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You Can't Save The World Unless You Know Who's Destroying It

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March Them to the Gallows

The True Backers Of The Nuclear Industry

...are pure evil & have known from the beginning they are hurting you here | here | here -> (pdf) | (msword) | original doc, (here)

When will you fight back? You must drive a wooden stake thru the heart of a vampire to kill it already know this, don't you

Do yourself a favor – view this video – note info starting at 15:35

Know Who's Harming Us!

U.S. House | Federal Reserve Directors

U.S. House | Federal Reserve Directors Page 2

U.S. House | Federal Reserve Directors Page 3

U.S. House of Representatives chart of who owns Fed (pdf) | (msword) | Original House document, (here) Who owns whom? Who owns the nuclear industry? (here) Who owns the media? ...and, the presidency? (pdf | msword)

Now You Know Who They AreNuclear industry is a crime against YOU

-----------        HEALTH CARE FOR OUR PLANE      ---------- 

 Pacific Nuclear  Newswire for Women 

They (unmasked here)

Ever wonder who They are? You know, the ones responsible for doing most of the evil on the planet? They're doing it to us., it's not the Reptilians

According to the United States House of Representatives in 1976 (at the Bicentennial anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence), the private bankers who own the Fed own most of the successful businesses in the United States ... the gun makers, the military-industrial complex, the pharmceuticals, the auto industry, the fast food chains, agriculture, media, sex, drugs and rock-&-roll, education system, the computer companies, every single company on every single stock exchange name it, they own it.

(This is not to mention they also own all the central banks, drugs, weapons, petroleum & slave trafficking industries and weather modification programs, the nuclear industry, the military, the terrorists, the governments and on and on we go.)

THEREFORE, we can hold them responsible, arrest them, bring them to trial, judge them, sentence them, and march them to the gallows. BECAUSE they are responsible for creating debt, and the best way to create debt is by creating suffering, war, sickness, cancer, ignorance and civil unrest ...and most of all, nuclear industry. Here's a short video on how the socialist nuclear energy can not exist in a free market society, how they are a parasite feeding off your wages through your taxes, (here). Stamp them out. Get rid of them. March them to the gallows. You'll be glad you did, because you'll also be saving the animals from nuclear and from war and from extinction (not to mention, yourself.)

Now You Know Who They Are

Why So Serious?

Are you as tormented as this person is by what’s going on in the world today? Laughter helps: "kill a banker, win a prize."

These are the ways bankers like to kill us & our feelings & our pets

(click on pic)
New central bank-terrorism-directed war targets animals, civilians, cars, homes & pets worldwide
Now we know who the real terrorists are – they've weaponized Earth & should be arrested, tried & hung


Off With Their Heads
Know Who We're Fighting

No more private central banks

The 'fix' of money that is bought with the blood of your children (see video below then here)

The premise of this website that we will prove true to you is that all mammals (including people) and all life forms with DNA who reproduce themselves after their own kinds, suffer excruciating deaths because of nuclear industry and that...

...nuclear industry is financed (owned) by the Federal Reserve and City of London (Bank of International Settlements),

...who in addition to owning nuclear industry own and proffer military industrial establishment-caused war and disease to create debt (financial enslavement)...

...and when we as a world community stand up against our slave masters and demand no more private central banks, they will come toppling down and the world will enter a new age of peace, social, environmental & spiritual justice.

(above) The 'fix' of money that is bought with the blood of your children

U.S. House of Representatives chart of who owns Fed (pdf) | (msword) | Original House document, (here) Who owns whom? Who owns the nuclear industry? (here) Who owns the media? ...and, the presidency? (pdf | msword)

Does the video above help explain what's happening in Yemen (below)?

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

Yemen Genocide Denial: 7 Million Civilians & Children Starve

Central bank directed Pentagon port blockade starves Yemen women & children: to empower degenerate Saudi Arabia-U.S.-City of London oil owned by BIS

Blockade same one used to starve Japan into allying with Nazis & entering WWII against U.S. to empower City of London/BIS; this blockade aims to empower degenerate Saudi Arabia & Fed/City of London G8 petro-dollar in battle vs Iranian oil bourse — the Ugly American is back from the dead of the 1950's to haunt all good people in 2018 and wage genocide and ecocide against people, animals, Divine Order & the Life Force — who is the Ugly American? ...why did they make threadbare clothes and poverty a fashion statement, anyway? ...poor people can haute couture?More on Yemen blockade, here

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

Mother Earth's Primary Enemy is the Money-issuing Class 

...they control, finance & wage world war & wage world peace, own-&-extort the Presidency, bribe-or-blackmail Congress & made Earth a weapon of war

They create & seize the ruling class who direct power elites who control the military-industrial-petroleum-intelligence-drug trafficking community, media, K-12 / university education, nonprofit foundation (giving), medical, transportation, electric power, agriculture, pharma – & create, own, manufacture & traffic the arms trade ...& for this, they should be arrested, brought to trial, judged & marched to the gallows.

