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Patent for fake voting machines owned by U.S. Army

Jefferson says in the Declaration of Independence: “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!



Reality Realty

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We must stop the Schroder Bank JPMorganChase Bill Gates George Soros City of London UN-WHO takeover of America under the demented leadership of San Francisco politicians like Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris, Newsom who get their marching orders & grooming from Schroder via their subsidiary Bechtel (putting 2 new nuclear reactors at Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State w/Bill Gates & activating 2 old reactors, there).

Welcome to Shroder Bank subsidiary Bechtel's San Francisco-based politicians & their vision of a reset equitable America ...San Francisco city-approved perennial Alphabet soup public event with San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein approval — to insert Shroder Bank subsidiary Bechtel Fed antics & bedroom politics into national politics & school policy — as the new normal forced on straight kids.

Welcome to Shroder Bank subsidiary Bechtel's San Francisco-based politicians & their vision of a reset equitable America ...San Francisco city-approved perennial Alphabet soup public event with San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein approval — to insert Shroder Bank subsidiary Bechtel Fed antics & bedroom politics into national politics & school policy — as the new normal forced on straight kids.

Kamala's war on children & family 

Welcome to Shroder Bank subsidiary Bechtel's San Francisco-based politicians & their vision of a reset equitable America ...San Francisco city-approved perennial Alphabet soup public event with San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein approval — to insert Shroder Bank subsidiary Bechtel Fed antics & bedroom politics into national politics & school policy — as the new normal forced on straight kids.

All around the mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel, da da daditty, pop! goes the weasel.

The monkey chased the weasel.

There's credible evidence computerized algorithms have been used to flip votes for more than 20 years

They all know how to do it. —Sep 29, 2021: 

The government “has an interest in” patents for the technology with the ability to real-time monitor an election … change votes … insert false voters … and predetermine the outcome of an election by applying a computer algorithm.

This is such a hard fight to get to the truth because the deception and manipulation has been happening a long time.  The corruption has grown exponentially among the entrenched elites, globalists, and communists here and abroad.  It crosses both political parties.

In our prior news blast, we included the video of sworn testimony of a man who  created an algorithm to secretly flip votes for a Republican in 2000 for a Florida election. Jerry Nadler and Maxine Waters, among others, heard the testimony.

He submitted an affidavit to Congress in support of his testimony.  His dog was shot that very day.  His testimony and warnings have been ignored.  They All Know.

This disgusting corruption crosses both political parties and involves key positions in the government itself, including, apparently, the Defense Department and the “Intelligence Community.”

The truth is difficult to face, but we must do so now if we are going to save this Republic.  They’ve been doing much of this massive fraud in plain view, and they have been telling us what they were going to do at the same time.  The proof is in the patents.

At least as early as 2003, perhaps even before the 2000 election, the United States Department of Defense itself funded the patent process for what became in 2005 a:

“method for dynamically auditing of electronic systems using an electronic registration and voting system.”

The “invention provides false voting data associated with false voters to the voting systems, recovers voting records associated with the false voting data.” (Emphasis added).[1]


Patents for fake-able voting macines

Patents for fake-able voting machines.


Patents for fake-able voting machines.


Patents for fake-able voting machines.

“Nothing in the system identifies” the “test” voter IDs.  “Records identifying these voters are kept manually outside the system in an election officials’ offices.”

This translates to they can be kept anywhere, and they can be inserted at will with no way to identify them in the system.

More details include a “central secure hosting environment accessible through a network, such as the internet, by a user such as an absentee voter, from any computing device anywhere in the world. . . .

The central hosting facility is also accessible by officials of a local election office via a computer, or computers, over the network.” (Emphasis added).

A user is not even required to use the same computer or be in the same place to register or to vote.  It was a one-stop shop.  It would provide “for the authentication of voters and local election office workers; the registration of voters; the creation of ballot definitions; voting and securing a ballot; and ballot tabulation.”  It would “decrypt ballots using the assigned security keys, tabulate the results, and prepare reports. . . “[2]

“Additional features and advantages of the invention . . . may be learned by practice of the invention.” (Emphasis added).


Then in 2006, the U.S. Army funded a project for processing votes by “applying a plurality of vote scoring methods to produce a collective group decision that is resilient to errors.”

This is fancy language for an algorithm to alter or “rig” an election, to produce the predetermined outcome.  This is what the math shows happened in the 2020 Presidential election.

The method is protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,377, 431.[3]  The original assignee is the Trustees of Stevens Institute of Technology. ­

21 Years of Election Fraud ...they all know: Credible evidence computerized

algorithms used to flip votes last 20 years, (https://defendingtherepublic.org/)  

There's credible evidence that computerized algorithms have been used to flip votes for more than 20 years . . Only takes 24 lines of code to flip an election.

Computerized algorithms flip votes last 20 years                                          Only takes 24 lines of code to flip an election

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!

Forest fire as a military weapon

psychic poop of the day

 Obama boasts the Democrats control the voting machines.




Election rigging has been going on a long time. Remember in Los Angeles when voting machines gave the exact amount to opposing candidates ...and, it's business as usual for the company (CIA) around the world ...what use is a CIA coup d'etat or a Soros fake color revolution if you cant rig the elections to put or keep corrupt politician sleaze-balls in power?

Biden Bragged About Rigging Brazil Election Against Bolsonaro Before Election Day

Magically, all over the world 17 different countries & states report that each has exactly 233 new corona-covid cases; hmmm ...must of used a voting machine to report it.


Chemtrails for dummies.

judge joe brown outs barack obama (lolo's barry soetoro)

Kari Lake damning testimonies by poll personnel

Kari Lake: Damning testimonies by poll personnel of praised but failed machines


Why didn't they tell us that obama's (barry soetoro's)  step-father lolo soetoro was both an overseas vice president of mobile oil also in charge of the death squads in indonesia and worked with herbie walker (i.e. george herbert walker bush) who founded halliburton and barry's grandmother was a cia conduit for covert ops monies & Lolo Soetoro was the 14th richest man in the world with barry as heir to 1/3 of the fortune


Judge Joe Brown on Barack Obama & Barry Soweto.Judge Joe Brown outs Obama: Food for thought & grounds for further research

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!


Burisma merry-go-round

EUROMAIDAN COUP: 2014 Nazi coup putches Ukraine from Putin to Biden - WTF? (up) Alleged Burisma nuclear & power mafia merry-go-round murders, coups, regime change, installed leaders, women hit by cars by mafia, puppet presidents, corrupt administrations & imbezzled U.S. taxpayer dollars. 




some of my books

Click my book pics for content & how to order. Several are in inexpensive e-book editions as well as print. These books I've written & published. Except for the covers, they are in black & white. Old Rails' Tales was reviewed by the New York Times as one of the best books of the year. (I was the founding editor for the poetry anthology project, New American Underground Poetry: the babarians of san francisco – poets from hell.)

1985 - out of print; the first book including hundreds of the pioneers of AI

Click my book pics for content & how to order. Several are in inexpensive e-book editions as well as print. These books I've written & published. Except for the covers, they are in black & white. Old Rails' Tales was reviewed by the New York Times as one of the best books of the year. (I was the founding editor for the poetry anthology project, New American Underground Poetry: the babarians of san francisco – poets from hell.)


Self-preservation and Pacific Ocean Conservation is half the battle. The only companion e-books (and website) to document that prior and ongoing radioactive nuclear industry waste and fallout and prior atmospheric testing and waste and fallout are killing the Pacific Ocean ...and is a feminist issue because women and girls who live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away ...and 41,000 men, women and children a day get fatal and non-fatal cancer from accumulated and new nuclear industry radioactive waste and fallout  ...and that central bankers own the major corporations (including nuclear industry) polluting the environment crushing Mother Nature and with Environmental Personhood corporations and the central bankers that direct them are liable.

Self-preservation and Pacific Ocean Conservation is half the battle. The only companion e-books (and website) to document that prior and ongoing radioactive nuclear industry waste and fallout and prior atmospheric testing and waste and fallout are killing the Pacific Ocean ...and is a feminist issue because women and girls who live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living farther away ...and 41,000 men, women and children a day get fatal and non-fatal cancer from accumulated and new nuclear industry radioactive waste and fallout  ...and that central bankers own the major corporations (including nuclear industry) polluting the environment crushing Mother Nature and with Environmental Personhood corporations and the central bankers that direct them are liable.


work in progress

CDC zombies

10:19 AM May 20, 2011 0550 CDC launches zombie apocalypse preparedness campaign based on Fukushima

social night of the living dead

how city of london reduced america to blood in the streets many times over the centuries

murder evidence against you is now on film here

 free e-book bonus volume — with purchase of two volume companion e-book set 

Occupy Deutshebank Financial Warfare for Dummies



Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!

central bank gain-of-function biological & nuclear weather war ups cancer rates for females

were chernobyl  (woodpecker) & fukushima meltdowns sabotage by city of london wall street imf globalists? ...hmmm. likely.


Central Bank Gain-of-Function Biological & Nuclear Weather War Ups Cancer Rates for Females 

Here we preview the e-book trilogy and supporting website concerning affects of gain-of-function nuclear weather warfare on mammals (including people) other animals, plants, the environment and increased cancer rates in females of the species ...as well as males.

Our e-book trilogy & site on gain-of-function nuclear weather war waged against us by central bankers at City of London (Britain's Wall Street)

Our e-book trilogy and website shows nuclear industry destroying life in the Pacific Ocean, and documents the relationship between the international interlocking directorate of central bankers, how they own 20% of every Fortune 500 company, including the military-industrial establishment …to increase their profits by gain-of-function (biological) nuclear radiation weather war. 

