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Children Suffer Nuclear Impact Worldwide (here) –  CCTV (Channel 17 IN Burlington, Vermont), Jun 20, 2016


Federal reserve directors (financing & directing nuclear industry) should eat, drink & breathe plutonium, tritium & all fallout like they make girls, do ...then be disappeared

Girls who live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than boys (see 'Women', here)

Nuclear reactors will not stop global warming. They started global warming by nuking the ozone layer long before you were even a gleam in your parents' eyes.

Nuclear reactors will not stop global warming ...in fact, reactors made the fuel to blow up the oxygen in the ozone layer long before you were even born (and said the hole in the ozone layer was from using deordorant) ...well when you find out who owns & finances nuclear reactors, and they were invented to create fuel for nuclear bombs, and there is no such thing as nuclear power because nuclear reactors don't create electricity ...they create fuel for nuclear bombs, that that's such a hot process they dump tons of water on it to keep it from blowing up, and that makes steam, and the steam turns as tubine that makes the electricity, just like the generators in windmills and dams ...but a nuclear reactor lasts about 20-50 years ...but makes poison that destroys all the animals and people and plants on Earth, for 500,000 years. Duh.

11:43 AM Mar 22, 2014 -8115- Cancer data for Fukushima – Statistics are terrifying especially for young girls – growing concern around cancer risk (VIDEO)

04:59 PM Jan 25, 2013 -5210- Thyroid abnormalities in 55% of Fukushima girls tested age 11 to 15 (VIDEO) 

11:55 AM Sep 24, 2012 -4349- Gundersen: Girls are having as much as twice as many thyroid lumps as boys – Moms have a real legitimate reason to get their families out (VIDEO)

02:43 PM Sep 17, 2012 -4286- Part II: Fukushima girls have 3x more thyroid nodules over 10 millimeters than boys – Also 56% more medium-sized nodules than boys

01:44 PM Sep 17, 2012 -4285- Fukushima girls 3x thyroid cysts over 15 mm than boys – 79% more medium-sized cysts

01:59 PM Mar 20, 2012 -2890- Gundersen: 20 percent of young girls living in some areas around Fukushima Daiichi will get cancer from radiation over their lifetimes (AUDIO)

07:31 AM Jan 18, 2012  -2299- Fukushima risk underestimated – 5% of young girls will get cancer living in 20 milliSv/y for 5 years - Actually worse than that - Hot particles not included & counts only cancers, not other effects (VIDEO)

11:53 AM Oct 31, 2011 -1653- 8-year-old girl – 3,000 disintegrations radioactive cesium every second (1 Bq = 1 disintegration/sec) inside body

10:40 AM Feb 12, 2013 -5328- Fukushima child 6,000 disintegrations every second inside body 

02:37 PM Dec 10, 2011 -1963- Top Radiation  Expert: 50 Bq/kg in humans leads to irreversible lesions in vital organs   (VIDEO)

Nuclear Controversies by Vladimir Tchertkoff

Nuclear Controversies by Vladimir Tchertkoff; 2003, 51 minutes

Intro – Children’s perspective
02:30 – Agreement between IAEA and WHO – WHO cannot research health effects of radiation or effects of nuclear accidents if IAEA does not agree
07:00 – Former head of WHO admits they answer to IAEA
14:00 – Chernobyl had no effect -UN
15:45 – Scientist refutes UN
27:30 – 200km from Chernobyl, 10,000 becquerels measured inside child
30:20 – According to Professor Yury Bandazhevsky (former director of the Medical Institute in Gomel), Over 50 Bq/kg of body weight lead to irreversible lesions in vital organs
30:50 – *MUST SEE* Refutes internal radiation! -Norman Gentner, Secretary of UN UNSCEAR (United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation), ~2001 (See Gentner speak at 13:55 — No increase in leukemia, even among liquidators)
34:15 – *MUST SEE* Internal or external it makes no difference!
45:20 – Internal lesions
49:25 – Now only 20 out of 100 considered healthy, before it was 80 out of 100
Keep your eye out for Chris Busby at 35:30 and 38:40

08:55 AM Dec 21, 2012 -5006- Mother: Child with severe nose bleeds, full body rash after playing in Fukushima contaminated water – So much blood, thought head was cut open - fingers covered in open sores

08:55 AM May 14, 2012 -3319- Young girl covered in mud during decontamination effort in former Fukushima evacuation zone – ban to enter area lifted last mth (PHOTO & VIDEO)

12:52 PM Aug 19, 2012 -4058- NBC: Radioactive contamination in San Francisco neighborhood – 400 times EPA limit found in soil sample - Boys & Girls Club exposed to contaminated dust?