If none of these people who love money & power & control ... more than life ... existed, would Mother Earth & her animals & you & yours be healthier & happier? 

  pdf, here – word with search, here  

(Central banks own the nuclear industry & the media, here)

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

March them to the Gallows ...who? answer: the Money-issuing Class's an example of financial warfare for you – maybe it's financial slavery, too ...your call

Animals | Mysterious Diseases

New & Mysterious Diseases

Chernobyl documentation: ionizing radiation mutates bacteria & viruses to create new & mysterious diseases here

(documentation: Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean)

Why are millions and billions of sea life like whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, sea otters ... all mammals as we are, and all sea life in the Pacific Ocean floating suspended in the ocean dead or dying excruciating deaths and washing up on shores dead or dying excruciating deaths and crabs, lobsters, octopus, squid and other sea life pressed into the beach sand dead from Alaska to Mexico? ...or, starving because their food chain is now extinct?

Because of seaborne plutonium and hundreds of other radionuclides melted down into the water acquifirs at Fukushima feeding into the Pacific Ocean since 2011, and because the U.S. encouraged Japan to dump all their liquid and solid nuclear waste into the ocean every day, and burn it up into the atmosphere where it rains down on the Pacfic Ocean, the United States and circulates around the world every 40 hours and falls. Nuclear apologists blame these extinction levels on global warming creating new and mysterious diseases ... when research from Chernobyl proves radiation mutates viruses and bacteria to form new and mysterious diseases! 

The reason we are not told is because the nuclear industry is getting away with murder. Until you read these books.

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

New Gold Rush Not Great for Oceans

by Justin Housman | Surfer | July 21, 2016

Central banks won't be satisfied until the entire surface of Earth is rendered in never-ending pursuit to greedily dig up things to burn for fuel or hammer into profitable metals ...regardless of consequences

Humankind's adventurous profiteers have now set their sights on mining the depths of the sea floor for minerals and precious metals. This is one of the few zones of earth that scientists know very little about, full of strange creatures, unknown bacteria, and hydrothermal vents that may harbor the keys to how life on earth began. (cont.)

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

Banking Cartel Four Horseman Rule World ...not to mention Bormann Org*

...but not China? IMF member since 1945

China joined Rockefeller's International Monetary Fund (IMF) on December 27, 1945, one of 35 original members. People's Republic of China assumed responsibility for China's relations with the IMF,  April 1980. (*for Bormann Org info, see below)

Systemic Bush family North American fig leaf of South American Bormann Organization: a Nazi in the house?

(documented info, here)

Nancy Pelosi: Bormann Democrat?

(too much documented info, here)

Bormann Organization

(documented info, here


Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

28 Trillion Dollars Missing

We don't have to pay back debt to Federal Reserve when we nationalize Fed | Treason: Congress aides & abets ...Fed unconstitutional. Arrest Fed & Congress for treason, march them to the gallows

[Editor's comment: It's time to shut down all the militarized central banks and weaponized stock markets they own, redistribute their health and wealth (financial slavery), and go back to a civilized love standard where all are cared for. Each person should register as a money standard or love standard a starting point to occupy two new  demilitarized virtual planets. Those on the money standard should be fed money. Those on the love standard will ensure universal health care, food, water, housing, sanitation, transportation and education for each Earthling.] re: 28 trilling missing - add'l youtubes: here | here: press | here: misc |

BIS hunts for 'missing' global debt: $14 trillion missing debt held off balance sheets – blames foreign-exchange derivatives

By Brian Blackstone Sep 17, 2017 Dow Jones Newswires

ZURICH – Nonfinancial companies and other institutions outside the U.S., excluding banks, may be sitting on $14 trillion in "missing debt" held off their balance sheets through foreign-exchange derivatives, according to Bank for International Settlements.

