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A British scientist & his team revealed levels of radiation illnesses in Fallujah, Iraq from U.S. munitions ...were comparable to, or higher, than those found in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after atom bombs detonated there in 1945. —(story, here)—

-8072- Radionuclides for dairy cow licks - Carlsbad, NM - Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP): Salt from contaminated nuclear dump sold as feed to dairy farms? - falling slabs breach waste drums? - Mar 7, 2014 - Carlsbad Current Argus - Mar. 6 Plans cleanup crews are considering underground at WIPP include mining salt off the existing wall - WIPP currently sells the salt to local private industry, including for use as salt feed at local dairies. Franco said he thinks the DOE should be able to continue selling the mined salt./ -8626- Gov’t Analysis: Up to 592 Trillion Bq of Plutonium equivalent involved in disaster at U.S. nuclear dump - Over 5,000x amount in waste drum blamed for WIPP release - Official: We thought for sure there were multiple ruptured drums - It actually was measured in city many miles away (VIDEO) - May 5, 2015

 War, Elections, Olympics & U.S.S. Reagan sailors 

Fed/Cityof London central bankers, Skull & Bones & Sovereign Military Knights of Malta who sacrifice soldiers should be hung now & forever more

War is your friend. Suffer & die so our stock makes us richerer & richerer.

Article of the Week

Electro-magnetic attack on U.S.A. now probable

...from North Korea?

The U.S. is taking this CME / EMP world-changing simulation seriously. What is interesting is that they have done these simulations in the past, but just described it as a "massive nationwide outage" without attributing a cause and also stating that it is "not likely". - Continued, here


...an EMP attack on the U.S. is more likely to come from the  Fed/G8

It is the opinion of the editor that initial EMP attacks on the U.S. will continue to come from the Fed/G8. 

Do You Know the (ongoing) Excruciating Agony of Our Naval Sailors onboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan Stationed as Guinea Pigs in the Face of Nuclear Blasts when Fukushima Reactors Exploded & Tormenting their Lives, Forever? —(documentation, here)—

(...& that contaminated parts of the ship were dumped at Hanford) ...& that they lost their lawsuits for redress to pay for lifelong medical care & be made whole


Do you know what war is?

War is a shape-shifter

Baby in Jar

War is a shape-shifter

Why? Because it takes many forms – war never stops ...it hides behind masks, such as you

Conventional warfare is fought with conventional arms, such as guns. The victims are primarily innocent civilian men, women, children and the unborn. Wars are also started with provocations (excuses that are made up and draw blood with covert operations).

Covert Action is hidden warfare, and are generally destabilization efforts of a country or regime for the purposes of economic conquest by rival bankers sucking a country dry of money and energy, industrialists and wealthy people who can afford to outfit armies. It takes the forms of fake revolution and counter-revolution (civil war). For example, a group of central bankers wants to steal the natural resources of one country or another, so they outfit private armies to go slaughter the people and takeover the natural resources of that country. These actions are called colonizations, and are done privately by bankers, then coverted to national operations by apologist regimes and governments of whom the bankers control the purse strings. One example is the movie with Richard Burton, called, 'The Wild Geese'. Another example is the remake with Bruce Willis, called, 'Tears of the Sun'.

Unconventional warfare generally refers to the use of nuclear arms. However, in our time, it now includes dropping and shooting nuclear waste on a country to destroy the health of innocent civilian men, women and children.

Nuclear Warfare

Financial warfare

Economic warfare


Psychological warfare

Chemical warfare

Biological Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Space warfare

Weather warfare

Earthquake warfare

Gang warfare

Mafia warfare

Political warfare

Cyber warfare

more, here

JPMorgan Coup Plot to Takeover the United States, Destroy the Presidency, Destroy the Republic, Destroy Democracy & Install a Fascist Dictator to Destroy You ...history repeats itself?

The soldiers change, but the war remains the same

(stories, here & herehere & War is a Racket)—

War Is A Racket

By Major General Smedley Butler

1: War Is A Racket
2: Who Makes The Profits?
3: Who Pays The Bills?
4: How To Smash This Racket!
5: To Hell With War!


September 2008 launched an extraordinary chain of events:

  • General Motors, the world’s largest company, went bust
  • Washington Mutual became the world’s largest bank failure
  • Lehman Brothers became the world’s largest bankruptcy ever
  • Damage spread around the world.

(Editor's note: Who plotted, benefited and won this financial warfare? ...the historically Nazi and fascist banks: Deutschebank started the housing collapse, Chase (JPMorgan/Chase) bought bankrupt Washington Mutual and, for the first time, marched west, saturating the west coast in conquest, with Chase Banks. —(see free e-book download, Occupy Deutschebank: Financial Warfare for Dummies, here)—

The Men Who Crashed the World

—(vid, here)—

9/11 War Games

—(vid, here)—

Morgans, Rockefellors, Warburgs, Rothschilds Started the Fed: They Literally Own You & Pledge You as Collateral on the National Debt 

—(story, here)— consequently, you are owned by China, should it foreclose on the debt

A Century of Enslaving You: The History of the Federal Reserve

—(vid, here)—

Our military has been highjacked by corporations owned by the Fed interest rate bankers, also known in Britain as 'the Crown', or 'Square Mile', or 'City of London' – who wage the military tactic of climate engineering for financial warfare

Because Planet Earth is dying in the sixth great extinction of life; this one manmade & caused by Fed interest-rate Crown bankers...

...financial vampires suck the blood & vitality of our kids in the military then crucify & sacrifice them on the alter of greed...