Unfortunately for us, the science now documents that every single reactor gives off enough fallout to in effect operate as a nuclear bomb in slow motion and the low levels of radiation fallout each broadcasts airborne and discharges waterborne over a period of years can be equally or even more dangerous in terms of creating mammal (including humans) fatal- and non-fatal cancer rates and a host of many immune deficiency diseases.

Equity in Waste

Our e-book trilogy and website document how central banks use gain-of-function biological warfare and nuclear weather war to waste the Earth, waste women and men and children, waste your life and waste you.

And, how the central bankers that control our economies and militaries create tactical eXtreme climate change to achieve their goals of a 300-to-500 million global human population and soaring national debt (on which they pocket the yearly interest).

That's advocated by Kissinger, Hillary, Obama, Biden, Trump, Congress, the establishment legion of billionaires & oligarchs that 'own' and trade you ...in.

They can afford stem-cell replacement therapies ...we can't afford stem-cell replacement when we age, to stay young ...but they can.

They use space age weapons of science, technology and artifical intelligence to destroy personal and national sovereignty and pricetag, buy, sell and control Nature, Gaia, the environment and us. Who are we? We are you.

Small nuclear reactor fallout doses (c/o central bankers, IMF) affect women more than men, can add up to affects of nuclear war fallout

The radiation that is spread around every day by nuclear reacters, added to all the nuclear fallout and waste the last 70 years ...destroys your immune response system and gives you immune deficiency diseases leading to pain, cancers, tumors and leukemia.

Here on this site, (and in our e-book trilogy), and in the news, you’ll witness how central bankers and the IMF and their combined ongoing (and historical) use of gain-of-function biological war, weather war, nuclear war, reactors, waste, racism, genocide, nazis and the ultra-right to increase national debt …because central bankers get the annual interest on the national debt as a personal dividend on their exclusive and private ownership of Federal Reserve System stock.

Nuclear Weather War Bankers, Women & Cancer

And, we see how the central banker warlord and cancer binary increases cancer rates in women. And, show how their tactic of weather warfare disquises their strategy of financial warfare.

Central banker dynasties we introduce to you, have been destroying people and the Earth, animals and the environment in a series of wars, fake civil wars (Soros and CIA style), fake democracies, bananna republic (colonial) style to steal financial riches for many generations.

Central bankers make billions of dollars by robbing the people and banks and Mother Nature in countries they conquer and colonialize and ship wealth and natural resources away, robbing gold, silver, cooper, jewels ...making slaves of indigenous people and their children. 


To protect you, ocean life and life on land, nurture Earth: protect sovereignty in individuals, nations, cultures and animals ... stand against bank globalization to privatize Earth’s natural resources to prevent human community and access to Mother Nature, forcing global pay-to-play of the wealthy. Ego and greed  of central bankers needs war for total control and profit by murder and theft; to merchandise Nature, Creation, you, and your children; to criminalize your life in their war on love.

They aim to privatize Earth’s natural resources, including food, water, oxygen, sunshine, rain, (precious) metals, agriculture, supply chains and your health without any human opposition using artificially intelligent social engineering to dispense with love and replace it with aggression.

Central bankers declared a war, called, Great Reset ...deciding the easiest way to get rid of human opposition, is to get rid of humans ...to reduce human population on Earth from 7.9 billion (summer 2022) to 300 million to 400 people by 2030-to-2050. That's all the slaves they need to live in luxury, forever with slaves doing the dirty work. The will of the people is to eliminate only the central bankers, oligarchs and billionaires, first ...then live in peace.

Only problem is, the Great Reset turns out to be World War III. They have the pedal to the metal and we're left in the rear view mirror.

Capital punishment for capitalists ...let them eat bugs.


animals mutate & die after 1986 chernobyl nuclear disaster:  fauna 

sea animals suddenly die on west coast after 2011 fukushima nuclear disaster ...world notices

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!


11:45 AM Apr 28, 2016 8810 TV: North America will not be safe from Fukushima radiation if reactor site keeps leaking ... Animals suddenly die on west coast after 2011 disaster … Whole world noticed this strange phenomenon ... Fatally high levels of radioactive material has entered ocean… serious pollution is ongoing (VIDEO)

02:43 PM Mar 24, 2014 8121 Caldicott:  Fukushima to be pouring radioactive water into Pacific for the rest of Time ... Nuclear industry covers it up because they know if truth comes out it will end nuclear power (AUDIO) .... [March 3, 2011, three reactor cores melt down thru the Earth into water aquifers that flow to the Pacific Ocean & continue today ...& will practically, forever.]



Source:  Voice of America overseas U.S. intelligence broadcasting service

add add

1st Responders: Exploding nuclear waste barrels plague Las Vegas ...feel lucky?

Walk away  & don't look back –or– empower youself: Help animals survive vs WEF & IMF.

the more nuclear we have, the more suffering & dead animals we get

Cows graze in pastures covered in fallout.

Radiation secrets of airborne & seaborne supermarket fallout milk, meat, fish, grain crops, orchards & vegetable gardens

Horses eat fresh grass freshly covered with up to 100 different radionuclides & fallout hay.

Horses (mammals) play & have a sense of humor & feelings & hurt feelings like all mammals, (including people) of all sizes.

Heartbreaking illness mysteriously hits coastside California horses likely eating fallout-covered meadows, hay & water.

Coastal Calif ranch & race track horses; skin sheds, eyes swell shut, many painful lesions, liver damage, faint; airborne fallout?

Sea mammal skin sloughing. Seals, sea lions, walruses, salmon, tuna, sardines migrating in fallout & oceanic & shoreline sea life, tide pools & birds suffer from fallout.

Sea Animals Sea Animals Sea Animals Sea Animals


Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!

family had 5 pets die within hours, all found with 'milky white' eyes —noise that sounds like rain when it's not raining —metallic taste in mouth


Nuclear Weather War Destroys Quality of Life

Dogs & Cats

Family had 5 pets die within hours, all found with ‘milky white’ eyes

Before we delve into this article, we need to briefly review as follows: nuclear radiation is caused by central bankers who use billions of dollars of your wages to build nuclear reactor facilities, that are nuclear bombs going off in slow motion.

You pay for their projects, then you pay utiities on top of it, plus they print $100,000 bills for two cents and charge you $99,998.98 which you dumbly pay ...which is how they create personal and national debt to enslave you. Among other successful and failed coups d'etat, they bribed Congress in 1913 and took over the pubically owned central bank in America, and made it privately owned, and defined yearly interest on the national debt each year, as their personal stock dividend (personal profit) ...crunch the numbers and you'll see what 'taxation without representation' meant when our founding fathers threw out these same banking families in the financial revolution of 1776.

Prolonged exposure to low levels of fallout such as come out every moment from every nuclear reactor site over time can create the same cancers that exposure to very high levels of nuclear radiation such as from a nuclear bomb explosion, can create relatively quickly.

Central bankers (Adversary) created nuclear power as weapons of war and coersion.

Reactors were designed to make material for nuclear bombs. The process gives off so much heat and so much water is needed to prevent nuclear explosions in that process, that all of our water becomes contaminated with nuclear radiation ... and so much steam is created like in a giant teapot, the steam is used to turn an electrical turbine that generates electicity. 

Nuclear energy does not create electricity. You have been punked and lied to so now you repeat the lies for self-gratification cause you want to be a know-it-all and command the respect of others. 

Central intelligence works to achieve the goals of the central bankers; this is true in America, Europe, Asia, Africa to the extent that wars and genocide as simply everyday tactics for central bankers to run up national debts, because central bankers get the interest on the national debts as dividends into their own pockets.

Because humans are easily mislead to do what they believe, they will murder one another to inflate their egos if the central bank and central intelligence operatives tell them what to believe in: like war, greed, slavery.

At the moment, the most popular and successful ways for central bankers to make money are different tactical usesconventional war, nuclear war, change-of-function biological war,  weather war (eXtreme climate change forcing unnatural storms, space weather war), financial war, economic war, chemical war, covert war, regime change wars, starvation, disease and homelessness). You must have noticed all of these things going on around you, unless you are totally brain-dead.

Central bankers and central intelligence have evidence mounting up against them that together, they sabotaged nuclear reactors around the world, or downright attacked them ... to achieve their overall aim of depopulation, defunding the police, instilling martial law and dicatorship. 

There are weather war stations nearby the meltdown sites at Fukushima and Chernobyl. These weather warfare sites can create earthquakes and set off volcanos simply by tuning in the radio frequencies like you select radio stations.  As I recall, 24 megahertz sets off earthquakes and 17 megahertz sets off volcanic eruptions ... I have the numbers wrong ... but the experts, inventors, national defense directors and presidents in other articles, have the info right.

02:30 PM Aug 15, 2013 6189  Fairewinds on Troubling Events During Nuclear Disaster: Noise that sounds like rain when it’s not raining - Family had 5 pets die within hours, all found with ‘milky white’ eyes — Woman engulfed in wave of heat, later told kidney ‘died’, (AUDIO).

6189.1  6189.2 Testimonies of people living near the Three Mile Island nuclear plant at the time of the accident in 1979 - Mechanic who lived about four miles from the nuclear accident: My eyes were red and burning. I felt like I was looking through water. On Friday, we decided to evacuate. While packing our truck, a township police officer in a closed car shouted over his loudspeaker system, ‘Bill, don’t breathe this air. Get inside.’ … When we returned home, we went in the garage first and found our male German Shepherd had died. His eyes were milky white. We had provided about 100 pounds of food and 50 gallons of water. However, he had only drunk water before he died. We had five cats that lived in a box on the back porch. All but one was dead. All the cats had milky white eyes. The one living cat had one eye that was milky white. Skin grew over this eye during the following weeks. This cat lived about six months after the accident. She had kittens prior to her death. The kittens were born dead and hairless.

