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"We have to work together as stewards of Mother Earth to reclaim and restore the health of our Creator's Planet."


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Should Men Protect Women, Children & Animals from Nuclear Industry?

Is the immediate threat of a lifeless planet on your radar? Are you now an endangered species? Should mass murderers die? ...or walk among us

These four life-&-death questions are among the most emotional and most difficult to answer in the world ... but you can ...authoritatively and without guilt, together we can be strong enough to do what needs to be done to help the Life Force survive ...after reading our site & our two free e-books, take action so you can stand confidently before our Creator to pray for salvation for your Eternal Being. 

Step beyond hard love of yourself

Step beyond hard love of yourself. It is our survival. Your adversary keeps you from realizing your angelic calling, prevents you from awareness of the wonder, awe, mystery, sanctity and preciousness of Life and living – in this awe-inspiring Life, Creation and Love ... walk softly upon Mother Earth, for She is alive and your boots bruise and tear her skin. Your adversary has no love for you, takes your life against your will because he can, bleeds you dry, stresses you out unto death. Together, we can be strong ... and we can do what we need to do to stay alive as spiritual and fleshly fighters for goodness, in this Life and thru Eternity. I kid you not.

(above left) BEACHED WHALE DEATH RATTLE: Whales & sea life wash up dead & dying excruciating deaths from Alaska to Mexico, Central & South America, by the millions - Due to —Fukushima plutonium in the migratory currents of the Pacific Ocean alongside whales, dolphins, sea turtles, salmon, tuna, octopi, squid and other sea life, —undersea sonic detonations for oil and mineral exploration, —depleted uranium (DU) munitions fired by the military into the sea for target practice, —atmosheric nuclear and aeroplane aerosol (aka chemtrail) fallout, —weather warfare and —electromagnetic pulse (EMP), CERN & HAARP microwave militarization of Nature and of Earth... ... ... mammals (including people) suffer from hundreds of immune deficiency diseases, breast, uterine, prostate, rectal, skin, brain and other fatal and non-fatal cancers, miscarriages, heart attacks, strokes, lesions, tumors ... suffering alone at the end, in silence enduring seizures, excruciating pain then death...

...or, slowly starve to death because chitin and plankton at the bottom of the food chain in the ocean are dead from radionuclide poisoning (and the —effects mentioned above), as do the feeder fish like herring, as sea life and food chains waste away do millions of seals, sea lions, seabirds like gulls and pelicans from Alaska to Chile and the Artic to Antartic in the Sixth Great Extinction of Life on Planet Earth, this time not by meteors or by God, but by the hand of man.

Our two books and this website will give you clues to have your own 'aha  moment' – because you really need to figure out who's at fault and who to bring to trial, judge, sentence then march to the gallows for perpetrating nuclear ecocide, genocide and omnicide and profiteering wars cloaking piracy ...before they fool you into worshipping them and kill you on the alter of ignorance, sacrificing you to their false gods of money and control. It is either to remove them and their perpetrators and apologists ...or to lay your head on the chopping block. Your choice, brother. Your neck.

Is the Pacific Ocean really dying?

Do You Know What’s Going On In Your Own State? ...or are you fooled in the crosshairs

Which uninformed 50% of America are YOU? ...the uninformed Republicans ...or, the uninformed Democrats? ...or, the uninformed independents? ...or the 100% lied to

National & State news will not tell you what is happening all around you, or you would stop the financiers of nuclear industry dead, right now ...permanently

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Menu for Men (above, in red)

2020 Olympic Games – no face

This site is geared towards kids in order to save the animals from nuclear industry also is geared for women, animal lovers, and nuclear scientists to save the unborn, babies, children, teens, adults of all life forms with DNA that replicate themselves after their own kind... & it is geared to real men

In Japan, as a result of the meltdowns at Fukushima contaminating Japan and the sites for the 2020 Olympic Games, the kids are taught that fallout and nuclear contamination does not hurt children who smile...

...only those with a gloomy outlook.

Is this not a crime against youth?

Interesting how the CIA helped install this pro-nuclear mind control in Japan, (here).

