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 Activists United 

 for Mother Earth to have Environmental Personhood


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 Microwaves push   jetstream rain off   California that would   extinquish fires in   SoCal; instead, it makes   snowfall in Texas and   Mexico 

Chemtrails/GeoEngineering page, here.

Urgent Alert

Geo-Engineering | Chem-Trails* | HAARP | CERN | EMP – (*here)

Dec 16, 2017, #123

GeoEngineering Watch Global Alert News

We have lost several trillion trees to geoengineering, weather modification & chemtrails; is this not an environmental activist issue?

by Dane Wigington, GeoengineeringWatch.org

A mainstream publication states, “A Geoengineered Future Is Downright Scary” – but, it's already been here for 70 years. The battle to control the flow of information is being advanced by an increasingly desperate power structure. Will the population stand silently by? What factors are fueling public complacency and apathy even when facing existential threats? The U.S. continues to topple democracies in other nations, the latest is in Honduras.

Earth continues her spiral in abrupt climate shift; how many trees would we have to plant to make a difference? Is it too late? What excuses do agencies give instead of reporting the true gravity of environmental and climate implosion? (Story: video upper-left) (lower left: GeoEngineering microwaves push jetstream rain off California that would extinquish fires in SoCal; instead, it makes snowfall in Texas and Mexico)

Our Chemtrails/GeoEngineering page is, here.

 Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Extracted (Fossil) Fuels

 Law of the Rights of Mother Earth   Environmental Person-hood   Earth Person-hood

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  Law of the Rights of Mother Earth   Environmental Person-hood    Earth Person-hood 

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Activist Nuclear

Environmental Personhood

A Green World Journal here

  • Dr. Goodheart 
  • Ocean wave powered kinetic energy production here
  • Obama/Hillary disclaim Fukushima radionuclide radiation threat in U.S. here
  • EPA shuts off radiation meters as Fukushima radiation floods U.S. here & map, above right

Beautiful Girl by Dana here

  • (See Durnford)

Beyond Nuclear here

  • Fact sheets here
  • Risks to women & children from nuclear reactors here
  • ...& Palm card here
  • Nuclear power & children here
  • Tritium: a universal health threat from every nuclear reactor here
  • Routine releases: Tritium & noble gases here

Boston Chemical Data here

  • (See Kaltofen)

Busby, Chris

  • Fracking kills babies here
  • Low Level Radiation Campaign here ...babies born in fracking areas of Pennsylvania 66% more likely to die before 28 days old
  • Press release - heart, neurological, kidney defects from radium & uranium in drinking water here
  • Ecologist - Fracking kills newborn babies here
  • Environmental Research here

Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Fossil Fuels

Our activist omnibus on-the-bus

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Rosalie, an esteemed epidemioligist, fixes the toll from the nuclear industry at 1.2 billion fatal- & non-fatal cancers. For all mammals –(including people), maybe double or triple it. Include mutations to grasses, plants, sea weeds, flowers, trees, forests, vegetables ...double or triple it again. Include cancers or mutations to fish, reptiles, birds, bees, butterlies, other insects  ... double or triple it, again. Nuclear mutates DNA of all living things, in-so-doing, violates Natural Order & Divine Order. You down with that? ...or, want to stop it?

You really want your income & tax dollars to kill us all? ...or, would you prefer to jail Congress & central bankers instead of letting them go free?

Activist Environmental

Environmental Personhood

AmazonWatch here

Sarayaku: People of the Zenith. "When others have surrendered, Sarayaku will not back down." (story, here)

Deep in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest live the Kichwa people of Sarayaku. Their name means, pueblo del medio dia - the People of the Zenith, after the time when the sun reaches its highest point above their forest lands.

As in other parts of the Amazon, in 1996 the Ecuadorian government imposed oil concessions in Sarayaku territory without permission of the 1,200 people who live there. The Sarayaku people only learned that their land had been opened for oil exploration when the helicopters arrived, followed by men with guns.

But, instead of becoming another story of pollution and devastation, the story of Sarayaku has been one of resistance. Managing to beat back oil drilling plans on their lands, the Sarayaku people have come to symbolize indigenous resistance against oil, logging and mining throughout the Amazon.

