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Here is an example of how to use the nuclear waste & fallout database and website ... we did separate searches for the words: navy – sailor – USS Reagan – Reagan into the downloaded ms word version search engine & harvested a total of 91 relevant documents that indicate the U.S. Government, court system, designers & builders of nuclear reactors are denying radiation-linked illnesses & depriving these navy sailors of health care & legal redress to win lawsuits against perpetrators of the nuclear fallout that disabled them ...& refuse to compensate them for terrible suffering and injuries. (For add'l background info, see Nuclear Sports, here)


03:18 AM Mar 14, 2011 []-0022-  Navy detects radioactive plume 100 miles from Fukushima - on 17 air crew members

12:19 PM May 27, 2011 []-0599- U.S. Navy forecast shows super typhoon may hit Fukushima - TEPCO considers measures

05:38 AM Jul 18, 2011 []-1010- TEPCO rushing to shield Reactor No. 3 turbine building from typhoon - Navy: Storm may pass over Fukushima plant by July 21

05:49 PM Jul 27, 2011 []-1064- 154 U.S. service members - elevated internal radiation, to 250 microsieverts - military declines to release workplace rad levels

12:27 PM Aug 17, 2011 []-1162- Tends to concentrate in testicles: 360+ atoms radioactive sulfur/day inhaled by Calif after Fukushima

03:36 PM Aug 17, 2011 []-1163- Whistle-blowers report neptunium-239 far from plant - TV show cancelled

01:40 PM Jul 17, 2013 []-6041- []- 6579.4- 25x as many people in Fukushima area develop thyroid cancer after disaster - Expert: My heart breaks U.S. service members suffered radiation exposure

11:51 AM Feb 26, 2012 []-2695- U.S. Navy vice admiral reports 1,500 microsieverts/hr thyroid dose by Tokyo - Mar 20

10:24 PM Mar 1, 2012 []-2731- 1,000 microSv thyroid dose south of Tokyo over 10 hour period Mar. 14 - U.S. Navy

05:03 PM Jul 24, 2012 []-3872- Medicated worker lit fire that burned nuclear sub - twice - Navy blamed blaze on vacuum cleaner (VIDEO)

10:27 AM Sep 6, 2012 []-4208 - U.S Military starts registry for people developing health conditions after being in Japan - Says Tokyo babies had 12 millisievert radiation dose to thyroid in weeks after 3/11 (MAP)

12:10 PM Dec 26, 2012 []-5024- Navy crew members sue Japan over Fukushima cover-up - Irreparable harm to life expectancy - Gov’t and TEPCO conspired

07:04 PM Dec 27, 2012 []-5035- Legal Expert in Tokyo: Fukushima perpetrators escaping responsibility

11:11 PM Dec 27, 2012 []-5036- 1-year-old named in Fukushima lawsuit by U.S. Navy members

11:26 AM Dec 28, 2012 []-5037- Footage: Alarms go off during radiation scans on USS Ronald Reagan - This is crazy - We’re dying & we’re taking videos of it - (VIDEO)

08:06 PM Dec 28, 2012 []-5039- Paper: Navy sailors have experienced “great physical pain” after Fukushima radiation exposure says lawsuit — “Therapies such as chelation & bone marrow transplants” required

07:27 PM Feb 11, 2013 []-5325- Lawyer: TEPCO please help, we have troops dying, need medical care after 3/11 - Bone marrow transplant at NIH - Another bleeding incessantly (AUDIO)

07:52 AM Dec 29, 2012 []-5040 - Navy sailors use no masks when scrubbing radioactive particles on USS Ronald Reagan after 3/11 - CNN: The idea here is all about safety

08:39 AM Dec 29, 2012 []-5041- U.S. Navy sailor discusses sickness after serving in Japan on USS Ronald Reagan

09:28 AM Dec 29, 2012 []-5042- Sailors traits associated with radiation poisoning after Japan operation - Bleed from rectum - Baby with birth defects - Cancer - Thyroid problems (VIDEO)

11:16 AM Dec 29, 2012 []-5044- CNN: Major health issues in ill U.S. Navy sailors exposed to Fukushima radiation

01:20 AM Dec 30, 2012 []-5048Many sailors from USS Ronald Reagan suffer problems after 3/11 - No sum of money would compensate me if I’m 23 yrs old bleeding from my behind