Kids & Pets, strange tumors, passing away

12:43 PM Oct 28, 2014 8478  Doctors threatened linking illnesses to Fukushima — Strange tumors, kids dying, pets dying – Much higher incidences of health problems reported - experts: 1,000,000 cancers - many other ailments possible (VIDEO)

Spike in dogs biting humans in Fukushima

01:19 PM Oct 1, 2013 6472 WSJ: Huge spike in dogs biting humans in Fukushima town; attacked without aggression, 70% to upper body — Study: May be associated with nuclear disaster — Gundersen: Research on animal defects hidden (VIDEO)

6472.1 WSJ, Sep 30, 2013: Japanese study finds dog bites 30x higher small city in following 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, as in previous year. 70% of bites were to upper body. 

6472.2 Increased incidence of dog-bite injuries after Fukushima nuclear failure, Oct 2013: Fukushima nuclear accident associated with increased incidence of dog bites? - prolonged evacuation from radiation contamination prolonged increased incidence after disaster? — potential hazard — mandatory aspect of disaster preparedness including nuclear accidents.

6472.4  Animals went mad - attacked humans after exposure to high radiation levels, says Chernobyl scientist — Dogs, foxes, wolves, hogs (VID)

Animals Defects

6472.3 Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Oct. 1, 2013 (At 5:15 in): The problem right now is that Japanese researchers are afraid to tell the truth. We’ve got researchers talking about defects in animals and not allowed to publish data.

Arnie Gundersen, Chief engineer, Fairewinds Associates: It’s important people realize people were injured after Three Mile Island. People did die after Three Mile Island. When you go up on the Nuclear Regulatory site, they’ll say that there were no serious injuries after the Three Mile Island accident, but eye-witness accounts that we’re about to read into the record are proof there were real symptoms. I’m doing this for two reasons. One is to get out the historical record on Three Mile Island; but secondly is to let our friends know in Japan that the experiences they’re feeling are real. These feelings are not in your head that your government would like you to believe. These are very real symptoms from high exposures to radiation which you received after the accident. Reports from Three Mile Island and Chernobyl talk about the disappearance of birds and the disappearance of bees, the metallic taste, noise that sounds like rain when it’s not raining. All of those experiences are not in your head, people of Japan. They are in fact, real. We’d like on the Fairewinds site to collect anecdotal evidence from people in the Fukushima Daiichi prefecture and throughout Japan who have experienced these types of problems and who are being ignored by authorities.

the more nuclear we have, the more suffering & dead babies we have


Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!

Earnest Sternglass

Effects of low level radiation on pregnancy: Children twice as likely to get cancer before age 7


Earnest Sternglass

Effects of low level radiation on pregnancy: Children twice as likely to get cancer before age 7


insert Some baby people or cats especially like each other, wouldn't you say?

Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass

Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass: Nuclear Contamination & Cancer, part 1

Dr. Ernest Sternglass

Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass: Pregnant, Kids, Nuclear Radiation & Cancer, part 3

Dr. Ernest Sternglass

Dr. Ernest J. Sternglass: Health Effects of Nuclear Radiation

For more Scientific & Medical Documentation (here)

Published Scientific & Medical Evidentiary Reading & Exhibits

For more Scientific & Medical Documentation (here)

Published scientific studies on nuclear reactor radiation fallout: pre-natal, newborn & infant life 

For more Scientific & Medical Documentation (here)

natal, fetal, infant, early immune deficiency, early childhood cancer & mortality

Sherman,, Janet ( breast cancer) -

Sternglass, Mangano, Sherman - (see reading room; also, Journals, and Radiation and Public Health).  Below: Articles, Scientific Papers, Books, Letters, and Selected Testimony Relating to the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation, Ernest J. Sternglass, Ph. D.

Infant Death & Childhood Cancer Reductions after Nuclear Plant Closings in the United States , E.J. Sternglass,  J.M. Gould, J.J. Mangano, W. McDonnell, J. D. Sherman and J. Brown , Archives of Environmental Health, 57, 23 - 31, 2002.  <> 

Strontium-90 Baby Teeth Study & Childhood Cancer , Sternglass, Gould, Mangano, McDonnell, Sherman & Brown, European Journal of Oncology, Vol. 5, Suppl. 2, 119-125, 2000. <> 

Strontium-90 in Newborn & Childhood Disease , Sternglass, Mangano, Gould, Sherman, Brown, McDonnell, Archives of Environmental Health, 55, 240-244, 2000. <>   

Strontium-90 in Baby Teeth as a Factor in Early Childhood Cancer , Sternglass, Gould, Sherman, Brown, Mangano & McDonnell, International Journal of Health Services, 30, 515-539, 2000. <>   

U.S.A. Newborn Deterioration in the Nuclear Age , 1945-1996, Sternglass, Gould, Mangano. International Congress on Effects of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation, Muenster, Germany, Mar 18-21, 1998. <> 

Health Effects of Low Dose Exposure to Fission Products from Chernobyl & the Fermi Nuclear Reactor in the Population of Detroit Metropolitan Area, Sternglass, Gould & Mangano. Proceedings of International Congress on Effects of Low Dose Ionizing Radiation, Muenster, Germany, March 18-21, 1998. <>

  Interview with Dr. Sternglass concerning Cassini "Sternglass went on to discuss how NASA estimates danger from radiation: They make risk estimates at 10,000 to 50,000 mrad, instead of at 5 mrad.' At those high doses, the effect flattens out - that's why they choose to try to extrapolate from that level of radiation poisoning, rather than look at the actual effects low-level radiation poisoning has been shown to have!

Post-Chernobyl Thyroid Disease in the United States of America, Sternglass, Gould & Mangano. Presented to International Medical Commission Conference: Chernobyl:Environmental Health and Human Rights Implications, Vienna, April 12-15, 1996. <> 

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Initial Evidence for Health Effects from Chernobyl in the United States, with J. M. Gould, First Global Radiation Victims Conference," September 26, 1987. <> 

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For more Scientific & Medical Documentation (here)


Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!

*children under 5 years of age that live within 5 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer


Childhood Cancer Near German Nuclear Power Stations, (here) — Ian Fairlie PhD (2010) Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part C, 28:1, 1-21, DOI: 10.1080/10590500903585366

Abstract — In 2008, the Kinderkrebs in der Umgebung von Kernkraftwerken (KiKK) study in Germany reported a 60% increase in solid cancers and a 120% increase in leukemias among children living within 5 km of all German nuclear power stations. The study has triggered debates as to the cause(s) of these increased cancers. This article reports on the findings of the KiKK study; discusses past and more recent epidemiological studies of leukemias near nuclear installations around the world, and outlines a possible biological mechanism to explain the increased cancers. This suggests that the observed high rates of infant leukemias may be a teratogenic effect from radionuclides incorporated by pregnant women living near nuclear reactors. Doses and risks from environmental emissions to embryos and fetuses may be larger than suspected. Hematopoietic tissues appear to be considerably more radiosensitive in embryos/fetuses than in newborn babies. Recommendations for advice to local residents and for further research are made.

Elevated Childhood Cancer Incidence Proximate to U.S. Nuclear Power Plants, (here) — Joseph J. Mangano, Janette Sherman, Carolyn Chang, Amie Dave, Elyssa Feinberg & Marina Frimer (2003) Archives of Environmental Health: An International Journal, 58:2, 74-82, DOI: 10.3200/AEOH.58.2.74-82 

Abstract — Numerous reports document elevated cancer rates among children living near nuclear facilities in various nations. Little research has examined U.S. rates near the nation's 103 operating reactors. This study determined that cancer incidence for children < 10 yr of age who live within 30 mi (48 km) of each of 14 nuclear plants in the eastern United States (49 counties with a population > 16.8 million) exceeds the national average. The excess 12.4% risk suggests that 1 in 9 cancers among children who reside near nuclear reactors is linked to radioactive emissions. If cancer incidence in 5 western states is used as a baseline, the ratio is closer to 1 in 5. Incidence is particularly elevated for leukemia. Childhood cancer mortality exceeds the national average in 7 of the 14 study areas.

Childhood Leukemia and Cancers Near German Nuclear Reactors: Significance, Context, and Ramifications of Recent Studies, (here) — Rudi H. Nussbaum (2009)  International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, 15:3, 318-323, DOI: 10.1179/oeh.2009.15.3.318

Abstract — A government-sponsored study of childhood cancer in the proximity of German nuclear power plants (German acronym KiKK) found that children < 5 years living < 5 km from plant exhaust stacks had twice the risk for contracting leukemia as those residing > 5 km. The researchers concluded that since "this result was not to be expected under current radiation-epidemiological knowledge" and confounders could not be identified, the observed association of leukemia incidence with residential proximity to nuclear plants "remains unexplained." This unjustified conclusion illustrates the dissonance between evidence and assumptions. There exist serious flaws and gaps in the knowledge on which accepted models for population exposure and radiation risk are based. Studies with results contradictory to those of KiKK lack statistical power to invalidate its findings. The KiKK study's ramifications add to the urgency for a public policy debate regarding the health impact of nuclear power generation.

Cancers among Residents Downwind of the Hanford, Washington, Plutonium Production Site, (here) — Charles M. Grossman, Rudi H. Nussbaum & Fred D. Nussbaum (2003) Archives of Environmental Health: An International Journal, 58:5, 267-274, DOI: 10.3200/AEOH.58.5.267-274

Abstract — A community-based health survey for the time period between 1944 and 1995 was collected from 801 individuals who had lived downwind of the U.S. plutonium production facility located in Hanford, Washington. The results of the survey revealed high incidences of all cancers, including thyroid cancer. There were greater than expected numbers of central nervous system tumors and cancers that invaded the female reproductive system (e.g., cancers of the uterus, ovary, cervix, and breast). The authors argue that the greater-than-expected numbers found cannot be accounted for by selection bias alone. Comparisons of crude incidence rates, as well as of In occurrence ratios between pairs of cancer types among Downwinders and reasonably similar populations, suggested that the excess neoplasms may be associated with radioactive contamination of food, water, soil, and/or air. addition, a synergistic effect may exist with agricultural toxins. 