The year, 2012 was a year of groundbreaking victories for the people of Sarayaku. In April, the government of Ecuador acknowledged responsibility for illegally licensing an oil company to do business on indigenous territory without the community's consent.

Then in July the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) ruled that the government must consult with indigenous communities prior to such enterprises and pay for physical and "moral" damages to the community. 

In September, Children of the Jaguar, a documentary film about the Sarayaku people's struggle to protect their land, won Best Documentary at the National Geographic All Roads Film Festival. (pic, left)

Cascadia Forest Defenders here

Cascadia Wildlands here

Cascadia Wildlands (click pic)

Sister Rice

09:37 AM Feb 19, 2014 | 227

Nun sentenced to prison for nuclear site trespass

Judge sentences 84-year-old anti-nuclear nun to 35 months

-8010- Judge sentences 84-year-old anti-nuclear nun, Sister Rice, to 35 months, saying, "You can't break into a nuclear facility just because you think you're going to save the world" - sneaks into Tennessee Y-12 National Security Complex storing uranium for nuclear bombs.

Nun testifies, I can’t believe they shut down the whole place … three anti-nuclear activists cut through a chain-link fence surrounding the complex then three more fences to have an anti-nuclear picnic ... breaching the most tightly secured uranium processing and storage facility in the U.S. - guard confronts them a few hours later; Congress holds hearings over it (story, here)

Activist Nuclear

Environmental Personhood

    Caldecott, Helen here

    • If You Love This Planet (radio) here

    Coalition Against Nukes here

    • Blog roll (from many orgs) here

    Consolo, Christina here

    • Radchick (youtube) (pic above right)
    • Radchick (twitter) here
    • Plane flights in Fukushima rads here
    • Nuked Radio here
    • Fukushima triggers airline pilot & passenger heart attacks, cancers, radiation illness symptoms here

    DiaNuke here

    • Dialogs and resources on nuclear, nature and society

    Dunford, Dana

    • Beautiful Girl by Dana here
    • The Nuclear Proctologist here

    Enenews here

    • Best nuclear newswire in town

    Environmental Research

    • (see Busby)

    Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Fossil Fuels

    Our activist omnibus on-the-bus

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    Radchick, (click pic, above)

    Activist Environmental

    Environmental Personhood

    Circle of Life here

    • ...1,000-year-old redwood tree saved! here

    Citizen Alert here

    EarthFirst here

    Earth Island Institute here

    EnviroNews here

    Environment & Forest Defense News here

    • Excellent

    Forest Ethics here

    • (see Stand.Earth)

    Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics here

    • CA: Nestlé Waters North America takes millions of gallons of water from San Bernardino National Forest to sell in bottles without legal authority here

    Free pdf newsletter, (click pic)

    Who Owns Whom?

    Federal Reserve Bank declares JPMORGAN/CHASE a threat to the financial stability of the United States (here)

    Rainforest Action Network Chicago and Topless America Project join together in campaign against JP Morgan Chase and all Chase bank branches. JP Morgan Chase is the major financial sponsor of mountain top removal coal mining.

    Mountain-loving zombies at San Francisco EPA office protest blasting at Coal River Mountain, as mountain top removal coal mining continues. EPA is asked, "Where's your braaaains?"


    Activist Nuclear
    Environmental Personhood

      Fairewinds here & here

      • Gundersen, Arnie & Maggie here
      • Caring For Our Future here
      • Japan Plans to Expose Its People and 2020 Tokyo Olympians to Fukushima Radiation here
      • Radioactively-hot Particles Detected in Dusts and Soils from Northern Japan here
      • Chimney Effect here
      • Fairewinds Comments on EPA-Proposed Changes to Protective Action Guidelines; [comments were ignored, EPA made their changes]: "EPA is proposing levels of 500 millirem per year are acceptable in radioactively contaminated water for general public consumption and an increase to 100 millirem per year of exposure levels to pregnant women and young children. These levels far exceed EPA’s acceptable risk range for cancer-causing radiation exposure levels. If implemented, this proposed change in radiation guidelines greatly increase radiation exposure to people to a totally unacceptable radiation risk level. These changes will reduce radiation disaster cleanup costs to corporations and transfer that horrific risk and cost of cleanup to states, cities, towns, and villages that will already be suffering astronomical losses.
      Friends of the Earth here
      • Shutting down Diablo Canyon


      Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Fossil Fuels

      Our activist omnibus on-the-bus

      Fairewinds story, (click pic, above ...at destination, scroll down)

      Friends of the Earth, Diablo Canyon story, (click pic) 

      (The following passage is relevant because the central bank mafioso own the nuclear and petroleum industry.) 