03:16 PM Dec 30, 2012 []- 5050-  U.S. Navy Sailors: I’m not what I used to be - my thyroid’s not what it used to be since 3/11 - Degenerative disks on my back (VIDEO)

12:29 AM Dec 31, 2012 [] -5052- U.S. Navy sailors say there was a conspiracy to withhold truth about radiation releases (AUDIO)

09:52 PM Jan 8, 2013 []-5103- U.S. Marine may join Fukushima lawsuit - Navy clients have bladder problems not normally seen in younger people

07:29 PM Jan 8, 2013 []-5102- Navy sailor says clumps of hair fell out after Fukushima plume exposure - people getting sick - bad headaches, some threw up a bit

03:31 PM Feb 1, 2013 []-5260- Over 150 U.S. service members: Fukushima radiation triggered medical issues - Defense Department abandons medical registry, leaves them on own

04:12 PM Feb 10, 2013 []-5317- U.S. service members’ kids in Japan develop medical issues after 3/11, son: vomiting fit of 3 months - 15-20 times a day (VIDEO)

11:29 AM Feb 11, 2013 []-5320- Navy sailors after Fukushima: Leukemia, testicular cancer, growths - surgery to remove brain lesions- lost sight in eye  (VIDEO)

12:02 PM Feb 12, 2013 []-5329- I’ve got people bleeding from their behinds, sores all over their bodies -Attorney for Navy sailors exposed to radiation (AUDIO)

01:53 PM Mar 11, 2013 []-5539- U.S. Navy Sailor: They had to remove three layers of skin off my hands and arms after Fukushima exposure - Treated as if I had the plague (AUDIO)

03:01 PM Mar 11, 2013 []-5540- People try to commit suicide aboard USS Reagan during Fukushima mission - Some tried to get off ship - living in fear every day, it was horrible (AUDIO)

06:18 PM Mar 12, 2013 []-5550- U.S. Navy Sailor: Higher ups, senior chiefs say they’re sick after Fukushima exposure - contacted us (VIDEO)

08:44 AM Mar 15, 2013 []-5573- Military unit contaminated when Fukushima Unit 3 exploded - too radioactive to stand by each other

01:00 PM Mar 18, 2013 []-5597U.S. Navy Sailor: Our digital watches stopped working when offshore Fukushima after 3/11 - We were laughing at first, but then …

12:11 PM Jul 17, 2013 []-6040- U.S. military reveals radiation-related illnesses after Fukushima: arm shrunk to half its size - immune system attacking body - leukemia, testicular cancer, thyroid problems, rectal bleeding, brain tumor

In growing lawsuit, service members fault TEPCO for radiation-related illnesses SourceStars and Stripes; Author: Matthew M. Burke July 15, 2013

Excerpts: Five months after participating in humanitarian operations for the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami that led to nuclear disaster in Japan, Petty Officer 3rd Class Daniel Hair’s body began to betray him.

He had sharp hip pains, constant scabbing in his nose, back pain, memory loss, severe anxiety and a constant high-pitch ringing in his ears as his immune system began to attack his body. The diagnosis, he said, was a genetic immune system disease, which on X-rays looked to have made his hip joint jagged and his spine arthritic.

Other service members have been diagnosed with leukemia, testicular cancer and thyroid problems or experienced rectal and gynecological bleeding, the lawsuit says. Hair said one of his friends, a fellow USS Ronald Reagan shipmate, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Hair said there is no history of the genetic disease in his family and that doctors have told him radiation exposure could have triggered it.

Senior Chief Mike Sebourn said he suffered nose bleeds, headaches and nausea in the immediate aftermath - symptoms consistent with radiation poisoning. Months later, he felt weak in his right arm; excruciating pain followed. He said the command fitness leader in charge of physical training at Atsugi watched as his arm atrophied to about half its size.