Hypothyroidism and Spontaneous Abortions among Hanford, WA,  Downwinders, (here) — Charles M. Grossman, William E. Morton & Rudi H. Nussbaum (1996) Archives of Environmental Health: An International Journal, 51:3, 175-176, DOI: 10.1080/00039896.1996.9936012

Abstract — Spontaneous abortions occurred more than twice as frequently in hypothyroid women, compared with nonhypothyroid women. Both groups of women had lived in the same environment during the same period of time. The high incidence of hypothyroidism in a cohort of several hundred women who lived downwind of the Hanford, Washington, nuclear installation was likely associated with environmental contamination from deliberate releases of radioactive iodine.

Thyrotoxicosis among Hanford, WA, Downwinders: A Community-Based Health Survey, (here) — Charles M. Grossman, Rudi H. Nussbaum & Fred D. Nussbaum (2002) Archives of Environmental Health: An International Journal, 57:1, 9-15, DOI: 10.1080/00039890209602911— Abstract — [edited to fit] The findings are consistent with those of other studies, as well as with the hypothesis of an association of thyrotoxicosis with exposures to radioiodine.

Epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell (PhD, biometrics) explains the effects of the weaponized  DU on the people of Iraq and the planet. In subsequent parts of this series, Dr. Bertell offers readily-accessible ways to detox some heavy metals and poisons from the body - (part of a 2007 Snowshoe Films series, with Sister Bertell, a member of the Gray Nuns of the Sacred Heart).

Rosalie Bertell: Weaponized DU affects on Iraqi & friendly fire. Depleted uranium affects cells, 2 micron particle breaks into 2,000 nanoparticles alpha emitters.

Paul Fusco's Chernobyl Legacy ...Chernobyl? It was an awakening that was overwhelming; it did so much damage to so many different people, in so many different ways. My first reaction was that I was looking at a different race of people.

Chernobyl, Ukraine — So much damage to so many different people, in so many different ways.

From 1949 to 1989, the USSR secretly conducted over 456 nuclear tests in Kazakhstan, exposing hundreds of thousands of people to dangerous levels of radiation.

Kazakhstan, U.S.S.R. — From 1949-to-1989, USSR  had 456 nuclear tests in Kazakhstan, exposing hundreds of thousands of unknowing people to serious affects.

Misha, Chernobyl, Ukraine ... Misha, a victim of Chernobyl was either in mother's womb, or an egg her mother carried not yet fertilized by a sperm, or fertilized by a sperm ...sperms are also mutated by nuclear radioactive waste & fallout

Chernobyl, Ukraine — Misha, a victim of Chernobyl ... fllout was either in mother's womb, or an egg her mother carried, or in her father's sperm.

A collection of voices from press conferences, radio shows &interviews after the accident at Three Mile Island Unit 2 nuclear power plant near Middletown, Pennsylvania, March 28, 1979. This was one of the most serious accidents occurring in a U.S. operating commercial nuclear power plant.

Middletown, Pennsylvania, (by Harrisburg), Three Mile Island (TMI) — People died; dogs, cats went blind.

The Semipalatinsk Test Site (STS or Semipalatinsk-21) was the primary testing venue for the Soviet Union's nuclear weapons. It is located on the steppe in northeast Kazakhstan (then the Kazakh SSR), south of the valley of the Irtysh River. The scientific buildings for the test site were located around 150 km west of the town of Semipalatinsk (later renamed Semey), near the border of East Kazakhstan Province and Pavlodar Province with most of the nuclear tests taking place at various sites further to the west and south, some as far as into Karagandy Province. The Soviet Union conducted 456 nuclear tests at Semipalatinsk from 1949 until 1989 with little regard for their effect on the local people or environment. The full impact of radiation exposure was hidden for many years by Soviet authorities and has only come to light since the test site closed in 1991. The zone has been proposed for UNESCO World Heritage Site …[Editor’s note: Too big to be cleaned-up, that’s a hell of a heritage.]

Kazakhstan, USSR – Semipalatinsk Test Site 21: USSR nuclear weapons; NE Kazakhstan (Kazakh SSR), steppe south of Irtysh River valley.

(start at 2:54 to skip the music intro) Loren Moret — Fukushima mutated children.

Peace & occupy activists are heartfelt people not defined by sexual identification, unlike Biden's Administration that forces sex identity & gender choice on kids & runs America by drugged S&M bedroom antics  ...& are all nuclear apologists & deny nuclear industry does everything you see in this video & 41,000 people every day get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry ... not counting mammals & all life forms down to viruses & bacteria mutating to form new & mysterious diseases never seen before. Nuclear is not safe and clean & by it's manmade & womanmade & LGBTQ+made nature & indisposable lethal waste costs trillions of dollars to unsafely store & unsafely maintain …promoted by apologists, idiots, fools & genocidal murderers intent on destroying mammals (including people), Gaia & Divine Order.

City of London nuclear central bankers mutate you & need trial by fire & water; sink? ..innocent; burn? ...guilty.

women & girls that live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys or those living further away

Mary Olson: Gender and Radiation Impact Project


Women & girls get more cancer than men & boys, from nuclear ionizing radiation

Gender and Radiation Impact Project — documentation

Disproportionate affects to women & girls ...& the need to define a Reference Girl

May 2015 Side Session on Gender & Nuclear Weapons at United Nations in NY — Mary Olson: disproportionate harm to girls & women compared to boys & men from ionizing radiation exposure. Gender & cancer ... women get more cancer than men from nuclear ionizing radiation (catastrophic & daily normal reactor emmissions.)

May 2015 - Mary Olson: Side Session on Gender & Nuclear Weapons at United Nations in NY — Mary Olson: disproportionate harm to girls & women compared to boys & men from ionizing radiation exposure. Gender & cancer ... women & girls get more cancer than men & boys, from nuclear ionizing radiation (catastrophic & daily normal reactor emissions.)


December 2014, Gender & Radiation Impact Project at The Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons, Mary Olson spoke on the medical impact of using nuclear weapons, including disproportionate harm to women & children particularly girls. 


Apr 6, 2021 Mary Olson: Reference Girl Basics — Gender and Radiation Impact Project shares slides on adverse health affects of ionizing radiation, emphasizing disproportionate affects to women & girls — & the need to define a Reference Girl as nuclear industry affects on girls are underestimatd & overlooked & affects on the female reproductive process.




edu.s. national academy of science beir vii phase 2 

Causal proximate genetic mutation from ionizing radiation can occur immediately when dna is sliced or burnt, such as from legal daily airborne & waterborne releases of tritium & other radionuclides vented or poured from nuclear reactors into water or air or falling on or watering crops & gardens or blowing down the streets of manhattan ...or from catastrophic nuclear meltdowns such as fukushima vomiting radionuclies airborne & seaborne. however, many cancers & many immunity deficiency diseases appear 20 years or more after fallout exposure. Low level exposures add up over time to create many of the same diseases as high level exposure, such as cancers of the eye, brain, heart, breast, prostrate, lung, stomach, skin & other body organs & leukemia & a host of immune deficiency diseases. In utero affects of ionizing radiation exposure either if the dna of either parent, in the sperm of the father or egg of the mother, or in the fetus 

(correction): In the chart in the red sentences just below, tritium ..."when coming into contact with the skin is immediately absorbed thru the skin into the body, since the radioactive hydrogen in tritium immediately converts H2O (water) to radioactive (water) 3H2O and human mammals are from 65%-to-75% water.

Tritiated water is a radioactive form of water in which the usual protium atoms are replaced with tritium. In its pure form it may be called tritium oxide (TOT ... T 2O –or– 3H 2O) that is, super-heavy water. Pure T2O is corrosive due to self- radiolysis. Diluted, tritiated water is mainly H2O + HTO = (3HOH) –or– (3H2O).

nuclear power is not safe & clean


.Every nuclear reactor legally discharges tritium every day, plus leakage (here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,)


high level & low-level nuclear fallout & waste contamination & hotspots from the ongoing fukushima meltdowns poisoning seaborne & landborne life forms

[ukraine] chernobyl: consequences of the catastrophe for people and the environment — by alexey v. yablokov; edited by janet sherman

chapter 4.  *accelerated aging 

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!


[Excerpts] Accelerated aging is one of the well-known consequences of exposure to ionizing radiation. This phenomenon is apparent to a greater or lesser degree in all of the populations  contaminated by the Chernobyl radionuclides.

1-Children living in all the Belarussian territories heavily contaminated by Chernobyl fallout evidence characteristic constellation of senile illnesses (Nesterenko, 1996; and many others).

2-Children from the contaminated areas of Belarus have digestive tract epithelium characteristic of senile changes (Nesterenko, 1996; Bebeshko et al., 2006).

3-Of 69 children & teenagers hospitalized in Belarus from 1991 to 1996 diagnosed  with premature baldness (alopecia), 70%  came from the heavily contaminated territories (Morozevich et al., 1997).

4-Biological ages of inhabitants from  radioactive contaminated territories of  Ukraine

Ukraine exceed their calendar ages by 7 to 9 years (Mezhzherin, 1996). The same  phenomenon is observed in Russia (Malygin et al., 1998).

5-Men and women categorized as middle aged living in territories with Cs-137 contamination above 555 kBq/m2 died from   heart attacks 8 years younger than the average person in Belarus (Antypova and Babichevskaya, 2001).