These transactions, which resemble debt but for accounting purposes aren't classified that way, aren't new. Rather, researchers from the BIS – a consortium of central banks based in Basel, Switzerland – used global banking data and surveys to estimate the size of this debt for the first time.

The implications for financial stability are unclear because FX swaps are backed by cash collateral and can be used to hedge exposure to currency swings, thus promoting stability. Still, the debt "has to be repaid when due and this can raise risk," the authors wrote. (more, here)


Fed and FDIC issue letter to JPMorgan Chase

According to the letter the Fed and FDIC issued to JPMorgan Chase, the country’s largest bank with over $2 trillion in assets and $51 trillion in notional amounts of derivatives, things are decidedly not under control.

At the top of page 11, the Federal regulators reveal that they have “identified a deficiency” in JPMorgan’s wind-down plan which if not properly addressed could “pose serious adverse effects to the financial stability of the United States.” Why didn’t JPMorgan’s Board of Directors or its legions of lawyers catch this?

(more, here & here)

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

City of London Interlocking Central Bank Mafia Directorate continues Inquisition

Central banks deploy covert deathsquad agents provocateurs & deploy economic & financial warfare

For 16 centuries after Constantine (who in 300 A.D. institutionalized & weaponized Christianity as a terrorist instrument of the State), Fehme terrified Germans, as secret, terrorist death squad societies of medieval Teutonic Knights

The Inquisition was German war lords & death squads who excluded Rome ... central banks fight the war and fight the peace and keep going where their Fehme and Nazis left off.

The Holy Roman Empire predated German General Staff (composed of industrialists & bankers) ...but, with positions of equal power. The great, ruling families were land owners and controlled the armies of Medieval Germany & Europe. They used the Fehme to assassinate rivals, steal their property & families, & exterminate democratic peoples opposed to fascism (the corporate state) & exterminate working people, peasants & slaves rebelling for redistribution of food, water, health & wealth... the same as the central banks do, today. (continued)

read more

If these money-issuing families who wage financial & economic warfare against us & who wage genocide & ecocide against us & who using nuclear industry defy the Will of our Creator & prevent all creatures with DNA to faithfully reproduce themselves after their own kind (as Divine Order intended) ... ... ... were arrested by our District Attorneys, tried by a jury of our peers & marched to the gallows ... & we bring our armies home from fighting corporate terrorist wars around the world, home to help us rebuild America ... would the entire world be safer, more secure, healthier & happier? 

  pdf, here – word with search, here  

(Central banks own the nuclear industry & the media, here)

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

Inter-Alpha Bank Org

...are your health & financial problems engineered by Rothschild, Rockefellor, Inter-Alpha & Bormann banks?

After Hans Ngugen, BCCI & ICCI were underground CIA (central bank) drug, slave and weapons trafficking-and-laundering banks and savings and loans were ripped off, after the housing crises (winning the peace financial warfare by Chase and Deutchebank), the Rockefellor/Rothschild banks invested heavily in the largest Chinese banks, (here - under construction) -- the new money-laundries of the 21st Century.  All these banks are the adversary of humanity.

They perpetuate the myth of capitalism (financial slavery), a barbaric form of nation-state extortion where countries and people are prohibited are helping one another (as do indigenous peoples), from lack of capital and indebtedness. It is unnatural and artifical and put into place and held there by murder, conquest and financial or physical enslavement.

Why it is not a hopeless situation to overcome the adversary because each one of us must teach the truth. Some are suited to teach with books, others with nutrition or spirituality, some suited to teach proper handling of firearms and laws regarding licensing and concealed carry. Can you imagine? ... in apartheid South Africa all (white) citizens were trained in proper firearm handling. Should 250 million Americans be trained and licensed in proper handling of firearms. (Continued, here).



Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

The Men Who Crashed the World

...London was competing with New York as the banking capital of the world 

[Editor's note: Mainstream interpretation] — The crash of September 2008 brought the largest bankruptcies in world history, pushed 30 million people into unemployment and brought countries to the edge of insolvency. Wall Street turned back the clock to 1929. Since the financial meltdown began, trillions of dollars were spent rescuing banks and jumpstarting economies, yet recovery remains fragile.

Millions around the world lost homes and jobs and demanded: How did it go wrong? Who is to blame? Only a few smalltime players were held to account. No major banking, regulatory or government figures were convicted of wrongdoing. 

