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We all breathe & eat deadly isotopes in our food & drink them in our water — by Bob Nichols

We all breathe & eat deadly isotopes in our food & drink them in our water; lethal metal isotope particles so small from the air they go right thru our clothes & skin

  • Muzzle velocity & range: 1 milligram of uranium, which is smaller than you can comfortably see, radiates outward 850 particles and energy squibbs a minute. These particles will kill or maim you.

  • Think of them as small, radioactive bullets. Some move with remarkable speeds, with a muzzle velocity of 983,568,960 feet per second, or 299,792,458 meters per second.

  • To a group of red blood cells or liver cells 'standing' next to the little, evil uranium particle, it must seem like hell on Earth ...only worse. The destructive fire from the uranium rounds never stops.

  • Inside kill job: the rounds have a range of about 20 cells in all directions. The radioactive isotopes make a perfect killing machine. We are struck with the 850 rounds per minute per milligram ... throughout our lives ... as a deadly reality from the pro-nukers ...(you all know one). Shun them.

Criminalize them. Send them to their well-deserved reward. The pro-nukers have shortened all our expected life spans. The rapid killing off and maiming of all humanity, the animal kindom, and all living things is what we are talking about. 

I Spit on Your Grave

–by Bob Nichols

"Now they are only speeding up the killing, maiming and mutation of humans, animals and plants, in fact, of all life on the planet. The Earth is already fully consumed by their poisons. There is no cure; and, there is not even any medicine. That is an absolute."

Excerpt from the published article:
"...Throughout history tyrants slaughtered innocent people without remorse. Pro-Nukers make them look like grade school children in comparison. We all know the tyrants names: Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Khan.

But, who knows the name of your local random murderer – your local Pro-Nuker? Killing is what Pro-Nukers do best. The numbers of the nuclear dead are astonishing. What’s more, they’ve got your number, too. Which Humans?

For many sincere but superficial people everyone “has some good in them.” How many times have you heard that trite phrase? It is as overtly stupid as it is blatantly untrue. For real evil we have only to look to the persons present in every country who are “Pro-Nukers.”

For they are the today’s embodiment of lasting evil throughout the centuries. Their hatred of fellow humanoids on this planet is a plague far worse than any disease. (continued in the above video)

Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2017: Reproduce and distribute. Give full attribution to Bob Nichols at DUweapons@gmail.com 

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Read more by Bob Nichols, here.  

Pacific Ocean dying, bankers, Fed, nuclear, sonar, EMP, DU, chemtrails, weather, pregnancies

How are Fed interest rate bankers killing pregnancies of women & animals & killing kids where you live? ...their weapons of choice are the corporations they own & direct that make nuclear, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weather warfare, depleted uranium (DU) & chemtrails

Women & girls & living within 25 miles of a reactor get more cancer than men or boys, or those living farther away. Your fetus is 1000 times more sensitive to ionizing radiation in food than an adult. Normal nuclear reactors hurt the health of your pregnancies every single day, like a nuclear bomb in slow motion. High-yield nuclear fallout destroys ova, sperm, embryo and fetus but so do low-yield emissions from everyday, normal reactor operations ... that fall on your food, on pastures, on farmland, in your water add up to create genetic mutations or extinctive damage to your health like immune deficiency response, leading to hundreds of diseases culminating in a variety of organ cancers. (See tritium expose or Entergy does Manhattan.)

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"While nuclear regulators only take fatal cancers into consideration as 'detriments', others, especially those who endure a non-fatal cancer, may find their suffering equally worthy of consideration. And, limiting [the counting of] genetic effects to live born offspring does not wipe away the tears of a family that has endured a spontaneous miscarriage or stillbirth." Sister Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH, Pres., International Institute of Concern for Public Health; Editor, International Perspectives in Public Health

Like Having Dracula Guard The Blood Bank –

Exposed: World Health Organization beholden to nuclear interests 

Exposed: World Health Organization beholden to nuclear interests — “Like having Dracula guard the blood bank” (VIDEOS) BY ENENEWS, ON MAY 23RD, 2012, here

Nuclear Industry Destroys the Divine Order of a Plant or Animal including people so that they are no longer able to  reproduce themselves after its own kind


Don't tread on me

When we use nuclear power, we create something nature tried to destroy to make life possible