...& murder our kids, animals & all living things with their accumulating ionizing radiation to profit their corporations & stock markets...

...& attack our sky & trees & water & air & earth & rain with electromagnetic pulse to create & control violent weather to destroy & indebt nations to them...

...& deploy depleted uranium to depopulate entire continents so women bear or abort deformed kids with extra arms, legs, heads & body organs in external skin sacks & fingers growing from their backs ...

...You pay the devil for nuclear power with your children's blood...

...because Fed interest Rate Bankers on power trips are killing Planet Earth ...Planet Earth, your children, families, lovers & all our animals are now contaminated with nuclear fallout, chemtrail heavy metals, radionuclides & poisons or drowned by electronic pulse warfare used for weather warfare ...to destroy life & eliminate wealth so the Fed interest rate bankers can indebt countries & cultures to them & traffick women, children & body organs along with drugs, guns, oil & nuclear waste.  

'Normal' everyday operations of nuclear reactors around the world destroy healthy pregnancies

We have with our free e-books & website documented that 'normal' everyday operations of nuclear reactors around the world destroy healthy pregnancies, like yours.

We have also documented that the financiers, creators and owners of nuclear industry are the foreign and domestic corporations that privately own the Federal Reserve & G8/20.

This truth gives us the evidence to shut down nuclear industry the world over... 

...& save the health of the planet & our health

...& nationalize all the privately owned G8/20 central banks... (& stop paying all royalties to  previously private owners of the Bank of England & 'Crown').

...& free ourselves & the 99.99% from financial slavery, war, and herald in a New Age of redistribution of health, wealth & peace on Earth for the 99% & for all God's creations

Are you onboard?

What Tokyo Olympic Athletes, Spectators & Sponsors Eating & Drinking Plutonium & Tritium Can Learn from U.S.S. Ronald Reagan Sailors, Who Been There Done That

How much of your life, being, dreams, health & wealth did Fed/City of London, the owners & directors of the military industrial nuclear complex deep state mafia, destroy ...while stealing & preventing your happiness, future, Divine Rights & human sovereignty ... in their war against Love?

Japan's Olympic Homeless Solution ...is slave labor & murder

Prime Minister Abe’s government announces TEPCO (owners & operators of four nuclear reactors that blew up & melt down daily in fresh water acquifers feeding the Pacific daily since 3/11) as Main Sponsor for Tokyo Olympics —(here)—

Now you can participate, spectate, eat, drink, shower, sleep & make love in plutonium! ...& witness the destruction of our Olympic athletes at Olympic sites contaminated with fallout that blows down from the mountains then back up into the air, practically for Eternity – (watch for heart attacks now & leukemia, later)

Xinhua, Feb 25, 2015: TEPCO blasted for concealing latest radioactive leak for nearly a year — [Fishermen blamed TEPCO] for knowingly allowing radioactive substances… to flow freely into the sea since April last year… this year [Prime Minister] Abe’s government announced that TEPCO would be the Main Sponsor for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics… local, national and international fury once again rises at [TEPCO]… [It’s] the latest indication that the crisis at the plant is far from under control… Japan’s top government spokesperson reiterated the government’s long-standing mantra… “The situation is completely under control… Any negative impact of radioactive water on the environment is completely blocked.”

What Tokyo Olympic Athletes & Spectators Eating & Drinking Plutonium & Tritium Can Learn from Sailors on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, Who Already Did

Injustice At Sea: the Irradiated Sailors of the USS Reagan, —(here)—

What Tokyo Olympic Athletes & Spectators Eating & Drinking Plutonium & Tritium can Expect to Happen to them in Toyko: Learn from our Sailors onboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan stationed in Harm's Way in Fuku fallout, who Been There Done That —(here)— &  —(here)—

—(also, see At Olympics 2020 ...eat. drink & sleep in fallout, here)—


Nuclear Power & the Mob –
Extortion & Social Capital in Japan 

J. Mark Ramseyer — Discussion Paper No. 817 — 03/2015
Harvard Law School — Cambridge, MA 02138

—(here & pdf, download, here)—

Abstract: Nuclear reactors entail massive non-transferrable site-specific investments. The resulting appropriable quasi-rents offer the mob the ideal target. In exchange for large fees, it can either promise to "protect" the utility (and silence the reactor's local opponents) or "extort" from it (and desist from inciting local opponents). Using municipality-level (1742 cities, towns, villages) and prefecture-level (47) Japanese panel data covering the years from 1980 to 2010, I find exactly this phenomenon: when a utility announces plans to build a reactor, the level of extortion climbs.

Reactors have broad-ranging effects on social capital as well. In general, the perceived health costs to nuclear power are highest for young families. As a result, if a utility announces plans for a new reactor, these families disappear. Yet these are the men and women who invest most heavily in the social capital that keeps communities intact. When they disappear, reliance on government subsidies increases, and divorce rates rise. Firms stay away, and unemployment climbs.

 photo: Lorenzo Moscia/archivolatino/Redux

Fed/G5 Nuclear Mafia Slaves / Dickless Yakuza Mafia / Victimized Homeless

All eyes are on Russian corruption, but new reports emerge about Japanese Olympic officials, Japan’s yakuza & the G5/global nuclear mafia

09:57 AM Jul 3, 2015 -8671- Japan: Gangsters round up homeless men to clean up Fukushima radiation; (includes historical use of women & minorities for most dangerous jobs)

07:03 AM Apr 25, 2014 -8196- Untold story of Fukushima is the radiation issue, Gov’t doesn’t want us talking about it; A lot going on that’s never reported by media - Afraid of being imprisoned under Japa's new secrecy law; All officials have to do is say the info is secret (AUDIO)