September 2008 launched an extraordinary chain of events:

  • General Motors, the world’s largest company, went bust
  • Washington Mutual became the world’s largest bank failure
  • Lehman Brothers became the world’s largest bankruptcy ever
  • Damage spread around the world.

(Editor's note: Who plotted, benefited and won this financial warfare? ...the historically Nazi and fascist banks: Deutschebank started the housing collapse, Chase (JPMorgan/Chase) bought bankrupt Washington Mutual and, for the first time, marched west, saturating the west coast in conquest, with Chase Banks.)

(t-b, l-r vids: parts 1-4)

3         4      

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases


Leuren Moret - "Fukushima HAARP tectonic nuclear attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London banks"

"Behind March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear meltdowns stand same war crimes racketeering org behind September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina (2005), Haiti earthquake (2010) & more HAARP-triggered covert ops to destabilize North America"

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre released May 9, 2011, independent scientist Leuren Moret has stated that the Fukushima HAARP tectonic nuclear attack was done by an international racketeering war crimes network within the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Department of Energy (DOE), and BP (British Petroleum) on behalf of City of London bankers.

Ms. Moret states that the group behind the March 11, 2011 events at the Fukushima nuclear plant is the same war crimes racketeering organization behind the false flag operations of September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina (2005), the Haiti earthquake (2010) and other HAARP-triggered false flag operations.

The Fukushima tectonic nuclear attack is an intentional genocidal depopulation of the northern and southern hemispheres, Ms. Moret states. The west coasts of the United States and Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii are being intentionally targeted by dangerous radiation from the March 11, 2011 tectonic warfare earthquake and nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima, Japan.

These areas of the United States and Canada, and Mexico, Ms. Moret indicates, are the major food producing areas for North America. Radiation from the Japan quake/nuclear meltdown events at Fukushima is intentionally being steered into these areas in order to dose the land and the food with radiation.

Danger of radiation in the rain

Ms. Moret warns that the U.S. government is covering up the radiation danger in North America, and stated that individuals should venture out in the rain with their bodies fully covered, including gloves.

During WWII, it was discovered that the most effective method of nuclear warfare was to detonate an atomic bomb in a raincloud, and let the radiation rain down on the target population.

The weather warfare capabilities of HAARP and the GWEN towers systems are being used to create weather patterns (such as tornadoes) and rain that bring radiation as high as in the Fukushima area of Japan on the southeast, midwest, southwest and west coasts of the United States.      

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean

more info

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

Cut the Military Budget in Half - It's a Shell Game Pyramid Scheme

...use our military to rebuild the U.S.

Eliminate the central banker stranglehold on our lives. We no longer need a stock market, conventional weapons and arms sales and trafficking and non-conventional weapons, [nuclear weapons, biologiocal, chemical, weather warfare, geoengineering, arms sales, covert action (death squads) and central bank laundering of drug trafficking).

If all business was non-profit (no stock shares issued), we would eliminate profit as a motive by the interlocking board directors, and eliminate corporate welfare to oil and weapons companies, and those gambling on the stock market can just work for a living, instead of living off the labor of others. 

Publically-owned central banks do not have interest (usury) ... I don't not charge interest to borrow money from myself. Nor, would you.

The military budget is just another consolidation of power and transfer of wealth from poor to rich. The military doesn't really get the money ... the defense contractors supplying weaponry get the money.

We can use our international space station for sabor rattling ...and use our mlitary to rebuild the U.S. Cut the military budget in half. Use the money to install solar power in the U.S. and in developing countries.

We have full spectrum electronic & electromagnetic pulse weapons, now ...far more threatening that wipe out AC & DC electricity & all electrical systems & electronic communications & life support systems. We must divist these murdering parasite clowns (who build, proffer & traffick nuclear & say that is is safe & clean & force it onto other countries as a condition of receiving U.S. foreign aid & weapons sales priorities.

Can you imagine? ... in apartheid South Africa all citizens (white men and women) were trained in proper firearm handling. Should 250 million Americans of all colors be trained and licensed in proper handling of firearms? It's time 250 million Americans were trained and licensed in proper handling of firearms, conventional warfare, unconventional warfare, covert action, electronic warfare, finanical warfare and sonic warfare, propaganda and use of police and military weaponry.