In the U.S., scientists at University of California, Berkeley, and all the mainstream news channels, claim that Fukushima nuclear fallout does no more damage than eating potato chips, taking a walk in the park, sleeping or sitting by someone, or a chest x-ray. These people should be tried, imprisoned &/or executed.

If you have looked at our home page, called, 'Women', you now understand.

As you get familiar with this site, you will see that nuclear industry has caused mass suffering to all mammals (including people), all other animals and all life forms. Nuclear industry and the central banks, such as the Federal Reserve and G8, has fed plutonium to pregnant women to see how it mutates their eggs, embryo, fetus and child, has fed plutonium to children to try to create cereal brand loyalty, has used the U.S. Navy onboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan as guinea pigs, has given at least 1.2 billion civilians cancer, and certainly as many animals (mammals, such as you), and again other animals as well and all life forms with DNA, who are not mammals, and is currently destroying billions of animals in the Pacific Ocean, and destroying the ocean plankton creating most of the oxygen on Earth and is the foundation for life in the ocean, at the bottom of the food chain. For this pro-nuclear monsters should be tried, sentenced and marched to the gallows.

Nuclear energy does NOT create electric power

Nuclear industry was created as a tool of genocide. The sole function of a nuclear reactor is to create fuel for nuclear bombs and destroy all life.

This process of creating nuclear bomb material gives off a lot of heat, and requires a lot of water to cool it, the water boils and creates steam. The steam is used to turn an electric turbine generator, and the turbine generator creates the electricity.

It is like water flowing from a dam turns turbine generators to create electricity. A diesel locomotive does not run on diesel fuel. The diesel fuel is used to run a turbine generator that creates electricity. The diesel locomotive runs on electricity.

That nuclear energy creates electricity is a lie and you are under the spell of mass murderers that own and direct nuclear industry.

You have been brain-washed by nuclear industry. You are under mind control by nuclear industry. Like it, or not.

Get your self free.

Join us to stop nuclear industry, before it stops you. It is giving you cancer, and all living things with DNA that reproduce themselves after their own kinds. Nuclear industry is destroying all life on Earth ...unless you get your self free of nuclear industry mind control, and legally destroy those who do it, bring them to justice and march them to the gallows ... because, they have known the truth for 70 years, from the very beginning of nuclear industry. This is not a game you can afford to lose.

Nuclear industry is evil incarnate & exists to create genocide, ecocide, public debt, private wealth, disease, suffering & death

Nuclear industry fuels foreign policy, war & New World Order

In a nutshell, according to the U.S. House of Representatives, the private bankers who own the Federal Reserve Bank and constitute the interlocking directorate of the western central banks ...own almost all the successful businesses in the United States, and through bribes, extortion and blackmail control the political machinery of the western world.

(Now, we know who 'they' are.)

This includes owning and controling the military-industrial complex, and the food, clothing, automotive, and entertainment industries.

And yet, the board of the Fed is populated with foreign powers, such as Britain, City of London Corporation, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Holland, France, Germany. The existance of the Fed and of their interlocking directorate of G8 and G20 is a crime against the United States, it is treason ... because these foreign powers are running our country.

Because the western central banks were and remain founded on the maxim, 'The best time to make money is when blood is flowing in the streets', 'they' create war, revolution and peace and fund both sides in this continuous, vicious cycle of genocide for profit. What ever causes the greatest human suffering and creates the most debt is what makes the most profit for the Fed and G8 and G20 interlocking directorate, here. War is a great money-maker for them, cancer is another one of their favorites. And interest on loans is their very favorite. Because every year, the interest on each country's national debt goes into the pocket of the private bankers who own and direct the Fed and that interlocking directorate. That's why Paul Volker stood behind Obama during his speeches, so people see Obama was one of 'them' and would not kill Obama and in return ... Obama doubled the national debt and doubled the amount of profit these private bankers put into their pockets every day while we can not afford homes, repairs, clothes, medical care or justice. Trump and Hillary are the same animal as Obama, they do not represent you, they work for the Fed, or they would be killed like Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield and the attempt on Jackson's life ... these U.S. Presidents opposed a privated owned central bank, they died for a publicly-owned central bank that does not charge interest. Period. They died because they opposed financial slavery. Period.