01:40 PM Jul 17, 2013 []-6041- 25x as many people in Fukushima area develop thyroid cancer after disaster - Expert: My heart breaks U.S. service members suffered radiation exposure

01:20 AM Aug 15, 2013 []-6184- Navy sailor’s health fails after exposure to Fukushima fallout - now a shaking, withering patient unable to walk by himself - younger service members at stake as well - doctors won’t give diagnosis (PHOTOS)

09:26 AM Aug 15, 2013 []-6186- U.S. sailors suffer radiation sickness - Fukushima - USS Reagan stationed a mile away for weeks near melt down (VIDEO)

10:29 AM Oct 19, 2013 []-6568- Sailor: After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead - Nothing alive for over 3,000 miles - no longer saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds - saw one whale, it appeared helpless with big tumor on head

02:38 AM Oct 23, 2013 []-6584- Sailor’s horrific Pacific journey goes viral, smashes record - Picked up by Guardian, USA Today, more… All fail to mention ongoing crisis at Fukushima, by far world’s largest release of radioactivity into ocean

05:00 PM Nov 22, 2013 []-6730-  Sailors in Hawaii asked to monitor Fukushima plumes - TV: New type of debris washes up on islands - Study: Japan nuclear contamination moves same speed as current (VIDEO)

01:02 AM Dec 12, 2013 []-6801- Another 20  Sailors: USS Ronald Reagan crew with thyroid cancers, leukemia, brain tumors, bleeding, blindness after Fukushima disaster - Kids develop problems - Gov’t and TEPCO in major conspiracy (AUDIO)

07:45 PM Dec 18, 2013 []-6825- Sickened Navy crew members have lawsuit dismissed - Sailors have cancer of thyroid, gallbladder, testicles - leukemia, unremitting headaches, rectal bleeding, tumors, tumors on the brain, gastrointestinal trouble, gynecological problems, impotence, going blind, bodies deteriorating (VIDEO)

04:19 PM Dec 19, 2013 []-6827- TV: 70 Navy sailors in new Fukushima lawsuit – sailed into plume, could be thousands more seriously exposed - 1 or 2 sick could be coincidence, but 50-60 people in 20s off one ship? - cancers, blindness, impotence (VIDEO)

05:25 PM Dec 20, 2013 []-6834- Fox News: So many U.S. sailors coming forward with symptoms after mission near Fukushima; strange lumps all over… he’d been poisoned with radiation; hemorrhaging, cancers, leukemia, tumors - Another 50 service members may join lawsuit

08:05 PM Dec 20, 2013 []-6835- Fox Host: Wasn’t aware sickness among Navy sailors was so widespread after Fukushima; Experts say dangerous radioactive releases to air & ocean - TEPCO - no U.S. radiation data for 3-4 days (VIDEOS)

05:51 PM Jun 16, 2014 []-8285- Navy sailor suing over Fukushima exposure dies from rare cancer near heart - TV: Navy lieutenant retires, unable to use leg muscles due to Fukushima radiation & confined to wheelchair - In mid-30s (VIDEOS)

10:00 PM Jul 15, 2014 []-8323- Emotional interview with Navy sailor suffering after Fukushima exposure: Others with same symptoms told to be quiet - nobody’s heard from them - Health worsening, worried I’m going to die - Can’t use legs or arms, hands barely functional - Rashes over body, spasms, shaking - Doctors say it’s psychological

12:05 PM Aug 3, 2014 []-8347- Gov’t Report: 1,750 navy sailors suffer from ill-defined conditions after exposure to Fukushima radiation while aboard USS Reagan - Significant increases in male infertility and child birth complications - Dozens have thyroid disorders, many spontaneous abortions - Extreme measures used to cover this up (AUDIO)

10:20 AM Aug 20, 2014 []-8376- Children of U.S. Navy sailors suffer from cancers after Fukushima exposure - I couldn’t move… so much pain… I have leukemia - More kids with thyroid cancer - Father: We couldn’t figure it out… his body was changing Sailor: Right side of my body is shriveling up, one arm now almost 5 inches smaller (VIDEO)

[]-8428.4- []-5042- TV: U.S. sailors having traits associated with radiation poisoning after Japan operation - Bleeding from rectum - Baby with birth defects - Cancer - Thyroid problems (VIDEO) Dec 29, 2012

[NOTE: 8385.1 is a 180 pg pdf file]

[]-8385.1-  Defense Threat Reduction Agency: at-sea crew: major contributors to inhalation doses were the following 10 isotopes: I-131, I-132, I-133, Cs-134, Cs-136, Cs-137, Te-129, Te-129m, Te-131m & Te-132