Then, we can safely recall our troops from around the world from fighting wars to profit oil companies and central banks and our troops will no longer have to murder civilians for oil companies and central banks, nor commit suicide when they realize what they have done, nor suffer ill health the rest of their lives. Our citizenry should be our domestic army and police force. We're all in this together. We can dispense with CIA, FBI and all agencies who work to increase the profits of oil companies and central banks ...for starters. And, have Congress increase the minimum wage to $100 an hour ...or, legally try them for treason and imprison and/or execute them.

Encourage the executive and judicial branches of our government to get rid of all lobbyists. Remove the profit motive and you remove the lobbyists. Either everyone in the U.S. has a pension and health care ...or no one should. Everyone should work, at the same wage. Our food and skies and children and ourselves should not be engineered by anyone.

  pdf, here – word with search, here  

(Central banks own the nuclear industry & the media, here)

The reason we are not told is because the central banks are getting away with murder.

Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

Nuclear Industry Destroys the Divine Order of a Plant or Animal or Person

...can no longer reproduce itself after its own kind


Animals | Central Banks | Mysterious Diseases

Don't tread on me

When we use nuclear power, we create something nature tried to destroy to make life possible

Until about two billion years ago, it was impossible to have any life on Earth; that is, there was so much radiation on Earth you couldn’t have any life – fish or anything. Gradually, two billion years ago, the amount of radiation on this planet – and probably in the entire system – reduced and made it possible for some form of life to begin. Now when we go back to using nuclear power, we are creating something which nature tried to destroy to make life possible. Every time you produce radiation, you produce something that has a half-life, in some cases for billions of years. I think the human race may wreck itself; it is important that we get control of this horrible force and eliminate it. Nuclear power is not worth it. - Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, U.S. Navy officer, engineer, & driving force behind naval nuclear power

All of life on Earth is radioactive now, and it only took about 70 years. The more people, plants and animals get, the quicker they sicken. It is just that simple. - Bob Nichols

True, the white man brought great change. But the varied fruits of his civilization, though highly colored and inviting, are sickening and deadening. And if it be the part of civilization to maim, rob, and thwart, then what is progress? I am going to venture the man who sat on the ground in his tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures, acknowledging unity with the universe of things, was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization. - Chief Standing Bear, The Land of the Spotted Eagle, 1933

For this other death - not by plague, this time, not by poison, not by fire, not by artificially induced cancer, but by the squalid disintegration of the very substance of the species - this gruesome and infinitely unheroic death-in-birth could as well be the product of atomic industry as of atomic war. - Ape and Essence by Aldous Huxley (1949)

You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many. - Corinthians 1:11 

 — Central Banks —

Las Vegas Massacre – Forensic Acoustic Proof of Second Shooter (see video, left)

— Central Banks —

What You're Not Told about Las Vegas Massacre (photo from video, left)

Who Owns Whom?

What self-respecting activist doesn't know the truth and whom to hate?

Federal Reserve Bank declares JPMORGAN/CHASE a threat to the financial stability of the United States (here)

...hey, what's wrong with this picture ...JPMORGAN/CHASE is included among the private bankers that privately own the Fed, that you owe the national debt to – for 2017, you will pay them interest on the national debt out of your paychecks – $266 billion dollars ...this money DOES NOT go to the U.S. Government since the Fed is a privately-owned bank. (See charts, below.)

General Electric is a parent company of through GE’s 49 percent stake in NBC-Universal. NBC-Universal and Microsoft are equal partners in

Westinghouse is owned by Toshiba in Japan. General Electric is owned by Hitachi in Japan.

Which private interlocking banking directorates that own the Fed own General Electric? ...see yellow highlight on charts; (here: PDF -or- MS Word).

General Electric-designed reactors like those in Fukushima that exploded up into the jet streams and melted down into the water acquifirs and blanketed the Pacific Ocean and the continental U.S. and the northern hemisphere with poison for several hundred thousand years, and are still feeding the Pacific Ocean have inherent design flaws 23 sister-reactors in  the U.S. that need to be shut down and recalled before, after or while they give you cancer.

Does this mean that the private bankers that own the Fed and own the nuclear industry are killing you with cancer? well as thousands of millions of helpless animals ...& all life forms with DNA that replicate themselves after their own kinds?