Today, that maxim has grown, 'The best time to make money is when blood is flowing in the streets ...and people have cancer'.

Because the interlocking directorate of the Fed owns the western world, it's foreign policy machinery insists that for the U.S., for example, to lend money to a foreign country to buy weapons of war from us, that country must build railroads (historically) and nuclear reactors (today).

Congress allows this, and the old boy network of old men and old women in Congress who allow this, should be tried, judged and marched to the gallows as part of the nuclear industry mafia.

Evil powers crucifying Christ (universal Krisna consciousness) create nuclear to crucify you

Christianity teaches you to turn the other cheek ...however, if you continue to allow nuclear industry to beat off your face you are not serving Christ at all, you are sacrificing all Life on Earth to Satan ...otherwise known as, 'nuclear industry'.

If you are a coward, and will not stand with the Archangels and God to defeat Satan (nuclear industry), then you are a satanist, and worship evil ...and are an enemy of God. You will not be forgiven. The Archangels of God, Mother Nature and Gaia will bring justice to you and deliver you to the gallows, here on Earth ...and deliver you to Eternal hell.

part 2 - from our free e-book, The Pacific Ocean is Dying and You Don't Even Know: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Final Solution for Mammals, Gaia & Divine Order, here


(above) from Lou Wolf’s, Covert Action Quarterly, c.1990

CIA/MI6 reports directly to the Fed / Bank of England / G8/20 via Congress, the President, and the billionaires and the national State leaders they bought & pay for

[Editor’s note: In the Dulles-Gehlen CIA, the first U.S. domestic psyops program against the American people was called, Crusade for Freedom, in which Dulles for G8 brought in Nazis to run CIA and other Nazis brought in by Henry Kissinger convinced the American people that Russia (our allies, who defeated the Nazis in two major world wars) were the enemy of America; and the Cold War was born …with CIA having plants in all major U.S. media …the birth of CIA’s ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’, used for social engineering. The second major domestic psyops was convincing America that Oswald had a magic bullet that could reverse directions several times and he acted alone to kill Kennedy; the Warren Commission was chaired by Allen Dulles …with CIA having plants in all major U.S. media to orchestrate social engineering and brainwash the America people. The next major psyops was convincing the American people that the World Trade Center was not an ‘inside job’ …the mighty Wurlitzer within hours of the event fingering Asama bin Laden, formerly on CIA payroll. The next psyops was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The next psyops was that Fukushima was harmless. The next psyops was Kissinger having Hillary forbid the Japanese government to be nuclear free by 2030 because it would displease the Obama Administration, with Hillary promising the U.S. would not test food imports coming from Japan into the U.S. for Fukushima radionuclides; [Japan’s food was rejected by other countries]. The next psyops was that there was no meltdown at Fukushima and Fukushima fallout was no more dangerous than eating bananas, and fallout didn’t affect people who smiled. The next psyops was that Trump was backed and handled by Russia …the same old Dulles-Kissinger-Nazi G8 song, again impressed upon us by the great Wurlitzer. The next, that the melted down nuclear fuel of Fukushima was found. In these cases, mainstream media (owned by the private bankers who own the Fed, G8, nuclear energy industry, military-industrial complex, presidents, and European State leaders …not to mention China and Russia) whistled the same tune played on the great Wurlitzer … the black widow waltz. Our current Administration refers to the great Wurlitzer, as, Fake News.]

May 31, 2012 | -3475- Former head of Japan’s #1 newspaper worked with CIA to promote nuclear power, here

Apr 9, 2012 | -3039- Secret Japan nuclear bomb program covered up using nuclear power industry - Enough to build arsenal larger than China, India and Pakistan combined, here

United States allowed Japan access to the United States’ most secret nuclear weapons facilities while it transferred tens of billions of dollars-worth of American tax paid research that has allowed Japan to amass 70 tons of weapons grade plutonium since the 1980s, a National Security News Service investigation reveals. U.S. has known about a secret nuclear weapons program in Japan since the 1960s, according to CIA, here.

