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Thespian theatre masks represent drama as joy vs misery and are a fitting symbol for our lives & the health of Earth fallen victim to nuclear waste & fallout destroying Mother Nature, Gaia & Divine Order

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The Gates Nuclear Mutant Child   Capital Punishment for Capitalists Award 

Behold, one of the richest men in the world and perhaps the biggest thief and genocidal winner trying to cull the human race and reduce it to an army of robotic nerds; for example: (1) The only reason he is rich is because he had a monopoly and overcharged approximately $100,000,000,000 that is, one hundred billion dollars. That’s what this capitalist pig overcharged you. (2) Then, he start working with CIA to sterilize young girls in Africa doing vaccine / biological warfare, which he did, successfully. (3)Then, he because friends with Jeffrey Epstein; (4) then Bill got sued by his own employees for making them watch snuff videos of kids and pornographic movies with kids …no wonder he was friends with Epstein and no wonder his wife divorced him, the little punk nerd. (5) Then, his butler got busted in Bill’s house with thousands of kiddy porn photos and films …or rather, he took the fall for Bill. (continued in caption under picture)

(caption continued from cursor put on above picture) (6) And, the turkey is the biggest landowner of farmland in the U.S., and he wants to make meat illegal (except for him) and have people eat fake food made by nerds like him.(7) And, he wants to block out the sunlight with the race of the chemtrail power-hungry globalist freaks, because the sun is the source of life and health and alternative energy on Earth …Bill is Satan, himself …the ugliest soul on the planet, behind that stupid grin he got plastered on his mug. (8) As if that wasn’t enough, him and Bechtel are building nuclear reactors in China and putting in four reactors at Hanford, currently one of the most nuclear polluted sites on the planet; and putting in a reactor in Wyoming. (continued in following picture, below)

.(caption continued from below previous picture) Bill Gates …this guy is bad news for Planet Earth. He’s a maggot. (9) Look at the pictures of kids exposed to nuclear fallout, right next to Bill’s moronic guilty-looking picture. He is responsible for children being mutated. He is responsible for untold misery.(10) He is responsible for 41,000 people a day getting fatal and non-fatal cancer from nuclear ionizing radiation fallout. As if that’s not enough, (10) Bill has Fauci, the great biological warfare expert & great deceiver (otherwise known as Satan), on the board of the Gates Foundation. They have been developing vaccines for Covid even before the epidemic occurred. (11) And Bill, a good little nerd following in his father’s footsteps, believes the only way to save the planet to cull down humanity. Nice guy. May he rot in hell, forever. Bill Gates is scum of the Earth. Bill Gates is Satan making war on God and Divine Order because his actions are totally selfish and evil. He’s coming for you.

Bill Gates fights to keep vaccine ingredients secret


Civil War Set Up Double-Cross: China sides with the Democrats; Russia sides with the Republicans China & Russia side together. Can Republic of the United States of America overthrow United States Corporation? Vatican & DC: Republic of the United States of American vs. United States Corporation

Drought collapsing the food supply while lawlessness in blue cities plunges America toward chaos

We are approaching the end of America & the world as we know it. Every institution of sustainable civilization is being torn to shreds by anti-human globalists & their obedient Democrat operatives: The money supply, food supply, science & medicine, rule of law, parental rights, medical ethics & national sovereignty.

Maybe months from total collapse of society in cities run by disastrous & suicidal Democrats who despise every pillar of civilization (families, parents, babies, health, rationality, religion, rule of law, etc.) America's largest cities will  be transformed into death traps with mass violence, disease, starvation & destitution. Many will flee to rural areas in search of food, shelter & sanity, (here)

(above) What a real woke military means is the end of Federal Reserve / City of London central banker capitalism as a means of white racism against countries of color


  JPMorgan tried a fascist coup to destroy America in 1933 , before they deployed Antifa in 2019
  MorganStanley predicted Antifa riots 3 years prior,1933 coup redeux?
Blame Rothschild, JPMorganChase, Fed, Bechtel destablization of U.S.