06:03 PM Sep 30, 2014 []-8441- Fukushima chief pleads for help from U.S. military: Fires broken out at Reactor 4… We can’t do anything… please - Leader turned pale after seeing flames and black smoke near fuel pool - Worker tries to have last meal before dying and realizes he’s unable to taste food

02:53 AM Oct 2, 2014 []-8446- Huge increase in U.S. Navy sailors suffering injury after Fukushima exposure - Gov’t reports show USS Reagan went directly into most intense area of plume just as radioactive releases hit peak - Over 20 trillion becquerels coming from plant every second - we’re now beginning to see the real data (VIDEO)

12:23 AM Oct 6, 2014 []-8451- TV: Dangerous typhoon causing massive damage in Japan - Life-threatening flash flooding expected for Fukushima, rain up to 10 inches - AP: Packing winds up to 180 km per hour - Experts warn of tornadoes, mudslides, and high waves along Pacific coast - Navy: Max. wave height now 37 feet (VIDEO)

04:19 PM Oct 30, 2014 []-8481- U.S. sailors won major battle in Fukushima lawsuit - Now 200 young Navy & Marines with leukemia, organs removed, brain tumors/cancer, blindness- Gov’t: Fukushima terrible tragedy, Navy ships under threat - radiation kills like nuclear weapon (VIDEO)

12:11 PM Nov 25, 2014 []-8509- CBS: Now two U.S. sailors dead after Fukushima radiation exposure - Doctor: Officials have to re-look at this entire situation - critical health risk to all onboard… (VIDEO)

09:28 AM Feb 12, 2015 []-8564- Doctor removed six thyroids in recent months from USS Reagan crew exposed to Fukushima fallout - Over 500 sailors ill after mission in Japan - Officers: sick soldiers everywhere, many in hospitals in San Diego or Hawaii - I don’t know what’s going on - Veteran in wheelchair thrown out by physician, you’re faking, you need to leave (VIDEO)

02:42 PM Feb 16, 2015 []-8567- Navy sailors suffer strange deformities after Fukushima exposure - Testicles swell to size of tennis balls after pants so contaminated they set off radiation alarms - Her arm swelled up, hand looked like baseball mitt - His fingers turned yellow, even brown - feet now dark red  (VIDEO)

11:18 PM Jul 26, 2015 []-8685- Attorney for U.S. Navy Sailors: Third death from exposure to Fukushima fallout - baby with brain cancer died - USS Reagan sailors first people hit by plume not at plant (VIDEOS)


07:47 AM Jun 8, 2016 []-8820- More U.S. sailors dying after Fukushima radiation exposure - 400 veterans suffer serious illness - Former Japan Prime Minister breaks down crying, This can’t be ignored any longer - the number of sick people is increasing; their symptoms are worsening (VIDEOS) 

12:33 PM Dec 22, 2013 []-6840- Navy Rescuer: Japan refused to let us in during 3/11 operation, said ship too radioactive; We were chased by a death sentence, radiation was everywhere - Gundersen: Like a horror movie where beast never gets killed… Worst yet to come for Pacific  (VIDEO)

09:04 PM Dec 22, 2013 []-6842- NY Post: Radioactive snow falling on Navy ship caused by Fukushima radioactive steam - Is that taste aluminum foil? - Sailor: People were defecating on themselves in hallways from excruciating diarrhea – Officer: Radiation 300 times safe levels (VIDEO)

12:31 PM Dec 28, 2013 []-6858- Navy Times: 70 men & women suffering from Fukushima radiation - testicle removal, optic nerve removal, leukemia, polyps… were in their early 20s with good health (VIDEO)

09:48 AM Jan 19, 2014 []-6938- Navy Sailor: Crew members lose control of bowels after Fukushima radiation exposure, skin rashes develop - Congress signs bill making military conduct health survey (VIDEO)

11:40 AM Jan 20, 2014 []-6946- Sailor at Fukushima: I’m in a wheelchair, spreading to my arms & hands - Photo of skin with intense red burns after being in sun, suspects radiation intensified impact (AUDIO)

12:39 PM Jan 24, 2014 []-6967- Navy Officers: My body is falling apart after Japan rescue mission, his right side just didn’t work - another can no longer use his legs and unable to urinate - if 300x normal radiation is OK, I don’t know what to tell you