6-Inhabitants of Ukrainian territories heavily contaminated with radiation developed abnormalities of accommodation and other senile eye changes  (Fedirko, 1999; Fedirko and Kadochnykova, 2007).

7-Early aging is a typical characteristic seen in liquidators [nuclear reactor waste clean-up crews], and many develop diseases 10 to 15 years earlier than the average population. The biological  ages of  liquidators calculated by characteristics of aging are 5 to 15 years older than their calendar ages (Gadasyna, 1994; Romanenko et al., 1995; Tron’ko et al., 1995; Ushakov  et al., 1997).

8-Chernobyl radiation induced premature aging of the eyes (Fedirko and Kadochnykova, 2007).

9-Presenile characteristics of liquidators [reactor clean-up crews] include (Antypova et al., 1997a,b; Zhavoronkova et al., 2003; Kholodova and  Zubovsky, 2002; Zubovsky and Malova, 2002;  Vartanyan et al., 2002; Krasylenko and Eler Ayad, 2002; Kirke, 2002;  Stepanenko, 2003; Kharchenko et al., 1998, 2004; Druzhynyna, 2004; Fedirko et al., 2004; Oradovskaya et al., 2006):

•-Multiple illnesses characteristic of senility in individuals at early ages (10.6 diseases  diagnosed in one liquidator is 2.4 times higher that the age norm).

•-Degenerate and dystrophic changes in various organs and tissues (e.g., osteoporosis, chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis, fatty liver, and renal dystrophy).

•-Accelerated aging of blood vessels, including those in the brain, leading to 

senile encephalopathy in those 40 years of age, and generalized arteriosclerosis.

•-Ocular changes, including early senile cataracts and premature presbyopia.

•-Decline in higher mental function characteristic of senility.

•-Development of Type II diabetes in liquidators younger than 30 years of age.

•-Loss of stability in the antioxidant system.

•-Retina vessel arteriosclerosis.

•-Hearing and vestibular disorders at younger ages.

10-Evidence of accelerated biological time in liquidators is the shortened rhythm of intracircadian arterial pressure (Talalaeva,  2002).

11-Findings indicating accelerated aging in practically all liquidators are changes 

in blood vessel walls leading to development of atherosclerosis. Changes are also found in epithelial tissue, including that of the intestines (Tlepshukov et al., 1998).

12-An accelerated rate of aging, measured in 5-year intervals, marked by biological and cardiopulmonary changes (and  for 11 years by physiological changes) was found in 81% of men and 77% of women liquidators (306 surveyed). Liquidators younger than 45 years of age  were more vulnerable. The biological age of liquidators who worked at the Chernobyl catastrophe site in the first 4 months  after the meltdown exceeds the biological age of those who labored there subsequently (Polyukhov et al., 2000).

13-It is proposed that the accelerated occurrence of age-related changes in organs of liquidators [Ukrainian Chernobyl nuclear reactor clean up crews] is a radiation-induced progeroid  syndrome (Polyukhov et al., 2000; Bebeshko et al., 2006).


*american women: what have your city council or city & county supervisors done to protect you from nearby nuclear reactor fallout & waste?

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!


 Now we've learned the Woolsey Fire, may have been sparked by a Pacific Gas & Electric transformer failure, and may have disturbed, burned, and distributed radioactive isotopes leftover from the Santa Susana meltdown and carried by billowing smoke and the rain and flooding that has followed. People from all over the U.S. and  California have written and called us asking Fairewinds Energy Education to help determine if Californians are at risk from migrating Santa Susana radioactivity from 97,000 acres destroyed by Woolsey Fire.  We're helping Californians find out. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvrad.2021.106755

06:33 PM Jan 2, 2015 -8531- VIDEO: Fukushima corium found in Pacific - flows into ocean after hydrogen dissolves nuclear fuel - we’ve actually seen plutonium floating on surface; we have no control over this accident - leaks everywhere.

03:51 PM Dec 31, 2014 -8530- Scientific Conference: Fukushima a global threat to human health - Radioactivity in food web off Pacific Northwest to significantly increase after one year - Salmon forecast to exceed Japan radiation limit - major concern for public health of coastal communities, (POSTER)

Feb. 3, 2014 -7050- Bloomberg News Fukushima-U.S. radiation runoff will merge on West Coast. Startling amounts are released into the environment by 435 nuclear power plants worldwide - Diablo Canyon discharged about 870 tons a day, according to PG&E - containing 3,670 curies of tritium, or 136 trillion becquerels, 3.5x the amount  the Fukushima facility released into the sea starting May 2011; discharging cesium-137 & strontium-90 ...at lower levels than Fukushima.

12:28 PM Jan 30, 2014 -7030- West Coast sea stars rip themself apart - innards spill out - melt into mush - vaporize. (VIDEO)

[]-7027- Berkeley, CA: passes Fukushima resolution (VIDEO)

[]-7026- also []-6784-  Fairfax, CA: passes Fukushima resolution

f03:35 PM Mar 15, 2014 -8095-  Fairbanks AK city council passes Fukushima monitoring resolution: west coast of N. America in danger - No safe level of radiation - grave risk - be vigilant 

08:31 AM Apr 25, 2012 -3162New Gundersen Interview (AUDIO) - Hundreds turn out to see presentation at city council meeting near San Onofre nuclear facility; mother speaks about brain cancers in neighborhood

04:44 PM Mar 12, 2012 []-2823- Spoke to doctor in Ukraine - epidemic of thyroid cancer there - even doctor (VIDEO)

01:36 PM Jul 16, 2012 []-3803- Geneticist Dr. Wertelecki: Birth defects & eating radioactive contamination. One mushroom eaten - as much radiation as hundreds of chest x-rays; This accumulation is most worrisome for pregnant women. Radiation is an agent that can not only cause birth defects, but alter the human genome with long-term effects on future generations, he stated. Ukraine shows elevated birth defects of brain & spinal cord. The public should not be treated as idiots and told only the ‘good half’ of the story.. People have the right to know, the need to believe those in charge.

12:00 AM Nov 1, 2011 []-1658- Portland-area topsoil & Fukushima fallout: 8,000 pCi/kg cesium. [8000 picocurie = 296 becquerel — (1 becquerel = 1 radioactive nucleus lightning/second).

06:34 AM Nov 16, 2011 -1802- Radiation precautions for areas near Seattle, Vancouver, Portland? Perhaps you need to wash your shoes… and other things (VIDEO) 
12:03 AM Jan 30, 2014
[]-7028- Marin County, California : Officials near San Francisco to monitor Fukushima plume - will waves of cesium and strontium pollute coast? – Mendocino County requests Obama take action

Oct. 19, 2013 -7049- Dr. Don Moiser, Scripps Research Institute (Immunology), member, Del Mar, CA city council  (at 27:15 in): Tritium releases are episodic, they’ll release tritium one day/month & tell NRC, '...is tritium amount we released over the year' ...5 days of release ... divide that by 365 days; it doesn't seem much; if you’re by the facility the release day, it’s a lot. 

10:00 AM Feb 4, 2014 -7051- Report: Fukushima nuclear waste will merge with radiation from U.S. reactors, washing up on West Coast - startling amounts released from operating plants - Diablo Canyon officials admit to recently discharging more tritium than Fukushima (VIDEO)

11:54 PM Oct 6, 2014 -8453- Iran: Enormous orange flash seen around suspected nuclear site as explosion rocks one of world’s largest cities - U.S. Gov’t: We are monitoring the situation closely - Reports: Windows broken 9 miles away, all trees burned over large area - (suspected Mossad/CIA covert action / terrorism)  

The Atlantic, Oct 6, 2014: The timing and location… should raise more than a few questions… late last month, Israel accused Iran of conducting nuclear implosion tests at [Parchin]… Miraculously enough, on Monday, reports broke about an incident that took place at or near the Parchin site… It’s widely believed that the United States and Israel have engaged in a heavy regimen of sabotage against the suspected Iranian nuclear program including… computer viruses, the assassination of nuclear scientists, and a series of mysterious explosions… This development comes just hours before Iran and the [IAEA] were reportedly set to meet in Tehran… If the episode in Iran is some kind of sub-rosa attack, the timing couldn’t be better.

09:08 AM Jan 30, 2014 -7029- Ukraine: Brink of civil war - threats to blow up nuclear plants - facility on high alert after seizure of energy ministry (VIDEO) [Editor: also see, here.]

01:11 PM Dec 29, 2014 -8529- Emergency shutdown at Ukraine Zaporozhiya nuclear power facility, one of world’s largest nuke plants - Local Official: Radiation is 14x higher than acceptable norm in area; Warns of Chernobyl-type disaster - Gov’t: Levels are within acceptable limits, incident is under investigation - Second accident at plant this month - Ukraine faces a second Chernobyl due to Kyiv decision to use nuclear fuel supplied by Westinghouse – 10%-15% of Ukraine nuclear fuel; but fuel components damage the reactor

05:55 PM Apr 15, 2014 -8171- Former U.S. Official: War in Ukraine could cause disaster worse than Chernobyl and Fukushima - situation calls for far greater global concern - multiple scenarios result in meltdown - Foreign Minister: Threat to many nuclear facilities

12:12 PM Jan 3, 2015 -8532- TV: Documents reveal radiation spike at Ukraine Zaporozhiya nuclear power plant, world’s fifth largest nuclear facility - Reuters: Officials could not comment if documents are authentic; Report says radiation levels measured at 16 times Gov’t limit after leak (VIDEO)

08:19 PM Dec 8, 2011 -1947 - Gundersen: If in Oregon. Wash., Calif. you need to demand officials test how Fukushima fallout has affected rivers and fish ...not just saltwater fish  but also what’s rained out on the land and is now in the local rivers. Significant radiation hit west coast and settled in on Cascades (VIDEO) —  Impact of Fukushima Radiation on the Ocean, EcoReview, Community Television of Santa Cruz County, Dec. 7, 2011: at 53:35 in &  55:10 in: Significant radiation hits west coast; settled in Cascades mountain from Canada to Mt. Shasta, California, USA.