Until about two billion years ago, it was impossible to have any life on Earth; that is, there was so much radiation on Earth you couldn’t have any life – fish or anything. Gradually, two billion years ago, the amount of radiation on this planet – and probably in the entire system – reduced and made it possible for some form of life to begin. Now when we go back to using nuclear power, we are creating something which nature tried to destroy to make life possible. Every time you produce radiation, you produce something that has a half-life, in some cases for billions of years. I think the human race may wreck itself; it is important that we get control of this horrible force and eliminate it. Nuclear power is not worth it. —Admiral Hyman G. Rickover, U.S. Navy officer, engineer, & driving force behind naval nuclear power

All of life on Earth is radioactive now, and it only took about 70 years. The more people, plants and animals get, the quicker they sicken. It is just that simple. —Bob Nichols

For this other death - not by plague, this time, not by poison, not by fire, not by artificially induced cancer, but by the squalid disintegration of the very substance of the species - this gruesome and infinitely unheroic death-in-birth could as well be the product of atomic industry as of atomic war. —Ape and Essence by Aldous Huxley (1949)

True, the white man brought great change. But the varied fruits of his civilization, though highly colored and inviting, are sickening and deadening. And if it be the part of civilization to maim, rob, and thwart, then what is progress? I am going to venture the man who sat on the ground in his tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures, acknowledging unity with the universe of things, was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization. — Chief Standing Bear, The Land of the Spotted Eagle, 1933

You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many. —Corinthians 1:11 

Snow,  Rain,  Wind,  Air ,  Dust,  Fire 


9:16 am March 8th, 2012 -0000- NBC: A snow that would never melt began falling – Each flake bringing down cesium on city of 300,000 people 60 km from the meltdowns (VIDEO)

04:38 PM Jun 11, 2012 -3559- Gundersen: Radioactive ‘snow’ working it’s way down through water column – loaded with cesium, which fish swim through (AUDIO)

01:37 PM Mar 7, 2012 -2771- Massive amount of mystery black substance found on road in Minamisoma - after several days of rain and snow – emits 50 microSv/hr (PHOTO)

01:07 PM Feb 12, 2012 -2571- Official: Flakes fell like snow after first Fukushima explosion – like a movie

09:58 AM Feb 12, 2012 -2570- Mayor by Fukushima lost body hair from chest down – Nose bleed continues

02:02 PM Jan 20, 2012 -2329- Iodine-131 detected in Tokyo snow on Jan. 20

12:15 PM Feb 12, 2014 -7083- Massive cracks found at Fukushima plant; 2,100 Bq/liter of strontium-90 detected from snow blanketing area 
09:04 PM Dec 22, 2013 -6842- NY Post: Radioactive snow falling on Navy ship caused by Fukushima radioactive steam… Is that aluminum foil I taste? - Sailor: People were defecating on themselves in hallways from excruciating diarrhea –  Officer: We saw radiation 300 times ‘safe’ levels (VIDEO)
11:07 AM Feb 14, 2013 -5341- Fukushima Child: I didn’t know about nuclear disaster until April – Small kids were playing outside, playing with snow (VIDEO)
11:53 AM Feb 9, 2013 -5311- Nuclear plant shuts down after in-house system loses power due to blizzard – NRC: Pilgrim lost off-site power – 3 feet of snow in parts of Boston area (VIDEO)
02:01 PM Jan 23, 2013 -5195- Washington Post: Nuclear plant produces snow in Pennsylvania – I’ve never seen this particular phenomenon observed before (PHOTO)

11:53 AM Feb 9, 2013 -5311- Nuclear plant shuts down after in-house system loses power due to blizzard - NRC: Pilgrim lost off-site power – 3 feet of snow in parts of Boston area (VIDEO)

09:50 AM Feb 8, 2013 -5303- TV on Nuclear Plant Snow: 30-mile long cloud went over Pittsburg - Residents reported over an inch of fluffy snowfall
09:16 AM Mar 8, 2012 -2780- A snow that would never melt began falling – Each flake bringing down cesium on city of 300,000 people 60km from meltdowns (VIDEO)
01:37 PM Mar 7, 2012 -2771- Massive amount of mystery black substance found on road in Minamisoma - after several days of rain and snow – emits 50 microSv/hr (PHOTO)
01:07 PM Feb 12, 2012 -2571- Official: Flakes fell like snow after first Fukushima explosion – like a movie

