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 Nuclear Activists Must Establish Environmental Personhood 

Environmental Personhood

A Green World Journal here

  • Dr. Goodheart 
  • Ocean wave powered kinetic energy production here
  • Obama/Hillary disclaim Fukushima radionuclide radiation threat in U.S. here
  • EPA shuts off radiation meters as Fukushima radiation floods U.S. here & map, above right

Beautiful Girl by Dana here

  • (See Durnford)

Beyond Nuclear here

  • Fact sheets here
  • Risks to women & children from nuclear reactors here
  • ...& Palm card here
  • Nuclear power & children here
  • Tritium: a universal health threat from every nuclear reactor here
  • Routine releases: Tritium & noble gases here

Boston Chemical Data here

  • (See Kaltofen)

Busby, Chris

  • Fracking kills babies here
  • Low Level Radiation Campaign here ...babies born in fracking areas of Pennsylvania 66% more likely to die before 28 days old
  • Press release - heart, neurological, kidney defects from radium & uranium in drinking water here
  • Ecologist - Fracking kills newborn babies here
  • Environmental Research here

Caldecott, Helen here

  • If You Love This Planet (radio) here

Coalition Against Nukes here

  • Blog roll (from many orgs) here

Consolo, Christina here

  • Radchick (youtube) (pic above right)
  • Radchick (twitter) here
  • Plane flights in Fukushima rads here
  • Nuked Radio here
  • Fukushima triggers airline pilot & passenger heart attacks, cancers, radiation illness symptoms here

DiaNuke here

  • Dialogs and resources on nuclear, nature and society

Dunford, Dana

  • Beautiful Girl by Dana here
  • The Nuclear Proctologist here

Enenews here

  • Best nuclear newswire in town

Environmental Research

  • (see Busby)

    Fairewinds here & here

    • Gundersen, Arnie & Maggie here
    • Caring For Our Future here
    • Japan Plans to Expose Its People and 2020 Tokyo Olympians to Fukushima Radiation here
    • Radioactively-hot Particles Detected in Dusts and Soils from Northern Japan here
    • Chimney Effect here
    • Fairewinds Comments on EPA-Proposed Changes to Protective Action Guidelines; [comments were ignored, EPA made their changes]: "EPA is proposing levels of 500 millirem per year are acceptable in radioactively contaminated water for general public consumption and an increase to 100 millirem per year of exposure levels to pregnant women and young children. These levels far exceed EPA’s acceptable risk range for cancer-causing radiation exposure levels. If implemented, this proposed change in radiation guidelines greatly increase radiation exposure to people to a totally unacceptable radiation risk level. These changes will reduce radiation disaster cleanup costs to corporations and transfer that horrific risk and cost of cleanup to states, cities, towns, and villages that will already be suffering astronomical losses.
    Friends of the Earth here
    • Shutting down Diablo Canyon


    Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Fossil Fuels

    Our activist omnibus on-the-bus

    Special Feature: Fairewinds video interviews & transcripts 

    | Children Suffer Nuclear Impact Worldwide | Extreme Nuclear Dangers | Tritium Expose | Smokescreen | Hottest Hot Particle | Hot Particles in Seattle & Boston | Nuclear Power Makes Global Warming Worse | EPA Sabotage: Wrecks Protective Action Guidelines |

    Hanford Challenge here

    Harney, Corbin here

    If You Love This Planet here

    • (See Caldicott)

    International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War here

    Physicians for Social Responsibility here

    Kaltofen, Marco here
    • (See Boston Chemical Data) here

    Low Level Radiation Campaign here

    • (See Busby)

    Mangano, Joseph here

    Moret, Lauren here
    • D.I.M.E. Bomb / Fallujah here

    Mothers for Peace here

    • Shutting down Diablo Canyon
    • Ensuring safe storage
    MsMilkytheclown1 here
    • Well, between my original MsMilkytheclown channel and my channel here at MsMilkytheclown1, I have uploaded approx. 2,250 videos on Fukushima updates and the Nuclear industry. I've tried to upload a Fukushima update nearly every day and jump on top of other nuclear issues to share them with you.

    NRDC here
    • Natural Resources Defense Council

    Nevada, State of – Agency for Nuclear Projects
    Nichols on Nuclear here
    • Your Radiation This Week here
    • Bob's Nuclear Weather Forecast here
    • All Reactors Leak All The Time  here

    (above) 12/30/17 – Million A Week Club No. 6

    Nuclear Hotseat here

    Nuked Radio here
    • (See Consolo, Christina)

    Nuclear Information & Research Service here

    • Radioactive Waste here

    Nuclear News here

    Nuclear Waste Task Force - News

    Nuke Pro / Stock here

    • After Fukushima and Hillary's deal to buy Japan's radioactive food, Japan gave over $1M to Podesta Group here


    • (See Consolo, Christina)

    Radiation and Public Health here

    San Onofre Safety here

    Sherman, Janet

    • Life's Delicate Balance: Causes & Prevention of Breast Cancer here
    • books here
    • Chernobyl: 
      Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature here & here (free PDF) NOTE: Read the abstracts of each chapter that interests you ...abstracts summarize  chapters ... otherwise, it is very technical and tough going.

    Sternglass, Mangano & Sherman here

    • (Reading room) here
    • Sharp local thyroid cancer increases since New York-area nuclear plant began operating. Journal of Environmental Protection, December, 2017 here & here
    • Also see Radiation and Public Health here
    • Articles, scientific papers, books, letters, & selected testimony relating to Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation, Ernest J. Sternglass, Ph.D.  here
      Strontium Milks here
      • (Youtube channel)
      • If they would feed radioactive oatmeal To little kids, what wouldn’t they do? (video, below)

      Western Bands Shoshone Nation

      • Newe Segobia
      • (see Harney, Corbin) here

      Polar bears starve, as do sea lions, seals, whales, dolphins & more sealife from airborne & seaborne Fukushima fallout (ionizing radiation) destroying  plankton, krill, sardines, herring, tuna & salmon food chains – & are covered w/bleeding lesions & tumors indicative of cancer; read our free e-books: here

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