The Pacific Ocean is Dying – To Save Earth & Clean the Planet ...March Fed Interest Rate Bankers to the Gallows 

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Stress saps the people's will to survive. Stress: the difficulty of surmounting the problems of everyday life which are caused by a totalitarian government & the sinister figures behind it, who operate it for their own personal gain. Confronted with this monstrous presence, which intrudes into every aspect of an American citizen's daily life, many people are overcome by feelings of hopelessness, & are persuaded that there is nothing they can do. -Empower yourself, watch 1st video on homepage, 'We are power'-/

The Pacific Ocean is dying: Federal Reserve directors whose corporations and military tactics kill the Ocean should be marched to the gallows. 


Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

March them to the gallows

To hold the Federal Reserve Bank directors responsible for the consequences of 'their' actions in destroying the Pacific Ocean, we must march 'them' to the gallows

—(story, here)—

 — Activists United —

 — Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Fossil Fuels —

 Law of the Rights of Mother Earth   Environmental Person-hood   Earth Person-hood

Interlocking Directorate of Central Banks* – march them to the gallows

redistribute fun, health & wealth

*...1976 U.S. House report:

"Fed directors own most U.S. companies"

...banks, stock markets, food,  utilities, nuclear, mining, weapons, petroleum, intelligence, military-industrial, K-12, university, medical, media, geoengineering, fracking, undersea exploration. 'They' wage conventional, nonconventional, financial, propaganda and religious war, covert action and live ammo ocean war games against humanity and life. Can we stop their genocide, ecocide & omnicide by standing up together, flipping them off, laughing, speaking as one voice ...& buying rifles ...we can (identities)

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

'They' are Attacking the Life Force & Divine Order, as a result the Pacific Ocean is Dying ...are we in the 6th Great Extinction of Life on Planet Earth? ...Are We Dying?

...from all this space age/black mirror stuff 'they' are doing to us, too? —(story, here)—

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

The True Backers Of The Nuclear Industry

...are pure evil & have known from the beginning they are hurting you here | here | here -> (pdf) | (msword) | original doc, (here)
The Fed interest rate bankers are financial vampires who provoke wars& revolutions & fund & arm all sides ...doesn't matter how many are hurt or die. In fact, central bankers make the most money when blood is running in the streets, according to them. Whatever hurts people or creates personal or national debt puts money into the pockets of the Fed interest rate bankers. What hurts us the most makes them the most money. Arrest them, try them, judge them, sentence them & march them to the gallows.

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When will you fight back? You must drive a wooden stake thru the heart of a vampire to kill it ...you already know this, don't you

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

U.S. House of Representatives chart of who owns Fed (pdf) | (msword) | Original House document, (here) Who owns whom? Who owns the nuclear industry? (here) Who owns the media? ...and, the presidency? (pdf | msword)

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

Healthy Pregnancies – The Survival of Mammals and Healthy Babies Depends on Keeping Earth Clean & Marching the Families that Own the Fed and Dirty the Earth, to the Gallows  those families are dirtying and murdering the planet by attacking Life Force, Natural & Divine Order with carcinogens, nuclear, depleted uranium, sonar, weather, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulse & chemtrail warfare. They put money above your life and health  ...they must be stopped.

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

Why (not) march them to the gallows? ...because the interlocking family banking directorate that owns the Fed owns the interlocking directorate of the companies that create nuclear industry, pollution, carcinogens and war ... this website and the three free e-books will open your eyes

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

Pacific Ocean dying, bankers, Fed, nuclear, sonar, EMP, DU, chemtrails, weather, pregnancies

How are Fed interest rate bankers killing pregnancies of women & animals & killing kids where you live? ...their weapons of choice are the corporations they own & direct that make nuclear, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weather warfare, depleted uranium (DU) & chemtrails

Women & girls & living within 25 miles of a reactor get more cancer than men or boys, or those living farther away. Your fetus is 1000 times more sensitive to ionizing radiation in food than an adult. Normal nuclear reactors hurt the health of your pregnancies every single day, like a nuclear bomb in slow motion. High-yield nuclear fallout destroys ova, sperm, embryo and fetus but so do low-yield emissions from everyday, normal reactor operations ... that fall on your food, on pastures, on farmland, in your water add up to create genetic mutations or extinctive damage to your health like immune deficiency response, leading to hundreds of diseases culminating in a variety of organ cancers. (See tritium expose or Entergy does Manhattan.)

