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Thespian theatre masks represent drama as joy vs misery and are a fitting symbol for our lives & the health of Earth fallen victim to nuclear waste & fallout destroying Mother Nature, Gaia & Divine Order

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Ever wonder what the hell is going on all around you?

Portlandia Antifa Walking Dead ...when heck freezes over the darned will walk the Earth

...blame Soros & our catch-and-release district attorney, Gates Pelosi City of London central bankers, JP Morgan has a house here ...& Kate Brown

The Life Force in Portland, Oregon Antifa, Oregon —(pdf, here)—

Radiation precautions for areas near Seattle, Vancouver, Portland. Perhaps you need to wash your shoes …and other things. If in Oregon, Wash., Calif. you need to demand officials test how Fukushima fallout has affected rivers and fish -- Significant radiation hit the west coast and settled in on the Cascades. We’ll see a statistically meaningful increase in cancer from Fukushima on west coast …after Japan, the most radioactive area is Cascade Mountains. Portland had cesium at 100 Bq/m².  – Arnie Gundersen  —(cell phone pdf, here) & (computer msword w/pop-ups & search engine, here)—

Selected chapters from, The  Pacific Ocean is Dying – and You Don't Even Know

  • 27. Fukushima does Portland, OR
  • 30. Seattle and Portland to avoid lung- & thyroid cancer for 60 cents
  • 32. Sleepless in Seattle?
  • 41. Portlandia 
  • 42. Seattle

—(cell phone pdf, here) & (computer ms word w/search & pop-ups, here)—

How are the Fed interest-rate families killing pregnant women, pregnant animals & kids where you live?

SE Portland, OR: Farm closes – soil full of Fukushima nuclear fallout here

Soil contaminated forever from airborne Fukushima fallout; City emergency preparedness dept. denial; & denies millions of dead sea animals covering OR coast from seaborne fallout: "Ban on inland fishing due to new & mysterious diseases from global warming"... & collapse of fishing industry & dying sea mammals with bleeding lesions & tumors, City says, "from global warming" -More local Fukushima fallout news, here (Webmaster's note: City neglects to say global warming is from nuclear fallout, military, aerial aerosols, weather warfaredirected energy weapons making fires, earthquakes, tsunamis & monster storms never before in history.)

After Japan, most radioactive area is Cascade Mountains – Portland has cesium at 100 Bq/m² (VIDEO) here

Expert on U.S., Canada: We’ll see a statistically meaningful increase in cancer from Fukushima on west coast More local Fukushima fallout info, here

Radiation airborne Fukushima nuclear fallout precautions: Seattle, Vancouver, Portland? “Perhaps you need to wash your shoes”… and other things (VIDEO here

How are the Fed interest-rate families killing pregnant women, pregnant animals & kids where you live?

Article of the Week

Cooling Towers

German Study: Children living by nuclear plants - double leukemia rates here

More cancer - Reactors cannot prevent tritium radiation escape (VIDEO) - Continued, here

Child leukemia doubles near French nuclear plants here

Result is statistically significant -IRSN expert - Continued, here

Evidence links reactors & ill health in UK here

“Clear something is going” says prof. — UK gov’t blames unidentified virus for childhood leukemia rise Continued, here

Woman with Headache

U .S. Study: 23% higher incidence of child leukemia within 16 km of nuclear facilities here

Epidemiologic studies of spatial variation in cancer incidence or mortality have been conducted to investigate effects of unplanned releases as well as routine operations.  Continued, here

Hanford WA area – Children born without brains – highest U.S. rate –former reactor site, leaking & exploding nuclear dump here

Women & pregnant women, babies-to-be, infants & girls within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men, boys or those living farther away here

World Nuclear Association reports millions of people live within 10 miles (16 km) of an operating reactor, here. Each one releases deadly tritium into the air, every day that falls on you and on your food and water and adds up inside to hurt you; (tritium, here)

What's happening in your State where you live? (here)

A personalized nuclear weather forecast for your City,  (watch the first 3 youtubes)  here.

Millions (billions) of animals dying in the Pacific Ocean, on shore, on land & birds & eagles falling from the sky, (here).

Is a lifeless planet on your radar? here

Entergy Does Manhattan (here: cell phone pdf -&/or- computer: msword w/search engine)

Hillary Does Japan here

Fukushima Does Portland here: cell phone pdf -&/or- computer: msword w/search engine

The Life Force in Portland, Oregon here: cell phone pdf

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