[edited to fit]  -3624.1 Hope Burwell endnote - 3624.2 Alex Higgens endnote - 7050- endnote Startling amts fallout released from reactors

Radiation hits Los Angeles streets

greatest human nuclear radiation exposure experiment taking place in ukraine, byelorussia & sailors on the uss president ronald reagan.

Toyko Electric Power Company (TEPCO)  reported what happens when it opens doors in Fukushima. estimated 1.6 billion becquerels of radioactive materials were released, compared with 500 million becquerels when double doors of reactor No. 1 building were opened for 1 day in May.

Hope Burwell wrote: on my first trip to chernobyl, ukraine ... in November 2000, I spent three days touring schools in Cherikov and the more contaminated areas of Mogilev district. Then, we traveled to children’s hospitals in Minsk. What I saw there still shows up in nightmares: children with eyes in the sides of their heads, and children with no eyes at all, children with fingers that look like toes and children whose genitals are so poorly formed one can’t determine their sex. Those nightmares are audible with infant wails like cries of wounded wild animals.

In her widely read essay, Burwell reported 23% of Belarus was contaminated with Chernobyl fallout, 32,592 square miles, more land than six eastern states, combined. The average level of contamination on polluted territories, 37 curies (Ci) per square kilometer, is notated: 37Ci/km2. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) set the 

safe-for-residency limit at a maximum level of 5Ci/km2. Eighty-eight percent of contaminated Belarus is 111x-to-370x more contaminated.

According to the 2000 report on Minsk’s United Nations Development Program (UNDP), life expectancy in Belarus in the 1960s was almost level with that in Western Europe. By 1999, 13 years after Chernobyl, it had fallen 12-14 years for men and 7-9 years for women. A baby boy born in rural Belarus today can expect to live 59 years.

But they may be very hard years. Nearly half of Belarus’s teenagers have serious health problems. Of those graduating from high school, 45-47% have physical disorders like gastrointestinal anomalies, weakened hearts, and cataracts; 40% of them have chronic blood disorders and malfunctioning thyroids. The number of handicapped adolescents has tripled in the last decade.

It's always been known ionizing radiation in higher doses than background levels, cause measurable increase in cancers & leukemia & cause genetic mutations that affect future generations. Whether it's said openly or not, this is what we face today in Japan, Hawaii, the United States, Canada & Europe, which all receive(d) much Fukushima radiation.

No one wants to imagine the future and what will happen even if the situation does not get worse. Radiation is pouring out of Fukushima and that radiation is hitting the streets of Los Angeles quite hard.  Apr 2012, environmental journalist & LA Weekly contributor Michael Collins, independent who has tested 1500 samples since the Fukushima earthquake of 2011, was shocked to find radiation levels in the falling rain over L.A. measured 5x above normal. A March 6th test of  ecorded radiation levels 668%

a HEPA filter recorded radiation levels 668% or 6.68 times the normal background radiation levels. This test took place 43 days after initial tests and shows a 130% increase since January 22nd 2012. California Highway Patrol considers anything over 3x background (300% of background radiation), a trigger level to a hazardous materials situation, said EnviroReporter.

Our last HEPA filter measurements Jan 22 produced astonishing results. Doing a spot test on the Honeywell barrel-style filter and a Kenmore Plasmawave, we found radiation ~351% of normal background. Machines ran 42 days.  Combined aggregate dust was hotter at 538% normal background radiation at Radiation Station Santa Monica.

Now 43 days later the dust was a lot hotter. A spot test was ~377% of the previous background. Then we vacuumed out the filters with a HEPA filter Eureka vacuum cleaner and tested the aggregate. The March 6 test of the combined dust came in at a sizzling 668% of background or 6.68 times normal. Since the last testing period, the radiation detected has risen another 130% indicating a continued upward trend.

That radiation is rising in Los Angeles as it is in many places in the northern hemisphere. For some reality checking, we have the New York Times saying that, the amount of radioactive materials released in the first days of the Fukushima nuclear disaster was almost 2.5x  the initial estimate by Japanese safety regulators, the operator of the crippled plant said in a report released on the 24th of May, 2012.

The greatest human experiment with radiation exposure is taking place in Ukraine and Byelorussia, where much of 50 million curies Soviet government says were released by the 1986 986 

by the 1986 Chernobyl accident ... is being felt. Chernobyl legacy could include hundreds of thousands of additional cancer deaths… Current estimates predict anything from 14,000 to 475,500 deaths worldwide from Chernobyl. (A curie measures the intensity of radiation and is equal to 37 billion disintegrations per second. As a reference point, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs released an estimated one million curies.)

If we translate what the New York Times is saying in terms of radiation released in the first 20 days, 900,000 terabecquerels translates into 27 million curies. It is over a year later and no one knows or is saying how much aggregate radiation has been released but we imagine it’s a staggering amount.

One curie is radiation equal to the disintegration of 37 billion atoms-37 billion becquerels/per second. It is a very large amount of radiation. We multiply these amounts (27 million curies times 37 billion radioactive atoms) and we are back to just a little more than our 900,000 terabecquerels  up to 999,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels, which translates to 999,000,000,000,000,000 nuclear particles decaying in the first 20 days of the Fukushima nuclear nightmare.

TEPCO has reported on what happens when it opens doors in Fukushima ... an estimated 1.6 billion becquerels of radioactive materials were released, compared with 500 million becquerels when double doors of reactor No. 1 building were opened one day in May.

So let’s go back to Belarus where the average level of contamination on the polluted territories was 37Ci/km2 and the maximum safe limit for residency is 5Ci/km2. We had 27 million curies released in the first 20 days and that would contaminate an area of approximately five

million square kilometers if distributed equally. Of course that never happens as we can see in the fallout patterns surrounding Chernobyl. It can be assumed that the worst of the radiation was released in the first month with the complete meltdown of multiple reactor cores and the destruction and probably vaporization of spent-fuel rods.

Radioactive News

Health authorities continue to insist there are no health risks involved, but Huffington Post tells us Bluefin tuna caught in California last August showed radiation levels 10x the norm, according to a paper from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Journal.

million square

Scientists believe radiation – in the form of isotopes caesium-137 & caesium-134 – came from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster that began March 2011. Additionally, radioactive debris is being found on West Coast shores as far as Washington State and is expected to continue to wash up the next three years. —Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P), Dir., International Medical Veritas Association; Doctor of Oriental & Pastoral Medicine

01:11 PM Dec 29, 2014 ??? 8529 Ukraine Zaporozhiya nuclear power plant: Emergency shutdown at one of world???s largest nuke plants - Local Official: Radiation is 14x higher than acceptable norm in area; Warns of Chernobyl-type disaster - Gov???t: Levels are within acceptable limits, incident is under investigation - Second accident at plant this month - Ukraine faces a second Chernobyl due to Kyiv decision to use nuclear fuel supplied by Westinghouse ??? 10%-15% of Ukraine nuclear fuel; but fuel components damage reactor

 8529 Ukraine Zaporozhiya nuclear power plant: Emergency shutdown at one of world’s largest nuke reactor site


Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!


Was the jan 6 2020 white house assault not trump but a replay by jpmorgan (today, JPMorganChase) new york & london central bankers of their 1865 & 1933 coup attempts to bypass the constitution & install a fascist ruling elite of industrialists, oligarchs & billionaires? ...in 2020 implemented thru cia, fbi, state dept & justice dept like they do their central & south america banana republic agent provocateur soros-style fake uprisings, ukraine & mideast fake civil wars, rebellions, coups & their 911/wtc to restrict american freedom & liberty & destroy the mideast & eastern europe? 


(excerpts from, The Morgan Fascist Coup Plot and How FDR Defeated It, by L. Wolfe. This article appears in Aug 11, 2006 issue of, Executive Intelligence Review.)

The 1933 Coup (after the wall street crown 'depression' financial coup)

The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters ... alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell House & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression using forced labor.

The Villians

The "Morgan Coup Plot" ... was part of the drive for fascism that produced the Hitler and Mussolini regimes, which is broader than "Wall Street" or even "British." ...The majority of U.S. "players" and operatives, while having connections to House of Morgan ... are also connected to powerful sections of British oligarchy, and with networks of international Synarchy, especially tFrance- and Belgium-based interests directly involved in creation of the Hitler and Mussolini regimes.  

Just as with the drive for fascism today, behind it are the entirety of what LaRouche has called the "slime mold" of oligarchical financial interests, led by international Synarchy.... ... ...in today's political situation in the United States we are, in effect, confronting the same forces that attempted to impose fascism in the United States during the 1930s.  ... ... ...

"Synarchy provided ideological orientation for Wall Street circles with respect to economic, political, and social organization ...  Dr. Alexis Carrel, French biologist and eugenicist associated with French Synarchist circles.[16] He ... argued for mankind to follow guidance by an elite class and to implement enforced eugenics for population management. It was Carrel who had first suggested the use of gas chambers for eugenic purposes on a mass basis... ."

'Synarchy' vs Anarchy

The U.S.A.: Fascism Past and Present, by Clifford A. Kiracofe, Jr. July 7, 2006 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The word "Synarchy," and its associated ideology, was invented by the 19th-Century French occultist Alexandre St. Yves d'Alveydre (1842-1909), who headed the esoteric Martinist Order.

Born in 1842, he adopted the outlook of leading European intellectuals of the extreme right, Joseph de Maistre, Louis de Bonald, and the mystical occultism of Fabre d'Olivet (1767-1825), Napoleon's personal occult advisor.