Alleged Trump Cover-Up

of Hillary, Obama & Kissinger trafficking radioactive consumer goods

(Administration tainted – nuclear reactors 'owned' by Federal Reserve) 

(story tbd in progress)

Oct 19, 2012 | Nuclear-funded Obama on nuclear-sponsored daily show: Nuclear forgotten as component in energy future — Oil, gas, wind, solar all mentioned… same as at debates (VIDEO) here

Returns from EneNews search engine, as follows

(also, use MS Word find/search engine in our free e-book/database: Nuclear Power Is Not Safe & Clean, here)

under construction: Abalone  |  Cars  |  Clams  |  Cows  |  Crabs  |  Fish  |  Fruit  |  Groceries  |  Lobsters  |  Milk  |  Mussels  |  Octopus  |  Recycled Metal  |  Salmon  |  Shellfish  |  Shipping Containers  |  Seaweed  |  Squid  |  Strawberries  |  Trucks  |  Tuna  |  Vegetables  | 

Look What Nuclear Industry is Doing to our Flowers

Look What Nuclear Industry is Doing to our Butterflies

Look what Nuclear Industry is Doing to our Seals & Manatees & Fish

Look What Nuclear Industry is Doing to our Babies & Kittens

Look What Nuclear Industry is Doing to our Mammals (Including People), Sea-life & Insects

First two-headed/tailed mutant whale 

...yes, people are mammals (that's what bikinis are for)

Bathing suit Bikinis were invented to cover-up the first nuclear bomb open-sea tests, that targeted the Bikini Islands. So, the great Wurlitzer organ fake media distracted us with tiny bathing suits to take our minds off murder, from seeing the millions of sea creatures the nuclear industry (central bank military-industrial complex) crucified in the name of greed and money and murder – their false god of war.

Rant No. 1

CIA - 'the mighty Wurlitzer' & its fake Russian news goes back to Hitler's Germany & the founding of the CIA from OSS

Lou Wolf's Covert Action Quarterly, c. 1990. It is of no small concern that when the Gehlen Org was hired by Allen Dulles to be the first heads of the newly created Central Intelligence Agency before the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan and before the end of WWII, that Reinhardt Gehlen and Martin Bormann were Hitler's sucessors. Running the CIA, Gehlen continued to follow the Nazi chain of command and reported to Bormann (Hitler's direct successor). By 1952, Bechtel had been grooming Reagan at Hoover Institute of War, Revolution & Peace located at Stanford University, and Ronnie, fresh from being an FBI informant when he ran the Actor's Guild in Hollywood, was sent across the U.S.A. speaking against Russia. He also became the host of TV's Death Valley Days, sponsored by Bechtel's associates, General Electric and the nuclear industry. Kissinger, German born and in Army Intelligence and Allen Dulles continued to bring in Nazis and death squad leaders from eastern Europe to finance both the Republican and Democratic parties, behind the scenes  ... and deep politics was born in the U.S.A. In 1952, the first domestic psychological warfare campaign by the CIA against the America people was born and we were told Russia was our enemy. The Nazis running the CIA for the interlocking directorate of the western central banks had, after all, been defeated by Russia in WWI and in WWII and it was Russia who saved our asses against the German Armies in the two great war. However, since the deep stateCIA assassins and deathsquad leaders was now the official hencemen for the western central banks – who financed both the Germans and the Americans and the British and the French and the Italians in both World Wars, and owned all the munitions companies and the military-industrial complex - they totally put out fake news that Russia was our enemy, and Germany was our friend. The Great Wurlitzer is the origin of fake news today. And the hub-bub against Russia today comes from the Nazis inherent in the CIA to take our eyes from our true enemy, the interlocking directorate of the western central banks. Therefore, those leading the Great Wurlitzer fake news attack against Russia are traitors to the American common people – not the billionaires, of course, who worship money and consider us to be, in the words of Henry Kissinger, 'worthless breeders'. So, to sum up, allegedly when Hillary sold America's uranium supply to Russia, and handlers being Henry Kissinger (representing the western central banks) and John Podesta (allegedly representing the CIA sex-blackmail of politicians apparatus), who also co-handled the Obama and Bill Clinton presidencies was rewarded with shares of Russian uranium stock, it is no surprise that Putin is one of the largest shareholders of Russian uranium stock, as well. Consequently, when Trump turns a blind eye to the ravages of nuclear industry, as did all our presidents, it does one well to remember that allegedly the CIA acting on the orders of the western central banks make it crystal clear to the presidencies it is a case of do what they are told, or be assassinated. Certainly, since the central banks make the most money when blood is running in the streets by causing and financing civil and world war, acts such as causing WWI, WWII, Vietnam, assassinations of the Kennedy's and Martin Luther King, overthrowing countless third world countries and establishing bananna republics, World Trade Center, the Iraq War, the War on Drugs, the Great Depression and every other depression,  and about 28 of our current wars to position the petrodollar, owned by the central banks no surprise. Never forget, the nuclear industry was created to genocide humanity, and nuclear reactors do not create electricity. Their purpose is to make fuel for nuclear weapons. Nuclear reactors DO NOT CREATE ELECTRICITY ...the heat created to create nuclear weapon materials is used to boil water. The boiling water makes steam. And steam turns an electric generator. The nuclear industry was created to create genocide and national debt and to make life on Earth extinct. That's why they won't stop it ...even though they have known from the beginning it is the most lethal poison on Earth or in the entire solar system, and extinquishes all life in the Universe. Well, that's the end of this rant least it's on the bottom of the page. Oh, I forgot, the existance of the nuclear industry to an act of treason, and those responsible for financing it, mortgaging it, and trafficking it (that is, the central banks interlocking directorate) should be tried, found guilty, sentenced, and marched to the gallows and their entire holdings nationalized to raise the minimum wage to $100 an hour and provide a guaranteed income to whomever wants it, of one million dollars a year. After all, we give trillions of dollars of corporate welfare out, don't we? Also, sorry to say but apparently Congress is apparently guilty of treason by aiding and abetting the central banks and their war machine, as well, and causing the America people to suffer and starve and sicken, as well as the victims of the central bank war machine around the world.