Mar 11, 2014 | -8086- U.S. officials hide concerns as Fukushima melts-down - CIA told nuclear regulator blast was hydrogen [not nuclear]; noted no evidence to support this theory, here.

Jun 13, 2015 | -8656- CIA Agent: Gov’t covers up effects of radiation; I hope public gets aware - radiation risks are orders of magnitude greater than official estimates; Completely changes picture - serious public health hazard (VIDEO), here.

Jun 30, 2011 | -917-Leaked emails: British gov’t & nuke owners in collusion. [MI6-G8 make disinformation fake news] PR campaign hides Fukushima toll, here

British government (G-8) plan to play down Fukushima - work behind scenes with multinational companies: EDF Energy, Areva, Westinghouse - hide truth to prevent incident undermining public support for nuclear power, here

Jul 24, 2017 | -8887- [CIA-MI6-G8 disinformation fake news apologist?] Expert: Melted fuel found at Fukushima - Corium 6 feet thick below reactor - Nuclear waste piles up at bottom - Lava-like material spread all over - hangs like icicles - Mystery orange substance (VIDEO) here, [also, see below.]

God save online comments spitting at fake news

jackassrig 09:27 pm Jul 24, 2017 – ‘that appear to be melted fuel’, ‘appear to be stalactites’, ‘believed to be’, ‘highly likely’, ‘possible fuel debris’, ‘potential fuel debris,’ ‘could be nuclear’, ‘highly likely’. Hmmmm. It's rust. Six years and lots of steel and salt. You damn crackpots, it’s not nuclear fuel since the damn stuff is at 3000 degrees C. The fuel is out of the building.

Unincredulous 01:04 AM Jul 25, 2017 – Their release said it’s 80 degrees in reactor No. 3. Now, they have six feet of corium in there? I'm sure <sarcasm>

PlowboyGrownUp 10:34 PM Jul 24, 2017 – In first picture, what took picture of the robot?

Unincredulous 01:09 AM Jul 25, 2017 – I think that was a video of the test. In reactor No. 5 or somewhere else. That's the first thing I thought of, too.

Theworldisalie 04:04 AM Jul 25, 2017 – It took them this many years to find melted fuel still in the building they know like the back of their hand and operated for decades. Bullshit! Most of the Fuel is outside containment in the biosphere slowly poisoning everything …along with their other core fuckups. Simple as that.

Unincredulous J 02:30 AM Jul 25, 2017 – 2:43 reactor load and spent fuel load chart. 97 tons in reactor, 89 tons in spent fuel

Unincredulous 04:04 AM Jul 25, 2017 – 97 tons in one reactor. That ought to boil some water. WTF they thinking? 97 tons of uranium & plutonium to boil water?

Unincredulous 02:57Jul 25, 2017 1:00 in (above link) – Only 25 percent of radioactive airborne fallout was released in the first few days of the meltdowns. 75 percent was released in the next few weeks …this model of radioactive fallout is based only on one reactor, one radioactive element, and on the first couple of days and is misleading - plus reactor three was steaming in 2013, as well. Criticality suspected. Nuclear’s finest hour, [1] - three meltdowns, and explosions and it looks like new! Eahhhhh!

Durnford 03:02 AM Jul 25, 2017 – Anybody checked a picture of reactor 3 building, gezz. Reactor No. 3 core is gone, same as fuel pools full of reactor cores above it, are gone; birdbrains. It’s the most radioactive building because it was MOX fuel. Let’s be clear: no camera took a picture of a reactor that does not exist; end of story. I’ll cover it tomorrow 10:30 am PST BC Canada time, my youtube site: Beautifulgirlbydana. Hugs, don’t let the monsters win.

Unincredulous 03:19 Jul 25, 2017 - And, then there was that pesky explosion. How much stress was placed on the base of the reactor when it was used as a launch pad. They really think the core is still in there. Amazing

Razzz Look at the cap-stand with bolts, holding a plate in bottom pix of:

Notice every bolt head has rust, in a circle around it, and the bolts above them. TEPCO wants me to believe melted nuclear fuel pellets deposited nicely around bolt heads, but not ON bolt heads. Think about it. … poster child of fake news.