St. Yves created an extreme right ideology to oppose what he perceived to be "anarchy," ... among nations. He called his new ideology "Synarchy".

The economic dimension of Synarchy influenced the "corporatist" political ideologies and movements of the early 20th Century such as Fascism. Corporative ideology called for the organization of society with control held by the ruling oligarchic and plutocratic class. Labor was to be crushed and parliamentary government was to be eliminated.

St. Yves' vision for Europe ... called for organizing Europe through a regional (Europe-wide) council composed of corporative chambers of economists, financiers, and industrialists. ...Through this process, finance and industry would be concentrated, and become the main political power governing society, a society in which labor was to be coerced into submission.



(excerpts from, The Morgan Fascist Coup Plot and How FDR Defeated It, by L. Wolfe. This article appears in Aug 11, 2006 issue of, Executive Intelligence Review.)

The Setting

As FDR prepared to take office in the late Winter of 1932-33, the U.S. government, much as today, was a captive of a cabal of private financial interests: the London-New York banking axis, whose strategists were the prime sponsors of fascism in Europe.

President Herbert Hoover's economic team was controlled by his Ambassador to Britain, former Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, and Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer, whose father had helped found the American branch of the Lazard Frères banking house and whose own career was created by Lazard. Behind them was a larger cabal of private investment banking interests, who had a stranglehold on U.S. government credit policy, including the investment banks of Kuhn, Loeb; the Morgan interests; the Rockefellers; Dillon Read; Brown Brothers Harriman; and Lazard Frères.[3]

Since the 1876 Specie Resumption Act, U.S. economic and credit policy had increasingly been dictated from London. Since 1913, the main vehicle for the implementation of that policy had been the Federal Reserve, a private central bank, established by British policy interests, and run by those interests and their U.S. allies in the Wall Street investment banks.

The Morgan bank, at times official U.S. banker for the British government, was founded and always based in London, known there as Morgan Grenfell, with its arms in New York being J.P. Morgan, Morgan Guaranty, and some other institutions.

Kuhn, Loeb arose as Jacob Schiff's enterprise, guided by his London partner, Sir Ernst Cassel, personal banker for King Edward VII, the British Round Table, and the Fabian Society. Kuhn, Loeb was then taken over by the London/German Warburg family, the biggest stockholders in the Nazi cartel IG Farben.

The Rockefeller family, beginning with a British partner in their early oil monopoly, extended into a cartel with Britain's Shell Oil, into Chase Manhattan Bank and Citibank, and into family foundations, all put into the service of British imperial policy.

Brown Brothers Harriman combined Brown Brothers (the family firm of Montagu Norman, known in England as Brown Shipley) in a 1931 merger with the Harrimans, made powerful by Sir Ernst Cassel's arrangement of British crown financial backing for Averell Harriman to acquire Union Pacific Railroad.

In this "secret government," which defined the parameters and often the details of critical policies, the House of Morgan held the most important portfolio, as the most important agent of Anglo-Venetian interests in the United States. The Morgan partners held directorships in 167 industrial concerns, banks, railroads, and utilities, and they controlled, through their banking relationships, the most important media in the United States, including the New York Times. And most importantly, the Morgans, along with the other merchant banks, controlled the market in the public debt of the United States, in concert with the Federal Reserve, through the latter's "open market" operations.

Agents of this cabal, acting under the orders of Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman, helped sponsor Hitler's Nazis as their proposed handmaidens to implement the policies demanded by their direct agent, Montagu Norman asset, Hjalmar Schacht. Schacht was to head the Hitler regime's financial and economic policy. Through Schacht and other assets, the Synarchists—Wall Street and London investment banks and their French and German political partners—had created huge global cartels, aimed at controlling all basic industry and raw materials, making governments and their populations subject to their power over economic life.

Throughout the 1920s, the New York and London investment banks participated with the German backers of the Nazi Party, such as Fritz Thyssen, in creating global cartels in steel, raw materials, and chemicals. The Nazis were the operatives chosen to implement the bankers' policies in Depression-wracked Germany. With plans to seize power in the United States, Britain, and France, along with the Nazis in Germany and Mussolini's Fascists in Italy, the aim of these private banking circles was world power.

In 1932, as the U.S. Presidential campaign moved towards its conclusion, Hitler's Nazis were on the edge of financial ruin. A rescue effort was organized, with the supervision of the Bank of England's Montagu Norman, to funnel cash into the Nazi coffers. The principal Wall Street bank chosen to handle this operation was Brown Brothers Harriman, whose principles included erstwhile playboy Averell Harriman, who was later to gain an important hold on the "liberal" wing of the Democratic Party, and Prescott Bush, grandfather of the current occupant of the White House; Prescott Bush actually served as bagman, taking the funds to Germany.[4]


[Editor's note: Sort of like Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are the bagman for the CIA taking funds, arranging biological gain-of-function weapons, and Chinese tracking technology to the Nazis and ultra-right in Ukraine and thru-out Eastern Europe who happen to be mercenaries for the CIA which carries out the wishes and dictates of the City of London and their subsidiary Wall Street to conquer Russia then China, steal the wealth of the world, depopulate the planet and party hardy on your nickel why they eat your soul.]


been there, done that

"who dun it?"

Navy Secretary Adams demanded that someone silence Butler, but no one dared to say anything, especially after the Mussolini flap. Butler continued to hammer away on the theme that the American military was being deployed to collect bankers' debts and secure looting rights in foreign countries.

When Butler finally retired, he was no longer constrained by military protocol. He now travelled the country, addressing anyone who would listen, attacking the bankers who controlled the deployment of the military.

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!



Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!

JPMorgan Chase

"who dun it?"

Why was Morgan Stanley able to predict the Soros-playbook Antifa riots 3 years in advance? ...because of Morgan & Chase espionage history & the City working with Soros to sabotage & destablize countries of color with 'color' revolutions regime change staged media-gorged & public affairs-manufactured & produced coups ...(like jan 6 in the U.S.A.)

Why? ...was it not because JPMorganChase planned it as Soros ...as Morgan did so many times prior in America (the Republic of the United states of America) & in the U.S.A. (U.S.A. corporation now illegally occupying the White House)

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!


...who done it? — not Eisenhower — not Kennedy— not Carter — not Obama — not Trump

Trump & Deutsche Bank

...Longstanding connections to Deutsche Bank, go-to lender for real estate 

Currently destabilizing equities markets around the world, Deutsche Bank holds the potential to collapse the global financial landscape. Having benefitted from a “rigged” ECB stress test, having benefitted from predatory lending practices during the sub-prime crisis, having benefitted from a Federal Reserve bailout following the collapse of 2008 and facing a potential $14 billion fine from the U.S. Department of Justice, Deutsche Bank holds 42 trillion euros worth of derivatives on its books, an amount 11 times the economy of Germany! Trump’s being in hoc to Deutsche Bank for upwards of $100 million raises interesting questions about his potential position as head of the U.S. government. (here)

Financial Warfare: Deutsche Bank & the financial meltdown

It is important to understand that German banks are anything but blameless in the European financial crisis. Deutsche Bank carried a large amount of bad debt on its books and lied about it in order to fool investors. In 2007, the Federal Reserve had to help bailout Deutsche Bank. The U.S. sued Deutsche Bank over its manipulation of the American mortgage market.

JPMorgan/Chase Financial Warfare

Strategy: Next financial crisis – flash market crashes – extreme social unrest not seen in 50 years.  Tactics: Pitchforks &/or Fed stock buying in next financial crash.  (see Financial Warfare for Dummies) 

Federal Reserve Bank, says: JPMorganChase is a threat to the financial stability of the U.S.

Pam Martens and Russ Martens via WallStreetOnParade.com by way of ZeroHedge reports, Yesterday the Federal Reserve released a 19-page letter that it and the FDIC had issued to Jamie Dimon, the Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, on April 12 as a result of its failure to present a credible plan for winding itself down if the bank failed. The letter carried frightening passages and large blocks of redacted material in critical areas, instilling in any careful reader a sense of panic about the U.S. financial system.

[Editor's note — re: Hugh Son | @hugh_son Published 10:31 AM ET Tue, 4 Sept 2018 Updated 11:56 AM ET Tue, 4 Sept 2018CNBC.com]

How was JPMorganChase's Morgan Stanley able to correctly predict the current social unrest – unless they caused it to happen ...look at the precedents, my friend ...read 'em & weep. 

Their coup attempt was successful & they destroyed American public banking in 1913 when they bribed Congress to install their own privately owned bank called, The Federal Reserve, (to control the U.S. dollar & petrodollar) ... undoing what was accomplished in the Revolution of 1776 that threw out the private bankers who charged unfair interest, called, 'taxes'.

Their next successful blasphemy to destroy democracy and install fascism was called 'the Great Depression'. Next coup to install globalist fascism, here, was a failed military coup to overthrow Roosevelt &/or Truman ...it was exposed & failed.

They're at it again, this time with the help of Soros, Gates, Pelosi, Fauci & the UN (that serves Rockefeller's World Bank & his IMF for globalist financial domination of countries of color) together toppling the booming economy of the United States with a planned & rehearsed biological warfare attack & trying to destroy Trump who is the only one keeping them from world domination.

They win if they install a demented corrupt moron lead man for their coup in Ukraine, but already won since the national debt skyrocketed and —they get the interest on the national debt every year which Fed founding documents define as a 'dividend' on their exclusive ownership of Fed founding stock.

J.P. MorganChase plan: Next financial crisis – flash market crashes —  Extreme social unrest not seen in 50 years — JP Morgan top quant warning   (orig story, here)

J.P. Morgan's top quant, Marko Kolanovic, predicts a "Great Liquidity Crisis" will hit financial markets, marked by flash crashes in stock prices and social unrest.

