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Ever wonder what the hell is going on all around you?

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...blame Soros Gates Antifa CV-19 Oregon Pelosi Fed/City of London banks

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Cut the Military Budget in Half - It's a Shell Game Pyramid Scheme

...use our military to rebuild the U.S.

Eliminate the central banker stranglehold on our lives. We no longer need a stock market, conventional weapons and arms sales and trafficking and non-conventional weapons, [nuclear weapons, biologiocal, chemical, weather warfare, geoengineering, arms sales, covert action (death squads) and central bank laundering of drug trafficking).

If all business was non-profit (no stock shares issued), we would eliminate profit as a motive by the interlocking board directors, and eliminate corporate welfare to oil and weapons companies, and those gambling on the stock market can just work for a living, instead of living off the labor of others. 

Publically-owned central banks do not have interest (usury) ... I don't not charge interest to borrow money from myself. Nor, would you.

The military budget is just another consolidation of power and transfer of wealth from poor to rich. The military doesn't really get the money ... the defense contractors supplying weaponry get the money.

We can use our international space station for sabor rattling ...and use our mlitary to rebuild the U.S. Cut the military budget in half. Use the money to install solar power in the U.S. and in developing countries.

We have full spectrum electronic & electromagnetic pulse weapons, now ...far more threatening that wipe out AC & DC electricity & all electrical systems & electronic communications & life support systems. We must divist these murdering parasite clowns (who build, proffer & traffick nuclear & say that is is safe & clean & force it onto other countries as a condition of receiving U.S. foreign aid & weapons sales priorities.

Can you imagine? ... in apartheid South Africa all citizens (white men and women) were trained in proper firearm handling. Should 250 million Americans of all colors be trained and licensed in proper handling of firearms? It's time 250 million Americans were trained and licensed in proper handling of firearms, conventional warfare, unconventional warfare, covert action, electronic warfare, finanical warfare and sonic warfare, propaganda and use of police and military weaponry.

Then, we can safely recall our troops from around the world from fighting wars to profit oil companies and central banks and our troops will no longer have to murder civilians for oil companies and central banks, nor commit suicide when they realize what they have done, nor suffer ill health the rest of their lives. Our citizenry should be our domestic army and police force. We're all in this together. We can dispense with CIA, FBI and all agencies who work to increase the profits of oil companies and central banks ...for starters. And, have Congress increase the minimum wage to $100 an hour ...or, legally try them for treason and imprison and/or execute them.

Encourage the executive and judicial branches of our government to get rid of all lobbyists. Remove the profit motive and you remove the lobbyists. Either everyone in the U.S. has a pension and health care ...or no one should. Everyone should work, at the same wage. Our food and skies and children and ourselves should not be engineered by anyone.

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(Central banks own the nuclear industry & the media, here)

The reason we are not told is because the central banks are getting away with murder.

You can realize your Angelic calling and Divine nature then respect and protect yourself and protect Life. This website and the three e-books will help you to fulfill your Angelic calling ...in hopes of you becoming self-realized, and fulfilled ridding the planet of the Fed interest rate bankers who own and direct all the corporations in the Western world now damaging Mother Nature, Natural Order, Divine Order and the Life Force with pollution, greed and war. Which side are you on? Time to act.

Spirits trying to cope with a human awakening

Who Are You? Why Are You Here?

You are Guardians. You Are Here To Protect Life & Protect Mother Earth & To Exact Justice Against Those Evil Ones Who Are The Anti-Kingdom

The Pacific Ocean is Dying from Nuclear Industry, Sonar, Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), Depleted Uranium (DU) Target Practice, War Games, War, Ionospheric Aerial Aerosal Spraying (Chemtrails), Pharmchem & Petrochem & Stratospheric Weather Warfare (manmade typhoons, lightning, floods, fires, tidal waves & earthquakes). This website and our free e-books exist to provide documentation for you to show to others. As the sea dies, you do.

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Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean

The Pacific Ocean is Dying - and You Don't Even Know

We Can Shut Down Nuclear Industry

For the first time, all the evidence of nuclear destroying animals & people ...in one place!

For the first time, all the evidence you need to shut down all the nuclear reactors in the U.S.A. and around the world is gathered in one place!

The Pacific Ocean is Dying And You Don't Even Know Book Cover

our two volume set

  1. The Pacific Ocean is Dying and You Don't Even Know
  2. Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean

(Other books we have written, here)


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