06:18 PM Mar 19, 2014 x-8107- Japan: 800 people disappear from Fukushima plant - killed or died at work? - Gov’t in business with Yakuza (AUDIO)

09:08 PM Jan 20, 2014 -6949- Nuclear workers stripped naked, soaked in sweat – gasped for air – living dead – my teeth start breaking off, bit by bit – I don’t have any upper teeth now – my hair fell out - people bleed from gums, ears, nose – get violently sick – suffer from diarrhea right after exposure – damage to testes and eyes common – chronic anemia, tumors of skin, thyroid, bone, larynx, pharynx and lung, low immunity, infection, aging, depression, anxiety, lethargy; and, in hands of Yakuza  (VIDEO)

08:37 PM Jan 19, 2014 -6942- 20-year-old documentary foreshadows Fukushima: Men picked up in slums of Tokyo to work at nuclear plants – Many become ill with radiation sickness – too frightened to speak out (VIDEO)

09:56 AM Jan 14, 2014 -6918- Sick Worker: TEPCO is God – we are slaves – Employees beaten, death threats for speaking out (VIDEO)

12:38 PM Jan 7, 2014 -6892- Secrecy agreement between Fukushima and IAEA revealed by Tokyo newspaper – IAEA hid health effects in Chernobyl – same thing could happen to Fukushima

09:41 AM Dec 31, 2013 x-6871- Forbes: Homeless people sold to companies and put to work on Fukushima radiation – Gov’t-funded shelter supplying gangsters with workers (VIDEOS)

09:23 PM Dec 29, 2013 x-6864- UN Official ‘Astounded’: Homeless taken to work in Fukushima, ready to die – Pastor: At end of month, they’re left with no pay – Police: They end up in debt to employers after food and housing fees deducted (VIDEO)

10:11 AM Dec 4, 2013 -6774- Protesting secrecy law is act of terrorism – Japan gov’t promotes idea you’re like a racist if avoiding Fukushima produce – Bloomberg: Process echoes George Orwell – Nuclear activists to be constantly spied on?

06:24 PM Nov 26, 2013 -6746- Japan’s secrecy law passes lower house – Prison for ‘inappropriate reporting’ – on path to fascist state –fear Fukushima cover-ups to worsen

05:42 PM Nov 21, 2013 x-6724- TV: Mentally disabled are working at Fukushima Daiichi, says journalist – many men forced to go to plant – homeless treated like ‘disposable people’ (VIDEO)

10:22 AM Nov 4, 2013 x-6645- Fukushima Workers: I wanted to escape from nuclear plant, but feared they might hurt me – At ‘parties’ we were forced to eat radioactive mushrooms and bee larvae gathered from inside evacuation zone – they called my mother to tell her I was in trouble (VIDEO)

08:28 AM Oct 31, 2013 -6625- Anonymous Fukushima Workers: We dumped untested water last typhoon, could be criminal – ‘Landmines’ of extremely high radiation at many locations – Very worrying that I’m getting sick more now – Site full of yakuza & rank amateurs

-6625.1- also see: KPFA in Japan: 800 people disappear from Fukushima plant – maybe killed or died during work – Gov’t in business with Yakuza (AUDIO) Mar 19, 2014

-6625.2- also see: Fukushima worker gets sick, vomits – forced to remove protective face mask – tested with whole body counter – TEPCO says mask was tied too tightly Oct 29, 2011

-6625.3- also see: Former Tepco executives say company has always known they were working with yakuza Feb 21, 2012

-6625.4- also see: Bouts of nosebleeds, unusual fatigue after Fukushima plant visits - group of newspaper journalists confess to suffering similar symptoms – official unbearably sick since 3/11, many residents are too they just don’t say it openly – worker: This is like going to war May 5, 2014

-6625.5- also see: Japan Media: Things are going badly – Fukushima the same as war says military officer in charge of forces at plant - Concern workers on-site do not consent to join battle – Crime skyrocketing, people held hostage – ocean contamination – leaks out of control Sep 6, 2013

06:57 PM Oct 29, 2013 -6617- For first time, officials admit to ‘shortage of workers’ at Fukushima – TEPCO promises ‘additional efforts’ to get more – BBC reveals homeless people cleaning reactors and modern slavery in Japan nuclear industry …exactly 14 years ago

11:16 PM Oct 28, 2013 -6610- Nuclear Slaves at Fukushima: Workers have debts paid off, forced to stay as ‘indentured servants’ - Foreign workers may soon be needed at plant, official reveals

11:53 AM Jun 19, 2011 -781- TEPCO pays for blacklist of actors and musicians against nuclear industry

02:01 PM Feb 21, 2012 -2654- Former TEPCO executives say company always knew they were working with yakuza

03:25 PM Jan 3, 2012 -2167-  Japan official against nuclear power – shotgun blast to chest

12:02 PM Nov 8, 2011 -1735- Japan Times: People fed up with the shroud of secrecy in Fukushima – Starting to smuggle in journalists - Must rely on media for help

Also see:

 The 1964 Tokyo Olympics: A Turning Point for Japan

The Yakuza Olympics - The Daily Beast | 

 ...much has been made of stray dogs killed in Sochi, Russia, but there was also a massacre in Tokyo on a much greater scale. During World War II, the Japanese government had mercilessly slaughtered dogs, cats and zoo animals in the name of food scarcity and disease prevention. Another sweep of strays was undertaken before the Tokyo Games, this time primarily for cosmetic reasons. In the 1940s the unfortunate creatures had been rounded up, stuffed in canvas bags and beaten to death with clubs. By 1964, however, a technologically more advanced method had been developed, using a contraption that suffocated animals with carbon dioxide. It resulted in the deaths of an estimated 200,000 cats and dogs in the year before the start of the Olympics.