02:20 PM Jan 16, 2014 -6929- Radio: U.S. Navy sailors had radioactive snowball fights off Fukushima – Crew toast after weeks on Pacific – significant cancers, incessant bleeding from anus or vagina, blindness – Debris from USS Reagan sent to Hanford nuclear waste site (AUDIO)

09:10 AM Jan 16, 2014 -6927- NPR Affiliate: Fukushima cesium detected in Alaska salmon sample - Radioactive plume already reaches West Coast - Concerned fishermen forced to pay for tests since officials not doing it - people don’t trust gov’t… they don’t trust corporations (AUDIO)

09:10 PM Jan 15, 2014 -6926- Fukushima radiation on West Coast of N. America – Levels to rise for years – unprecedented event for Pacific, largest ever radioactive release into ocean (VIDEO)

02:02 PM Jan 20, 2012 -2329- Iodine-131 detected in Tokyo snow on Jan. 20

10:40 AM Jan 25, 2014 -6982- Alaska seal deaths & Fukushima fallout – skin lesions, hair loss, lethargy-- pulsed release … built-up radionuclides set free as ice melts – wildlife health implications due to radiation exposure discussed (PHOTOS & MAP)

Alaska Marine Science Symposium (pdf)

Jan. 20-24, 2014 (emphasis added): 2011 Fukushima Fall Out: Aerial Deposition On To Sea Ice Scenario And Wildlife Health Implications To Ice-Associated Seals (Dr. Doug Dasher, John Kelley, Gay Sheffield, Raphaela Stimmelmayr). We present results on gamma analysis (cesium 134 and 137) of muscle tissue from control and diseased seals, and discuss wildlife health implications from different possible routes of exposure to Fukushima fallout to ice seals. Since the Fukushima fallout period occurred during the annual sea ice cover period from Nome to Barrow, a sea ice based fallout scenario in addition to a marine food web based one is of particular relevance for the Fukushima accident. Under a proposed sea ice fallout deposition scenario, radionuclides would have been settled onto sea ice. Sea ice and snow editor’s note - index: snow would have acted as a temporary refuge for deposited radionuclides; thus radionuclides would have only become available for migration during the melting season and would not have entered the regional food web in any appreciable manner until breakup (pulsed release). The cumulative on-ice exposure for ice seals would have occurred through external, inhalation, and non-equilibrium dietary pathways during the ice-based seasonal spring haul-out period for molting/pupping/breeding activities. Additionally, ice seals would have been under dietary/metabolic constraints and experiencing hormonal changes associated with reproduction and molting.

Cesium fallout spiked to 349 Million Bq/km2 in one day at Fukushima City 60km from meltdowns — Near 40-fold increase from previous 24-hour period February 18, 2012

Report: Radioactive “black dust” in Fukushima City, 60km from meltdowns — “It is not just in Minami Soma City” (PHOTO) March 17, 2012

Nursery School Teacher: Tepco worker told us to flee large city 60km from meltdowns — “He suggested maybe we would be affected physically by radiation” March 12, 2012

“Like Green Starlight”: Highly contaminated ‘marine snow’ covered seafloor at least 2,000 kilometers from Fukushima by July 2011 (PHOTOS & VIDEO) September 29, 2012

Mag: “Large quantity” of Neptunium-239 flew at least 60km from Fukushima meltdowns — Decays into Plutonium-239 September 13, 2011


Snow, Rain, Wind, Air, Dust, Fir


12:41 PM Apr 8, 2011 Canada: Local official tells residents not to drink rainwater after tests find increasing radioactivity – Under pressure from Gov’t to stop testing

“Many elders in the community like to make their tea with rainwater and others have rainwater systems that supply their homes."

