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 Wildfires in California 

Federal Reserve Directors whose Agents Provocateur Corporations & Military Tactics Use Wildfire as a Weapon of Genocide & Economic Warfare should themselves be Set on Fire

Nanobots Found in Town Water Supply, —(here)—

Gov. Newsom & California Geoengineered Wildfires —(vids)—

...California is again ablaze. 'Official' sources try to convince masses raging wildfires are because we are not cutting down enough trees ...is this the truth?

by Dane Wigington,  geoengineeringwatch.org

abstract: February 7th, 2014 – I attended a private meeting at the State Capitol with then Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (and his top aid) to present irrefutable data on the critical climate engineering issue (the meeting consisted of only the three of us in Gavin's office). The meeting was facilitated through mutual contact between Gavin Newsom and myself. Gavin and his staff member did not dispute any of the data presented in the meeting. At one point during the meeting / data presentation, Gavin sat back in his leather chair, took a very deep breath, and stated, “I didn’t need this” (an absolute acknowledgment of the geoengineering operations). Unfortunately, then Lieutenant Governor Newsom (now governor Newsom) quickly turned his back on the geoengineering issue. 

—(more, here)—

CNN Weather Man Omits Satellite Imagery – Explosion Starts Paradise Fire

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." – CIA Director William Casey*

*CIA Director William Casey, George H.W. Bush's presidential campaigner manager & protege of Allen Dulles, who represented the Nazi portfolio in America, headed OSS, founded CIA & before the end of WWII, hired Reinhardt Gehlen to run CIA (Gehlen was Hitler's chief intelligence officer for Foreign Armies East tasked with the destruction of the Soviet Union, who also directed Foreign Armies West)

Fire Spreads Nuclear Contamination by Santa Susana Field Lab – Site of the Biggest Nuclear Reactor Disaster Contamination in U.S. – into the Air for All to Breathe

...Larger catastrophe than Southern California fire – escapes news media reports

Los Angeles Secret Meltdown – Simi Valley, CA (1959)

...Largest Nuclear Incident in U.S. history

California Wild Fires – Far From Normal

Weaponized Directed Energy Lasers (DEW) ~ Basics

Coaching from the Sidelines: Behind the California Directed Energy Weapon Wildfires

...Chinese imminent domain fire sale foreclosures of CA & HI real estate from U.S. default on national debt? 

—(here) & (here)—

Abstract: Are California DEW wildfire fire sales followed by imminent domain by China foreclosing on U.S. national debt real estate collateral pledged by Fed interest rate bankers that own the Federal Reserve? ...or, not?

Calif DEW wildfire fire sales imminent domain by China foreclosing on U.S. national debt real estate collateral?

Are California DEW wildfire fire sales cloaking imminent domain by China actually foreclosing on U.S. national debt real estate collateral that was pledged by Fed interest rate bankers that own the Federal Reserve on bonds that that are now in default?

Are California DEW wildfire fire sales blatant imminent domain of real estate collateral pledged by Fed interest rate banking families?

Are the ongoing directed energy weapon wildfires in California and the Americas financial warfare directed by the Fed interest-rate banking families that own the Federal Reserve and City of London, in turn co-owned by the Vatican Bank? ...for the purposes of trying to bargain with China for a slice of the dawning Chinese New World Order?

A look ahead into the past

Was this foreshadowed by the transfer of Rockefellor Bank funds of eight trillion dollars to the three largest Chinese banks in the early 2000's, and hidden agreements that the Chinese banks replace the Hans Nyguen and BCCI/ICCI banks as the money laundering entities for western intelligence's weapons, drugs and slave trade?

Was this foreshadowed? ...People's Republic of China (PRC) did not join the IMF and the World Bank until April 1980. Prior to that, the Republic of China represented China in these two financial institutions. The Republic of China originally joined the IBRD on December 27, 1945. 

Are California DEW wildfire fire sales followed by imminent domain of real estate collateral pledged by Fed interest rate banking families?

The question remains: If the California wildfires are caused by directed energy weapons ...who gives the orders? Since the President is directed by the Fed interest-rate bankers, and both the United States of America and the United States (corporation) are funded by the Fed interest-rate bankers, and since the U.S. is mortgaged to China ... are there coming Calif DEW wildfire fire sales, when the insurance agencies belly up that will result in imminent domain by China foreclosing on U.S. national debt real estate collateral pledged by Fed interest rate bankers that own the Federal Reserve?

Canada & Europe Wildfires, dew

—(Canada, here) & (Europe, here)—

The Deep State International Facist Fed Interest-rate Banking Families that own the Fed and City of London/BIS remain aligned with fascist banking families from the G8/20 & Asia and along with our billionaires are hard at working growing corporate (personal) profits by causing misery for the human race, animals, and all life forms.

Timeline: Laser Direct Energy Weapon Terrorism ...from 9/11 to China to California

From 9/11 to Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Portugal, Canada to Tennessee and now California, Directed Energy Weapons are being used for stealth destruction and genocide on innocent victims. (Did Obama know? Isn't he credited with authorizing the strikes?)

PARADISE DESTROYED: California Firemen Find Signatures of Directed Energy Weapons

Directed Energy Weapons are REAL! Stay in Prayer & Christ's Word


Please ignore the ranting and raving but please watch the videos, and draw your own conclusions, thank you


China Owns California?

This is food for thought and grounds for greater research.

Like a chemical warfare attack ...Nightmare for homeowners: Imported Chinese drywall 

...Homes eaten away – families get sick

Sulfur in imported Chinese drywall corrodes the electrical and plumbing systems and pollutes the air in new luxury homes across America. Does it also affects luxury apartments?