whales, dolphins, sea turtles, seals, walruses, manatees, pelicans and other seabirds, tidal pool animals – starfish, urchins, anenomies, limpets – plankton, krill, herring, tuna, salmon, squid, octopi (and more sea life) covered in lesions and tumors and sick with 'mysterious diseases' are dying excruciating deaths, suspended in the water and washing up dead and dying on west coast beaches and all round the Pacific Rim where ever the Pacific Ocean makes landfall on a beach.

Chernobyl scientists document fallout mutates bacteria & viruses to form new & mysterious diseases —here)—

According to world renown epistomologist Rosalie Bertell, global warming is not caused by greenhouse gases, but by the military weaponizing the planet. Similarly, deaths of millions & billions of sea life attributed to global warming & climate change causing new & mysterious diseases in the Pacific Ocean appears false, since studies by Chernobyl scientists document that nuclear ionizing radiation mutates bacteria and viruses to form new & mysterious diseases.

Consequently, the Pacific Ocean is dying from hundreds of tons of plutonium-filled water discharged daily from water acquifirs into the sea 24/7/365 since March 2011.

Urgent Alert

Is the Pacific Ocean Dying?

How do we know?

Our two books & this website will give you clues to have your own 'aha moment' & your intution (located in your pineal gland) will figure out who's at fault for ordering nuclear ecocide, genocide & omnicide, that they should be tried, judged, sentenced – then marched to the gallows ...or, not? 

...we know, because of investigative reporters like Dane Wigington & Bob Nichols & Dana Durnford

(Conclusive & amazing documentation, search results on Dane's website, here: The Pacific Ocean is Dying )

...and others

(videos, here: Is the Pacific Ocean really dying? – info here – and EneNews)    ...& our two free e-books   ...and, Dana Durnford    ...and more anti-nuclear activists

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean

The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know

We Can Shut Down Nuclear Industry

For the first time, all the evidence in one place!

For the first time, all the evidence you need to shut down all the nuclear reactors in the U.S.A. and around the world is gathered in one place!

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The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know

Self-preservation and Pacific Ocean Conservation is half the battle

The Pacific Ocean is Dying and You Don't Even Know

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Final Solution for Mammals, Gaia & Divine Order 

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Proving you are right, saving your family and others is half the battle

Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean

Nuclear Waste & Fallout  Reference Database

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In just 70 years, every living thing on Earth has become contaminated with deadly man-made radiation that keeps adding up to create birth defects, immune-deficiency diseases leading to cancer and luekemia, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, bone cancer, heart attacks, organ cancers and lung diseaseS – (see Nuclear Industry Disclaimer)

... & 'they' know it!

Global warming: Fukushima plutonium and nuclear fallout and waste mutates viruses and bacteria to form new and mysterious diseases in the Pacific Ocean and is well on its way to making some species in the Pacific Ocean, extinct

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One of my current works in progress

What if 99% of the human race put a $1,000,000,000 bounty on each of the eight families that own the Federal Reserve? ...(you know, those nasty ass Fed interest rate bankers)

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Isn't it about Time See ...for Yourself? ...What 'They' (the Fed interest rate banking families & billionaires) Do to Our Pregnancies & to Nature & to Mother Earth & to the Life Force & to Divine Order? —(Click here)— destroying the ability for mammals (including people) to have healthy pregnancies for the next 250,000 years with nuclear industry using nuclear testing on our seas and land our air and rain ...having nuclear reactors all over the world daily releasing nuclear fallout so that women & girls living within 25 miles of a normally operating nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away – & threating healthy pregnancies & risking newborn mutated kids & reducing the I.Q. of newborns bursting the ear drums & body organs of whales, dolphins, seals & other sea mammals by using military sonar & oil company sonar to search for oil under the sea exploding depleted uranium (DU) or military target practice in our oceans & using depleted uranium (DU) weapons in the mideast destroying the fertility of women for 250,000 years who are afraid to have kids because they will be born with extra arms & legs & heads, fingers & toes using electromagnetic pulse weapons to weaponize the sky and weather as weapons of war & to cause earthquakes poisoning our food & vaccines with genetically modified organism (GMOs) & artificial DNA (Morgellons).