10:16 AM Nov 7, 2012 | 22  -4710- 200% as many radioactive products [i] returned to Japan this year than in 2011 - Russian report (VIDEO) here

[Editor’s note: This book, (The Pacific Ocean Is Ding And You Don't Even Know), was borne so kids could have enough facts and documentation to win arguments with their parents about saving our animals; and, so attorneys could win their arguments in court.

What matters, is that mammals (including human) and all animals and plants and all Life that has DNA and that reproduces itself after its own kind, is suffering and dying from nuclear energy. And, losing the ability to reproduce itself after its own kind …that is called, ‘mutation’.

That’s why clean energy is the way to go.

Nuclear power is not clean. It is dirty. It is not safe. It is dangerous.

It is the fires from the pits of hell released upon the Earth to ravage and consume all living things …as it is currently doing.

Even more than a battle between good and evil, it is a battle between feeling people, and unfeeling people.]

[1] 07:46 PM Oct 3, 2014 | 898

-8449- Photo captures moment containment vessel destroyed at Fukushima - Workers: White steam is coming out of reactor - radiation spikes in central Tokyo. [Apologist fake news:] U.S. Nuclear Official - Fukushima was nuclear power’s finest hour… everything worked as engineered.(VIDEO) here

[i] vital1 05:41 PM Nov 7, 2012 – International reports of radioactive isotope contamination in food items.

Geiger counter use guide.

How to set up a home, or community based, DIY food test lab. 

We Take the Masks Off the Bad Guys

Kids of all ages, to save the animals, use truth to try & fry bad guys, seize their property, bring them to trial, convict, sentence & march them to the gallows

Insert quote by U.S. House of Representatives, (here).

Who's to blame for killing millions of animals in the Pacific Ocean and hurting 1.2 billion people and billions of animals? (here)

We will prove all mammals (including people) are hurt by manmade radiation (nuclear industry fallout, waste, and catastrophic and business-as-usual goings on) – which hurts all animals and plants with DNA, that reproduce themselves after their own kind.

We will prove manmade radiation mutates bacteria and viruses to create new and mysterious diseases, and these new and mysterious diseases are not caused by global warming, but by human greed and powerlust embodied by the interlocking directorate of the Federal Reserve Bank.

We will prove those responsible for causing suffering, diseases and omnicide are identified by the U.S. House of Representatives; and are to blame for the majority of disease, cancer, war, suffering, misery, poverty and starvation on Earth; and we can hold them responsible ...seize their property, bring them to trial, judge them, sentence them then march them to the gallows, here.

Deformed children in Fallujah – depleted uranium bombs here

Making America great again

Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. In addition, young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukemia. These deformities are now well documented, for example in television documentaries on SKY UK on September 1, 2009, and on SKY UK June 2008.

Our direct contact with doctors in Fallujah report that: in September 2009, Fallujah General Hospital had 170 new born babies, 24% of whom were dead within the first seven days, a staggering 75% of the dead babies were classified as deformed. This can be compared with data from the month of August in 2002 where there were 530 new born babies of whom six were dead within the first seven days and only one birth defect was reported. A significant number of babies that do survive begin to develop severe disabilities at a later stage. One grave digger of a single cemetery is burying four to five babies a day, most of which he says are deformed.

My first trip to Chernobyl

{see footnote at 3624.1} Hope Burwell wrote, On my first trip to Chernobyl in November 2000, I spent three days touring schools in Cherikov and the even more contaminated areas of the Mogilev district. Then we traveled to children’s hospitals in Minsk. What I saw there still shows up in nightmares: children with eyes in the sides of their heads, and children with no eyes at all, children with fingers that look like toes and children whose genitals are so poorly formed one can’t determine their sex. Those nightmares are audible with infant wails like the cries of wounded wild animals.

-----------        HEALTH CARE FOR OUR PLANE      ---------- 

 —  Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean  — 

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean
Nichols on Nuclear
 Next time you hear nuclear apologists say nuclear is safe & clean, just say, "put it where the sun doesn't shine"