The trillion-dollar shift to passive investments, computerized trading strategies and electronic trading desks will exacerbate sudden, severe stock drops, Kolanovic said.  Central banks will be forced to make unprecedented moves, including direct purchases of equities, or there could be negative income taxes. Timing of when this next crisis will occur is uncertain but markets appear to be safe through the first half of 2019.

Hugh Son | @hugh_son Published 10:31 AM ET Tue, 4 Sept 2018  Updated 11:56 AM ET Tue, 4 Sept 2018CNBC.com 

Marko Kolanovic — Sudden, severe stock sell-offs sparked by lightning-fast machines. Unprecedented actions by central banks to shore up asset prices. Social unrest not seen in the U.S. in half a century. 

J.P. Morgan Chase's head quant, Marko Kolanovic, envisions the next financial crisis. The forces that have transformed markets in the last decade, namely the rise of computerized trading and passive investing, are setting up conditions for potentially violent moves once the current bull market ends, according to a report from Kolanovic sent to the bank's clients on Tuesday. His note is part of a 168-page mega-report, written for the 10th anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis, with perspectives from 48 of the bank's analysts and economists.
It's time to rotate into value –PM's Kolanovic  5:43 PM 1 Aug 2018 
Kolanovic, 43-year-old analyst with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, has risen in prominence for explaining, and occasionally predicting, how the new, algorithm-dominated stock market will behave. The current bull rally, longest in modern history by some, is characterized by extended periods of calm punctuated with spasms of selling known as flash crashes. Recent examples include a 1,600 point intraday drop in February and a 1,100 point decline in August 2015. 

"They are very rapid, sharp declines in asset values with sharp increases in market volatility," Kolanovic, the bank's global head of macro quantitative and derivatives research, said in a recent interview. But those flash crashes occurred during a backdrop of a U.S. economic expansion; the new market hasn't been tested in the throes of a recession, he said.

"If you have liquidity-driven sharp sell-offs that come at the end of the cycle, or maybe even causes the end of the cycle, then I think you can have a much more significant asset price correction and even more significant increase in market volatility," Kolanovic said.

No one to step in and buy — In his report, Kolanovic explains how the major market trends that occurred after the 2008 crisis exacerbate selling during moments of panic. The massive shift from active to passive managed investments — he estimates that $2 trillion has moved that way in the past decade — has removed a pool of buyers who can swoop in if valuations tumble, he wrote. 

Rise of automated trading strategies is a factor because many quant hedge funds are programmed to automatically sell into weakness, he said. Together, index and quant funds now make up as much as two-thirds of assets under management globally, and 90 percent of daily trading comes from those or similar strategies, he wrote. 

"Basically, right now, you have large groups of investors who are purely mechanical," Kolanovic said. "They sell on certain signals and not necessarily on fundamental developments, such as increases in the VIX, or a change in the bond-equity correlation, or simple price action. Meaning if the market goes down 2%, then they need to sell."

Lastly, electronic trading desks at banks and other firms tend to withdraw when markets get rough, removing liquidity and contributing to a cascading decline in prices.

The 'Great Liquidity Crisis' — Kolanovic says that this potential meltdown in stock prices could cause the next financial crisis. His name for it: the Great Liquidity Crisis. (In markets, liquidity is a measure of the ease and speed a financial instrument can be traded without significantly impacting its price. For example, cash is highly liquid. Meanwhile real estate is usually illiquid.)  If markets fall by 40 percent or more, the Federal Reserve would need to leap into action to prevent a spiral that led into depression, Kolanovic said. That could lead to unconventional actions, including direct purchases of equities, a move that Japan's central bank has already taken.
Summer market melt-up coming, says JPMorgan's Kolanovic  6:35 PM ET Thu, 7 June 2018 | 05:32

"Suddenly, every pension fund in the U.S. is severely underfunded, retail investors panic and sell, while individuals stop spending," Kolanovic said. "If you have this type of severe crisis, how do you break the vicious cycle, the negative feedback loop? Maybe you stimulate the economy by cutting taxes further, perhaps into negative territory. Most likely is direct central bank intervention in asset prices, maybe bonds, maybe credit, perhaps equities if that's the eye of the storm."

In an hour long interview, Kolanovic said this scenario is less a prediction than a warning about a rising risk. He also said that the chance of a crisis happening are low until at least the second half of 2019. The exact timing of this crisis is uncertain but will be determined by the speed in which the Fed hikes interest rates and reverses bond purchases (a legacy of the last crisis), he said. The developing trade dispute with China could accelerate or delay the end of the cycle as well.  Kolanovic closes his report on an ominous note: "The next crisis is also likely to result in social tensions similar to those witnessed 50 years ago in 1968."

AP — A n Aug. 28, 1968 file photo shows a demonstrator with his hands on his head is led by Chicago Police down Michigan Ave. during a confrontation with police and National Guardsmen who battled demonstrators near the Conrad Hilton Hotel, headquarters for the Democratic National Convention. 

That year saw the peak of both the Vietnam War and anti-war movement and the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy. Today, the internet and social media are helping to polarize groups, and events including the U.S. election and Brexit show tensions that will probably worsen in the next crisis, he said.  He was amore measured in his interview. If central banks can head off the worst of a crisis by providing a floor for asset prices, the status quo will probably be maintained, he said. 

"If they don't manage to," Kolanovic said, "then you're spiraling into depression, social unrest and a lot more disruptive changes that can negatively affect returns for a very long time."

J.P. Morgan  thinking: Pitchforks & Fed stock buying in next financial crash — If you thought the U.S. outlook could not get more dystopian, think again

(update, here) —  JPMorgan Chase issued a report earlier this week to mark the 10th anniversary of the 2008 Wall Street crash and provide its outlook for what’s ahead. JPMorgan suggests that the next financial crash may be so cataclysmic that the Federal Reserve may have to enter the market to buy up stocks – something which the central bank has never done before in the U.S. or, at least, acknowledged doing, because stock ownership is heavily skewed to the one percent.  JPMorgan further suggests that if the Fed did take this unprecedented step, it might lead to pitchforks in the street (our phrase) as a class war breaks out. (Imagine the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011 and 2012 and then amplify that by years of pent up anger.)  (story cont, here)


Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!

ever since covid flu shots worldwide folks of all ages now suddenly drop dead from blood clots in the heart & brain: no idea why ...(we know it's not the jab ... ... ...because bill gates & fauci & pfizer made 60 billion dollars off the biological warfare attack they financed, deployed & executed ...gates has predicted the next major attack will be on children, before 2025)



SADS — Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Excess deaths, the data.

Excess deaths, the data


"Mainstream: No idea what's causing it ...but we know is it's not from the jab."


1,000 Athletes & Sports-related incidences March 2021 - 16 June 2022 @ 5 secs

Inventor of

Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA tech tells parents 3 things about vaxxing their kids


Have a happy heart and avoid cesium to make sure!


"who dun it?"

JPMorganChase is world’s top banker of fossil fuel — you can bet they will cut it off to choke america & the west but they will continue to sell to 3rd world &/or underdeveloped countries like china & india & africa

...provided $195 billion in financing to fossil fuel companies since paris agreement in 2015 

...so, who's responsible for global warming? ...pollution? ...eXtreme climate change chaos ...gain of function nuclear weather war  ...ya think?

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!




"i'll be dog-goned ...we got bamboozled."

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!



Off with his head!

... Royals, monarchs, billionaires, oligarchs, City are often the same slimebags & walking dead cannibals

Off With Their Heads!


 (excerpts from, America's Nazi Secret, by John Loftus)
ad (excerpts from, America's Nazi Secret, by John Loftus)

here is the great reset, from the people's point of view ... instead of the central bankers, oligarchs & billionaires bringing our world population down to 500 million, we should start with them, and bring their population down to zero (0)


Occupy movement begins as protest vs Wall Street & nuclear power  — now defends humanity against globalist central bankers, monarchs & billionaires

(click pic) First Occupy movement: Protest vs Wall Street & nuclear power  — defends 99.99% against 0.001% central bankers, monarchs & billionaires

Ten technologies to own the weather.

(click pic) It's not global warming creating Xtreme climate change ...it's Xtreme  (gov't) military weather warfare chaos & financial warfare

High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program

(click pic) Presidents, patents & DARPA — HAARP Ionospheric heaters, elfvin waves: makes Xtreme climate change & earthquakes, volcanos erupt, typhoons, tidal waves, floods, drought, wildfires

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!



True, the white man brought great change. But the varied fruits of his civilization, though highly colored and inviting, are sickening and deadening. And if it be the part of civilization to maim, rob, and thwart, then what is progress? I am going to venture the man who sat on the ground in his tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures, acknowledging unity with the universe of things, was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization. – Chief Standing Bear, The Land of the Spotted Eagle, 1933


Heartless Obama / Biden / Clinton / Pelosi / Schumer / Trump / Congress mafia crime families paid off by central bankers kept/keep the truth from you & sold/sell your sorry ass, out. From now on, only people in government will be rich & everyone else will be poor ...a typical 3rd world banana republic puppet government — welcome home.

10:42 AM May 30, 2014 8259 Hot particles of melted fuel inhaled by children every day ... Official in Fukushima: Please HELP US! We are forced to have it in our bodies ... Please let all people in the world know the life we are living.

Jefferson says in the Declaration of Independence: “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


Thank you for your interest. Please contact your friends, share this info & ask yourself if you now know who to blame.

Every nuclear reactor is a nuclear dump where nuclear waste is stored, so we focus on America first then locations of every nuclear reactor & dump in the world, since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer.

Biden & Dementia Note: Portland Metro Creative Aging & Cognitive Arts Center is not funded at this time. enrollment membership info for our curriculum for students will be available, here.

Have a happy heart and avoid cesium fallout to make sure!


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