 – Robert Whiting ...brilliant 5-part investigative journalism covering the 1964 Olympics in Japan —(here) & (here)

It took Japan over 30 years to pay back the money it borrowed from the World Bank to build roads for the 1964 Olympics  —(here)—

Fed Interest Rate Bankers Own & Direct Nuclear & Use(d) Nuclear to Kill or Give Cancer (including breast & prostate soft tissue cancers & immune deficiency diseases you got) to 1–to–4 Billion People & Perhaps 10-100 Billion Animals ...in only 70 years (here) 

...central & international bankers are deep state traitors & make unending war against us & the Kingdom ...arrest them & march them to the gallows!

"Kill A Banker, Win A Prize" —(here)—

12:55 AM Jun 22, 2016 -8822-  Associated Press: Toyko Electric Power Company (Tepco) President – we lied about Fukushima meltdowns – remains unprecedented nuclear disaster – bad as it gets – a cover up  (VIDEO)

The deep state nuclear mafia, also called the Federal Reserve/City of London owns the media as uses it for propaganda to increase private profits at the cost of public health.

04:29 PM Apr 21, 2011 -0362- Fairewinds: U.S. news outlets say there’s no threat to health from Fukushima – opposite of what all studies prove about radiation and cancer (VIDEO)

02:43 PM Mar 24, 2014 [facsimile: FEBRUARY 23, 2017] -8121- Caldicott: Fukushima to be pouring radioactive water into Pacific for the rest of Time – nuclear industry covers it up because they know if truth comes out it will be the end of nuclear power (AUDIO)

Continued, here

Negative Impact of 1964 Olympics Profound

by Robert Whiting, special to the Japan Times, Oct 24, 2014

It took Japan over 30 years to pay back the money it borrowed from World Bank to build roads for the 1964 Olympics  —(here)

Abstract: The 2020 Olympics are set for Tokyo, and if history is any indication, we are in for a repeat of the waste, destruction & human misery caused by the 1964 Games.

Although the Olympic construction effort did indeed add a needed veneer of modern glitz to the city central, it also left large swaths of the capital, as a recent Japan Times editorial put it, “awash in ugly buildings, bland public areas and with few cityscapes that any tourist or resident would care to look at.

If for the Japanese the 1964 Summer Olympics was a blaze of glory, it also cast some shadows. The transformation of Tokyo from a war-ravaged city into a major international capital, seemingly overnight, had a dark side that was rarely talked about. The games were in fact responsible for a great deal of environmental destruction and human misery in the capital and its environs, as I can attest to as one who was there.

Part one: Olympic construction transformed Tokyo (also, here)
Part two: Opening Ceremony ushered in new era for Japan (also, here)
Part three: Schollander, Hayes were spectacular at Tokyo Games (also, here)
Part four: ‘Witches of the Orient’ symbolized Japan’s fortitude  (also, here)
Part five: Negative impact of 1964 Olympics profound  (also, here)

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics had a profound impact on the capital city and the nation. In the final installment of a five-part series running this month, best-selling author Robert Whiting, who lived in Japan at the time, focuses on the environmental and human impact that resulted from hosting the event.

[excerpt] ...much has been made of stray dogs killed in Sochi, Russia, but there was also a massacre in Tokyo on a much greater scale. During World War II, the Japanese government mercilessly slaughtered dogs, cats and zoo animals in the name of food scarcity and disease prevention. Another sweep of strays was undertaken before the Tokyo Games, this time primarily for cosmetic reasons. In the 1940s the unfortunate creatures had been rounded up, stuffed in canvas bags and beaten to death with clubs. By 1964, however, a technologically more advanced method had been developed, using a contraption that suffocated animals with carbon dioxide. It resulted in the deaths of an estimated 200,000 cats and dogs in the year before the start of the Olympics.

 – Robert Whiting ...brilliant 5-part investigative journalism covering the 1964 Olympics in Japan —(here) & (here)

Truth: nationalizing TEPCO gets them off the hook & throws reparation & nuclear waste clean-up costs onto the taxpayer's back

The Yakuza & the Nuclear Mafia —(here)—

Claim: "Toyko Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) involvement with anti-social forces and their inability to filter them out of the work-place is a national security issue"  — Japanese Senator with the Liberal Democratic Party 

by Jake Adelstein

Hardcore propaganda: Yakuza help fight fallout.

Proof: No, they conscript the homeless, drunks, and the poor to do it.

2020 Olympics – Tokyo Prepares for  Endtimes   Disaster —(here)—

Most of Japan's 54 nuclear reactors are on multiple earthquake faults ...in tsunami zones ...by active volcanoes ...and all the Olympic venues are covered with plutonium, practically forever ... it's so special a target for more  weather & earthquake, no-bomb-nuclear & financial warfare to increase national debt & yearly interest payments on the national debt to the Fed interest rate/G5 bankers ...with no regard for human, animal or environmental suffering & emotional loss