      (Click pic for it's source.)

      Note: 'The City' reference (in the above passage) is to 'City of London',  'Square Mile', or 'Crown' – a sovereign country located within London where international bankers of the western central bank mafia are represented. More, here. This is relevant because the central bank mafioso own the nuclear & petroleum industry. (Continued, here)

      As Fukushima Daiichi keeps on giving the legacy of radioactive discharge throughout Japan and the northern hemisphere, it is time to recognize the whistleblowers in the U.S. and around the world, who try to keep the world’s existing atomic power reactors operating safely. These brave people cannot do their job if the regulators, like NRC, are part of the problem, from beginning to end! I was in the nuclear power industry. I promoted nuclear power plants and now I think they’re morally wrong. Their connection to the atomic bomb and the way the industry is, is just not what we should be practicing as a human race. As a woman, a mother, a grandmother, I feel it’s morally wrong. – Maggie Gundersen

      Radiation precautions for areas near Seattle, Vancouver, Portland. Perhaps you need to wash your shoes …and other things. If in Oregon, Wash., Calif. you need to demand officials test how Fukushima fallout has affected rivers and fish -- Significant radiation hit west coast and settled in on Cascades. We’ll see a statistically meaningful increase in cancer from Fukushima on west coast …after Japan, the most radioactive area is Cascade Mountains. Portland had cesium at 100 Bq/m² – Arnie Gundersen


      Activist Environmental
      Environmental Personhood

      Friends of the Earth here

      • Stop a hydro dam from wiping out the newly discovered species of Orangutan here
      • Tell your State Attorney General: Stop the mega-merger of Bayer & Monsanto here

      [Editor's note re: Central Banks – New book coming on financial & economic warfare of the Bormann Org, the Nazi financial empire (along with the communist party) co-financed out of NYC by Brown Brothers, Harriman & Herbie Walker (Bush) via Ruskombank ...relocated in Argentina and – as a premise – represented by the Bush empire; there, 800 dummy corporations that hid war booty were directed by Bormann, many dominate the world today, in big pharma (Bayer) & biological warfare (Agent Orange made by Monsanto) & central banking (Deutschebank) here ...and now,  Bayer owns Monsanto here ...also: Mysterious triangle: Donald Trump, Deutsche Bank & the Kremlin 'cookie jars'; here]

      • News Climate & Energy / Nuclear: S.C. Public Service Commission to decide on December 20 on challenge to Friends of the Earth Complaint in nuclear reactor construction fiasco in South Carolina here
      • Ending Dangerous Nuclear Power here
      • History made: The deal to shut down the Diablo Nuclear Power Plant here
      • Oceans & tens of millions of people who live near them are under threat from oil spills, air pollution, sewage releases, industrial ocean fish farming & unnatural ocean noise here
      • Tell Congress: Don't hand our wild places over to big oil here
      • Senate Committee votes on Trump’s Ex-Im Bank Nominees here
      • Agribusiness giant Cargill suspends contract with controversial Guatemalan palm oil producer over environmental & Human Rights violations here


      Urgent Alert

      Cancer & nuclear regulatory apologists  

      Is mass suffering & misery not a human rights issue? 

      Is human slaughter not a human rights issue? We have lost 1.2 billion people to fatal and non-fatal cancer because of nuclear industry ...and their apologists, lies and cover-ups.

      Is mass suffering & misery not an animal rights issue?

      ...include all mammals (including people) and fish, reptiles, worms, bees, butterflies, insects the number likely doubles and triples & more.