Why The Pacific Ocean is Dying

Nuclear Power Not Safe, Nuclear Power Not Clean —

Nuclear radiation, depleted uranium, war games, sonar, weaponizing the planet: electromagnetic pulse – directed energy – ionispheric heaters – stratospheric aerial spraying –weather warfare: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tidal waves – & conventional & non-conventional warfare —(Story, here)—

  • Nuclear fallout causes tumors, lesions, deformities, cancer and leukemia in sea mammals and fish and other sea life

Death of the food chains from nuclear radiation poisoning

  • The fishing industry is floundering because the plankton, krill and feeder fish are gone and sea mammals, fish and sea birds are starving by the hundreds of thousands, and millions

Depleted uranium war games

  • Depleted uranium war games and stratospheric aerial spraying (chemtrails) fallout add to the burder


  • Sonar use by military and undersea oil exploration disorients whales, dolphins and other sea mammals and bursts their ear drums and body organs, and causing mass strandings and excruciating deaths

Weaponizing the planet

  • Electromagnetic pulse

  • Directed energy weapons

  • Ionispheric heaters 

  • Weather warfare –

  • –Hurricane

  • –Earthquake

  • –Tidal wave

  • – Conventional & non-conventional warfare 

    ...all make for a weaponized planet!

(For a cellphone pdf or for a computer ms word document with 9,000 hand numbered links to 9,000 newswire summaries about nuclear fallout from Fukushima affecting the Pacific Ocean and countries around the world, that is linked to 25,000 published news stories, white papers, youtubes, studies & photos, see The Pacific Ocean Is Dying  and  Nuclear Power Is Not Safe And Clean, here.

 The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know 

Nuclear Industry Predators

Congress is aiding and abetting nuclear industry

Nuclear industry predators & perps in military-industrial, Congress & central banking must be arrested, tired, prosecuted by district attorneys, found guilty by juries, sentenced by judges & marched to the gallows for crimes against humanity, Nature, Divine Order & for treason.

 The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know 

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...for activists, animal lovers, attorneys, college students, district attorneys, environmentalists, journalists, K-12 kids, pregnant women, researchers, scientists and teachers.

 The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know 

Is the Pacific Ocean Really Dying?

How do we know?

Our two books & this website will give you clues to have your own 'aha moment' & your intution (located in your pineal gland) will figure out who's at fault for ordering nuclear ecocide, genocide & omnicide, that they should be tried, judged, sentenced – then marched to the gallows ...or, not?  (video, here: Is the Pacific Ocean really dying?) Add'l info, here.

 The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know 

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The Life force is suffering as never before, can you feel it? It needs your help. The animals thank you. So do we. Act now. Click here.

For this other death
not by plague, this time, not by poison, not by fire, not by artificially induced cancer,
but by the squalid disintegration of the very substance of the species
this gruesome and infinitely unheroic death-in-birth could as well be
the product of  atomic industry as of atomic war.
— Aldous Huxley 1949, Ape and Essence

 The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know 

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10/27/17 – "Fukushima nuclear meltdown kills our ocean; you can pretend its not for a little while longer. " - Dana Durnford. U.S.A. – products from five Japanese prefectures to no longer go through safety certification.  

09/26/17 – "How pathetic, dangerous, arrogant  – 74 yrs; no media nor university tells the difference between irradiated fuel rods and bananas or potato chips ... one irradiated fuel rod to kill all life on Earth in Time." - Dana Durnford

Join Us On a Roller Coaster Ride to Save the Life Force

Women are now an endangered species

Your Life Force is suffering as never before ...can you feel it? Are you tired, grouchy, get sick easy? When radiation mutates DNA, it doesn't care if it is plant, animal or human DNA. It destroys your Life Force and the Divine Order of every living creature or plant to faithfully reproduce itself after its own kind. Radiation creates immune deficiency- and several hundred other diseases along the way to giving you non-terminal or terminal cancer and destroying you. You, your children, pets, gardens and children-to-be, need to be safe and sound. You can stay in denial and ignorance and cause millions of others and billions of animals and life forms to suffer and live with your guilt and cowardice, or simply sell out like all pro-nukers do. Or, you can realize your Angelic calling and Divine nature and respect Life and protect Life. This website and the two free e-books are our gift to you to fulfill your Angelic calling, in hopes of you becoming self-realized, and fulfilled.

Redwood Trees

Survival Today – The Survival of Women and All Life Depends on Taking Care of the Earth & Marching the Families that Own the Fed to the Gallows — those families are attacking Natural & Divine Order with nuclear, depleted uranium, sonar, weather, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulse & chemtrail warfare your life on it

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 —  Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean  — 

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean
Nichols on Nuclear
 Next time you hear nuclear apologists say nuclear is safe & clean, just say, "put it where the sun doesn't shine"

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