Most of Japan's 54 nuclear reactors are on multiple earthquake faults ...in tsunami zones ...by active volcanoes ...and all the Olympic venues are covered with plutonium, practically forever, recycling from the mountains to the cities to the mountains  from the Fukushima follies using GE Hitachi reactors with inherent design flaws and fake earthquake resistance ...what hath Hillary, Kissinger, Obama & Trump & the corrupt U.S. Congress, wrought? —while selling out the 99% and kneeling down, worshipping and kissing the ass of the Fed interest rate bankers deploying yet another genocidal deep state-owned anti-Kingdom operation financed & directed by the international interlocking board of the Fed/G5 (who also dictate their reactors must be built worldwide to qualify for foreign aid (that goes to their own Fed/G5 financed, owned & directed companies in their continuing inquisition to destroy life and the environment on Earth because of their lust for power, hatred of life and sociopathic and pathological pyramiding greed ... shove it). They live, and they do it to increase national debt & yearly interest payments on the national debt to the Fed interest rate/G5 bankers ...with no regard for human, animal or environmental suffering & emotional loss

We are already in a nuclear war

What Happens in Vegas & 2020 Tokyo Olympics

...one nuke atom eats you alive, forever —(here)—

Nuclear dumps & reactors explode & burn all over the U.S. Las Vegas is no exception ...take Beatty, NV - 100 miles from Las Vegas. Feel lucky? ...radiation is accumulative – Gamble your life & family's future?

 Las Vegas & Tokyo Olympic winners: Feel lucky? Why not go to Las Vegas & gamble with your life & unborn child? – all your eggs are present from birth – radiation is accumulative forever ... or, attend Tokyo 2020 Olympics (plutonium) hot spots & eat, drink, sleep, spectate & compete in plutonium hot particles for 100,000 years - get a medal for tumors, lesions, heart attacks, strokes & excruciating pain as a free bonus.—(1st Responders & their safety, see here)—


Firemen Deployed as Bio-Robots to Clean up Chernobyl

International Atomic Energy Association & other nuclear apologists & sell-outs determined to destroy you, insist only 32 people died from Chernobyl; but, there are 10,000 nuclear fallout deaths in Ukraine, alone

By Dr. Rosalie Bertell —On the tenth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, I was standing at a public meeting in Kiev, Ukraine, listening to the story of one of the firemen deployed to clean up the site after the explosion. These workers took huge doses of radiation during this task, and their story is a terrifying one. —(cont, here)—

JFK on Newspaper Publishers, the Press & Secret Societies

Will the Real Constitution of the United States of America please Stand Up

Controlled financial demolitions such as disappearing pensions: Engineered public investment to benefit the stock market 

 2020 Olympics – eat, drink, sleep

in fallout & have mutated kids 

Fed/City of London whose brainwashing tactics teach nuclear is safe & clean ...should be publicly executed

Should the next Olympics be in Chernobyl Nuclear Wasteland or Hanford Nuclear Site or Santa Susanna Nuclear Meltdown or Fukushima fallout?

(above) Should Olympics be in Chernobyl Nuclear Wasteland, Hanford fallout, Santa Susanna Meltdown or Fukushima fallout?

(above) 100 Fukushima Nuclear Headlines – Why Japan's 2020 Olympics can Wreck Nuclear Industry

Expert says 2020 Tokyo Olympics Unsafe

...Due to Fukushima | 60 Minutes

Do we really think it’s safe to hold the Olympics on Fukushima soil? What would common sense tell us? —(more, here & here)—

Fed interest rate bankers who make the military industrial complex kill humans, animals, the Pacific Ocean & Mother Earth should pay with their lives.

Fed/City of London interest-rate bankers own, direct and ARE the military industrial nuclear complex, which politically controls the law of the land & law of the sea ...makes Planet Earth a weapon of war

For this destruction of Life, they should pay with their lives

 2020 Olympics – eat, drink, sleep

in fallout & have mutated kids 

Fed/City of London whose brainwashing tactics teach nuclear is safe & clean ...should be publicly executed

Should the next Olympics be in Chernobyl Nuclear Wasteland or Hanford Nuclear Site or Santa Susanna Nuclear Meltdown or Fukushima fallout?

(above) Should Olympics be in Chernobyl Nuclear Wasteland, Hanford fallout, Santa Susanna Meltdown or Fukushima fallout?

(above) 100 Fukushima Nuclear Headlines – Why Japan's 2020 Olympics can Wreck Nuclear Industry

Expert says 2020 Tokyo Olympics Unsafe

...Due to Fukushima | 60 Minutes

Do we really think it’s safe to hold the Olympics on Fukushima soil? What would common sense tell us? —(more, here & here)—

Covert Action Quarterly

Also see, Covert Action Quarterly & history of magazine issues

history, here

An unparalleled resource of U.S. domestic and foreign (intelligence) policy history found nowhere else!

A Brief History of U.S. Dirty Wars in Central America;
Wars That Set the Stage for the Refugee Crisis

The world watches in horror

The world watched in horror as U.S. Border Patrol agents opened fire with tear gas on a group of refugees seeking asylum in the United States. Among the targets of this assault by U.S. forces were women and children, many of whom who fled Honduras.

Across the news media, these refugees are simply referred to as “migrants,” or “the caravan.” Rarely do we get any context of why they are risking their lives and the lives of their children to flee Honduras. And part of why we don’t hear the context is because to really tell this story, you need to talk about the U.S. dirty wars in Central America in the 1980s, the impact of neoliberal economic policies, and the catastrophe of climate change caused by the U.S. and other major world powers. You need to know history.

And if you know this history, particularly in Honduras, then you know that what we are seeing now is a situation where the U.S. set a house on fire and as the flames have raged, the U.S. is standing against the people trying to flee the fire that Washington set to their home.

Nuclear maps of Japan in English for those going to 2020 Olympics to get cancer

Nuclear Fallout Map of Japan, English Edition – Go to 2020 Olympics & get Cancer & a Mutated Embryo for a deformed & retarded birth 

The English edition sells for 500 yen, excluding tax. For info, contact Everyone's Data Site at (minnanods@gmail.com)  —(story, here)—

Nanotechnology & Morgellons Disease in Chemtrails, too?

