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These are the Coats of Arms (the military) flags of the domestic terrorists who are also called, the money-issuing class ...for at least the last 300 years, who are financially enslaving you & stealing your financial souls & gobbling up your freedom to keep you down & having no fun at all.

Domestic Terror

This site is about saving life on Earth from the white money-issuing class of white central bankers destroying life on Earth, specifically destroying black & brown & yellow & red people of color & the countries of color they are from ...& whites too ...because white is a color, don't you think?

One such party is the German Society of the Order of Life & Death, with a domestic group at Yale, called, Skull & Crossbones, who determine the order of life and death on Earth. They have a counterpart on the west coast, called, Bohemian Grove which is dominated by Bechtel Corporation which is a subsidiary of the Shroeder Bank money-issue class of dynastic bankers that have as a money-issuing class member, ruled western society for at least several hundred years.

Because the money-issuing class wages domestic & foreign terrorism against freedom, us, animals, plants, Gaia, Nature, Mother Earth & Divine Order, for 6,000 years, the money-issuing class are, domestic terrorists

...for example, CIA, FBI, IRS & Congress work for the Fed / City of London money-issuing class; since the City of London central bankers are domestic terrorists, the institutions that worship them & serve them carrying out their whims may also be considered to be servants, or extensions of domestic terrorist organizations, these lackey organizations by default, are,'domestic terrorists', among us.

White people like to refer to class: the working class, the middle class, the upper class and the ruling class. They were taught to think this way by the Tavistock institution that is in charge of social engineering making society the slaves of the money-issuing class, including along with central bankers, the monarchs, kings and queens and dot-com billioniaires who are dictators. It also includes those in government who do not have our interests at heart (which is all of them), and the City of London corporation, who owns the Federal Reserve, and the money-issue authorities of hundreds of countries they have conquered through military warfare, financial warfare, nuclear warfare, covert action, biological warfare, chemical warfare, electronic warfare and social engineering warfare ...such as in vogue today, being the combination of social engineering (controlling what people know and therefore how they think) ...combined... with biological warfare, political warfare & weather warfare.

For example, when you are out of money, that is domestic terror at its finest. If you are behind on paying bills, is another example of domestic terror. What if you believe you are a sovereign human being endowed by your Creator to certain rights such freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ...but somehow "they" stand in the way because you owe them money ...that is domestic terror being waged upon you by millionaires, billionaires & trillionaires, kings, queens, presidents & dot-com billionaires.

Remember, the only reason they are rich and you are not, is because you are their financial slave ...not, the other way around. Therefore, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do to get the money-issuing class out of your face and into prison, where they belong for destroying you, humanity, and all life on Earth, and for making war against Divine Order (Gaia & Mother Nature & Mother Earth, for example).

How Woke Are You?

Capital Punishment for Capitalist Central Bankers who own Fed / City of London — they are systemic white racists & sexists & the creators of white racism against all people & countries of color

No safe space from woke-ism until the system starts to erode the safety & the security of <> the elite that created it


Thank you for your interest. Please contact your friends and share this information.

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Worldwide with a focus on you & locations of every nuclear reactor & dump since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer 

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