      Nuclear energy financiers & regulatory apologists should be immediately arrested, tried, judged, sentenced & marched to the gallows for omnicide

      When you are confronted face-to-face with evil, only one will walk away. Now is the time for Divine vengeance. First, identify those who got to go, (click here). Start at the top of the pyramid and work down. The longest journey starts with the first footstep.

      Remember in your judgement: The wise person fights their own ego; the foolish person fights everyone else's. Evil or safety ...that's your choice. Decide.

      Activist Nuclear

      Environmental Personhood

      Hanford Challenge here

      Harney, Corbin here

      If You Love This Planet here

      • (See Caldicott)

      International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War here

      Physicians for Social Responsibility here

      Kaltofen, Marco here
      • (See Boston Chemical Data) here

      Low Level Radiation Campaign here

      • (See Busby)

      Mangano, Joseph here

      Moret, Lauren here
      • D.I.M.E. Bomb / Fallujah here

      Mothers for Peace here

      • Shutting down Diablo Canyon
      • Ensuring safe storage
      MsMilkytheclown1 here
      • Well, between my original MsMilkytheclown channel and my channel here at MsMilkytheclown1, I have uploaded approx. 2,250 videos on Fukushima updates and the Nuclear industry. I've tried to upload a Fukushima update nearly every day and jump on top of other nuclear issues to share them with you.

      NRDC here
      • Natural Resources Defense Council

      Nevada, State of – Agency for Nuclear Projects
      Nichols on Nuclear here
      • Your Radiation This Week here
      • Bob's Nuclear Weather Forecast here
      • All Reactors Leak All The Time  here

      (above) 12/30/17 – Million A Week Club No. 6

      Nuclear Hotseat here

      Nuked Radio here
      • (See Consolo, Christina)

      Nuclear Information & Research Service here

      • Radioactive Waste here

      Nuclear News here

      Nuclear Waste Task Force - News

      Nuke Pro / Stock here

      • After Fukushima and Hillary's deal to buy Japan's radioactive food, Japan gave over $1M to Podesta Group here


      • (See Consolo, Christina)

      Radiation and Public Health here

      San Onofre Safety here

      Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Fossil Fuels

      Our activist omnibus on-the-bus

      Rainforest Action Network (click pic, above)

      EarthFirst! (click pic, above)

      The disaster at Fukushima Daiichi will continue for more than 100 years. Other atomic power reactor disasters are bound to occur. Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi should have taught everyone around the world that nuclear power is a technology that can destroy the fabric of society overnight -Arnie Gundersen

      Maggie Gundersen pointed out that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission claims it has learned lessons from Fukushima, but she doesn't think the NRC – or the Japanese government, or corporations – learned any lessons at all.

      Energy production is all about money. After the meltdowns, many banks in Japan invested in keeping the atomic power reactors on hold until the disaster could sort itself out. Those banks and the government supporting its access to the use of the atom have a vested interest in starting old reactors up. - Maggie Gundersen

      Maggie – featured in Newsweek article, Florida Nuke Plant did not Meet Fed Safety Guidelines as Irma Roared. Fairewinds and colleagues maintain, increasing extreme weather events are symptoms of climate change ...which severely impacts atomic power reactors. Nuclear power industry would have you believe atomic power reactors are good for climate change and CO2 ... that is a lie.

      click pic, above

      click pic, above 

      Hanford Challenge, click pic (above)

      San Onofre Safety, click pic (above)

      Activist Environmental

      Environmental Personhood

      Gaia Forest Conservation Archives here

      Global Forest Watch here

      Greenpeace here

      • Why campaign against JPMorgan Chase? here
      • Tar Sands pipelines are heavily financed by 26 key banks here
      • Fossil Fuel Financing here

      HeadwatersForest.org here

      • Headwaters Forest – last large unprotected ancient redwood forest here

      Headwaters Forest – last large unprotected U.S. ancient redwood ecosystem – Texas corporate raider Charles Hurwitz takes over Pacific Lumber Company, raids the pension plan, sells off assets, and doubles logging in the forest sto pay back his junk bonds debt.  What follows is over a decade of lawsuits, court injunctions, protests, tree-sits, arrests & unprecedented violence in the forest against nonviolent activists bent on saving what little remains of once great old-growth forests