Give that Fed interest rate banker a cigar

Genetically modified GMO forests and crops and animals to feed genetically modified GMO humans & humanoids 

[satire & parody:] Let's just nail those Fed interest rate bankers to a cross all along the roads to Rome & the Vatican Bank that funded the Rothschilds

The Fed interest rate banking families drive us to extinction by funding and deploying chemtrails and in highjacking our military to dispense chemtrails use weather modification and earthquake creation thru electromagnetic pulse to create tidal waves and huge storms and are by using manmade artificial climate change as a weapon of war are weaponizing the planet, Earth ...and as 'they' also use chemtrail ingredients that kill the forests, grasslands and crops in order to replace them with synthetic manmade genetically modified (GMO) artificial forests and crops, according to the video above they appear to be also genetically modifying human beings replacing and augmenting DNA with GNA (artificial DNA that replicates and grows by itself) to replace genuine human beings, forever, (more info, here.)

More Morgellons News

Morgellons is a bioweapon

Morgellons in the Food Supply



(Above: click pics for Fairewinds.org stories)

06:01 PM Oct 11, 2013 -6534- Olympic athletes & tourists warned they will be in danger from Tokyo radiation - Cesium at almost every venue tested

12:10 PM Aug 22, 2016 -8827- TV: Astronomical radiation in downtown Tokyo – directly outside gov’t building – ‘Horrific’ readings where kids play in Fukushima, ‘extreme’ levels where food grown for school lunches – nuclear expert shocked, upset by discovery, Gundersen found Tokyo remains contaminated – measured dust and found high dose of radiation. That dust is in the air that will be inhaled by the visitors and athletes of the 2020 Olympic Games. Current residents inhale it every day. (VIDEO-CCTV Channel 17 interview )  

03:08 PM Oct 8, 2013 -6514- Fukushima leaks are catastrophically large if gov’t admits help is needed - Tokyo Olympics may be impossible - So unprecedented there is no solution

04:22 AM Oct 8, 2013 -6511- Asahi: High radiation levels found at possible Olympic sites - Japan Professor: Radioactive materials have spread throughout greater Tokyo; Region remains in emergency situation?

03:01 PM Sep 14, 2013 -6369- Japan Olympics speech ‘backfires’ - credibility of prime minister message shaky; no contaminated water ‘control’

01:12 PM Sep 12, 2013 -6357- Talk of Olympics being taken away from Tokyo if problems at Fukushima worsen over next couple of years

01:46 PM Sep 10, 2013 -6340- AFP: Fears that Fukushima melted reactor cores have eaten through concrete of containment vessels - Tepco plan claims fuel to be removed at same time as 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

04:05 PM Sep 9, 2013 -6337- Reports: New site with high levels of radiation at Fukushima - urgent problem at plant says IAEA; experts to examine massive water build-up - found ‘immediately after’ Olympic speech claiming it’s under control - Can’t dump groundwater in sea?

05:46 PM Jan 11, 2013 -5124- Nuclear song to be performed during Super Bowl half-time show (AUDIO)

CCTV (CHANNEL 17 IN BURLINGTON, VERMONT), published Jun 20, 2016

- Margaret Harrington, host: I know you mentioned Arnie Gundersen, the chief engineer at Fairewinds, and he said that he measured the radiation there, too. Could you talk about that a little bit?

- Maggie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy Education founder and CEO: He’s working with some other scientists who are studying - both Japanese scientists, the samples that they took, and the U.S. scientists who are evaluating the samples - and they’re finding astronomical amounts of radiation, even in downtown Tokyo outside of METI’s door. METI is the regulatory agency over nuclear power… When he and others were downtown in Tokyo, they took samples right there in a garden right outside the door and on the front doormat, and these are really, really high samples. Frightening, because people walking in Tokyo will then be inhaling that dust. What was the film we saw from Japan that had the mothers who were in an area where kids play and run from middle school?

- Caroline Phillips, Fairewinds Energy Education: It’s a fantastic video… it’s a mothers organization, they live in the Fukushima Prefecture and they’re actually using Geiger counters that have been issued by the government. They’re walking along the river [in Fukushima City.]

- Maggie Gundersen: What’s so tragic about it - kids are running along dirt paths doing gym class and track and things like that and the mothers are right down in areas that are not posted and the kids can go after school and play, and people do nature hikes and stuff. And the radiation readings are horrific.

