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 Reactors & UFO's

Get ready for an alien false flag operation from outer space

Nuclear Plants Surveilled by UFOs —(story, here)—

Top official reveals UFOs exist – “often reported” over nuclear power plants; “Never seen anything like it” — Military: “Ominous correlation” between sightings & atomic sites — TV: “Mystery intruders over nuke facilities” (VIDEOS)

Published: December 20th, 2017 at 7:18 am ET 
By ENENews 

CNN, Dec 18, 2017 (emphasis added): A former Pentagon official who led a recently revealed government program to research potential UFOs said Monday evening that he believes there is evidence of alien life reaching Earth. “My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone,” Luis Elizondo said… “We found a lot,” Elizondo said. The former Pentagon official said they… were “seemingly defying the laws of aerodynamics… maneuvering in ways that include extreme maneuverability beyond, I would submit, the healthy G-forces of a human or anything biological”…

New York Times, Dec 16, 2017: By 2009, [Sen. Harry] Reid decided that the program had made such extraordinary discoveries that he argued for heightened security… A 2009 Pentagon briefing summary of the program prepared by its director at the time asserted that “what was considered science fiction is now science fact,” and that the United States was incapable of defending itself against some of the technologies discovered…

The Independent, Dec 19, 2017: US government recovered materials from unidentified flying object it ‘does not recognise’ … Materials, which are alleged to have “amazing properties”, are being stored in modified buildings in Las Vegas, the New York Times reports… “They have some material from these objects that is being studied, so that scientists can try to figure out what accounts for their amazing properties,” Ralf Blumenthal, one of the authors of the New York Times report, told MSNBC. Mr Blumenthal said the DoD “do not know” what the materials are made of. “It’s some sort of compound they do not recognise,” he added…

Politico, Dec 16, 2017: The sightings, [Luis Elizondo (official in charge of the Pentagon’s program)] told POLITICO, were often reported in the vicinity of nuclear facilities, either ships at sea or power plants. “We had never seen anything like it.”.

KLAS, Jul 7, 2016: A group of more than 150 military veterans, missile officers, and security personnel, including many who worked at the Nevada Test Site, say they’ve seen mystery intruders over nuclear facilities… The I-Team’s own Freedom of Information Act request filed in 1992 produced a thick stack of documents from the Department of Energy, indicating UFO incidents over every major atomic weapons facility…

Documentary – UFOs and Nukes (IMDb), 2016: (at 3:30 in) Declassified US government documents reveal that as early as December 1948 incursions by mysterious aerial objects later referred to as UFOs began to occur at American nuclear laboratories… (at 13:00 in) According to military intelligence officers, a worrisome pattern had begun to emerge. On July 1, 1952, Look Magazine featured an article “Hunt for the flying saucer” about the air force’s new UFO investigations group Project Blue Book and noted that its director first lieutenant Edward Ruppelt had plotted 63 unexplained sightings on a map of the United States. At that point it was discovered that a quote “ominous correlation” existed between some of the sightings and the location of various atomic weapons installations.

Look Magazine, Jul 1, 1952:  Ruppelt keeps 63 sightings on the top of his file… These sightings were pinpointed on a map.  Soon afterwards, it was seen by a Pentagon representative who noted that a number of concentrations duplicated exactly the area of atomic energy installations. The Pentagon man excitedly reported back to his headquarters.  A conference was called immediately in Washington.

Watch: CNN | MSNBC | UFOs & Nukes documentary

Political Implications of the UFO Phenomenon & “ET” Myth —(story, here)—

1997 Gallup poll – 42% of U.S. college grads: "Earth visited by extraterrestrials"

by Dave Emory

Abstract: This astounding statistic underscores the political importance of the UFO phenomenon, a subject generally regarded as the province of either fiction or psychopathology. This lecture addresses some of the salient political aspects of the subject. The concept of salvation from above by a superior power or entity is a powerful element of the mythology, folklore and belief systems of many cultures and religions. It is also a notion that can have particularly strong appeal in a time of dire social and political crisis.

Indian Point nuclear reactor cancer clusters around school in New York.

Earthquakes caused Fukushima GE reactor meltdowns ...same reactors at Hanford and throughout the U.S. ... all have inherent designed flaws and all lie about their ability to withstand earthquakes.  These GE reactors, if you look at the Fed charts: GE is owned and directed by Fed interest rate banker holders of original Fed stock ...and also GE controls MSNBC ...will provide link below picture

TEPCO covers up nuclear disaster telling Japanese children to smile & fallout won't affect them. They are also covering up that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic sites are covered in plutonium.

TEPCO covers up nuclear explosion of one of three reactors that melted down, perhaps four

Coast to coast fallout from Fukushima in the U.S. neatly covered up; nuclear is the main cause of cancer ...the cancer rates follow the rates of nuclear testing

Many U.S. cities are hopelessly contaminated with fallout from nuclear reactors, catastrophic events, and prior nuclear testing

Nuclear fireworks metaphor ...This is what nuclear fallout looks like inside you when you ingest it ...one atom is enough to cause cancer. This fireworks can last from 50-to-100,000 years, and totally destroys your cells and they rot and cancer takes over ...or shreds your DNA and your kids in utero have too many arms and legs and heads or are born with cognitive and physical illness and mutations.

Nuclear is not safe & clean ...are you?

Britain's Got Talent 2019 winner, Colin Thackery