09:59 AM Jan 28, 2014 []-6991- Number of sick U.S. military first responders double - 250 victims of Fukushima radiation exposure contact attorney (VIDEO)

12:12 PM Feb 13, 2014 []-7090- Fukushima leaves generation of young people crippled physically, mentally & genetically - nuclear radiation threatens planet

12:02 PM Feb 12, 2013 []-7091.1- []-5329- People are bleeding from behinds, have sores all over bodies -Attorney for the U.S. Navy sailors exposed to Fukushima radiation (AUDIO)

[]-7091.2- []- 8685-  Attorney for U.S. Navy Sailors: Third death from exposure to Fukushima fallout - Baby with brain cancer died - Reporters afraid to publish stories - Professor: USS Reagan sailors were first people hit by plume outside of plant (VIDEOS) Jul 26, 2015

Kelli Serio

[]-7091.3- []-8509- CBS: Now two U.S. sailors dead after Fukushima radiation exposure - Doctor: Officials have to re-look at this entire situation - Reporter who served on USS Reagan: We were done so wrong… Critical health risk to all of us onboard… People are not realizing how serious the issue is (VIDEO) Nov 25, 2014

[]-7091.4- []-3240- Kyoto Nuclear Professor: There is no longer any such thing as clean and safe food after radiation from Fukushima spread around planet - People who advanced nuclear power should be made to eat the extremely contaminated items (VIDEO) May 4, 2012

[]-7091.5- []- 6801- Another 20 Navy Sailors: USS Ronald Reagan crew with thyroid cancers, leukemia, brain tumors, bleeding, blindness after Fukushima disaster - Young kids developing problems - Gov’t and Tepco involved in major conspiracy (AUDIO) Dec 12, 2013

[]-8051.1- []- 8048- Fox: I think the Fukushima radiation leak is causing great harm; I don’t even know what to say to you… This is obvious - 100 Navy responders suffering (VIDEO) Mar 1, 2014

12:44 PM Mar 4, 2014 []-8061- Fukushima: Genetic defects & radiation-induced illness; baby of Navy sailor born with multiple genetic mutations, mother pregnant on USS Reagan for Japan rescue mission (VIDEO)

08:40 PM Mar 8, 2014 []-8077U.S. Navy Officer: Radiation levels routinely exceeded 300x normal for over a month far away from Fukushima, yet I was given only gloves! - My son was throwing up 30 to 40 times some days (VIDEO)

12:28 PM Mar 19, 2014 []-8105- Wife of Navy Sailor: Our 1-year-old has brain cancer and spinal cancer resulting from Fukushima exposure - Wheelchair-bound Navy Sailor: it’s now affecting my arms and my hands, everything is still progressing (AUDIO)

05:51 PM Apr 5, 2014 []-8146- Fukushima crisis far worse than acknowledged - information withheld to prevent panic - level of radiation worse than Navy officers anticipated - U.S. Gov’t shreds documents - draws up plans to evacuate Japan

05:49 PM Apr 9, 2014 []-8155- Navy Sailors: Frozen Fukushima steam blanketed ship; crew suffered massive radiation doses, dozens have cancer - calls for it to be sunk… still too radioactive; Navy: There’s some contamination, but it’s ok - TEPCO: No way U.S. officials would rely on info we tell public

01:07 AM Apr 15, 2014 []-8169- Navy sailor’s skin inflamed while carrying American flag exposed to Fukushima plume - Left side of body affected - They immediately stripped clothes off, hosed him down - became extreme emergency (AUDIO)

07:43 AM Apr 17, 2014 []-8172- TV: No doctor can explain what’s happening to Navy officer’s body - I’m basically kind of deteriorating after Fukushima radiation exposure - My leg is 17 centimeters smaller, same with my right arm - radiation levels missing from medical records (VIDEO)

09:26 PM Dec 30, 2013 []-6868- Former MSNBC host told not to warn people about Fukushima meltdowns: The official gov’t position is that it’s safe - now go explain that to people who served on the USS Ronald Reagan (VIDEO)

01:17 AM Dec 31, 2013 []-6870- Gundersen: U.S. Navy sailors suffered horrific radiation exposures off Fukushima coast – Massive over-up going on many years (VIDEOS)