GENDAI BUSINESS ONLINE (ARTICLE IN JAPANESE), Jun 14, 2016: [J]ust before the 5th anniversary of the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi, a group of young girls in the city of Minami-Soma rode their bikes to school past a shocked and saddened pedestrian. That upset observer was Arnie Gundersen, nuclear reactor expert… What surprised me at this visit to Japan… is that the decontaminated area is contaminated again, Mr. Gundersen said while explaining why it was such as sad shock to witness the girls on their bicycles. This was not what I had expected. I had thought that we would not find such high doses of radiation in the decontaminated area. But, sadly, our results prove otherwise.… Gundersen collected samples of dust [though] the official data cannot be released before the publication of formal scientific papers, it is evident that high doses of radiation, usually found in nuclear waste, was detected from these samples. This means that highly radioactive dust is flying around the city. In other words, the decontaminated land is contaminated again. Little girls are affected by the radiation 20 times as much as adult men. The Japanese government’s standard of 20 mSv is based on exposure assessments for adult men. The girls on their bicycles are actually being affected by a radiation dose equivalent to as much as 400 mSv. Mr. Gundersen also pointed out that human lungs are heavily affected by internal exposures to radiation. At this visit, I wore a radiation proof mask that can filter out 99.98% of radiation for six hours. I sent my filter to the lab, and they found a high dose of Cesium. But, unfortunately, the Japanese government only cares about the number on a Geiger counter and does not consider the internal exposure. This has resulted in a hazardous downplay of this kind of data and human lungs are affected by the serious internal exposure.… [T]he radiation from the mountains are coming back to the city by way of wind and rain. Mr. Gundersen noted the extreme radioactive contamination of the mountains… vegetables grown in that area exceed the government’s standard by 1500 Bq. These vegetables were sold at the Michino Eki in Tochigi prefecture, and the bamboo shoot grown in this contaminated region was used for elementary school lunches in Utsunomiya. These school lunches contained more than twice as much radiation as the government’s standard… However, the government continues to push for the end of people’s relocation and force the return to re-contaminated areas… Mr. Gundersen also found that Tokyo remains contaminated. He measured dust… and found a high dose of radiation. That dust is in the air that will be inhaled by the visitors and athletes of the 2020 Olympic Games. Needless to say, the current residents are inhaling it every day…


Nuclear Test Site


Alleged Trump cover-up of Hillary, Podesta, Kissinger, Putin uranium trafficking deals

Alleged Podesta pay-off w/Russian uranium stock ...central bank collusion 


Nuclear industry is a war against Creation

Opps – Nuclear Industry has been Doing It for 70 Years, already

Bottled Mutants

Nuclear mafia doesn't care (here)

Bottled Kazakhistani Mutants Caused by Manmade Ionizing Radiation

...aborted (or brought to term & delivered?) in a nuclear testing zone in Kazakhistan – embryo genetic mutations

On sale, now! Hurry in and get yours why they last ...or, just have one of your own. Just ask the Fed, they make them for you. Fed up with the Fed? (...unless Russia did it.) Wrong again, the Fed World Order gave the Russians the technology. (Go to youtube & search Antony Sutton, then watch the videos about Ruskombank.) Don't forget to do your homework or this could be you.

Baby in Jar

Former Tide Pool Life

Former tide pool life on thousands of miles of Vancouver, British Columbia coastline before being extinquished by nuclear industry

Nuclear industry is a war against God

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 Pacific Nuclear  Newswire for Women 

Beached Whale

See what nuclear industry & sonic undersea oil exploration & the military sonar & shooting depleted uranium weapons into the ocean (not to mention nuclear) has done to our whales? 

Nuclear industry is a war against Divine Order

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Not to mention, weather modification, aeroplane aerosol spraying... gee, I wish all of this info was in a website somewhere ... maybe I'll look in the closet to see if it's in there! Nope, just this dying whale in excruciating pain with burst eardrums & organs. Oh, well, I tried. ...did you?

The Pacific Ocean is Dying And You Don't Even Know Book Cover

Nuclear industry is a war against all plants, animals & life in the Pacific Ocean

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 Pacific Nuclear  Newswire for Women 

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Weaponized Insects


Evidence West Nile Virus & Lyme Disease are man-made diseases

Lab 257: Plum Island U.S. Biological Warfare Lab

Nestled near the Hamptons, the fashionable summer playground of America's rich and famous, and in the shadow of New York City, lies an unimposing 840-acre island unidentified on most maps. On the few on which it can be found, Plum Island is marked red or yellow, and stamped U.S. government—restricted or dangerous animal diseases. Though many people live the good life within a scant mile or two from its shores, few know the name of this pork chop–shaped island. Even fewer can say whether it is inhabited, or why it doesn't exist on the map. That's all about to change.

Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory blows the lid off the stunning true nature and checkered history of Plum Island. It shows that the seemingly bucolic island on the edge of the largest population center in the United States is a ticking biological time bomb that none of us can safely ignore.

Based on innumerable declassified government documents, scores of in-depth interviews, and access to Plum Island itself, this is an eye-opening, suspenseful account of a federal government germ laboratory gone terribly wrong. For the first time, Lab 257 takes you deep inside this secret world and presents startling revelations including virus outbreaks, biological meltdowns, infected workers who were denied assistance in diagnosis by Plum Island brass, the periodic flushing of contaminated raw sewage into area waters, and the insidious connections between Plum Island, Lyme disease, and the deadly 1999 West Nile virus outbreak.

An exploration of the complex world of microbiology, viruses, and bacteria, Lab 257 also shows how the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which ran Plum Island for the last half century, is far more than wholesome grade-A eggs and the food pyramid. The book probes what's in store for Plum Island's new owner, the Department of Homeland Security, in this age of bioterrorism. And for those interested in questions of national security and safety, it is a call to action for those concerned with protecting present and future generations from preventable biological catastrophes.

Lab 257 will change forever our current understanding of Plum Island -- a place that is, in the words of one insider, "a biological Three Mile Island."