E m e r g e n c y B r o a d c a s t ... insuffcient fun(d)s ... 2021: JPMorganChase DuPont GM Rothschild (Fed) / City of London perennial plot to takeover Whitehouse w/fascist coup in America enacted 1776, 1876, 1913, 1933, 9/11, Chemtrails, BioWar CV-19 globalist attack, 2021-2022, mass foreclosures & evictions / food shortages / inflation ...double cross in 1933 & bust by most decorated U.S. Marine ... Smedley Butler ... culminates in 2021 as MI6 British Agent Christopher Steel interferes in U.S. election for Hillary & JPMorganChase steals election & upchuck Schumer plans "erection insurrection" impeachment orgy; Biden day one, fires first Black Surgeon General of United States. Millennial Millie videos document capitol insurrection (Schumer's erection) was planned months before (God, you think it would take years) by Antifa. Schumer erectionists plan 2nd impeachment orgy. Biden & Schumer erectionists sap people's will to survive. Stress: the difficulty of surmounting problems of everyday life caused by insuffcient fun(d)s, a totalitarian government & the sinister figures behind it, who operate it for their own personal gain. Arrest, try & convict then march the international & interlocking directorate of the Federal Reserve / City of London to the gallows//



Kamala's war on children & family 

the new normal forced on straight kids

San Francisco city-approved perennial LGBTQ++ annual public event with San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein approval — to insert Bechtel Fed antics & bedroom politics into national politics & school policy — as the new normal forced on straight kids

Welcome to Bechtel's San Francisco-based politicians & their vision of a reset America ... San Francisco city-approved perennial LGBTQ++ public event with San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein approval — to insert Bechtel Fed antics & bedroom politics into national politics & school policy — as the new normal forced on straight kids

Nuclear, Meth & Bareback, America? ...for your kids?

(u) Women who lived in or near the Kazakstan nuclear test ground, these are their kids. Accumulated low-level exposure to nuclear ionizing radiation (especially ingested thru food, water or air) has the same effect as high level exposure ...it just takes longer, (here ); Women, pregnant women, girls & infants that live within 25 miles of a nuclear reactor get more cancer than men or boys, or those living farther away, (here 1 2 ) : Animals & pets, too (1 2 3 4 5 6); Covid & nuclear create flu symptoms,(here)   

(up right & down, left) Ask these kids, animals & plants: "Is Bechtel's, Bill Gates' & the Fed monarchy's nuclear power safe & clean? ..41,000 people including you get fatal & non-fatal cancer from nuclear industry every day ...according to nuclear industry statistics when non-fatal is counted with fatal cancer ; not so great reset mandates 1,000 more nuclear reactors; UN replacement migration & UN 90% reduction of humanity (see UN Agenda 21/30, here)

When in the womb or even as one of his mother's eggs before it was fertilized ...or, one of his father's sperm ... internal exposure to nuclear radiation mutates all living things, including this child destined to be a lab rat ...the problem is, small doses of ingested radiation add up to create the same affects as large doses ...are you gettin' it? it's like in an hour glass one grain of sand falls at a time from the top of the glass to the bottom of the glass, and it's just a matter of time, like in a three minute egg time, that the full top totally empties in the empty bottom, and fills it up. Small doses of ingested ionizing radiation add up to create the same effects as large doses. That's how it works.

(above) JPMorganChase, MorganStanley, Deutschebank, World Bank, IMF, Iran, Iraq, Antifa, China, Russia, Britain, India, Soros, Pelosi, Harris, Trump, Bill Gates, Buffet, Bechtel, Congress & Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Final Solution for Mammals, Gaia & Divine Order


Pregnant women living by nuclear plants get more cancer & their kids get more birth defects that those living farther away

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Worldwide with a focus on you & locations of every nuclear reactor & dump since all give you immune deficiency diseases, heart attacks & cancer 

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