The Pacific Ocean is Dying – To Save Earth & Clean the Planet ...March Fed Interest Rate Bankers to the Gallows 

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What Tokyo Olympic Athletes & Spectators Eating & Drinking Plutonium & Tritium can Expect to Happen to them in Toyko: Learn from our Sailors onboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan stationed in Harm's Way in Fuku fallout, who Been There Done That —(here)— & —(here)—

—(very important documentation that can save your life, right here)—

If you're pregnant, or want to have a healthy family & want to be healthy


—(very important documentation that can save your life, right here)—

Japan's Olympic Homeless Solution slave labor & murder

Evacuate Canada USA Pacific Coast 200 Miles Inland After Japan Dumps Fukushima Tanks, pt 1 —(part 2, here)—

Prime Minister Abe’s government announces TEPCO (owners & operators of four nuclear reactors that blew up & melt down daily in fresh water acquifers feeding the Pacific daily since 3/11) as Main Sponsor for Tokyo Olympics —(here)—

Now you can participate, spectate, eat, drink, shower, sleep & make love in plutonium! ...& witness the destruction of our Olympic athletes at Olympic sites contaminated with fallout that blows down from the mountains then back up into the air, practically for Eternity – (watch for heart attacks now & leukemia, later)

Xinhua, Feb 25, 2015: TEPCO blasted for concealing latest radioactive leak for nearly a year — [Fishermen blamed TEPCO] for knowingly allowing radioactive substances… to flow freely into the sea since April last year… this year [Prime Minister] Abe’s government announced that TEPCO would be the Main Sponsor for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics… local, national and international fury once again rises at [TEPCO]… [It’s] the latest indication that the crisis at the plant is far from under control… Japan’s top government spokesperson reiterated the government’s long-standing mantra… “The situation is completely under control… Any negative impact of radioactive water on the environment is completely blocked.”

Do You Know the (ongoing) Excruciating Agony of Our Naval Sailors onboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan Stationed as Guinea Pigs in the Face of Nuclear Blasts when Fukushima Reactors Exploded & Tormenting their Lives, Forever? —(documentation, here)—

(...& that contaminated parts of the ship were dumped at Hanford) ...& that they lost their lawsuits for redress to pay for lifelong medical care 


The following story was fact-checked by The pro-Trump National Inquirer, successfully, (but not run because it implicates Trump covering it up

Hillary's Deal with Japan not to be Nuclear-free by 2030

(& in return the U.S. would not test Japanese imports for nuclear fallout)

—(pdf, here) & (ms word w/pop-ups & search engine, here)—

Expert says 2020 Tokyo Olympics Unsafe

...Due to Fukushima | 60 Minutes

Join Us On a Roller Coaster Ride to Save our Olympic Athletes

Women are now an endangered species

Your Life Force is suffering as never before ...can you feel it? Are you tired, grouchy, get sick easy? When radiation mutates DNA, it doesn't care if it is plant, animal or human DNA. It destroys your Life Force and the Divine Order of every living creature or plant to faithfully reproduce itself after its own kind. Radiation creates immune deficiency- and several hundred other diseases along the way to giving you non-terminal or terminal cancer and destroying you. You, your children, pets, gardens and children-to-be, need to be safe and sound. You can stay in denial and ignorance and cause millions of others and billions of animals and life forms to suffer and live with your guilt and cowardice, or simply sell out like all pro-nukers do. Or, you can realize your Angelic calling and Divine nature and respect Life and protect Life. This website and the two free e-books are our gift to you to fulfill your Angelic calling, in hopes of you becoming self-realized, and fulfilled.

Redwood Trees

Survival Today – The Survival of Women and All Life Depends on Taking Care of the Earth & Marching the Families that Own the Fed to the Gallows — those families are attacking Natural & Divine Order with nuclear, depleted uranium, sonar, weather, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulse & chemtrail warfare your life on it

-----------        HEALTH CARE FOR OUR PLANE      ---------- 

 —  Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean  — 

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean
Nichols on Nuclear
 Next time you hear nuclear apologists say nuclear is safe & clean, just say, "put it where the sun doesn't shine"


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