      Indigenous Environmental Network here

      KS Wild here

      • Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center

      National Forest Protection Alliance here

      • See Wild Earth Guardians here

      National Resources Defense Council here

      • Coal is killing us: Clean energy could save billions of dollars and thousands of lives a year here
      • Trading coal plants for solar farms in India here
      • Tritium here & here

      [note: map of reported tritium leaks does not include tritium from military ocean vessels, nor daily releases from every reactor, nor from international sites; please update article (above)...plus [1] 2017 reduced EPA standards; [2] each nuclear reactor leaks Tritium; [3] effective range is sufficient to mutate DNA & cause in utero mutations & birth defects); [4] solid, liquid & gaseous forms convert hydrogen in recreational, drinking (tap & bottled) & bath/shower water {H2O} to a  source of deadly ionizing radiation & [5] pollution of Pacific Ocean & decimation of sea life from ongoing core meltdowns from Fukusima]

      Northwest Old Growth Campaign here (site hacked)

      NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering here

      • Gathering RAGE: Resist Genetic Engineering here

      Threat to food & health from biotech genetic engineering imposition into developing world via WTO & World Bank to expand global capitalism


      Nucear reactors are nuclear bombs in slow motion because every single nuclear reactor routinely releases fallout into the air &/or water in normal day-to-day operations ... & continue exposure to low levels of fallout add up & accumulate & can be equally deadly as large exposures.

      Don't Be a Weakling! Take a Stand Right Now Against Weaponizing the Earth ...(save yourself & the animals) —(here)—

      Rosalie is a brilliant researcher, epidemiologist & Catholic nun who pioneered & documented the weaponization of Planet Earth. Elana Freeland has followed in Rosalie's footsteps.


      Beached Whale

      1. Are you a member of an environmental  group  that never watched a whale die because the Fed interest rate bankers who own & direct the military industrial complex & deep state nuclear mafia don't give a shit about Life, just interest rates (greed, power & priviledge) ...& bombard the Earth with nuclear & space age electromagnetic weapons, microwaves. chemtrails, weather & earthquake war games —(see military reports, here) & (documents specifically, here)
      2. Do you nurture Life? ...or turn your back on Love
      3. What is your group's stand on nuclear? Are you cowards, or do you nurture Life & Love. (Better get to know this site before you make the wrong decision ...don't you think? (...or feel?) ...or are you uniformed or just plain dumb? ...& numb. You bum. Take a stand to save Life ...or waste your Divine & Spiritual Being & purpose for being on Earth.

      The Pacific Ocean is dying: Federal Reserve directors whose corporations and military tactics kill the Ocean should be marched to the gallows. You prefer their war on mammals (including people), all Life with DNA, on Gaia & Divine Order? Why? ...are you insane? ...or a walking dead not in love with Life? ...or yourself 

       —(Surprise, here) & (They are dirtying & murdering the planet, here) & (rant, here)— 

      Activist Nuclear

      Environmental Personhood

      Sherman, Janet

      • Life's Delicate Balance: Causes & Prevention of Breast Cancer here
      • books here
      • Chernobyl: 
        Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and Nature here & here (free PDF) NOTE: Read the abstracts of each chapter that interests you ...abstracts summarize  chapters ... otherwise, it is very technical and tough going.

      Sternglass, Mangano & Sherman here

      • (Reading room) here
      • Sharp local thyroid cancer increases since New York-area nuclear plant began operating. Journal of Environmental Protection, December, 2017 here & here
      • Also see Radiation and Public Health here
      • Articles, scientific papers, books, letters, & selected testimony relating to Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation, Ernest J. Sternglass, Ph.D.  here
        Strontium Milks here
        • (Youtube channel)
        • If they would feed radioactive oatmeal To little kids, what wouldn’t they do? (video, below)

