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 Earth & Environmental & Climate Personhood 

Turn Federal Reserve Directors whose corporations & military tactics destroy Earth, Love, Health & Sharing into fish food

...Give the Earth, Nature, Gaia, Divine Order & Ocean & Rivers & Sky the right to

sue corporations that harm them



Give Earth & the Pacific Ocean Personhood & Legal Rights to Sue  —(like other countries give rivers, here)—  

The Pacific Ocean is dying from nuclear, sonar & manmade ion plasma hits. Earth, Gaia & Divine Order need to be represented in court by ALL our activist attorney firms, together with ALL our environmental activist NGOs in an umbrella LLC. Sue on! Save Life on Earth  ...when you follow the money, it always leads back to who's printing it

 Environmental Legal Firms & NGOs, it's your choice for the planet & oceans & us to live or die:  here & here & here 

Activists United to Stop Nuclear & Extracted Fuels

 — Tribal Elders —

Clan of One-Breasted Women   Law of the Rights of Mother Earth   Environmental Personhood   Earth Personhood

Sea & Aquatic Life in Pacific Ocean Sick & Starving

Ongoing increasing Fukushima seaborne fallout in ocean currents since March 2011 to continue practically, forever

Nuclear Power is Not Safe and Clean          

[Editor's note: Looks like Dana did an art video collage showing reality, cause only the eagles, boat & surfer move. However, the sickness of the animal is real, the starvation, the dying ...it is real, as the following newswire headlines & articles will prove to you. Good work, Dana!]

(seal documentation, here — sea lion documentation, here)

2011 Fukushima Fallout: Aerial Deposition on the Sea Ice (scenario) & Wildlife Health Implications to Ice-associated Seals

Polar bears starve, as do sea lions, seals, whales, dolphins & more sealife from airborne & seaborne Fukushima fallout (ionizing radiation) destroying  plankton, krill, sardines, herring, tuna & salmon food chains – & are covered w/bleeding lesions & tumors indicative of cancer; read our free e-books: here — [also, the military is destroying plankton-based food chains, mammals, fish & other life in the Pacific Ocean] (here)


- NEWSFLASH: Oct 10, 2017 - AMAZON WATCH: For immediate release - Standing with Ecuadorian Communities in Toronto Canada Against Chevron: Alleged Serial Polluters and Corporate Criminals / CASCADIA WILDLANDS: Vote 'no' on Oregon HR 3715 to clear cut Columbia River Gorge after huge fire / 8631- Birds blind - unable to fly - Mutations begin; birds blind, unable to fly 4 years after Fukushima in contaminated areas - May 12, 2015 / -6680- Hundreds of sea turtles wash up dead on Pacific coast - dogs stop breathing and die almost instantly when eating them - many with reproductive problems - Nov 12, 2013; -6659- Fishermen report boats surrounded by hundreds of dead Eastern Pacific green sea turtles - some found swimming in circles as if dazed or confused - Nov 7, 2013; -2155- Seals, walruses - unprecedented number of sea turtle deaths in Vancouver Island - Jan 2, 2012; -8623- TV: Billions of creatures dead along West Coast - literally covers all of Oregon coast - washing up from California to Alaska - Death totals are staggering (VIDEO) - May 3, 2015; -8627- U.S. university testing animals in Pacific for Fukushima radiation - bodies riddled with tumors, eyes bleeding, covered in lesions - Some are missing testicles, eyeballs - Skin disintegrates, peels off, turns yellow - Mammals affected by diseases never seen in species (Photos) May 6, 2015; -8211- California: Toxic outbreak threatens marine life - birds fall from sky, sea lions convulse - heart lesions, severe shrinking in part of brain, nervous system failure - (VIDEO) - May 3, 2014; 13 baby gray whales and 55 dolphins found dead on West Coast; Rash of dead humpback whales in Oregon; Corpses of sea lions, birds, sea turtles decomposing; Mysterious deaths probed by gov; Fear for whales encountering radiation hot spots - April 3, 2015 /

(click pic)

What the Fukushima?

Sometimes you've got to ask youself, "What the Fukushima is going on?"


Consequences of the Catastrophe for People & the Environment —(here)—

(above) Dana: Chernobyl Nuclear meltdown hidden facts will blow you away

Dana: What happened at Chernobyl was not limited to Chernobyl or Ukraine or Russia  About 9,000 farms had to closed and where quarantined in UK Ireland Scotland. Join me as I show the horror of nuclear fallout and the the bizarre nuclear industry unfathomable contempt and hatred that nuclear employees have for you and all life. Everyone who ever ate Japanese food should sue Tepco Nuclear Power Company.

  • Sheep farmers still stuck under Chernobyl cloud. Almost 9,000 farms & four million sheep, were placed under restriction. —(here)—
  • Decades later and far away, Chernobyl disaster still contaminates milk. —(here)—
  • Chernobyl’s disastrous cover-up is a warning for the next nuclear age. —(here)—

Animals | Mysterious Diseases

New & Mysterious Diseases

Chernobyl documentation: ionizing radiation mutates bacteria & viruses to create new & mysterious diseases here

(documentation: Nuclear Power is Not Safe & Clean)

Why are millions and billions of sea life like whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, sea otters ... all mammals as we are, and all sea life in the Pacific Ocean floating suspended in the ocean dead or dying excruciating deaths and washing up on shores dead or dying excruciating deaths and crabs, lobsters, octopus, squid and other sea life pressed into the beach sand dead from Alaska to Mexico? ...or, starving because their food chain is now extinct?

Because of seaborne plutonium and hundreds of other radionuclides melted down into the water acquifirs at Fukushima feeding into the Pacific Ocean since 2011, and because the U.S. encouraged Japan to dump all their liquid and solid nuclear waste into the ocean every day, and burn it up into the atmosphere where it rains down on the Pacfic Ocean, the United States and circulates around the world every 40 hours and falls. Nuclear apologists blame these extinction levels on global warming creating new and mysterious diseases ... when research from Chernobyl proves radiation mutates viruses and bacteria to form new and mysterious diseases! 

The reason we are not told is because the nuclear industry is getting away with murder. Until you read these books.

 Paradise Lost: Orangutan desperately seeks refuge, palms machine erasing her forest home. Bent central bank owners use their corporations to destroy oceans & Earth (& ozone & oxygen) with war, deforestation, pollution, global nuclear warming & military climate change ...destroying trees & plankton that make the oxygen Life & Love need to survive & nuking the ozone layer  ...all owned by a handful of central banking families that founded & own western central banks bent on globalism under their dictatorship ...why not hold them accountable for erasing Love & Life on Earth? It is your destiny, you're here to protect Mother Earth. We identify dynastic banking family corporate interlocks & argue to legislate Earth & Nature personhood so Earth & Nature can sue corporation-persons into non-existance —&/or— arrest the bankers that own them, try them, convict them & nonviolently march them to the gallows & make animal food & compost out of them. U.S. founding fathers agree: (*0007)


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