03:52 PM Jan 12, 2014 []-6913- Navy officer now confined to wheelchair after Fukushima radiation exposure - Doctors can’t explain puzzling ailments, leg muscles just gave up - wife in shock - don’t know how much time we have left (VIDEO)

02:20 PM Jan 15, 2014 []-6924- Officials want data on U.S. Navy sailors’ Fukushima exposure - Defense Dept. directed to reveal all medical problems for USS Reagan crew - TV: We were in a nuclear plume, how can they say there’s no health risk? Makes you wonder since many people are having problems (VIDEO)

02:20 PM Jan 16, 2014 []-6929- Radio: U.S. Navy sailors had snowball fights off Fukushima without knowing 'snow' was radioactive fallout - Crew toast after weeks on Pacific - significant cancers, incessant bleeding from anus or vagina, blindness - Debris from USS Reagan sent to Hanford nuclear waste site (AUDIO)

Operation Tomadachi

Nuked Radio with RadChick // Episode 91 — Air date: February 5th, 2013

Operation Tomodachi was a humanitarian mission conducted in Japan after the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster that began March 11th, 2011 and lasted 80 days. 70,000 US servicemen & women from the Navy, Airforce, Army & Marines delivered food, blankets & water in areas of devastation. What they didn't know was the severity of radiation exposure they received since TEPCO refused to acknowledge the extent of what was happening at the Fukushima plant. A registry was created to track subsequent health problems by the Department of Defense, but that program was recently abandoned. As many servicemen and women have already begun to exhibit severe health issues a lawsuit was filed in San Diego Federal Court against TEPCO by Environmental Law Attorney Paul Garner, to establish a medical fund for the servicemen & women who were involved in this operation as well as their families in Japan. We speak to Mike Seybourn about what it was like to work in a highly radioactive environment and what the future may hold for he and his family in terms of health. Paul Garner also joins us to discuss the lawsuit, dealing with TEPCO, and what kind of problems his clients are having.

09:04 PM Dec 22, 2013 []-6842- NY Post: Radioactive snow falling on Navy ship caused by Fukushima radioactive steam - Is that taste aluminum foil? - Sailor: People were defecating on themselves in hallways from excruciating diarrhea – Officer: Radiation 300 times safe levels (VIDEO)

02:20 PM Jan 16, 2014 []-6929- Radio: U.S. Navy sailors had snowball fights off Fukushima without knowing 'snow' was radioactive fallout - Crew toast after weeks on Pacific - significant cancers, incessant bleeding from anus or vagina, blindness - Debris from USS Reagan sent to Hanford nuclear waste site (AUDIO)

[Website Editor's note: Alexei Yablokov, the towering grandfather of Russian ecology who worked with Bellona to unmask Cold War nuclear dumping practices in the Arctic, has died in Moscow after a long illness. He was 83. Yablokov commanded a broad environmental and political mandate in Russia, and published over 500 papers on biology, ecology, natural conservation and numerous textbooks on each of these subjects. He founded Russia’s branch of Greenpeace and was the leader of the Green Russia faction of the Yabloko opposition party. While serving as environmental advisor to President Boris Yeltsin’s from 1989 to 1992, Yablokov published a searing white paper that detailed the gravity of the radiological threat posed by dumped military reactors and scuttled nuclear submarines in the Arctic.]

Russian Northern Fleet: Source of Radioactive Contamination

by Aleksandr Nikitin, Igor Kudrik, Thomas Nilsen

Abstract: The report gives a thorough overview of the sources of potential releases of radioactivity which could harm the public health and the environment. The problems of nuclear waste and disused nuclear submarines is a product of the arms race and the cold war. Russia continues to build new nuclear submarines, but there are very few provisions being made to properly store old nuclear submarines and develop sufficient storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive waste. (source: here) & (report, here) & (add'l info, here)—

Heartless Obama / Biden / Clinton / Pelosi / Schumer / Trump / Congress mafia crime families paid off by central bankers kept/keep the truth from you & sold/sell your sorry ass, out. From now on, only people in government will be rich & everyone else will be poor ...a typical 3rd world banana republic puppet government — welcome home.

10:42 AM May 30, 2014 8259 Hot particles of melted fuel inhaled by children every day ... Official in Fukushima: Please HELP US! We are forced to have it in our bodies ... Please let all people in the world know the life we are living.

Jefferson says in the Declaration of Independence: “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


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