        Western Bands Shoshone Nation

        • Newe Segobia
        • (see Harney, Corbin) here

        Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Fossil Fuels

        Our activist omnibus on-the-bus

        click pic

        Activist Environmental

        Environmental Personhood

        Oregon Wild here

        • OR Governor Kate Brown mute as Fish & Wildlife continues wolf killing here
        • Stop Oregon's Backdoor Wolf Hunt here
        • Tell Senate to Reject Anti-Public Lands Activist here

        Sympathizer of Malheur Refuge militants & anti-conservation crusader is being considered to oversee millions of acres of national public lands

        Organic Consumers Organization here

        • Millions Against Monsanto campaign – started by OCA in mid-90s to fight back against Monsanto & other Biotech bullies responsible for poisoning our food & environment here
        • France – the first country to ban supermarkets from throwing away unused food; the world takes notice here
        • 4 Tips for stocking a kid-friendly, nontoxic kitchen here

        Pacific Green Party here

        • Greens testify against nukes in Salem, OR here

        [Editor's note: It is the informed opinion of Nuclear Weather Forecast, the senate vote (article above) signifies the dominance of fascism & lack of ethics & knowledge in the Senate – & those voting for the bill are committing treason & should be tried, judged, found guilty, sentenced & marched to the gallows]



        Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Fossil Fuels

        Our activist omnibus on-the-bus

        Special Feature: Fairewinds video interviews & transcripts 

        | Children Suffer Nuclear Impact Worldwide | Extreme Nuclear Dangers | Tritium Expose | Smokescreen | Hottest Hot Particle | Hot Particles in Seattle & Boston | Nuclear Power Makes Global Warming Worse | EPA Sabotage: Wrecks Protective Action Guidelines |

        (l) Wild Earth Guardians, here — (r) Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, here

        Mountain-loving Zombies at San Francisco EPA office

        Protest blasting at Coal River Mountain, as mountain top removal coal mining continues. EPA is asked, "Where's your braaaains?"

        Crown (Rothschild) Interest-rate NWO Bank Police Ready

        Offensive comments now a crime for Fed/City of London bank police to handle

        (in the vid InfoWars part) Note crown sitting on top of badge ...the tip-off it's the police department of 'the Crown', or 'Square Mile', or 'City'.)

        City of London is a separate square mile inside London, and has it's own police force because it is recognized as a separate country ...populated by central bankers and known as 'the crown' 'the city' 'the square mile'. It finances the british empire and holds higher status than the Queen and Royal Family. It is the seat of evil for the last several hundred years. City of London (corporation) owns/owned all the non-white british colonies, and the monarchy owns/owned all the white colonies. City of London (the country) is recognized by the Knights of Malta (the bodyguards of the vatican) who historically conducted the inquistion for 1,000 years and counting – and who are also a soverign county ... as is the Vatican (bank).

        21st Paradigm (click pic, above)

        Polar bears starve, as do sea lions, seals, whales, dolphins & more sealife from airborne & seaborne Fukushima fallout (ionizing radiation) destroying  plankton, krill, sardines, herring, tuna & salmon food chains – & are covered w/bleeding lesions & tumors indicative of cancer; read our free e-books: here

        (l) Vital Ground: The eight surviving bear species, here; (r) As a result of airborne & seaborne (& trapped in the ice to later thaw), Fukushima fallout throughout Alaska & in the sea attacked sea mammals & sea life swimming beside plutonium & other radionuclides (manmade ionizing radiation) giving them bleeding & painful lesions & tumors; some bled from the eyes, others' internal organs ...(this is documented in the free e-books, here). At the same time, it killed the tidepools in British Columbia, the krill & herring & sardines & salmon & tuna, contaminated seaweed, & then millions of sealife washed up dead & dying on the shores of the Pacific Rim from Alaska to Chile -- together, millions of seabirds, seals, sea lions, pelicans, bears began starving to death (first unreported for several years following the three nuclear blow-up & meltdowns at Fukushima, then by the end of 2012 and growing worse each year to 2017, millions of sealife of all kinds, billions and even trillions start disappearing ... heralding the sixth great extinction on Earth, (here) ...this one not by comet or volcano or storm, but manmade.

        Center for International Environmental Law: El Salvador protest – sovereign democracy vs World Bank 'international mining globalization'. (click pic)

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