Rant No. 2

note: this section under construction, may have to wait until I bring out my next book after I finish this website

City of London Interlocking Central Bank Directorate Continues Inquistion* of Holy Roman Empire (being German war lords who excluded Rome)

*For 16 centuries following Constantine institutionalizing & weaponizing Christianity as a terrorist instrument of the State, the Fehme terrified Germans, as secret, terrorist death squad societies of medieval Teutonic Knights

The Holy Roman Empire predated German General Staff (composed of industrialists & bankers) ...but, with positions of equal power. The great, ruling families were land owners and controlled the armies of Medieval Germany & Europe. They used the Fehme to assassinate rivals, steal their property & families, & exterminate democratic peoples opposed to fascism (the corporate state) & exterminate working people, peasants & slaves rebelling for redistribution of food, water, health & wealth... the same as the central banks do, today. 

Oddly, the Fehme & Knights of Malta overlap as historically, the Knights of Malta led the paramilitary operations & death squads of the Inquisition of the Holy Roman Empire for hundreds of years. Today, the Knights of Malta are not only the bodyguards of the Pope, but also are a private club, and also recognized as a virtual country. The members of the club include such notables as Ronald Reagan, Lee Iococca, Reinhardt Gehlen and almost all the heads of all the intelligence agencies in the western world, (which, incidentally, are directed by the interlocking directorate of the western central banks).

The Knights of Malta recognize as a sovereign country, The City of London, aka Square Mile, aka The Crown. The City of London is a square mile located in the heart of the city of London, in England. It is historically and currently the home base and one of several central banking headquarters of all the western international (central) bankers, (another being the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), being the bank where the central banks, bank), in Switzerland.)

 The Crown is simultaneously the seat of the Rothschild family banking empire. The Crown, does not refer to the British monarchy. It referes to the City of London. Because, the Crown being originally the interlocking directorate owning the Bank of England, an independent nongovernmental entity, financed the British Empire. (The Bank of England was nationalized in the 1950's, but unfortunately the prior private owners continue to receive royalties). For example, the private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not a Federal institution, receive annual interest (royalties) paid on the U.S. National Debt. Consequently, when President Obama doubled the national debt, he doubled the royalties received by the private owners of the Federal Reserve Banks. So, if the national debt is now 20 trillion dollars, the interest paid annually on this amount to the private owners of the Fed (listed below at the multi-colored link), is about $300 billion dollars, paid out of your taxes. Now, do you see why you can't pay your bills. Now do you see why our forefathers fought the Revolutionary War against the Bank of England and City of London, so that they would not be financial slaves to the central banks, they fought and died for financial independence. Which they received.

Kind of. Ironically, we did not win the American revolution. We lost it. We won the battle, but lost the war. The treaty we signed was written by the British Monarchy, not by the colonists. To the victor go the spoils, and consequently the colonies signed a treaty that guaranteed the British Monarchy would in perpetuity receive royalites on all sales made, forever ...and that the debt was to be paid forever to the British empire and/or its asignees (being the Crown, or City of London who financed the British empire). We also lost the War of 1812, for we signed another treaty, that again reaffirmed we would forever pay royalties on all sales made in this country, to the British empire and/or its assignees (again, being, The Crown).