02:28 AM Apr 2, 2011 -0197- Fukushima radioactive iodine-131 in California rainwater far above level permitted in drinking water – nuclear policy lecturer at UC Santa Cruz

02:28 AM Apr 2, 2011 -0196- Fukushima California rainwater 181 times drinking water standards for radioactive iodine-131 – government under fire as radiation found in milk and rain

07:41 PM Mar 24, 2011 -0124- Yellow rain in Tokyo also fell at Chernobyl; Government assures residents it is pollen – 20 years ago, splashing in yellow rainwater Antonina Sergieff recalls

03:52 PM May 19, 2014 -8237- Fukushima radioactive material rain-down in U.S. in 2013 - contaminates local ecosystems

06:33 PM Mar 31, 2011 -0185- Radioactive Iodine-131 in rainwater by San Francisco 18,000% above federal drinking water standard – taken on roof of Etcheverry Hall on UC Berkeley campus Mar 23, 2011, 9:06-18:00

Airborne Contamination in California

Several massive pulses of radionuclides were released to the atmosphere from Fukushima between March 12 and 18, 2011 – 134Cs and 137Cs persisted at trace levels – in on-going air monitoring at Berkeley through the end of 2012.

Rainwater Contamination in California

March 2011 was an unusually wet month in California (~200% of normal monthly precipitation in the Bay Area) due to several large storms which resulted in discrete wet deposition events on March 18-20 and 22-26 - 134Cs and 137Cs were present, at low levels, after 70 days. However, it is worth noting that low levels of radioactive cesium were still detectable in rainwater during subsequent wet seasons in 2012 and 2013, reflecting the continued presence of Fukushima-derived cesium in the atmosphere.

Food Chain Contamination in California

Fukushima-derived radionuclides transferred from the atmosphere to the land through rainout or dry deposition have the potential to contaminate soil and water supplies, and to enter the food chain. Sampling of soil and sediments from several California locations detected a clear pulse of 131I, 134Cs and 137Cs between April – June 2011, with only 137Cs remaining above the pre-accident background thereafter (through Nov 2012). Plant and food samples collected in the Bay Area in April and May 2011 contained detectable concentrations of Fukushima-derived 131I, 134Cs, and 137Cs, indicating that low-level contamination of the water and soil had worked its way into local ecosystems.

Public Health Impacts

Fukushima disaster presented (and continues to present) a low risk to public health relative to other concerns. However, it is worth reiterating that the health implications of exposure to low levels of radiation remain incompletely understood, and that the incremental impacts of the radiation released at Fukushima may be very difficult to separate from those of other radiation sources and the many other causes of disease.

 05:22 PM Feb 22, 2015 -8574- Bizarre, milky rain falls for days by most contaminated nuclear site in U.S. - Expert: I’ve never seen anything like it - TV: Very unusual for our area - Nuke lab didn’t collect enough to analyze… never planned to do real study on mystery material - NOAA contaminates sample, then loses it (VIDEO)

07:05 AM Dec 2, 2015 -8741- Fukushima contamination of Pacific and atmosphere w/ionizing radiation can not be stopped; projected 10x all nuclear tests; menaces West Coast

09:28 AM Feb 22, 2016 -8777- Fukushima to dump past, present, future nuclear waste & debris into Pacific

08:06 PM Sep 9, 2014 -8412- EPA: Models show greater potential impact to U.S. West Coast from rainfall containing Fukushima radioactive material - California sea water with over 10 Million pCi/m3 of iodine-131 found in sample squeezed out of seaweed

09:42 AM Feb 19, 2016 -8776- Gundersen: Plutonium everywhere in Japan; redeposits in unanticipated locations; black radioactive dust wherever I go; runs right into Pacific Ocean (VIDEO)

08:58 AM Feb 17, 2016 -8775- Vancouver B.C. & Seattle: 220,000,000 atoms of Fukushima Iodine-129/liter of rainwater w/15 million year half-life in aquifer; supplies deadly drinking water – to 120,000 people in BC/WA – evacuation level is 40 atoms/liter

12:46 PM Jun 28, 2016 -8823- Highly radioactive ‘glass’ rained on Tokyo – Fukushima nuclear fuel with 500 Trillion Bq/kg found –Significant consequences for human health – Scientists: This changes understanding of disaster… Extreme importance… Our ideas of health implications should change… Do not discuss on social media 

02:13 PM Jul 7, 2016 -8824- All along Canada’s Pacific coast, mussels are dying… Bodies are swollen by cancerous tumors – Unprecedented mutations allow cancer to spread from one species to another like a virus (VIDEO)





