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CELDF is assisting civil society, indigenous peoples, communities, and governments to advance laws and policies for the protection of Nature and the environment. This includes providing legislative and policy drafting, legal research, public engagement and education, ongoing support during global crises, and trainings.  Communities in the United States and the country of Ecuador have also worked with CELDF to establish the first global laws protecting Nature. Today, we are working in India, Nepal, Australia, Cameroon, Colombia, the United States, and other countries to establish similar laws.

41,000 people a day get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry waste & fallout, (here) –&– Women & girls who live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men, boys or those living farther away, (here) –&– Documentation, medical & science, (here) 

There's more to global nuclear warming, military climate change & bank owned pollution than meets the eye. Give Mother Earth A Voice to Fight Back ...help Mother Earth get legal personhood to sue corporations that hurt her w/global nuclear warming, military climate change, pollution, pipelines, plastics, pharmchem, pesticides, fracking, noise, aerial aerosols, microwaves, EMP, ionospheric heaters, electromagnetic spectrum weapons, warfare, mining, sonar, explosions, bulldozers & extracted fuels & their refining ... *0015 legal precedents & CELDF: Rights of Nature & tribal elders

In other countries like Bolivia & India rivers can sue corporations that harm them

Countries let rivers & forests sue corporations that harm them; since City of London central bankers own & direct Fortune 500, start there.

In the Light of Reverence follows struggles of several Indian tribes trying to protect their spiritual sites. which exist as landmarks in our country's landscape. Filmmakers Christopher McLeod & Malinda Maynor discuss religious freedom & how it pertains to Native American spiritual practices under the law.

Indian tribes spiritual sites & spiritual practices denied.

Sacred Land Film Project — Satish Kumar brings Hindu, Buddhist and Jain perspectives to the understanding of a sacred place.

Satish Kumar — Hindu, Buddhist & Jain perspectives of a sacred place. 


Environmental Personhood

an idea whose time has come


EARTH PERSONHOOD Save Mother Nature, get equity, stop racism & global warming — make Earth Personhood legal — countries let rivers & forests sue corporations that harm them — stop nuclear industry — return ownership of America's central bank to the people ...public ownership — outlaw interest (undeserved profit) ...private owners of the Fed get the interest on the national debt each year as personal dividends from private ownership of Fed stock.

EARTH PERSONHOOD  — Law of Mother Earth — Rights of our Planet  — Let rivers & forests sue corporations for wrongs.

Peace & occupy activists are heartfelt people not defined by sexual identification, unlike Biden's administration that forces sexual identity & gender choice on children & tweens & runs America by drugged S&M bedroom antics, dictator governors & sold-out catch-&-release district attorneys destroying law & order who should be in prison.

Consolo, Christina here — Radchick (twitter) here — Plane flights in Fukushima rads here — Nuked Radio here  — Fuku triggers airline pilot & passenger heart attacks, cancers, radiation illness symptoms here   —(former sterwardess)

EARTH ISLAND vs EARTH PERSONHOOD | (Soros - click pic) Vids (here). CAQ (here)


Unless you have the balls to watch this whole video ...there's no hope for you to leave your stupor behind & enter the chemtrail free air of a bright new day of reckoning

Watch it to the end ...your life will change, forever. Good luck. You'll need it. Info for the man & woman who care.






Fukushima radionuclide fallout ice deposition



(r) Species loss likely from pollution, nuclear fallout & weather warfare (electronic warfare) with plausible denial.

edu.s. national academy of science beir vii phase 2

Many cancers appear at least 20 years after fallout exposure. Low level exposures add up over time to create many of the same diseases of high level exposure.

Many cancers appear at least 20 years after fallout exposure. Low level exposures add up over time to create many of the same diseases of high level exposure.

Many cancers appear at least 20 years after fallout exposure. Low level exposures add up over time to create many of the same diseases of high level exposure.


Many cancers appear at least 20 years after fallout exposure. Low level exposures add up over time to create many of the same diseases of high level exposure.