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The families that own the Fed kill the unborn, the newborn & the rest of us with their holdings, such as nuclear industry, military-industrial complex (war), big pharm, bio/chem warfare, chemtrails, the oil industry, weather warfare, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) & depleted uranium weapons (DU) & mind control (fake news, disinformation, propaganda) ...whatever hurts us the most makes them the most money – march them to the gallows & piss on their graves.

"While nuclear regulators only take fatal cancers into consideration as 'detriments', others, especially those who endure a non-fatal cancer, may find their suffering equally worthy of consideration. And, limiting [the counting of] genetic effects to live born offspring does not wipe away the tears of a family that has endured a spontaneous miscarriage or stillbirth."Sister Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH, Pres., International Institute of Concern for Public Health; Editor, International Perspectives in Public Health

Rule No. 2: According to the central banks, the most money is made when blood is running in the streets. Today, you can add: 'Whatever hurts us and makes us suffer the most makes them the most money'. That is because 'they' own the war machine and manufacture the wars to make money; the own the companies and entities that make biological and chemical weapons and use them to create suffering and death ...and , they own the pharm (drug)/chem business and fund medical research, med schools and universities to promote their drugs.

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

March them to the Gallows ...who? answer: the Money-issuing Class

...here's an example of financial warfare for you – maybe it's financial slavery, too ...your call

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

The clock is ticking

Here are 'their' weapons of choice to get rid of us —(Cont, here)—

  • Nuclear industry (mutation & cancer) —
  • Sonar (bursting eardrums & body organs of whales, dolphins, seals, walrus & other sea life) —
  • Electromagnetic pulse [EMP] (mood control & earthquakes) —
  • Microwave (+ EMP & DU), (cancer, weather warfare) —
  • Depleted uranium [DU], (babies of people & animals with extra fingers, toes, hands, arms, legs & heads ... or none at all) —
  • Chemtrails (Alzheimers, asthma, death of forests) —
  • Weather modification (hurricane, tornado & tidal waves) —
  • Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) —
  • War & war games — 
  • ...All hurt pregnancies of mammals (including human), reptiles, birds, amphibians & insects —
  • ...Nuclear industry mutates the DNA of all living things including plants, trees ...& even viruses & bacteria to form new & mysterious diseases & prevents mammals (including people) from faithfully reproducing after their own kind, attacks Natural  & Divine Order & gives you hundreds of immune deficiency follow-on diseases, cancer & leukemia 

Nov 16, 2014 | U.S. Nuclear Professor: Fukushima “a really major event here”, Washington had radioactive aerosols 100,000 times normal; “Far more bigger accident than we’re hearing” — Model shows West Coast completely blacked out due to particles covering area — Gundersen: Lung cancers to start increasing in Pacific Northwest (AUDIO) here

Kill a Banker, Win a Prize

Join Us On a Roller Coaster Ride to Save the Life Force

Women are now an endangered species

Your Life Force is suffering as never before ...can you feel it? Are you tired, grouchy, get sick easy? When radiation mutates DNA, it doesn't care if it is plant, animal or human DNA. It destroys your Life Force and the Divine Order of every living creature or plant to faithfully reproduce itself after its own kind. Radiation creates immune deficiency- and several hundred other diseases along the way to giving you non-terminal or terminal cancer and destroying you. You, your children, pets, gardens and children-to-be, need to be safe and sound. You can stay in denial and ignorance and cause millions of others and billions of animals and life forms to suffer and live with your guilt and cowardice, or simply sell out like all pro-nukers do. Or, you can realize your Angelic calling and Divine nature and respect Life and protect Life. This website and the two free e-books are our gift to you to fulfill your Angelic calling, in hopes of you becoming self-realized, and fulfilled.

Redwood Trees

Survival Today – The Survival of Women and All Life Depends on Taking Care of the Earth & Marching the Families that Own the Fed to the Gallows — those families are attacking Natural & Divine Order with nuclear, depleted uranium, sonar, weather, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulse & chemtrail warfare ...bet your life on it

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 —  Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean  — 

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean
Nichols on Nuclear
 Next time you hear nuclear apologists say nuclear is safe & clean, just say, "put it where the sun doesn't shine"