10:25 AM Jul 13, 2014 -8319- Fukushima Press Conference: To the people of the world… dangerous developments… we need your help – I vomited blood, skin inside mouth peeled out – no limit to radiation damage… contamination is all over Japan – Speaker nearly cries when revealing babies in rain waiting for food after explosion, Gov’t didn’t issue any warnings (VIDEO)

01:55 AM Jul 13, 2014 | 536

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) – NM

-8318- WIPP: Nuclear waste was up to 1,600°F during plutonium release - 50 drums at risk (VIDEO)

07:23 AM Jul 19, 2014 -8327- Fukushima radioactive material still found in U.S. soil - Japan Gov’t: The disaster posed radiation threat to human society… In 4 days detectable all across northern hemisphere - Denmark: Fukushima clearly had widespread consequences, not limited to borders (VIDEOS)

05:30 PM Jun 6, 2014 -8270- NBC - Hanford: Nuclear workers suffering severe brain damage – Toxic waste raining down from sky, wore baseball caps for protection – brains being eaten away, teeth falling out – Workers raising safety issues framed using false evidence, fired – Gov’t agency not allowed in to investigate (VIDEO)

-8270.1- also see: -8505- TV: U.S. nuclear workers’ brains eaten away, hallucinating, mental capacity of preschooler – wife films trembling husband on deathbed - indescribable what they’ve done and they don’t care – they want you to die - Gov’t Experts: It’s allergies from cats or feathers… or B-12 deficiency - Doctor: Quit helping workers get help (VIDEO) Nov 21, 2014

-8270.2- also see: -8125- TV: 11 workers at U.S. nuclear site transported to medical facilities - Suffering nose bleeds, chest pains, coughing up blood - Multiple locations evacuated - Persistent symptoms extremely unusual - Workers: Place is falling apart - serious problems out there (VIDEO) Mar 26, 2014

[1] Hanford: Nuclear workers suffer severe brain damage - toxic waste raining down from sky, wear baseball caps for protection - brains eaten away, teeth fall out

[i] Hanford: Nuclear workers suffer severe brain damage - toxic waste raining down from sky, wear baseball caps for protection - brains eaten away, teeth fall out


NBC Right Now, Apr. 30, 2014: Former Hanford Worker Sick from Nuclear Waste

Jane Sander, reporter: A nuclear waste spill happened hours before at the tank farm.

Lonnie Poteet, Hanford worker: I was already burning from my glove line to my t-shirt line and… starting to lose a little bit of vision in my right eye… Why didn’t they say something?

Sander: Poteet describes living his life now as recluse… sharp pains in his head, they cause him to often twitch. He says medication prevents him from collapsing in pain due to severe nerve damage in his brain.

Poteet: More Hanford workers are going to be exposed to the same situation… Nobody is going to do anything to stop it… As long as there’s profit… and they get their bonuses on a decent time, that’s all they care about… Most of the workers onsite right now are running scared. They will not bring up any safety concerns because as soon as you do, you’re going to be labeled and thrown off the site, just as fast as they can go. They’ll either create stuff that never happened, or they’ll find ways to get you.

Watch the broadcast here

NBC Right Now, June 5, 2014: Sick Former Hanford Worker Speaks Out

Jane Sander, reporter: He sadly lives his life with a deadly disease…

Lawrence Rouse, Hanford worker:  I have toxic encephalopathy… it eats your brain away.

Sander: Near the end of his almost 20 years at Hanford… he began to develop severe symptoms. Stuttering, memory loss, losing teeth…emotionally unstable…violent outbursts.

Rouse: My son wrote this letter, this little poem, and said that his dad is gone… It would rain the chemicals on you from the stack. That’s why we wore the baseball caps.

Sander: The Washington Dept. of Labor and DOE denied compensation… Since the EEOICPA program began in 2001, they’ve paid more than $1 billion in compensation and medical bills to 6,936 Hanford workers…

Rouse: DOE has always denied everything. And that’s not going to change.

Sander: More Hanford workers continue to file claims for their illnesses.

Watch the broadcast here

KING 5 Seattle (NBC), June 4, 2014: It’s an unprecedented series of workplace accidents in the state. Since mid-March the number Hanford workers seeking medical help after breathing in chemical vapors has risen to 34.

Susannah Frame, reporter: Vapors causing serious illnesses at Hanford is not new… at the most contaminated workplace in the nation, OSHA can’t get past the gates to investigate.