Christina 'RadChick' Consolo, long a champion & people's hero for telling the truth about the dangers of nuclear radiation & the military-industrial warlord establishment anti-Kingdom.

Short film by Christina 'RadChick' Consolo (here); also, see her studies of airline pilot-, stewardess- & movie star cancers in relation to flying thru nuclear fallout clouds (here

Many cancers appear at least 20 years after fallout exposure. Low level exposures add up over time to create many of the same diseases of high level exposure.


Earth Environmental Personhood – Law of the Rights of Mother Earth

Bolivia’s law enumerates seven specfic rights to which Mother Earth & her constituent life systems, including human communities, are entitled.  Environmental Personhood: Domestic Rights of Nature.

New Zealand: Te Urewere River is an environmental legal entity – owning itself. Whanganui River is a legal person.

India: Ganges River & Yamuna River now ‘living’ entities. High Court in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand ordered in March 2017 that the Ganges and its main tributary, the Yamuna, be assigned the status of legal entities. The rivers would gain “all corresponding rights, duties, and liabilities of a living person”.  This decision meant that polluting or damaging the rivers is equivalent to harming a person”. The court cited the example of the New Zealand Whanganui River, which was also declared to possess the full rights of a legal person.

Ecuador: Incentives to persons and legal entities to protect and advocate Nature. Vilcabamba Rivers sues construction company, wins

United States: Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund helps 30 communities in 10 States have local laws codifying rights of Nature

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There's a new savior on the block, called: Earth Environmental Personhood (here)

— active in several countries & a few States ...adoption of this legislation granting personhood (previously just afforded to corporations) grants Mother Nature, Rivers, Forests, Air, Water, Earth & Fire personhood ... to have rights as persons ... rights to sue sinister corporations for hurting them, all life forms, you & your loved ones. Now Mother Nature & Gaia can kick the ass of corporations that cause pollution, global warming & climate change ...if you want it to happen, it will. After this nuclear material, meet your Adversary

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  •  —(not to mention breast cancer & prostate cancer ...& more likelihood of getting & dying from Covid genetically targeted biological warfare diseases)
  • In just 70 years, every living thing on Earth has become contaminated with deadly man-made radiation tht keeps adding up to create birth defects, immune-deficiency diseases leading to cancer and leukemia, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, bone cancer, heart attacks, organ cancers and lung diseases  (see Nuclear Industry Disclaimer)
  • ... & 'they' know it!

Rule No. 1  

Rainforests are responsible for roughly one-third (28%) of the Earth’s oxygen but most (70%) of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by marine plants .

The remaining 2 percent of Earth’s oxygen comes from other sources. The ocean produces oxygen through the plants (phytoplankton, kelp, and algal plankton) that live in it . These plants produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis, a process which converts carbon dioxide and sunlight into sugars the organism can use for energy.

One type of phytoplankton, Prochlorococcus, releases countless tons of oxygen into the atmosphere. It is so small that millions can fit in a drop of water. Prochlorococcus has achieved fame as perhaps the most abundant photosynthetic organism on the planet. Dr. Sylvia A. Earl estimated Prochlorococcus provides the oxygen for one in every five breaths we take . 

The ozone layer, also called the stratosphere, is composed of the ozone gas (90% of the total ozone in the atmosphere). The ozone has three oxygen atoms, and it is the result of the action of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation on oxygen molecules, composed of two oxygen atoms .

Destroying the plankton with nuclear industry, and destroying the stratosphere with electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weather warfare and earthquake warfare is causing global nuclear warming 

According to the U.S. House of Representatives, the private bankers who own the Fed own most all of the successful businesses in the United States, including nuclear, military-industrial, automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, agribusiness .

Therefore, the families to hold responsible for killing the Pacific Ocean and for global warming are the dynastic central banking families that own the Fed and that own the companies that are polluting the Earth and the stratosphere, destroying the Pacific Ocean and consequently giving us immune deficiency diseases and cancer and mutating or stillborning our pregnancies.



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Every nuclear reactor is a nuclear dump where waste is stored, so we focus on America first then locations of every nuclear reactor & dump in the world, since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer.

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