02:22 AM Aug 21, 2012 -4073- Biologist: We’ve seen dramatic effects on Fukushima animals & plants – Now we’re seeing it at the level of DNA (AUDIO) 

09:27 PM Oct 27, 2013 -6608- Film: Young Fukushima girl douses herself with gasoline, lights it – asks why did this nuclear disaster happen to us? (VIDEO)

04:59 PM Jan 25, 2013 -5210- Thyroid abnormalities in 55% of Fukushima girls tested age 11-15 (VIDEO)

10:07 PM Jan 24, 2013  -5206- Decontamination during recess – Children play next to adults shoveling radioactive dirt (VIDEO)

09:01 PM Jan 23, 2013 -5199- Mother terrified to return to Tokyo with 3 kids due to Fukushima contamination – Tells her, what you are experiencing is treatable – contact PTSD center

02:01 PM Jan 23, 2013 -5195- Washington Post: Nuclear plant produces snow in Pennsylvania – I’ve never seen this particular phenomenon observed before (PHOTO)

03:37 AM Jan 23, 2013 -5192- Fukushima 7th Grader: Government knows we are suffering and they don’t do anything (VIDEO)

04:13 PM Dec 18, 2012 -4989- Professor: Japan radioactive crops being shipped to cleaner areas and mixed into food supply? (VIDEO)

08:48 PM Dec 17, 2012 -4985- Photographs doctored at multiple U.S. nuclear power plants (VIDEO)


(up) Children Suffer Nuclear Impact Worldwide


Children Suffer Nuclear Impact Worldwide (here) –  CCTV (Channel 17 IN Burlington, Vermont), Jun 20, 2016

- Margaret Harrington, host: I know you mentioned Arnie Gundersen, the chief engineer at Fairewinds, and he said that he measured the radiation there, too. Could you talk about that a little bit?

- Maggie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy Education founder and CEO: He’s working with some other scientists who are studying - both Japanese scientists, the samples that they took, and the U.S. scientists who are evaluating the samples - and they’re finding astronomical amounts of radiation, even in downtown Tokyo outside of METI’s door. METI is the regulatory agency over nuclear power… When he and others were downtown in Tokyo, they took samples right there in a garden right outside the door and on the front doormat, and these are really, really high samples. Frightening, because people walking in Tokyo will then be inhaling that dust. What was the film we saw from Japan that had the mothers who were in an area where kids play and run from middle school?

- Caroline Phillips, Fairewinds Energy Education: It’s a fantastic video… it’s a mothers organization, they live in the Fukushima Prefecture and they’re actually using Geiger counters that have been issued by the government. They’re walking along the river [in Fukushima City.]

- Maggie Gundersen: What’s so tragic about it - kids are running along dirt paths doing gym class and track and things like that and the mothers are right down in areas that are not posted and the kids can go after school and play, and people do nature hikes and stuff. And the radiation readings are horrific.

GENDAI BUSINESS ONLINE (ARTICLE IN JAPANESE), Jun 14, 2016: [J]ust before the 5th anniversary of the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi, a group of young girls in the city of Minami-Soma rode their bikes to school past a shocked and saddened pedestrian. That upset observer was Arnie Gundersen, nuclear reactor expert… What surprised me at this visit to Japan… is that the decontaminated area is contaminated again, Mr. Gundersen said while explaining why it was such as sad shock to witness the girls on their bicycles. This was not what I had expected. I had thought that we would not find such high doses of radiation in the decontaminated area. But, sadly, our results prove otherwise.… Gundersen collected samples of dust [though] the official data cannot be released before the publication of formal scientific papers, it is evident that high doses of radiation, usually found in nuclear waste, was detected from these samples. This means that highly radioactive dust is flying around the city. In other words, the decontaminated land is contaminated again.

Little girls are affected by the radiation 20 times as much as adult men. The Japanese government’s standard of 20 mSv is based on exposure assessments for adult men. The girls on their bicycles are actually being affected by a radiation dose equivalent to as much as 400 mSv. Mr. Gundersen also pointed out that human lungs are heavily affected by internal exposures to radiation.

At this visit, I wore a radiation proof mask that can filter out 99.98% of radiation for six hours. I sent my filter to the lab, and they found a high dose of Cesium. But, unfortunately, the Japanese government only cares about the number on a Geiger counter and does not consider the internal exposure. This has resulted in a hazardous downplay of this kind of data and human lungs are affected by the serious internal exposure. …[T]he radiation from the mountains are coming back to the city by way of wind and rain. Mr. Gundersen noted the extreme radioactive contamination of the mountains… vegetables grown in that area exceed the government’s standard by 1500 Bq. These vegetables were sold at the Michino Eki in Tochigi prefecture, and the bamboo shoot grown in this contaminated region was used for elementary school lunches in Utsunomiya. These school lunches contained more than twice as much radiation as the government’s standard… However, the government continues to push for the end of people’s relocation and force the return to re-contaminated areas

Mr. Gundersen also found that Tokyo remains contaminated. He measured dust… and found a high dose of radiation. That dust is in the air that will be inhaled by the visitors and athletes of the 2020 Olympic Games. Needless to say, the current residents are inhaling it every day


VICE, by Thomas Morton, May 4, 2014: How F..ked Are Nukes?  way worse than Hollywood has the special effects to depict. A lot of mainstream accounts  soft-pedal the body horror that acute radiation poisoning causes  eyewitness testimony from Robert Jay Lifton’s Hiroshima classic Death in Life: at a glance you couldn’t tell whether you were looking at them from in front or in back very young girls, not only with their clothes torn off but with their skin peeled off as well. VICE on HBO covers the second major population intentionally exposed to atomic radiation-the Kazakhs living around the Semipalatinsk Testing Polygon, where the Soviet Union tested 456 nuclear bombs.

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Every nuclear reactor is a nuclear dump where waste is stored, so we focus on America first then locations of every nuclear reactor & dump in the world, since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer.

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