Diana Gegg, Hanford worker: It’s turned my life upside down.

Frame: Brain damage, sudden tremors, vision loss, dementia - Illnesses the gov’t admits were caused by exposure… she can’t go out without a wheelchair, cook, or drive.

Watch the broadcast here


Snow,  Rain,  Wind,  Air,  Dust,  Fire 

Wind, Air, Dust

06:22 AM Apr 2, 2011 -0198- Radioactive particles concentrate over Northwest U.S. April 6 (VIDEO) - Note cloud coded same blue color in Pacific Northwest as off coast of Japan, indicating similar concentrations - Fukushima potential releases, Xe-133 Apr 2-6, 2011

08:41 PM Mar 31, 2011 -0186- Anaheim, CA: highest EPA fallout count of air monitor stations in U.S. for iodine-131 – 1.9 picocuries of radioactivity/cubic meter of air

03:00 PM Jan 13, 2016 -8761- Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California: Dead birds on beaches; complete reproductive failure, thick-billed murres, black-legged kittiwakes, horned and tufted puffins, glaucous-winged gulls, and sooty and short-tailed shearwaters; concurrent with whale, pinniped, sea otter, and fish mortalities (VIDEOS)

07:28 PM Dec 8, 2015 -8744- L.A. - Fukushima Alpha levels 1,000x normal: 0.3 aCi/ml (300 fCi/m3) - If a radionuclide is inside the body after being swallowed or breathed in – alpha radiation considered most dangerous: gross alpha-emitting radionuclides (plutonium isotopes): curium, plutonium and americium. [1,000,000 milliliters (ml) = 1 cubic meter (m3); 1,000 attocuries (aCi) = 1 femtocurie (fCi)]

12:17 PM Dec 7, 2015 | 387
-8743- Indian Point Unit 2: Shutdown after 10 control rods fall into reactor core (VIDEO)

07:45 PM Dec 3, 2015 -8742- Seaborne/West Coast: Fukushima radionuclide cesium 134 and 137 11 Bq/m3 for 1,000 miles

07:05 AM Dec 2, 2015 -8741- Fukushima contamination of Pacific and atmosphere w/ionizing radiation can not be stopped; projected 10x all nuclear tests; menaces West Coast

11:11 AM Jul 17, 2014 -8325- Tokyo should no longer be inhabited - Everyone here is a victim of Fukushima - People truly suffering - bleeding under skin, urinary hemorrhaging - children’s blood tests started changing last year-[1]-[i]- Time running short… up to physicians to save our citizens and future generations

12:10 PM Aug 22, 2016 -8827- TV: Astronomical radiation in downtown Tokyo – directly outside gov’t building – ‘Horrific’ readings where kids play in Fukushima, ‘extreme’ levels where food grown for school lunches - nuclear expert shocked, upset by discovery – Gundersen found Tokyo remains contaminated – measured dust and found high dose of radiation.



Snow, Rain, Wind, Air , Dust, Fire 


07:42 PM Mar 26, 2011 -0142- Radioactive Cesium: Once it’s inside of you, you’ve got trouble – Nuclear radiation different than normal radiation (VIDEO)

02:12 AM Apr 3, 2011 -0204- Nuclear industry propaganda about low-level radiation is absolute rubbish says physician who taught at Harvard Med School – It’s all about internal emitters (VIDEO) It's imperative people understand that internal emitters cause cancer


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Your Life Force is suffering as never before ...can you feel it? Are you tired, grouchy, get sick easy? When radiation mutates DNA, it doesn't care if it is plant, animal or human DNA. It destroys your Life Force and the Divine Order of every living creature or plant to faithfully reproduce itself after its own kind. Radiation creates immune deficiency- and several hundred other diseases along the way to giving you non-terminal or terminal cancer and destroying you. You, your children, pets, gardens and children-to-be, need to be safe and sound. You can stay in denial and ignorance and cause millions of others and billions of animals and life forms to suffer and live with your guilt and cowardice, or simply sell out like all pro-nukers do. Or, you can realize your Angelic calling and Divine nature and respect Life and protect Life. This website and the two free e-books are our gift to you to fulfill your Angelic calling, in hopes of you becoming self-realized, and fulfilled.

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