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Dr. Oz Promotes RFID Microchip Implants For People – Next Big Thing

by Victoria 
This message is for everyone who watches this video. I want to declare unto you the TRUTH behind this new RFID chip. Even though this chip is referred to as the “Next Big Thing,” this chip will cause you to lose your soul and spend eternity in Hell if you allow it to be injected in your right hand or your forehead. What I am saying to you is NOT a joke. It is NOT a myth. It is not what some people may call doom and gloom, but this RFID chip is the very fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Everyone has a soul and body. Our souls are eternal; therefore, we are destined to spend eternity somewhere either Heaven or Hell after we die. The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27, “…it is appointed unto men, once to die, but after this the judgement.” You may be reading this and thinking, “I don’t believe in God and the Bible.” Maybe you have heard about the Mark of the Beast which is exactly what this RFID chip technology is. Maybe you know that number 666 represents the Devil himself and the number of the Antichrist who will soon rule the whole world through a one world government that is forming right now by the Illuminati, the Bilderberg’s, the Club of Rome, the United Nations and other secret societies. We are living in a fallen world and nation that has exalted SIN, homosexuality, and abortion (which is murder) over God (JESUS) who is the ONLY living God that can heal this country, save our souls from death, and to redeem us from sin through His blood that was shed for you and me. If you are reading this, and you do not believe the Bible, or you never heard of Bible prophecy, I pray that God will open your eyes and ears to His TRUTH. I WARN you that the time will come SOON when this RFID chip will become mandatory. Everyone will be forced to take this chip. If people do not take this chip, they will not be able to buy or sell and may be killed. The Bible says in Revelation 13:16-18, “And he (the Antichrist) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads; and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the MARK, or the name of the beast, or the NUMBER of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man (the Antichrist); and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666).” If you take this chip, the government will have full control over you. You will no longer have privacy. They will be able to track your every move. You will not be able to buy what you need such as food, gas, medicine, and other daily needs if you do not take the chip. However, it might seem harmless to anyone to have this RFID chip inserted in your hand, but all those whose take this chip which is the Mark of the Beast will suffer the wrath of God and eternal damnation. People who do not know God as their personal Savior will not see the coming destruction that awaits them if they take the Mark of the Beast (RFID chip) because they do not know the TRUTH of God’s Word. The Bible says in Revelation 14:9-11, “If any man worship the beast (the Antichrist) and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of His indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb: and the smoke of their torment ascends up forever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever received the mark of his name. DO NOT TAKE THIS RFID CHIP!!! It is from the Devil, and he plays for keeps. The Devil’s desire is to steal, kill, and destroy your soul (St. John 10:10) and take you to Hell with him. PLEASE, I beg you to repent of your sins, for the Kingdom of God is at hand (St. Mark 1:15), and ONLY JESUS can save you from the destruction that is to come on this earth to all people who hate Him and do not except the love of the Truth (2 Thess. 2:10) which is the Word of God (the Bible). It is written in I Corinthians 2:18 in the Bible, “For the preaching of the cross is to them that PERISH foolishness, but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” Even though this sounds terribly negative and hard to believe, I pray you in Christ’s stead, be reconciled unto God (2 Cor 5:20). There is Good News! JESUS LOVES YOU!!! He died on the cross for you so you could have eternal life and live forever with Him in Heaven. You can be saved and become a child of the living God. All you must do is confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that JESUS is the Son of God, that he died for you, and rose again on the third day for YOUR redemption (Romans 10:9-10). Ask Him to wash away your sins with His blood, to cleanse your mind from a guilty conscience, to make you a new creature, and he will come into your heart to live within you. You do not have to die and lose your soul by yielding to this One World Government and One World Currency through this RFID chip that will be imposed on people, but you can have eternal life through FAITH in JESUS. The ONLY TRUTH is in JESUS. TURN TO HIM AND LIVE.

RFID Chips in Men, Women & Children – Next big thing

BBC1's The One Show on Wednesday 30 May 2018,, in which they championed the implanting of RFID chips in humans. Is this the future we want for ourselves and our children? 

The Day I Got Microchipped

I don't have a spiritual purpose with my life. I was put here to consume everything. I'm a Republican ...I mean, a Democrat. I forget. No, wait. Maybe I'm a human being ...or a turtle. Gee.

Deep State Nuclear Mafia At War With You


Leuren Moret - Fukushima HAARP tectonic & nuclear attack by Sovereign Military Knights of Malta, Skull & Bones, CIA, DOE, BP for Fed/City of London 

Behind March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdowns stand same war crimes racketeering org behind September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina (2005), Haiti earthquake (2010) & more HAARP-triggered covert ops to destabilize North America

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 9, 2011, independent scientist Leuren Moret has stated that the Fukushima HAARP tectonic nuclear attack was done by an international racketeering war crimes network within the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Department of Energy (DOE), and BP (British Petroleum) on behalf of City of London bankers.

Ms. Moret states that the group behind the March 11, 2011 events at the Fukushima nuclear plant is the same war crimes racketeering organization behind the false flag operations of September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina (2005), the Haiti earthquake (2010) and other HAARP-triggered false flag operations.

The Fukushima tectonic nuclear attack is an intentional genocidal depopulation of the northern and southern hemispheres, Ms. Moret states. The west coasts of the United States and Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii are being intentionally targeted by dangerous radiation from the March 11, 2011 tectonic warfare earthquake and nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima, Japan.

These areas of the United States and Canada, and Mexico, Ms. Moret indicates, are the major food producing areas for North America. Radiation from the Japan quake/nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima is intentionally being steered into these areas in order to dose the land and the food with radiation.

Danger of radiation in the rain

Ms. Moret warns that the U.S. government is covering up the radiation danger in North America, and stated that individuals should venture out in the rain with their bodies fully covered, including gloves.

During WWII, it was discovered that the most effective method of nuclear warfare was to detonate an atomic bomb in a raincloud, and let the radiation rain down on the target population.

The weather warfare capabilities of HAARP and the GWEN towers systems are being used to create weather patterns (such as tornadoes) and rain that bring radiation as high as in the Fukushima area of Japan on the southeast, midwest, southwest and west coasts of the United States.