The logic behind this was that since the British Empire financed the colonies, it was entitled to royalties on all sales the colonies made. Actually, the Crown financed the British Empire, consequently they were/are being paid, by the British Monarchy.

The Crown owned/owns all the British non-white colonies, or, colonies of color. The British Empire owned/owns all the British white colonies. The Crown is also a separate country, as is the Knights of Malta, and is the Vatican. The country, The Crown, is recognized by the country, The Knights of Malta, in non-white countries around the world owned and/or governed by The Crown in suzerainty.

Historically, the Crown financed the King of England's wars, as its interlocking directors of all the Rothschild banks historically founded in Germany, England, France, Italy and [I don't remember the 5th, probably Spain,  it's probably listed here, someplace.)]

The Fehme was led by the sons of the ruling families of the Holy Roman Empire. It was considered an honor to serve. It is perhaps for this reason, Timothy McVeigh when he bombed the Federal Building was in association with Andreas Strassmeier son of Gunther Strassmeier, Helmut Kohl's former chief of staff.

[Of lateral interest: 23. Handling German reunification, Zoellick must have worked closely with Gunther Strassmeier, Helmut Kohl’s former chief of staff and the architect of German reunification. Strassmeier is the father of Andreas Strassmeier, a key figure in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation. (The Beast Reawakens, by Martin A. Lee; hardcover, Little Brown & Co., pp. 352-3, ISBN 0-316-51959-6.)]


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If these money-issuing families who wage financial & economic warfare against us & who wage genocide & ecocide against us & who using nuclear industry defy the Will of our Creator & prevent all creatures with DNA to faithfully reproduce themselves after their own kind (as Divine Order intended) ... ... ... were arrested by our District Attorneys, tried by a jury of our peers & marched to the gallows ... & we bring our armies home from fighting corporate terrorist wars around the world, home to help us rebuild America ... would the entire world be safer, more secure, healthier & happier? 

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Only indigenous and native traditions depend on and honor plants and animals and clean water and Mother Earth and the Great Spirit to survive ... can save us now, and our planet.

The good people of Earth are ashamed of the interlocking directors of our central banks for creating nuclear industry and allowing it to destroy the Pacific ocean and mankind, animals, plants, air, water, ground, the Earth and future generations ...and for not yet stopping it, and not – yet – delivering central bank directors-and-industrialists who brought it into existance (along with fracking, sonic undersea oil exploration, wars, coups and countercoups, depressions and resessions, poverty, cancer, and poor healthcare, lack of dental care, and keep it all going) ...legally to the gallows. And not yet admitting the error of their ways & immediately shutting down all nuclear reactors by sundown and switching to solar power, as many countries have successfully done ... by sunrise. And for this, they must be arrested as enemies of mankind, of Nature, Mother Earth, and God, the Great Spirit & Holy Ghost. The pro-nukers are murdering us all ...& for this, they all must be arrested, brought to trial, judged, sentenced, and marched to the gallows. Do not doubt yourself ...this is the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth.

 We Take the Masks Off the Bad Guys

Kids of all ages, to save the animals, try the bad guys, seize their property, bring them to trial, convict & sentence them, & march them to the gallows

The first premise of this site –we will prove to be true that all mammals (including people) are hurt the same way by manmade radiation (nuclear industry fallout, waste, and nuclear industry catastrophic and business-as-usual goings on) – which hurts all animals and plants with DNA, that reproduce themselves after their own kind.

The second premise –we will prove manmade radiation mutates bacteria and viruses to create new and mysterious diseases (and additionally these new and mysterious diseases are not caused by global warming, but by human greed and powerlust embodied by the interlocking directorate of the Federal Reserve Bank).

The third premise –we will prove that the people responsible for causing suffering and diseases and omnicide are identified by the U.S. House of Representatives; consequently those people are to blame for the majority of disease, cancer, war, suffering, poverty and starvation on Earth and we can hold them responsible ...seize their property, bring them to trial, judge them, sentence them then march them to the gallows.


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 —  Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean  — 

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean
Nichols on Nuclear
 Next time you hear nuclear apologists say nuclear is safe & clean, just say, "put it where the sun doesn't shine"


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